Change of Heart

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"Your past?" Zoro was now a bit concerned. Everyone on the ship head a tough past that at some point during their adventure, they had to face. What could possibly be so bad about their past that would keep them from staying? Was it Jedrick? Was Nyremme worried that something would happen to them if they crossed passed with Jedrick? He didn't know but he was worried about what they would go through once they parted ways.


"So you found Captain Aros," Iain shrugged as he entered into the office. "Just because you spotted her doesn't mean Shei is with her. There were no other reports from that island. So apparently your perversion has done is find one girl. My Captain is still missing. If she would just stay put this wouldn't be a problem."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 18h 44m 37s
“It’s-It’s our past... It’s best for everyone if we say our goodbyes on the next island... before we get too attached and something happens. I can’t explain why... but just staying isn’t an option.”

She couldn’t look up at him. She felt like her heart was getting torn out of her chest.


Max rushed back to the vice admiral’s office and slammed open the door. “THE THIGHS SIR!”

The vice admiral sighed and looked up from his paperwork. “Lieutenant Maxime how many times have I told you to knock and not spout nonsense upon entering my office. What are you blabbering about?”

Max took a breath into calm himself. “Sir, it’s the girls. They’re still alive. I know Nyre’s thighs anywhere.”

The vice admiral slowly stood up and stared the swordsman down. “You’re lucky this is good news that you’re a pervert because otherwise I’d be shooting you out of a cannon at a wall for leering at my daughter like that. Where are they heading?”

Max flinched then nodded. “From the looks of it sir. They should be heading towards the next marine base. We should meet them there.”
  PotatoPirate / 2d 8h 33m 6s
"Tell me why it isn't an option." Zoro frowned the more he watched Nyremme cry, but there wasn't anything he could do. He was terrible at comforting people and his abrasive nature would probably make the situation worse. "Just breathe. We'll figure something out."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 2d 8h 56m 39s
Nyremme was a little surprised when she felt him grab her hands. She looked at his eyes for only a moment and had to bite her lip to hold back tears. She shook her head and looked down at her hands which he still was gently holding. "W-We can't... Staying isn't an option... I wish it was... but it just can't be one..." She didn't realize tears had started to roll down her cheeks until one fell onto his hand.
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 4d 6h 40m 45s
"If you don't want to talk about what you saw, that's fine." Zoro was prepared to receive no further answer, so when Nyremme said more, he was a bit surprised. He listened to her and saw how sad she became when she told him they were leaving. His gaze lingered on her face as he watched the sadness increase. When her hands went to her head, he reached out and carefully pulled them to her lap. "You don't have to."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 4d 6h 48m 5s
Nyremme sighed as she didn't make eye contact with the swordsman. "If I told you what was completely wrong... that would be telling you what I saw on that island..." She gently rubbed her chin as she sat down on her yoga mat. "We will reach the island we had set out to soon... We will have to part ways and say goodbye then. Myself and Shei as well... we're trying to make it as painless as possible for us." She began feeling on top of her head once again as her nervous tick kicked in. "We don't do well with goodbyes... That's why we only rely on each other."
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 4d 6h 55m 23s
"Will you tell me what's bothering you?" Zoro seemed unfazed by Nyremme collapsing, though inside he was concerned. He kept a stem expression as he watched her. "Your haven't been the same since that island. I won't ask what you saw. But I know something is wrong."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 5d 6h 21s
Nyremme was trying out some new yoga poses that were more complex than her usual ones when she suddenly heard the voice of the man who had been in her thoughts. "Ack!" She lost her balance and fell forward with her legs over her head, almost as if she was a human pretzel. As she fell forward she hit her chin off of the floor.

"Ow..." Once she untangled herself she had a slight tear in her eye. "D-Don't sneak up on me like that..."
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 5d 6h 3m 47s
"You going to tell me what's bothering you?" Zoro had gone into the crows nest to workout when he saw Nyremme. Instead of going for his wife's, he sat down across from her and crossed his arms. "We've all noticed a change. What's going on?"


"You don't have to leave," Robin pointed out, "We've all friend to like you. I'm sure Luffy would like to keep you around longer."

"I know but," Shei paused, "Excuse me, I think in going to go take a nap." She got up and disappeared below deck to the temporary room she and Nyremme shared.
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 5d 6h 29m 36s
Nyremme tried to keep her distance without it being totally obvious. After she got drunk she slowly began to realize she held the swordsman in a special place in her heart. His gruffness had grown on her and she worried about his back and muscles. But she kept her distance. She didn't offer massages and check ups as she knew the more she did for him the more she would grow attached. She was doing yoga in the crows nest trying to calm her mind and figure out how to thank them when they had to leave without breaking down.

[i If you knew who we were... would you smile like you all do?]
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 5d 6h 39m 54s
"If no one saw us on that island, we may have a little extra time. Let's use it to say our goodbyes." At that last part, she started crying. She was never good at goodbyes and this was probably one of the hardest ones she's had to do.

~~A Few Weeks Later~~~

Though Shei's leg was still bandaged and healing, the parts of her skin that had healed, were now a deep maroon color. She'd recently had the stitches removed from her hand, and there was a crescent shaped scar where she'd bitten down. Most of her time healing, she spent with the boy they had saved. He was a bright child and more that he was healed, very active.

"Shei," Robin sat down next to the purple haired woman, "Is something the matter? You and Remy have been acting distant lately."

"We have to leave soon," Shei admitted, "And we're trying to keep ourselves from getting too attached."
  Embrea / 5d 7h 51m 42s
Nyremme's tears were flowing at this point and her lip began to quiver. "I feel like... I don't know what side is the good side anymore." She slowly sat up and rested her head on Shei's shoulder. "But you're right... We can't stay... There's no way Father would allow it..."
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 5d 8h 4m 30s
Shei sighed and hobbled over to the couch, sitting down next to Nyremme's head. She took her habd in get injured one and shook her head. "I know. I like them too." Though she wouldn't say it aloud, every time she was near Sanji, her heart beat a little faster. She enjoyed being around Luffy and Usopp and Chopper. She loved the fun atmosphere the crew had.

"But we can't stay. Father will come looking for us once he finds out we are alive. For their safety, we'll have to leave before he finds us."
  Embrea / 5d 8h 8m 19s
Nyremme turned her head at Shei's voice and hiccupped while pointing at the ceiling. "Can't remember." She moved her head from side to side then felt tears well up in her eyes. "Shei... I like these people... I don't wanna go."
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 5d 8h 18m 27s
Shei stumbled into the lounge after her argument with Zoro. Even after he had said fine, he pushed again and she decked him. Not wanting to deal with it, she went to find Nyremme. That's how she found get friends, intoxicated, and muttering about memories. "Ah hell Remy. Why'd you have to go and get drunk?"
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 5d 8h 32m 39s

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