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Ava was in such a form of a panic attack that she didn't notice Yuya coming up behind her until she was on the girl's lap and she turned and buried her face in the older girl's neck sobbing even harder as though she was a toddler again. It took almost a half hour for Ava to cry herself out and then she just sat on Yuya's lap clinging to the girl and nodded when she heard Yuya's promise. [#981fde "Thank you."] Ava choked out her voice weak and scratchy from crying, but then she leaned up and kissed Yuya's lips lightly before falling asleep in the older girl's arms as her stress finally caught up to her.
  Ava / V1rg081tch / 32d 17h 57m 32s
yuya paused feeling the wind and looked at ava. she watched in complete shock and awe but unfroze when she heard the quiet little sobs. she frowned and went over hugging her tightly. "it's okay, baby... let it all out." she whispered in her ear and kept holding her burying her face in ava's raven hair. "everything's okay, you're safe now, sweetheart." she whispered trying to soothe her as best she could and slowly sat down pulling her into her lap. she stayed like that with her for what seemed to be eternity but she didn't care. she sighed and kissed the top of ava's head. "i'll keep your secret, ava... i promise."
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Ava helped Yuya carry the man and laughed lightly at the girl's annoyance but her laugh was cut short when she looked around the room and saw... well her in her past lives along with some of the old fire lords and a frown came on her face as she walked towards the posters of Aang and Korra lightly touching them with her hands her eyes tearing up with memories and without knowing it she was praying into her hands which were now filled with the 4 elements and though she wasn't in a full avatar state the wind that surrounded her lifted her a few inches from the ground as she cried softly her eyes closed as visions of her lives popped up around her showing happier times from various lives.
  Ava / V1rg081tch / 32d 18h 16m 52s
yuya dragged the bulky male upstairs to her room annoyed at being interrupted and that he forgot the number one rule. she dropped him on the rug and sighed. "idiot...." she growled and nudged him with her foot. "go ahead and make yourself comfortable, ava." she sighed and looked at the girl. "sorry for this idiot... he's a coworker from another job of mine." yuya's room was organized choas but it was decorated very specifically with portraits of various avatars and fire lords. one wouldn't know it at first glance but yuya loved history.
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Ava nodded when Yuya mentioned her mother singing to her and smiled lightly then flinched when the girl asked to know more about her. [#981fde "W-well I..I'm 16... My Birthday is May 30th... I prefer earth tones over vibrant colors... my childhood dream was to be an artist... and my blood type is AB..."] she said before jumping when someone called out for Yuya and she looked over just in time to see Yuya peg him with her cup. Ava couldn't help but let out a little giggle at the sight before she stood up to try and help her face once again turning slightly red.
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she nodded and said. "my mom used to sing it to me.... she was a bit tone deaf, but she tried." she laughed softly at the memory and looked at her. "so... ava, why don't you tell me more about you? nothing personal, just anything that comes to mind." she made a quick sweep of the dining room for danger out of habit and looked back at the raven haired girl in front of her. she listened and paused when one of her idiots called our to her from across the room. she growled and threw her tea cup at him hitting him square in the face. she sighed and said. "help me get him upstairs."
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Ava nodded lightly when Yuya said she wanted the girl to trust her, and Ava wanted to but with everything that happened in her life she didn't know if it was really worth the risk. Ava bit her lip when Yuya asked where she learned the song she was humming and she shrugged. [#981fde "I... I don't know guess I just heard it somewhere..."] she lied before beginning to look around again to embarrassed to make eye contact, as being this close Ava worried about what the girl really thought of her and what the other would do if she knew the truth about everything in Ava's life.
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yuya ordered some dragon soba noodles and gave the menu back. she saw past the smile and whispered. "ava, i want you to trust me...." something told her instincts to protect her no matter what and she was going to follow them as she always did. she heard the song and asked. "where did you learn that song?" it reminded her of her real mother and she couldn't quite put her finger on it. her mother was a kind woman but also a bit short tempered as most fire benders were. her father on the other hand was an artistic genius but unfortunately didn't sell very many paintings. yuya on the other hand was a bit of a culinary genius and natural leader when she needed to be. her leadership skills drew people to her without much effort on her part.
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Ava frowned at Yuya's want to avenge her parents and shook her head smiling a smile that didn't reach her eyes. [#981fde "It's alright Yuya-sempai I'll be fine."] she lied then nodded at the girl's food suggestion and smiled a genuine smile when the lady returned with their tea. [#981fde "Thank you and yes I'll try your otter penguin soba with a side of vegetable dumplings please."] she said handing over the menu and grabbing her tea sipping at it lightly and humming softly a song she remembered from one of her past lives about a monster at the bottom of a canyon.
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yuya watched her and reached over stroking her cheek gently. "i'll make whoever did it pay...." she said seriously and looked at her. "i won't let anyone hurt you anymore, ava. you can trust me on that." she let her walls crumble a little bit more for this girl but sat back and straightened up when her adoptive mother brought their tea. "we need one more minute moms." she said and smiled looking at ava. "you should get the otter penguin soba..." she said and smiled at her gently. "moms will probably have to make since pops is kind of the spice maniac here."
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Ava blushed when Yuya said she could put in a good word for her and nodded at the spice comment glanced quickly down at her stomach. [#981fde "I'm not really good with spice actually."] she muttered in a disappointed tone not wanting to get a bad case of heartburn seeing as the school day wasn't over yet. When the lady walked over to take their drink order Ava smiled looking over the tea's they served, [#981fde "I'll have Nettle Tea please."] she said and the Lady blinked at the girl's choice but smiled nodding before jotting it down and heading off to get it. When Yuya started gushing about the people here Ava giggled, but then her face fell when Yuya mentioned her parents were killed in a mugging. [#981fde "I'm glad that they're nice and they helped you... my parents were murdered when I was 6 because they wouldn't get me fixed..."] she said, though it was a lie, her parents had been killed by her uncle because he wanted her avatar genes in his line, in fact her uncle wasn't her uncle at all but a rich stranger who knew how to forage documents. Ava looked down at her hands and picked at her nails trying to remember what she could of her parents tears coming to her eyes.
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yuya smirked slightly and said. "i could probably put in a good word for you with the owners and they'll hire you." she listened to her and smirked slightly at her comment about not being able to decide. "depends on how you can handle spice." she said simply and paused when the middle aged water tribe woman came to their table gushing over yuya and then ava.

"what can i get you ladies to drink?" she asked and smiled happily. yuya asked for a simple green tea and looked at ava with a soft smile. once ava ordered her drink, the motherly woman smiled and then left them to get the drinks.

"moms and pops are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet in this god forsaken town... they took me in after my parents were mugged and killed." she said and blinked wondering why she had opened up about that of all things.
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Ava nodded when Yuya said she wanted to take her out to eat, but paled because her Uncle owned several places around here. Ava let Yuya lead the way and sighed in relief when the girl brought her to a small family owned restaurant and Ava smiled hearing that Yuya worked here. [#981fde "That's nice that they let benders work here."] she said lightly wishing she wasn't known as an Earthbender so that maybe the restaurant would hire her too. Ava looked around the place once they were seated and looked at the combination of old culture, it was rare to find places that kept to the old elemental designs. Ava looked down at the menu and browsed before looking back up at Yuya, [#981fde "It all looks so delicious I don't think I can decide. What would you recommend?"] the girl asked blushing lightly as it suddenly occurred to her that this was probably a date.
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yuya watched the shy girl check her books out and said. "well, i figure since it's almost lunch time, i could take you somewhere to eat. you look like you could use a good meal." she winked at the librarian and said. "later miss diamond. let me know if you need any help with those idiots again." she led ava out and took her to a local restaurant. it was a water/fire fusion place and yuya grew up on it. plus the owners always gave her free meals for working for them. "i work here part time so i always get a discount."
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Ava shrugged at the girl's question about her shower smiling lightly, then flinched when Yuya put her arm around her waist. Ava didn't move out of Yuya's grip as they went around the library nodding lightly to Yuya's request to take a walk. Ava picked out a couple manga as well as a few history books as well as a few she could find on bending then made her way over the the librarian who smiled at Ava, they had become friends last year and Ava watched the woman slip a book into her stack while scanning the books and Ava smiled shyly as she handed over her card. Once she was done the lady handed Ava her books and card. "Have a nice first day girl's." she winked and Ava blushed again before turning to Yuya while putting the books in her bag. [#981fde "Where too?"] she asked taking her Sempai's hand lightly.
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