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yuya was surprisingly studying as she waited for ava. she wasn't the one who typically studied much and yet somehow passed her classes. she checked the door and stood putting her things away when she saw ava. "hey chickadee. have a nice shower?" she asked and smiled at her gently. she noticed a slight hand shaped mark on ava's neck but stayed quiet about it. she wrapped a protective arm around her waist and followed her around helping her get her books. "after you finish checking your books out, mind going for a walk with me? we won't go far."
  Yuya / wingedwolfy120 / 32d 22h 12m 59s
Ava jumped when Yuya knocked on her stall and told her she'd wait in the library and this made Ava smile lightly as this meant she could take a quick shower. Thankfully the other bender girls left quickly as they all had classes to get to and once the locker room was silent she stepped out and hurried to the shower letting the lukewarm water cleanse her body for the 2nd time that day and she even let herself cry lightly from just the mere bullish of her existence.
Once she was done Ava put her uniform back on and headed to the library to meet Yuya, but also planning out the books she wanted to read this week.
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yuya watched the girl leave and hesitated befre being pulled back into running with her friends. she paused seeing a man in a trench coat and fedora nearby. she growled and jogged over pulling him roughly to around the sports shed. "why are you here at the school? you look like a fucking pedophile." she hissed up at him.

"sorry, miss yuya but the others want to hold a meeting tonight." the man said taking his hat off out of respect and looked at her. "is something wrong?"

"what time for the meeting?" she asked and looked back at the school building. "just... i need you and kai to look into someone for me... her name is ava omashu.... lives with her uncle. i think she's being abused."

the man frowned and nodded. "i'll start on it immediately, miss yuya."

"and haku." she said making the man look at her. "be cautious. i have a feeling we'll be watch much more closely this year."

haku nodded and bowed putting his hat back on. yuya kissed his cheek and took a small wad of cash from him.

"thanks, big daddy. see you tonight." she flirted when her friends were approaching. she went back to the track with them dismissing the meeting as her boyfriend visiting her to give her some money.

haku watched her go and left to go fulfill his orders.

yuya soon went back to the locker room and saw ava go to a stall. she sighed and changed back into her uniform. she knocked on ava's stall. "hey, meet you in the library, okay, chick?" she said loud enough for the girl to hear but quiet enough to keep others from hearing. she went to the library and waited for ava.
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Ava frowned at the girl when she said she didn't want to leave the girl to herself and she glanced over at the window of the office that looked over the track knowing the teacher was watching them. When Yuya mentioned the avatar Ava paled and forced a smile, yes everyone knew of the great powers of the avatar, but it had been almost 70 years since Korra died and most of the world had become Anti-bender since the new avatar hadn't appeared. The thought shot a pain through Ava's heart, everything was her fault but she was to scared to come out with the truth because she didn't want to be killed. When Yuya asked what class Ava had next Ava shook her head, [#981fde "I have a free period, I was planning on checking out some books in the library."] she said then blushed at Yuya's smirk and declaration to play hooky then she stopped walking smiling lightly. [#981fde "You really shouldn't be skipping on the first day Yuya that's not a good pattern to start."] Ava said before looking back at the gym. [#981fde "I'm gonna go use the bathroom, why don't you run with your friends I'll be back in a bit."] she said smiling before rushing off not giving the girl a moment to answer as she headed back indoors, but instead of going to the locker room she headed up to the office where the teacher stood at the window his arms crossed. [b "Yuya {Surname} year 3 firebender didn't realize you were able to make friends Ava."] the man said turning to her and Ava shuddered under his gaze. [b "Close the door and lock it please."] he said and Ava swallowed hard as she did as she was told and she could feel the man coming up behind her and began to lightly stroke her body. [b "I'm sorry I hurt you earlier, but I need to teach those brats to obey so they can get good jobs after graduation."] he said as he wrapped his arms around the girl and leaned in to sniff her neck as his hands started to venture under her clothes. [b "I've missed you Ava your uncle and Mr. Yamacito kept you to themselves for much to long."] the man purred and it took everything Ava had not to set the man on fire. Sensei suddenly spun her around and pinned her to the door before stripping her of her clothes. [b "So it's true when your uncle spilled the fact that you were pregnant I couldn't believe it but there you are..."] the man said frowning as he looked at the broken girl with the slightly bulging stomach she was 20 weeks, but her lack of sustainable food throughout the summer made her look maybe 15 weeks, it really was a shock that she hadn't miscarried. Sensei growled a bit and grabbed Ava's arm tossing her onto the couch in his office. [b "Well let's see just how the baby likes my seed."] he hissed and Ava bit her lip and closed her eyes as Sensei assaulted her and what was most likely his child since he was the one who had raped her around the time she had been ovulating, though of course she wouldn't tell her uncle that as he was the one who wanted the baby from her.

Only about 15 minutes later Ava got up from the couch and redressed the Sensei now passed out on his couch and she looked over at the clock, class ended in a few minutes. After making sure she wasn't showing and that she looked only like she may have had a bad bowel movement Ava headed back downstairs and back out to the track standing in the shadows as she watched the other benders still running and she reached into her pocket and pulled out the Sensei's note that also contained a check for her 'services' it was simply a schedule of when he wanted to meet her and where and Ava sighed thinking maybe she would take Yuya-sempai up on her 'tutoring' offer as at least she seemed to be someone who would play nice. As the bell rung signaling the end of class Ava headed back into the locker room and back into the stall to change wondering if she shouldn't wait for everyone to clear so she could take another shower after all according to sensei's schedule he also had a free period now which was why he did what he did.
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Yuya stopped with her and said. "No, we're benders. We should stick together." She sighed and said. "If only the avatar actually reincarnated... They'd make things better for everyone...." She looked away for a moment and then put a neutral expression on her face. She looked at Ava and asked. "what class you have next?" She was going to essentially kidnap the shy girl and take her somewhere private. Once she had her answer, yuya gave her a slight smirk. "Let's play hooky." She said and walked with her.
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Ava sat on the ground for another moment before forcing herself to her feet and heading outside to start her laps and she nodded at Yuya when the girl ran beside her asking if she was okay. [#981fde "Yeah... he didn't hurt me that bad... I'm just a baby."] she said trying to laugh away her pain as she began to slow to a walk as she began to feel nauseous then she looked back up at Yuya when she apologized and she shook her head. [#981fde "Please don't apologize it wasn't your fault, and anyway I'm used to it we're benders after all."] she shrugged smiling lightly. [#981fde "You should keep running I don't want you to get in trouble."] Ava said as she slowed to almost a stop her throat hurting from over-excursion.
  Ava / V1rg081tch / 33d 15h 54m 2s
Yuya growled and watched. She stepped forward and had her fists engulfed in flames. She ground her teeth and stayed in her place. As much as she wanted to wipe that smug look off his face, she couldn't afford to lose her fire and looked at Ava apologetically. She waited until everyone else had left and watched the girl from the door. She stayed close to Ava during the run and peeked at her. "You okay?" She asked and kept up with her pace although she could easily run laps around her. "I'm sorry I didn't help you... I guess I broke my promise, huh?"
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Ava continued to look around the gym doing her best not to look at Yuya as she could feel the girl's eyes on her and it caused a light blush to appear on her face. Once her name was called Ava answered and she risked a glance at Yuya who looked a bit sad and this made Ava wonder what the girl was thinking about.
Once role was over the teacher walked around the room looking at each of the benders as though they were moths about to be pinned to a bug board then he stopped in front of Ava and the girl stopped breathing as she focused on not flinching. The teacher walked around her appraising her and Ava clenched the bottom of her shirt trying to stand perfectly still, but then she yelped when the man grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground a small smirk on his face as he reveled in her pain, and he knelled down in front of her and grabbed her throat and Ava just looked at him scared as her body shook lightly. The teacher smiled at the girl's fear and let her go before kicking her once in the chest then turning back to see if anyone had advanced to try and help the girl. [b "All of you must learn your place! Learn from this child she knows how to be a good girl if you submit you get praised and maybe I'll treat you better, but if you fight me or so much as leave a mark on my body with your powers you will be taken and wiped of your powers then killed. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!"] he asked glancing back at Ava who still lay on the ground curled into a ball. [b "Now all of you outside run 100 laps around the track and NO POWERS if I see anyone using their powers as an advantage you will be punished!"] he yelled then went back to Ava and slipped something in her pocket. [b "Mr. Linderwood says hello."] he mumbled and Ava finally flinched as she waited for the sounds of feet to clear before she finally sat up clutching her stomach and crying lightly.
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Yuya happened to be one of two firebenders in the class and looked around. Five water benders and at least seven earth benders including Ava. She almost bristled hearing teacher's threats and glared at him. She sighed and watched Ava. She was going to have to look into the girl's uncle and family. She wondered if her parents dying had anything to do with her behavior. She knew what it was like and wouldn't wish it on anyone. She sighed and wondered if the avatar ever reincarnated after Lady Korra.
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[#981fde [i 'Am I really that obvious?']] the girl thought when Yuya mentioned the way Ava tended to hide away from others and the girl sighed before flinching at Yuya's condolences and question. [#981fde "I...I...I live with my Uncle he basically owns the city in fact he's even running for mayor..."] she said softly before looking at Yuya and blushing when the girl moved her hair behind her ears and Ava nodded lightly at the girl's parting words before walking over to the other Earthbenders as the Gym teacher walked in a frown already on his face as he looked around at all the children who had managed to keep their bending powers. [b "So all you pests are here to learn how to be good benders eh? Well to bad my job here is to teach you enough so that you all can spend the rest of your lives working off the sins your ancestors brought upon you and so help me if any of you show signs of being the disgusting creature known as the Avatar then you will be going straight back to hell where you belong!"] the teacher barked before he started taking role and Ava paled at his threats once again biting her lip as she looked around at the other students who all seemed to be glaring at the man.
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"because you act like you are... Listen, if anyone messes with you, let me know immediately. I don't care who they are or if they're a student or not." She said seriously and saw her friends waving them away. She looked back at Ava and sighed. "And I'm sorry to hear about your parents... Who do you live with now?" She asked and brushed a loose strand of black hair behind Ava's ear gently. She'd have to keep a close eye on her. "Just remember what I said." She said and stood going over to the others.
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Ava cursed silently when Yuya came out of the locker room and headed straight to her and sat down next to her, but instead of flirting the older girl asked if she was being bullied and offered to beat them up, which made Ava smile lightly but put her arms behind her back. [#981fde "I get teased sometimes because of my ancestors, and you know how non-benders treat us but I've never had a student act violently towards me since my parents died... why do you ask?"] she asked opening up a little, but not wanting to tell this girl about her uncle as he had to much power with his job to be easily taken down, and she watched the other bender children walk out of the locker rooms and she bit her lip when she saw Yuya's friends spot them and get shocked looks on their faces.
  Ava / V1rg081tch / 33d 17h 34m 24s
Yuya changed and listened to her friends. It was strange. She felt lonely even though she wasn't actually alone. She caught a glimpse of Ava and finished changing. She found the shy girl and sat next to her. "So is someone bullying you?" She asked seriously and watched her. "If there is, I'll take care of it for you." She was serious and a bit worried. For some reason, she was drawn to the bundle of baggy shyness and wasn't sure why. She felt like she had to protect this girl and tried to imagine what would happen if Ava broke down those walls of hers.
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It was another half an hour when the breakfast line opened and Ava got up and got herself some food, then she sat back down, ate and drew in her sketchbook, she had hoped to become an artist when she was little before her powers had come in, now if she could stop herself from getting caught her best chance at an artist's life would be to marry a successful non-bender who would speak for her, then again if her true powers were discovered if the world knew who she really was it was said that she would spend the rest of her days in the epitome of a living hell as her pain would be what would be what would bring peace for another generation. Ava began tearing up at the thought and batted at her eyes before finishing up her food and heading to her first class.
The day passed pretty quickly until it was time for Gym and this caused the girl to become very nervous as she slunk into the locker room with the other girls and into one of the stalls not wanting anyone to see her change and she could hear the bender girls talking and complaining about how it wasn't fair that they had to be segregated like this, but the number of benders had fallen drastically since her past life's end and even in the school of over 1000 students only about 40 had the ability to bend something as it was becoming common practice for parents to get bender children 'fixed' once they started showing signs. This thought caused Ava to shudder as she put on her long sleeve undershirt to hide the marks and bruises on her arms, but then she froze there were only 40 benders at this school and class sizes were usually around that, which meant Yuya would be here. Ava bit her lip hard as her face turned red again, but then she shook her head and pulled on her baggy Gym shirt and sweatpants, before slowly peeking out of the stall before opening it and making a dash for her Gym locker keeping her head down her face burning as she hoped the girl would stay with her friends and that this morning had really just been a fluke caused by boredom.
Once she put her clothes away Ava tied her hair up and headed out into the gym and as usual went to the darkest corner of the room praying to turn invisible once again.
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Yuya got her schedule and looked it over. "Benders gym? Again?" She grumbled and sighed. She was a firebender which meant she was either going to be drafted into the military or have to work in the power plant. She sighed and folded the schedule putting it in her bag. She went to her first class and sat by the door waiting for class to start. She looked at her bracelet and played with the beads spacing out. She didn't want to go into the military or plants. She would rather be herself and do whatever we wanted. Soon she would be able to and hopefully she wouldn't be alone when it finally happened.
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