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"That's fair." Shei looked at her bandaged hand for a moment and remembered that the coffee was still in the lounge. "I'll be right back. The coffee is still in the lounge." She left and returned a few minutes later with the tray of coffee, setting it down gently on the counter. "It's probably not that hot anymore."


"I'll let you know if it shifts," Nami replied. Storms were never easy on the New World and they often became dangerous moments after starting. She looked at the pose then towards the sky. [I The next island is still a week away. This storm could get us off track if it gets bad.]
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 9h 19m 5s
Nyremme jumped slightly when Nami approached her. "Hm... never was a fan of storms... we always get in bad situations then there's always a storm..." She murmured softly. "Well... I guess all I can do is keep my eye out." She took a few steps back and started going back into the positions she was in while she was in the crows nest. [i I need to finish my stretches...] She thought to herself.


Sanji nodded with a small smile. "With a hurt hand, I can't allow you to help cook, but I would love the company."
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 16h 57m 44s
"That's a lie," Shei said bluntly as she watched Nyremme leave. At Sanji's response she smiled, "Good. It would have been a shame if my first impression of you was wrong. Do you mind if I help out with breakfast? And if I can't help, do you mind if I watch? I've always liked watching people cook, it's interesting."

Chopper watched Nyremme leave, then Shei leaving with Sanji. He couldn't help but feel like there was something the to women weren't telling them. But it wasn't his place to question it and he hoped that they would open up to the crew soon.


"There is a possibility it will turn into a storm," Nami said as she walked up next to Nyremme. "I noticed the change earlier. What's coming is unpredictable."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 19h 20m 18s
Nyremme sighed but didn't respond. She just looked away for a moment then when the green haired swordsman walked by she watched the slight banter before he left. She just listened intently to everyones words listening for the emotion behind them then she heard Shei's jab at her and instantly looked away. "I-I just wasn't hungry... it's fine..." She pouted slightly looking at Shei's bandaged hand.

Sanji gave a small smile. "No, I've never been cruel to a woman... It's not in my blood to. But yes, I should get started on breakfast."

Nyremme could smell something in the air and raised her eyebrow. "I-I'll be back." She walked out the door and back up to the top deck as she looked out in the distance. "Smells like... rain..." She looked in all directions and tapped her chin. "It doesn't look like it's going to storm though..." She murmured softly.
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 19h 26m 29s
Shei noticed how Nyremme was looking at Sanji and huffed. "He didn't do anything. But that something I cut myself on was my fans. They haven't been used in a while and I thought about sharpening them."

Chopper quietly worked on Shei's hand, making sure to take care in inspecting the wound. "Please try not to move."

"Sorry." Shei looked at Nyremme, "I know you're on edge since we're around strangers but please [I try] to relax. If something had happened, we both know I could have handled it."

"What's going on in here," Zoro asked as he was walking by. "Nevermind, Eyebrows is in here so it's probably his fault."

"That's not nice," Shei hissed. She turned her attention to Sanji, "Why does everyone around you did something? Are you normally cruel to women? Have you been lying to me?"

Zoro had to cover his mouth to try and hide his amusement at the interrogation. He, along with everyone on the ship knew what Sanji was like. When it came to women he was like putty in their hands. When it finally became too hard to contain, he started laughing and walked away. "Have fun with that one Eyebrows!"

"Why do I get the feeling he doesn't get his ass kicked very it often," Shei asked.

"He doesn't," Chopper replied as he finished bandaging Shei's hand. Then he turned to Sanji, "Why don't you take them to the kitchen for breakfast. I need to clean up here."

"Sounds like a good idea. I recall someone mentioning they didn't eat last night."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 1d 20h 39m 26s
Nyremme had darted off and mid run her ears instinctively reverted to hide and by the time she reached the sick bay she was back in her normal appearance. She reached the sickbay and saw Sanji with Shei. At that moment she felt protective and angry that Shei was hurt. "What happened?" She asked in a low tone narrowing her eyes slightly.

Sanji turned and saw Chopper and Nyremme in the doorway and saw the look in Nyremme's eyes and could tell she wasn't happy. "Ah, I went to go bring you both coffee this morning but when I knocked on the door Shei cut her hand on something. Chopper could you patch it up, I don't want to mess it up."

Chopper nodded. "Sure."
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 2d 23h 6m 29s
"Well, you aren't wrong. I once knew a man who liked to add some orange zest to his coffee." Shei gave a small nod before walking through the door and heading to sick bay. The walk there was quiet and she kept looking at the wound on her hand. [I It doesn't look deep so I probably won't need stitches.] She sat down on the bed in sick bay and looked at Sanji. "How do you usually drink your coffee?"


"That's alright, I won't push. But you don't need to be afraid to let your ears show while you're with us. We want you to be comfortable here." Chopper watched Nyremme shift and stared in awe until she took off. He followed after her and noticed she was going to the sick bay. [I Judging by how quickly she reacted, it's probably Shei.] Once there he noticed Sanji was there as well. "What happened?"
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 3d 20h 51m 2s
Sanji chuckled softly. "No, just however you like it. I know people take their coffee differently so I just brought all of the ingredients people like in their coffee that I'm aware of." He smiled before helping her up and opening the door for her. "Let's go get that patched up."


Nyremme nodded with a small sigh. "Yeah, something happened in my past... but I'd rather not talk about it." When Chopper mentioned someone was bleeding Nyremme went into her hybrid form and sniffed and could smell Shei's blood. "Oh no..." She instantly stood up and followed the scent down to the sick bay.
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 3d 21h 9m 55s
"It's just a little cut," Shei replied, "I'll be okay." She looked away from him and at her fans, not wanting to make eye contact street last night. "Is there a specific way I should be enjoying coffee?" She finally looked at the tray he had been carrying and saw there various additives. [I Apparently there is.] With a sigh she turned to Sanji, "Fine, lead the way."


"Did something happen in your past that makes it difficult for you to relax?" Chopper cocked his head to the side when Nyremme changed positions. [I She seems very flexible and sure of what poses best suit her form.] A moment later his nose started to twitch as he picked up a new scent. "Someone is bleeding."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 4d 9h 59m 33s
Nyremme changed her position and then nodded slightly. "In nerve wracking situations my senses tend to want to be on full alert so my body wants my ears out. But I don't... So it's a nervous habit to feel my head to check for the bumps before my ears sprout."


Sanji heard the dammit and opened the door immediately. "Miss is everything alright?" He saw the small cut on her hand and frowned. "Oh dear... you won't be able to enjoy my coffee with a hurt hand." He took a look at her hand then into her eyes. "How about we go get this bandaged then I can have you enjoy some coffee?" He suggested with a charming smile.
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 4d 19h 25m 43s
"Is that why you constantly keep touching your head? Do you have trouble controlling your ears," Chopper asked.


Shei heard the knock and jumped a little. The action caused the blade on her open fan to hit her hands, effectively cutting it. "Dammit!" After her outburst she quickly covered her mouth with her uninjured hand. [I This is just great!] With a huff she looked at the door, "It's open."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 4d 19h 31m 2s
Nyremme paused for a moment and listened as Chopper spoke. She knew about Robin and Luffy but she hadn't known anything about Chopper, but it also explained how he could talk. She nodded before slowly letting her ears grow. "I ate the bun-bun fruit. So I can turn into a rabbit and my senses are enhanced."


Sanji wanted to see how the women slept the night before since they didn't have beds so he woke up early and made coffee and set up a tray with cream, sugar and whatever else the crew likes to put in their coffee. He headed down to the aquarium lounge and gently knocked on the door. "Are you ladies up?"
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 4d 19h 37m 9s
"There are a few devil fruit eaters on this ship. You witnessed Luffy's abilities last night at dinner. He ate the gum gum fruit so he is essentially a rubber man. Then there is Robin, she ate the flower flower fruit. She can replicate any part of her body on any surface." Chopper watched Nyremme for a bit longer before he continued. "Finally there is me. I ate the human human fruit."


While Shei continue to lay on the floor, she reached for her fans and started looking them over. [I It's been a while since they've been used. I'll need to sharpen them soon.]
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 4d 19h 41m 28s
Chopper closed the door behind him before he approached her slowly noticing the slight fear and worry in her eyes.

Nyremme had turned her head but continued to stretch.

When Chopper sat down in front of her he smiled. "I'd like to learn how you stretch and also... I apologize if this is sudden but, you have devil fruit abilities do you not?"

Nyremme's eyes widened as she sat up and the look on her face said it all. She scratched the back of her head and nodded. "Y-Yes... I dont like broadcasting it... I apologize for not saying anything sooner."

Chopper shook his head. "Everyone has their reasons. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't smelling something wrong."

Nyremme tilted her head slightly. "You can smell devil fruits?"

"Not necessarily the fruit but people who've eaten devil fruits all have a feint similiar smell to them, and you had that feint scent."
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 4d 19h 57m 13s
Shei some up as Nyremme was leaving and rather than get up, she just laid there. While lost in thought about the previous day's events her gaze went towards the aquarium. "Must be nice having a room like this on their ship. The atmosphere is relaxing." She turned over onto her stomach and sighed. [I I wonder how far away that island is. Father is probably worried about us.]
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 4d 20h 9m 56s

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