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Ava frowned when Yuya caught up and told her she would bug her for tutoring. [#981fde "Tutoring? Sempai you're in the class above me I-I highly doubt I can teach you much."] she said biting her lip again wondering if the girl was just trying to make fun of her. Ava squeaked in shock when Yuya leaned in to kiss her cheek and asked for a final answer by the end of the day figuring that meant she wouldn't be taking no for an answer and Ava frowned again but nodded before rushing off to the office where she got her schedule then slipped into the cafeteria wondering how hard it would be to avoid an upperclassmen for the entire year, or at least until her uncle forced her to stay home...
Ava noticed the breakfast doors weren't open yet and sighed heading to the darkest corner of the cafeteria to sit down and look over her schedule and start putting together her binders for each period kind of surprised to see she'd been placed in the Bender's gym class as she very rarely used her bending for anything, of course that would change when she got a job as Earthbender's tended to be the most active of the benders, helping with construction. Ava blushed again thinking about job's and the 'tutoring job' Yuya had offered her and on top of finding the money in her bag Ava wondered what the girl was really after.
  Ava / V1rg081tch / 33d 18h 13m 44s
Yuya watched her with a raised eyebrow and said. "Fine fine, but I'll probably bug you for tutoring." She smirked slightly and kept up with her. "If you want, we can do it in private so you're more comfortable. I'll even pay you, so what do you say, Ava?" She asked and looked down at her. She didn't care about her "friends" and spending time with a new prospect was interesting especially one who got so easily flustered like Ava. She watched Ava and gave her a light peck on the cheek winking playfully. "I'll let you think about it, let me know by the end of the day?"
  Yuya / wingedwolfy120 / 33d 18h 32m 21s
As they walked together and Yuya flirted with her Ava wondered what the other girl saw in her or wheather the girl was just bored seeing as school didn't start for another few hours and none of her friends had arrived yet. Ava blushed at Yuya's overt flirting, but paled when the girl offered to fix her shower. [#981fde "Oh no it's alright my uncle will call a plumber."] she mumbled her face going back to red when Yuya invited her over. [#981fde "Thank you for your kind offer Sempai, but I don't... I don't want to take away your time with your friends."] Ava said as she began to walk slightly faster, she didn't mind the attention but Ava had a few secrets she couldn't let get found out and with Yuya-sempai so popular and... attentive it scared Ava to think what would happen if she was found out, though she knew one secret she wouldn't be able to hide for long.
  Ava / V1rg081tch / 33d 18h 39m 2s
Yuya watched her step past her and slipped the money into Ava's bag. "Nice to meet you, Ava. I'll be keeping my eye on you." She said coolly and walked with her. "I could come fix your shower if you'd like." She offered and looked down at her. "Or you could always do me the honor and use mine at my place." She flirted and smirked. Yuya was bisexual and was known to flirt with others. She never really dated anyone for very long unfortunately but no one seemed to be able to see or get past her walls. She was a bit secretive about herself and her past. She had been that way for several years.
  Yuya / wingedwolfy120 / 33d 18h 58m 12s
Ava's breath caught when the girl asked her why she was here showering and her blush deepened as the girl lifted her chin and Ava once again met her eyes. [#981fde "M-my sh-shower is broken at h-home."] she stuttered giving the lie she gave anyone who asked, though at night she usually just went to the local bathhouse, but her uncle had been very cruel to her this past week and she didn't like people asking about the wounds on her body, so she had thought it safe to shower at school. Ava's eyes widened when the older girl gave her some money to buy some new clothes saying the sweater didn't suit her, but Ava refused it. [#981fde "Th-thank you sempai, but I can't accept that, and anyway I-I like baggy clothes they're comfy."] Ava said slipping away from Yuya and grabbing her bag wondering if the cafeteria was open yet. Yuya then asked if Ava wanted to come with her to get their schedules and Ava bit her lip again turning back to the girl. [#981fde "S-sure I'm going that way anyway."] she said as the office was across from the cafeteria so denying would be a bit rude as they would probably end up walking together anyway. [#981fde "Oh and m-my name is Ava Omashu."] she smiled lightly wondering if the girl would tease her for being named after the old Earth Kingdom of Omashu like so many others, but as she was the Great, Great, Great, Great, Great-Grandaughter of King Bumi her family eventually just took the old kingdom's name as their surname.
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Yuya smirked slightly and said. "I was going to see the principal about something... But now I'm curious about you being here so early and taking a shower here rather than at home." She stepped closer and lifted the short girl's chin with a finger slightly. "You're too cute to be hiding in a sweater so big, chick." She said and held up a few bills. "Get yourself something new, my treat." She watched her and paused checking her watch. "We should go get our new schedules... Wanna come with me, chickie?"
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Ava jumped when she heard someone behind her and she turned blushing when she realized the girl's words especially when she saw who it was. [#981fde "O-oh Good Morning Yuya-sempai what brings you in so early?"] the girl asked biting her lower lip, to Ava Yuya always seemed to be the most popular girl in school so having Yuya pay attention to a lowlife like her was shocking to say the least. Ava could only hold eye contact for a moment before her gaze fell to the floor the girl was so pretty and sooo out of her league.
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Yuya yawned and put her uniform on. She was tired from the night before and irritated that she had to go to school again. She walked to the school since she lived nearby and sighed. Adjusting the strap on her bag, she paused and saw a small framed girl slip into the school. Curiosity took over and the tall slender female followed. She watched from the cracked door and saw the girl take a shower and get ready for school. Yuya could see the girl had a nice figure but the sweater that the school provided was much too big and hid the other girl's frame. She stood and walked in. "Hey cutie." She said flirtatiously and watched her reaction.
  Yuya / wingedwolfy120 / 33d 20h 15m 30s
A girl of about 16 lay on the worn mattress on a splintering wooden bed looking up at the paint that was falling off the ceiling of the shed she had called a room for the past 10 years since her parents past and she was forced to live with her uncle who hated her. Her eyes drooped as she began to fall asleep thinking about how finally summer was over and she could go back to school and away from her uncle's abuse for 8 hours.
[i The girl was suddenly walking through a town, a town older than she had known in this life, a town lit by lanterns instead of electricity and as she looked around she couldn't help but smile the sun was out and it was a nice day, she could hear children laughing in the distance and she saw shopkeeps talking with customers and life seemed nice though she knew this place and her face dropped slightly as she headed towards the beach and to a cave where four teens sat around a fire a large sky bison sleeping in the back of the cave this was a memory of sorts a memory of a past life, a memory of happiness if one could really call it that. The scene changed and now the girl was standing in a pagoda looking up at a statue of a boy she had seen in her last vision and behind her she could hear arguing and she turned seeing herself once again from her most recent life just arguing with the son of the man she once was about seeing the city and the girl smiled again lightly she had once lived wonderful lives, and now she was here. The scene when black as the sound of an alarm started blaring.]
The girl opened her eyes and slapped her alarm clock then placed a hand on her face frowning when she felt tears. The girl batted them away angrily and sat up hating herself for wishing for those lives, the world was finally at peace now that the benders were used for only the necessities and no longer used their powers to rule over others, she couldn't complain. The girl stood up and headed to the outhouse beside the shed before dressing in her gym clothes, grabbing her bag and heading to school, the sun just barely rising over the peaks. Once at school the girl slipped into the girl's locker room and took a shower, as her uncle never let her inside to take one unless he could join her... the summer had been a harsh one to say the least.
Once done with her shower the girl dressed in her proper school uniform and brushed her hair and teeth before heading to the library excited to know what she would learn this year, though she had decided over the summer that she would get a job to earn money and finally escape her uncle.
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