Change of Heart

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"She was going to let her health do it," Chopper added. He looked over to Shei who was still sleeping peacefully in Sanji's arms. She didn't look sick, and if he hadn't said anything, no one would know that she wasn't at 100% health. "But she's going to be okay."

Zoro watched Nyremme walk away and once she was out of sight he looked over at Sanji. "I want to talk to her when she wakes up."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 14h 44m 33s
Nyremme's smile fell at the news that Chopper brought to light. "She was willing to take the out that I tried to take..." She looked down for a moment before a sad smile returned on her face. "I'm glad it never came to that..."

She gently squeezed Zoro's hand before letting go then without another word she carefully walked herself over to the bath.
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 14h 55m 45s
Chopper nodded with a smile, though part of him wanted to mention Shei's original plan. After a moment he decided to, as it pertained to the thank you. "She was willing to let herself die if she married Iain." He looked at Nyremme, "We're working on bringing her health back up."

Zoro patted Nyremme's head, "You would have fought to get her back even without us." He frowned for a moment, "Even if it would have cost you your freedom."

"You two can catch up after she wakes up," Usopp pointed out, "and find out if she had a plan to get out too."

"She told Chopper she was willing to die," Zoro reminded him, "That was her plan to get out."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 15h 5m 5s
Nyremme sighed softly. "And here I thought I looked like a warrior princess with a bloody leg." She gave a small smile before nodding. "But you make a good point. I guess I should get cleaned up."

When Nami teased about his tie, Sanji chuckled slightly before gently holding Shei's wrist. "This is what kept her going... this is what gave her that little bit of hope..." He murmured softly before continuing to stroke her hair.

After Nyremme heard Luffy talk she smiled as she looked around at everyone. "Thank you... All of you... I honestly had a fear deep inside that I would never see her again... I can't thank you enough."
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 15h 20m 25s
"I wonder how long it's been since she had her guard down," Nami muttered. "We should move her to a bed so she'll be more comfortable."

Robin shook her head, "Leave her. I'm willing to bet that's where she wants to be."

Shei shifted a bit but remained sound asleep. However, the shift caused her left sleeve lift a bit revealing the bracelet on her wrist.

"Found your tie," Nami teased Sanji when she saw the bracelet. "Guess she really never takes it off."

Zoro looked at Nyremme as she helped with the bowtie. Once it was off he inhaled deeply. "Yeah but thats Eyebrows," he replied, "He's always dressed up." He placed a hand over Nyremme's and glanced down at her leg. "You should shower and change. You're covered in blood."

Chopper sat and watched Shei sleep for a bit. It didn't look like she was having any problems breathing at the moment but that didn't stop him from wondering. How long has she had this problem? Why didn't she mention to him earlier? What triggered episode? There were so many things he wanted to know so could treat her for it.

"It's good to have Shei back," Luffy said with a grin. "Sanji and Remy look happier."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 1d 9h 53m 9s
Sanji chuckled softly and shifted Shei onto his lap and let her lean against his chest as he gently played with her hair. [i I'm glad you're back...] He thought to himself as he listened to her soft breaths.

Nyremme heard Nami mention someone beating them to it and Nyremme looked over at Shei and a small smile appeared on her face seeing how relaxed she looked. "This is where she belongs... Not with those stupid Marines." When Zoro made a remark about his clothes she couldn't help but chuckle before she carefully stood up and walked over to him. "Aww but you look so dashing in this. We see Sanji in a suit daily but this is a rare treat." She teased before helping him with the bowtie.
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 2d 4h 50m 28s
Shei heard Sanji's tone and pursed her lips. She knew what he was going to say but she didn't want to hear it. Though if there was anyone who could convince her to go lay down, other than Chopper and Nyremme, it would be Sanji. "I'm okay," she replied as she closed her eyes. Within moments she was asleep, leaving against Sanji.

"Why don't we all just relax for a bit," Nami suggested. "We're back on course and everyone is a bit worn out from the rescue." She noticed Shei asleep in Sanji's arms. "It looks like someone beat us to it."

Zoro nodded and looked at Nyremme, "Are you satisfied with how long I've been in this outfit? This thing is choking me."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 2d 14h 3m 41s
Nyremme sighed softly. "But the chances of him being the only one to see the letter..." She scratched the back of her head and sighed. "I'll just... I'll have to think about it I guess..."

Sanji watched Shei's body language and chuckled softly. [i She looks like she could pass out any second.] He gently rubbed her arms and smiled at her. "Shei..." He whispered softly hoping she would understand his warning tone.
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 2d 14h 29m 17s
"Don't show him," Zoro replied, "Write to him. Unless the Vice Admiral plans on going after Shei, the chances of us running into him or Iain are slim."

Shei nodded, "I'd appreciate that." She looked back the crew but didn't say anything further. The events of the day exhausted her and all she wanted to do right now was just relax. [I I'm glad she's okay and it looks like she's happy and comfortable here.]

Robin looked at Shei, "Shei, you look exhausted. Do you want to go lay down?"

"I'm fine," Shei lied.
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 2d 14h 49m 22s
Sanji smiled softly. "I'm alright. If it would make you feel better I can show you later."

Nyremme looked back at Zoro and looked uneasy. "I just... I don't know how he would react to seeing me... Seeing that I was alive."
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 2d 14h 55m 11s
"Scratched?" Nami sat down in a lawn chair, "She tried ripping out Sanji's heart and tossed Zoro into a building like a sack of flour."

"But Luffy did send her into a wall," Shei pointed out with a laugh. "At least someone was able to knock her down a peg." She looked at Robin, "I'm glad you're alright though, without Chopper, those feathers probably would killed you." She tried ignoring what Nami said about who trying to rip out Sanji's heart but it bothered her. "How bad did she get you," she asked while tilting her head back to look at Sanji.

Zoro looked at Nyremme and saw the sad look in her eyes. "Remy," he placed a hand on her head, gently patting it. "You can let him know you're alive if it stops you from worrying."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 2d 16h 11m 7s
Nyremme's expression fell sad as she looked down at her now bandaged leg. [i I'm sorry Max...] She began feeling guilty hoping that it didn't come to the point where Max turned into how cruel the Vice Admiral was. Despite his flirts and how innappropriate he was. She still cared for him. Not the same way he cared for her but she did care.

Robin noticed the sad look on Nyremme's face and figured she didn't hear Shei's question so she opted to answer instead. "She got me with a few of her feathers and scratched Zoro and Sanji pretty good. But other than that we made it out okay. Luffy sent her into a wall."
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 2d 16h 42m 28s
"There isn't really anything we can do about it though." Shei noticed that Nyremme wasn't looking at her but didn't say anything about it. "Today was the first day Max was even around. He's been out at sea almost constantly. I think being home reminds him too much of you."

"That's sad," Usopp muttered.

"Mhm," Shei nodded. "Speaking of last island. I heard you all had a run in with Eli. Do I want to know how that turned out?"
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 3d 1h 38m 23s
Nyremme was going to argue about the training but then sighed softly since she knew he was right. "Fine..." She listened to Shei talk to Zoro and when she teased him Nyremme's face turned red as well as she looked away from everyone trying to hide her expression.

Chopper looked up at her and gently put his hand on her forehead. "Hmm... I wonder if you're getting a fever..."

When Shei mentioned Max Nyremme didn't turn to face her she only sighed. "I noticed the tone in his voice on the last island we were on. He's not the dumbass that he used to be... I'm worried he's going to end up like the Vice Admiral if he keeps down this path..."
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 3d 2h 3m 35s
After a few minutes, Shei was finally able to breathe normally again. She placed a hand over Sanji's to signal that he could stop with the breathing pump before removing the mask. "I'm fine now. Thank you."

Chopper started to work on Nyremme's leg, keeping focus as he cleaned up the blood and started stitching it up. "You'll want to take it easy for two weeks, until the stitches come out. Which means no training." He shot a look to Zoro, "It'll be your job to keep her out of the crows nest."

"Why me," Zoro protested.

"Because you're usually in there."

Shei listened to the banter between the two as she leaned against Sanji. "Don't worry, I'll help out. After all, there is a lot that we need to catch up on. Besides, not like I can do much right now anyway." She looked over at Zoro and smiled, "Thanks for taking care of my sister after you found her. Though I think you did more than that."

Zoro's face flushed as he looked away, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Sure sure. You and I are going to have a talk later."

"Alright you two," Nami sighed, "Now that we've got Shei back, we can get back on track."

"Oh!" Shei looked at Nami then wiggled the ring off her finger, "Nami, you're good at bartering, right? See what you can get with this." She tossed the white gold diamond ring to the navigator. Then she looked back at Nyremme who looked just as exhausted as she felt. "Max thinks you're haunting him."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 3d 11h 54m 20s

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