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She jumped hearing his voice and scrambled panicked hiding herself with a towel. Her fingers and hands still sticky with her juices. "Kakashi....? What?" She panted and looked at the time. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to lose track of time...." She swallowed slightly and hesitantly stood going to grab her clothes that were hanging next to him.
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 3d 21h 12m 41s
Kakashi watched a moment longer then cleared his throat a little, hoping that would alert the woman that he was there. He looked at her stomach and grinned again. "MILF," he said teasingly.
  Sasuke Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 3d 21h 16m 1s
She whimpered desperately and rolled onto her back letting him have a full view of the show. He could see everything, even her little mommy belly that she was embarrassed to show him.
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 3d 21h 17m 7s
Kakashi heard her voice and headed to it. He froze when he got to her room and raised a brow as he watched. "Interesting..." he whispered and smiled.
  Sasuke Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 3d 21h 18m 55s
Nagita went up to jee room for the night and set out the outfit she wanted to wear.

She was too distracted to notice him coming and squeezed her eyes shut. "K-kakashi..." She squeaked out trying to relieve some tension before the date.
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 3d 21h 26m 9s
Kakashi watched her for a moment then chuckled and headed home for the night.

When he returned the next day, ready for the date, he had a little trouble finding the right place. He knocked softly then slowly entered, looking curious. "Nagita?" he called out softly.
  Sasuke Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 3d 21h 38m 30s
She kissed him back and smiled. "Yeah." She said and reluctantly let him go. "I'll see you tomorrow." She said and went inside to go to her hotel room.
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 3d 22h 14m 54s
Kakashi nodded. "Sounds perfect. See you then?" He kissed her again then smiled more. "I think we'll have a lot of fun on our date."
  Sasuke Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 3d 22h 16m 53s
She nodded and smiled softly. "How about we meet up around... One o'clock, maybe?" She asked and looked up at him curiously.
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 3d 22h 17m 42s
Kakashi looked amused. "I wouldn't mind having you fall again," he admitted and shrugged. "I might be at the hot spring again if you can't find me," he said softly and kissed her through the mask.
  Sasuke Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 3d 22h 19m 19s
She smiled at him and nodded. She stood on her tiptoes kissing him softly through his mask and smiled. "You gonna pick me up or am I going to have to fall into your lap again?"
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 3d 22h 20m 50s
He nodded and relaxed. When they arrived, he smiled. "It was nice meeting you," he whispered. "Date tomorrow?"
  Sasuke Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 3d 22h 22m 22s
She shivered and swallowed. "I'm not telling you that... Yet."
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 3d 22h 26m 50s
"Right now I just have one question, really...do you prefer..." His hand shifted a bit. "This? Or..." His hand shifted again and he grinned at her. "That's the first question on my mind."
  Sasuke Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 3d 22h 27m 51s
She blushed and nodded. "Yeah, it's bigger than old village... Or we're a really big family.... I don't know anymore." She said and smiled up at him. "Do you have any questions about me you want to ask?"
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 3d 22h 29m 14s

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