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Madara looked over. "What? It's my job as your father to protect you," he pointed out calmly. "We both know Izo won't hurt you, but I still had to say it!"

Konan made a dark blue flower for Shisui and a crimson flower for Itame, handing them over quietly.

Oda kissed back and grinned. "Like...I wanna start a new clan with you, babe..."

"It's selective mind reading." He smirked and kissed back then almost held Sarada away from him. "But if you're expecting sex, know I won't claim you until you're my wife. I don't have one night stands, girl. If you want me, it's permanent."

Asuma hesitated then went to him. Before he could pay, Asuma pinned Yukimura to the wall and grinned.
"Papa!!" Kasai yelled and puffed her cheeks at him.

Midori set her down and said. "Your Uncle shisui and your Uncle Itame."

Anjuka smiled at him and kissed him." Okay."

"you can use your sharingan to see thoughts..." She mumbled and bit her lip before trying to kiss him deeply.

Yukimura nodded and went to pay for the ones he had picked for Kurenai and Nagita.
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Madara looked over and smirked a little bit as he knelt down. “I’m happy for you, dear.” He looked at Izo. “But if you ever hurt Kasai, they’ll never find your body.”

Izo went wide eyed.

Shisui swallowed his food and coughed a bit. “Hi, Konan!”

Oda grinned. “I want a big family, babe...really big.”

Indra smirked. “I’m not a mind reader, dear,” he teased her.

Asuma looked at the outfits for a bit then looked at him. “Are you sure that’s why you’re here?”
Kasai smiled and hugged back before going to her father. "Papa, izo's my boyfriend now." She told him bluntly and smiled.

Midori took her over to meet Shisui and Itame and said. "Hey guys, this is your niece, konan."

Anjuka smiled and hugged him happily. "We're having pups~"

She blushed and fidgeted. "Erm...." She said and tugged on his clothes.

Yukimura jumped and blushed brightly. "O-oh, um.... I was looking for something for kunerai and my sister." He half lied.
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Kisame looked over and grinned at his son. “They look cute together, don’t they?”

Izo blushed a bit and hugged Kasai shyly before following her.

Konan nodded a little and hugged her again. “Yes please.”

Oda hugged her tightly and grinned as he rubbed her belly slowly and gently.

Indra smirked a little bit. “Oh? And what would you like to try, Sarada?”

Asuma blinked when he saw Yukimura. He went over to him and smiled. “Hey, watcha doing here? Aren’t these girl ones?” he asked him with a curious look.
Okuni looked over and smiled nudging Kisame. "Our little izo has a girlfriend."

Kasai smiled kissing his cheek like her mom would her father and stood. "Come on, we should tell my papa too."

Midori nodded and rubbed her back gently. "do you want go meet your uncles?"

Anjuka smiled and looked at the other two.

Sarada blushed and hesitated before kissing his lips a little. "I want to try something, Uncle Indra, please?"

Yukimura looked around at the different colored kimonos and bit his lip trying to decide on which color and designs he liked best.
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Izo looked again then shyly took her hand and held it. “Is this fine?” he asked and grinned sweetly at her. “Mama! Come meet my girlfriend!!” he said happily.

Madara chuckled softly and nodded. “That’s okay. I hope she warms up to me eventually though.”

He hugged back then continued to gently massage her horns for her.

Kurama smirked a little bit. “Your mother will be very happy.”

Indra looked to Sarada. “Do you need anything or shall I go?”
She shook her head and said. "They're being affectionate together."

Etsuko smiled at her and said. "Thank you, sweetie."

Midori smiled and looked up at Madara. "She's very shy."

Akiko blushed and shivered slightly and hugged him a little as he touched her horns.

Anjuka blushed puffing her cheeks out as she pouted at her father and huffed. "Yes, Daddy. I'm gonna have pups with Oda."
  Kaede Muramasa / wingedwolfy120 / 19h 4m 56s
Izo watched them for a bit then looked back. “You want to...sit on me?” he guessed a little unsure.

Konan slowly looked back and looked at Etsuko. She studied her hair for a moment then made a black rose and put it in her hair gently.

Indra held her hand. Once they arrived, he stepped in and looked around. “Looks like your boys are still on their mission.”

Sakuto gently massaged her horns and nodded. “They make you look really beautiful!”

Kurama looked curious. “Are you pregnant yet? I mean, Oda is almost always with you...”
Okuni was sitting on Kisame's lap cuddling him as he talked to his friends.

Etsuko kissed Madara's cheek and smiled at konan. "He's not a bad guy.... Anymore. Now he's a big teddy bear." She teased and smirked at him.

Sarada held his hand and stayed close to him blushing.

Midori smiled at konan kissing her forehead again and said. "He's my grandpa, adopted, but nonetheless.... He's still family."

Akiko blushed touching her horns and asked. "You really think so?"

Anjuka had gathered her dad, Gyuki and Oda together and grinned. "I have something to tell you guys!!!"
  Kaede Muramasa / wingedwolfy120 / 19h 19m 21s
Izo looked over after a moment to look at their parents.

Indra kissed Kara’s lips then went to Sarada and nodded. He began to walk with her quietly, using a wind style jutsu to dry his hair. He looked around occasionally with his Sharingan.

Konan studied him for a moment. “You’re Madara Uchiha, right? I think my mommy mentioned you.” She looked a little shy and tried hiding against Midori.

Sakuto put her down once he landed and smiled at her. “Your horns are really pretty.”
She nodded and pointed at their parents. "See?"

"Uncle Indra? Can you please walk me home?" She asked and blushed.

Kara kissed his cheek and whispered. "I owe you, baby."

Midori smiled at her and kissed her forehead. She picked her up and showed her to Madara. "He wanted to meet you. I promise he's not scary."

Akiko held onto him and smiled.
  Kaede Muramasa / wingedwolfy120 / 19h 30m 22s
Izo paused. “Do...what they do?” he asked after a moment of confusion.

Indra hummed to himself. “I see...maybe I was wrong.” He sighed and put the seal on Kara. “You can go if you wish, Sarada.”

Konan looked up with her Rinnegan. “Mama left it,” she explained sweetly and then made a purple flower for Midori. She put it in her hair and smiled. “You’re just as pretty as she is,” the child promised.

Sakuto nodded and picked her up again, hopping down from the tree.
She giggled slightly and said. "We do the same stuff our parents do."

Kara blushed and nodded. "I don't want to force her though..."

Sarada heard and blushed looking at her Uncle Itachi for help.

Midori smiled and stood hugging little konan. "Hey, sweetie. You got a new flower today?" She asked and picked her up.

"do you want to meet my favorite one here?" She asked and smiled taking his hand.
  Kaede Muramasa / wingedwolfy120 / 19h 47m 41s
Izo blushed again at that. "What do couples do though?" he asked shyly. "Are...they basically just friends?"

Indra looked over at Sarada for a moment then smirked at Kara. "Kara, I'll give you the seal if you use your mouth real quick...and convince Sarada to watch."

Madara nodded.

Ashina appeared a few seconds later, their adopted daughter at his side.

Konan looked up, the young girl wearing a paper flower in her hair like her mother usually did.

Sakuto nodded. "They mostly were where I'm from, but there was this one dragon who was hurt by humans and went insane. He tried to get revenge, but mama protected everyone."

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