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The world of the Avatar has progressed far past what Korra had left behind and benders have been reduced to nothing but construction workers. It's been just over a hundred years and the new Avatar is a 16 year old girl who lives with her abusive uncle hiding her true powers from everyone, but it seems she's being watched. What will happen when the world discovers it's new Avatar? Only time will tell.

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Yuya and the other firebenders calmly answered the questions from the cops but were soon interrupted by yelling outside. She and the others looked to see Ava's uncle throwing a massive fit. Yuya carefully snuck out and went to find her. She soon found her on the roof although had to climb up from a window. She frowned seeing her passed out and went over carefully scooping her up. "Ava? Sweetie, I'm taking you to a safer place, trust me please?" She whispered to her quietly and took her to a hideout of the Phoenix that was nearby. She took her to the large makeshift bedroom and laid her on the bed. She sat with her watching her sleep and listened as her men gave her reports about this and that. When Ava finally woke up, yuya was still watching her. "Hey sleepy head. Want me to get you anything?"
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Ava frowned when Yuya told her to breath, but she nodded and wrapped her arm around her waist until she was seated with the other benders in a classroom and then she watched in horror as Yuya and the other firebenders were taken and she placed her hands in her lap her foot tapping nervously, but then she could hear yelling outside and she and the others went to the window and Ava paled when she saw her Uncle there demanding they let her out, as she knew she was here because she never missed school. Ava turned and bolted out of the room and ran to the roof thankful that the school was practically empty.
Once on the roof Ava sealed the door and went to the darkest corner of the roof and curled into a ball sobbing profusely wishing she didn't exist. Her nerves got the better of her and Ava vomited a few times before passing out in fear knowing the moment the police got the door open, her secrets would be discovered and she would be charged for the murder of Francis-sensei.
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She listened to what happened and raised an eyebrow. She stayed silent and squeezed her hand gently. She whispered to Ava and looked down at her. "It'll be okay, trust me." She rubbed the back of her hand with her thumb and whispered. "We both have alibis, so we'll be fine." She looked at her and whispered. "Just breathe and trust me." She stayed completely calm despite everyone freaking out over the death. She looked over at her fire bender friend and knew they would be interrogated first and then everyone else.
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Ava was still working on homework when she heard sirens and looked up and gasped seeing cops, EMT, and a firetruck all pulling up to the school and she froze watching several teams rush in and then she saw several students run out screaming and looking as though they had just seen a ghost. Ava quickly stood and moved over to the students though she said nothing and tried to blend in though through sobs of the others she learned the gym teacher had been murdered by a firebender and her hands immediately went down to her stomach in horror at least until Yuya came up to her asking her what was going on, and she looked over at the older girl and shuddered her voice low when she answered. [#981fde "The Gym-sensei he was murdered by a firebender in his office last night."] she said before looking up at a cop who was beginning to rope off the school with yellow tape. A teacher then came out a very stern expression on their face. [b "As you all have heard Francis-sensei was murdered last night. School for now has been cancelled all non-benders may go home. All Benders must stay and speak with the police. Resistance is futile so don't tempt fate."] he said and all the non-benders turned to stare at all the bender children as they backed away from them with fear in their eyes before taking off.
Ava grabbed Yuya's hand out of fear as they and the rest of the bender children were surrounded by cops and lead into the school to basically be interrogated.
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yuya slept soundly and didn't notice when ava left. a little while after, yuya woke up and stretched. she got dressed and sighed. today was going to probably suck. the school would more than likely be abuzz with what the phoenix had done. she went to the school getting a coffee on the way.

one of the freshman students had gone to the gym teacher's office to ask about extra credit or something stupid and froze seeing the teacher bloodied and crucified, his genitals burned to a crisp. the student screamed loudly in fear and began yelling for help.

yuya had arrived at the school just in time to hear the commotion. "hey ava." she said and looked at everyone. "what's going on? why's everyone screaming?"
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Ava slept pretty well that night and dreamed of a life beyond this where her parents were still alive and she was happy. Ava woke the next morning before sunrise and tried to sit up only to realize she was in the arms of someone. Ava was about to freak out when she realized the person had boobs and this calmed her and she moved her head and looked up at the girl blushing when she saw it was Yuya. Ava carefully and quietly lifted the girl's arm from off her and slipped out of her grip before getting up and finding her way to the bathroom to do her morning business and she was surprised to find a working shower, which made her smile as she hopped in and took her time scrubbing as much of last night's attack off as she could, which unfortunately left her skin red and raw, but she didn't care and finished up, before dressing in her uniform and heading out to school only sparing a single glance at Yuya before heading off deciding to let the older sleep, she had no idea how the sempai had known she was there, but was happy to have woken in her arms nonetheless.
Once at school Ava sat outside on a table and started work on homework she hadn't gotten to due to the attack then remembered that the attackers had torn her work uniform to shreds and sighed wondering if Mrs. Danish the home ec teacher wouldn't mind her using some of the cloth in her room to make herself a new one.
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She listened and sighed. "It's not right and you shouldn't have to put up with it." She said and watched her. She saw Ava was exhausted and falling asleep and sighed thinking about how she had punished the gym teacher. Ava probably wouldn't be happy about it but at least it was one less man for her to deal with. Yuya sighed and grabbed some clothes from the dresser. She changed and hid her costume out of sight. She looked back at Ava and got under the covers with her gently cuddling her. "I'll protect you no matter what...."
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Ava shook her head at the girl's question. [#981fde "You can't do anything he's to powerful and benders already have a hard enough time..."] she said then smiled lightly at the girl's offer to let her stay, [#981fde "Thank you I think I will my guardian's out of town on business so it's nice to have someplace that's not a broken down rusted shed with a broken splintering bed."] she said as she laid back down and she noticed someone open the door lightly and place her backpack and school uniform on the chair beside the door. Ava looked back at the Phoenix when she asked if Ava wanted anything to eat and the girl bit her lip and thought for a moment. [#981fde "No I'm okay thank you though."] she said after a moment her voice soft as her eyes drifted closed and she fell asleep feeling safe for once since her parent's died.
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"I punish people for hurting others.... Especially people like you.... Would you like me to punish him and his friends?" She asked and sat on the bed watching her. Pain wrenched at her heart and chest as she thought about Ava being hurt and used. "You can stay here for as long as you like until you feel safe to leave again.... But just remember that if I will be watching over you.... Like a guardian Phoenix." She said and watched her. "Would you like me to get you anything to eat or drink?" She touched her cheek gently and stroked it with her thumb.
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Ava was in so much pain and crying so hard she didn't notice she was being rescued until she was picked up and carried away and because of the crying most of her senses became blocked and it wasn't until she was laying on the bed that she was able to calm down enough to hear her rescuer's question and she looked down to see she was naked and frowned as she put her hands over her eyes to stop from crying again. [#981fde "20 weeks... I hate it but my guardian won't let me get an abortion because he thinks it's his... it's not he rents me out to all his 'friends' and one of them broke the rules about using a condom..."] Ava sniffled as she grabbed the dress from the other and slipped it on a few tears managing to escape her eyes.
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The Phoenix cleaned her hands of the blood and paused hearing someone screaming for help. She bolted in the direction of the screaming and found the source soon after. She growled seeing someone men assaulting a defenseless-- wait, isn't that Ava? She thought recognizing her. She went into a rage and began fire bending the perverts left ad right severely burning a lot of them or knocking them out or both. The one on top of Ava however was turned into a pyre. She grabbed Ava tossing her over her shoulder and ran taking her back to the hideout. The hideout was in an old part of town overrun by spirits and spirit vines. It was a tall shell of a building but it seemed to work for her and the men. She took her to the top floor where there was an office/bedroom. She laid her on the bed and dug through the drawers before handing her a pretty green dress. She paused and tilted her head. "How far along?" She asked and looked at her.
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Ava worked well into the evening, then finally when they were let off for the night Ava to tired to change back into her school uniform, just grabbed her bag and clothes and headed home after hanging up her hard hat. Ava walked for about a mile before she was suddenly grabbed from behind and dragged into an ally and Ava could see there were several people, but couldn't make out genders or features in the moonlight. Ava was scared and screamed as loud as she could before one of them smacked her and Ava started sobbing, she could feel them tearing her clothes and she tried to Earthbend them off her, but to no use and through her sobs she managed to scream again before one of them stuck something in her mouth to shut her up and though she knew nobody would come she prayed for help and rescue as the first person began raping her.

{Damn I'm terrible}
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Yuya was out with some of her men and tracked down the gym teacher. The men dragged sleazy man to a secluded alleyway no one went down and pinned him to the brick wall. The Phoenix watched his expression go from defiant and defensive to pale and fearful.

"What should we do with him, Lady Phoenix?" The olive times male asked and twisted the sleazeball's wrist.

The Phoenix thought about it for a moment and asked. "What is an appropriate punishment for all of your crimes?"

The curly haired male on the left side looked him over and said. "There's so many to choose from...."

The Phoenix reached out and grabbed the sleazeball's throat. "What do you think?" She asked menacingly and watched him squirm
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Ava woke about an hour later and flinched when she saw the time and quickly got out of the bed looking around the house for a moment looking for Yuya, when she couldn't find her she figured the girl had gone back to school and decided to do the same and headed downstairs politely apologizing to the restaurant owners for abandoning the meal and taking up their time, but as Yuya said they were kind and gave her the food in a heated to-go box to eat on her way back and Ava thanked them giving them the money Yuya had slipped into her bag this morning then ran off back to school eating the delicious meal as she went.
The rest of the day was fairly uneventful and once school ended Ava lingered hoping to find Yuya, but when the girl didn't show Ava sighed and headed towards the job office to find after school work. [u "So your an Earthbender age 16 with no prior job experience. What a pathetic sight but whatever here Lot 904 needs Earthbenders for a skyscraper project if you hurry I'm sure they'll let you in."] the bitchy lady at the job office spouted before handing Ava a card with job info on it and she bowed and thanked the lady before heading off to the job site, getting there just in time. [#ff0000 "New girl eh [i spits] go to the office and get yerself a uniform work starts in ten minutes don't be late."] the contracter said and Ava nodded hurrying to the office where she was given grass-stained overalls, a green undershirt to indicate her place, and a hardhat for 'accidents' then was pointed to the female locker room and given a lock. Ava quickly ran in grateful that the room was empty and changed before stuffing her bag and school uniform into an empty locker and locking it with the lock, then she ran out and found the other people who were wearing the same uniform and waited with them until the work bell rang at which point they all started working, moving rubble, separating metal, and all around just doing hard work, and though she made sure to pay attention Ava couldn't help but wonder what Yuya was doing right now.
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yuya blushed slightly at her kiss and kissed back softly. she watched her sleep and moved slowly laying her down on the bed. she tucked her in and kissed her forehead. "sweet dreams, my sweet ava." she whispered in her ear and stood changing into a red dress with orange and yellow feather patterns on the skirt. she put on a phoeniz mask with a long red colored wig attached to the back. she kicked the idiot awake and led him out the window.

the phoenix was expected at the meeting her gang was holding and arrived early. "haku, what do you have to report?" she asked and looked up at the water tribe male. the tall dark skinned male told her what she had suspected already. forged papers and pretty much domestic abuse. it made her blood boil with rage. "i hate to say we can't make a move just yet."

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