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"Taking the truck, wouldn't let a beautiful girl like you walk that far." he said taking her hand as they walked. They needed to be seen together and make appearances. "Your apartment isn't crummy, two years ago I was living in my car so I get it, just starting out, your doing a hell of a lot better than I did and its not what I did to my ex, its what she did to me and then I ended up drunk and starting fights in Nashville... its better if I don't drink... but sometimes it happens... I only ever get in fights if someone grabs my girlfriend... or someone I'm with... or me." He admitted as they walked to his truck and he opened the door for her, helping her up and inside it.

He didn't smoke, he was polite... he just had a drinking problem. Soon he was in the driver's seat and smiled to her, "They have some good pasta too." He said looking to her when she said she was excited about the pizza they were getting.
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Hailee laughed when she heard his comment about her not needing a diet. [b “All models stay on diets so they don’t gain any weight.”] she said. [b “How did you make a mess with her? Guess it’s a good thing I’m still legally too young to drink.”] She shook her head when he said he was on a dating the most beautiful women that he had ever seen in his entire life. [b “Wait till you see some of the women I Model with, I promise you won’t be saying that.”]

She nodded him as she grabbed her purse and went to head out of her apartment. [b “Gosh. You don’t know how excited I am about this pizza. My mouth is literally already watering.”] she said as she began to walk down the stairs. [b “Sorry you had to come to my crummy apartment. You could’ve just called, though I’m not sure that I would've actually showed up... But anyway. How do you like New York City?”] she asked [b “Are we walking or? I don’t care either way.”]
  BooBear96 / 361d 16h 10m 32s
“You do not need any sort of diet, your perfect and to answer your question as to what I did that I need cleaned up, I made a mess with my ex and the drinking, I just...I need to clean my shit up and I know it and apparently everyone I date or go out with makes it worse so here I am in New York, dating the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen in my life.” He admitted and looked to her. “You do look so beautiful.”

He couldn’t help but smile and take her hand, “There’s an amazing pizza place not far from here and my truck is in the parking garage across the street and we can go.” He was just excited to be on a date with her...he hadn’t until he saw her but if love at first sight existed...that was it. She was everything he could ever want and the way she moved...he could watch her all day just stand there and do things she did anyway and he would still be so in love with
  Kane 6.0 / Polkadotrocker / 361d 17h 16m 37s
Hailee nodded as she listened to him. His answer seemed legitimate. She didn’t know how she felt about him just showing up at her Apartment, even if they were “dating.” She giggled when he said Martha didn’t give him much of a choice. [b “You must be in some deep shit then.”] she said [b “For her to make you date New York’s newest Model, who has never been in trouble in her entire life... What did you do?”]

She felt his eyes on her and she couldn’t help but blush. [b “I’m in my pajamas. So. I’m not really dressed to go out... Um. If you don’t mind waiting on me, you’re welcome to wait here. I can try and rush...”] she told him. [b “Pizza sounds amazing. I haven’t had it in months... Not really something that’s on my diet plan.”]

With that being said, she hurried to the shower and within an hour and a half, she was ready. She walked out slipping her sunglasses on top of her head with a grin. [b “Im sorry that took so long.”]

[ outfit]
  BooBear96 / 361d 18h 19m 30s
Kane sighed, "I was in New York for a few interviews... I have a suite that I rent out here, home in Nashville though." he said looking to her, "Martha didn't give me much of a choice. She said do this or lose everything I've worked for." he said looking to her... "I'm sorry you got roped into this darlin'... for the record your out of my league." He admitted and looking to her. "you model I'm told... your new to it? Where are you from?" he asked looking to her again. She was gorgeous... brunette and every curve was perfect... led to another perfect part of her... Kane was having trouble controlling his thoughts about her.

"Like I said, Pizza, coffee, tacos, whatever you want, we can get or order and I guess learn about each other since we're fake dating but actually dating but its really fake, who the hell knows... just know its good for both of our careers." he admitted with a large sigh.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 363d 16h 13m 31s
Hailee almost jumped out of her skin when she heard someone knocking on her apartment door. Who in the world? She didn’t know anyone in New York yet. She looked over and grabbed her baseball bat before she slowly walked to the front door.

[b “Yes?”] she questioned, clutching the bat down at her side. [b “Can I help you?”] Her eyes went wide when she heard the man in front of her say that he was Kane Brown. [b “What are you doing in New York? My manager didn’t say anything about you coming.. I thought we were going to meet at the fashion show in a week...”]

She sighed softly before stepping back, giving him enough room to walk inside. [b “Come in.”] she said. [b “My manger told me that Martha had contacted her about this... But I hadn’t given her a definite answer yet, though I guess now it doesn’t matter since your standing in my apartment.”] She placed the baseball bat back in the corner.
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Kane sighed and looked down at the text his manager had sent him with the girl's address. He wasn't too happy about the idea of a fake girlfriend but he needed to clean up his image according to his manager and she was the key to that. Pretty little goody goody model to make him look good and launch her career, in a few months they would break it off and everything would go back to normal.

He had driven there, parked his truck in the parking garage across the street and walked up the three flights of stairs to her fourth floor apartment. Knocking on the door he sighed, "Are you Hailee?" He asked when she answered the door. "I'm Kane... my manager sent me here to talk to you, Martha Edwards is my manager if you want to confirm... I know this is weird but I figured this would be better done in person than over the phone, and this way we get to meet each other... can I take you out for pizza? coffee? Anything you want really."
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 363d 16h 40m 48s
Hailee Stein was a twenty year old up and coming model. She was based in New York, in her crappy apartment, but she loved it. She had always wanted to model, ever since she was little. She left her small town in Texas to make the move to New York City, two years ago now. She hadn’t looked back.

She had finally landed a low key modeling contract with Wilhelmina's. It wasn’t much, but maybe eventually she would get out of her fourth floor walk up. She had even gotten a Manager, which she wasn’t sure what that would honestly do. But she was really excited.. Except when he mentioned the fake boyfriend, Kane Brown? She had heard of him, he was a country singer. But she hadn’t really ever listened to that kind of music.

Her manger had given her Kane’s number, but she wasn’t sure she was going to about it. A fake boyfriend? It was supposed to help get her foot in the door more and he needed an image check? She didn’t even know what that was about.
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