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"You might want to rethink that," Shei chuckled. She pulled him closer and let the rhythm take over. "Try and keep up?" She was twisting and turning with the beat. Not once did the smile ever leave her face.


Zoro frowned when Luffy splashed Nyremme and quickly splashed him back. "Let her adjust first." He glanced at her to see how she was doing, only for Luffy to splash him. "Luffy!"

Luffy laughed and attempted to float away. "Can't catch me!"
  Embrea / 188d 11h 43m 55s
Nyremme looked at Zoro and nodded. “I know... thank you.” She smiled sweetly before holding the floatie and jumped in.

Luffy looked over and grinned. “Remy is in!” He floated over to her as quick as he could and splashed her.


Sanji chuckled and nodded. “Anything for you.” He took her hand and kissed it softly.
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 188d 16h 26m 55s
While Nyremme was preparing herself for the water, Shei approached Zoro. "Stay with her," she whispered to him. Then she patted his shoulder, "Have fun." When she heard Franky finally turn on the music she smiled. [I This has a good beat.]

"I won't let anything happen," Zoro replied as he followed Nyremme to the water. "Take your time."

Shei whirled around and held her hand out to Sanji, "Dance with me?"
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 188d 16h 32m 28s
Sanji chuckled softly. “Ah so you caught me staring. I had forgotten. But I’ll go wherever you want to go love.” He leaned over and kissed her shoulder softly before letting her go so she could talk to Nyremme.

Nyremme was slightly hesitant but nodded. “Yeah.” She looked at the water and walked over and put her toes in. She felt a chill go through her body not because of the temperature but the slight fear. She shook her head before letting out a breath. [i He won’t let anything happen...] She took a few steps back and took off her cover up before grabbing the float. “Well... shall we test if this thing will hold?”
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 189d 2h 19m 26s
Shei nearly jumped when she felt arms around her but relaxed when she realized they were Sanji's. "You think? Earlier you were staring," she giggled. Out of habit she leaned against him a little and placed her hands over his. "So, are we going to get in the water or stay on the beach?"

Zoro looked at Nyremme and nodded. "You don't have to use it. Just thought it would be useful."

Shei looked at Zoro, "That's very thoughtful of you." She noticed the hibiscus flower at the bottom of the float. [I And he doesn't even know it's her favorite.] When she turned to Nyremme, she smiled, "Want to to test it out and see if it's as great as they say? Besides, I would hate for that new suit to go to waste if you're just going to cover it up."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 189d 5h 22m 47s
Nyremme heard her name being called and turned to see Usopp with a large float or. “Oh my...” When she looked it over she smiled and nodded. “Thank you.”

Once Luffy and Chopper had their floaties on they rushed to the water with Franky and Usopp.

Robin decided to stay on the beach and read.

Sanji walked over to Shei and hugged her from behind. “You look beautiful.”
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 189d 16h 38m 56s
"Ready." Truth be told, Shei wasn't ready for another party. Not after last night's disaster. However she wasn't about to let all the decorations go to waste either because she knew how important it was to everyone else. Before leaving she stopped and looked at her shoes before shrugging, [I Oh well.]

Upon walking out on deck she heard Sanji yelling at Luffy. "But waiting isn't any fun."

Zoro had been sent to work Usopp to get a few extra supplies for the party so he was only retuning when everyone gathered on the beach. He looked at the setup and have a brief nod. "Looks good." When he looked at Nyremme, there was a small smile on his face.

"Remy! We got you something so you can be out on the water too." Usopp handed her a rather large bag with something foam and blue inside. "With how it's designed you won't have to worry about getting wet." He cupped his hands around his mouth and whispered, "Zoro picked it out for you."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 190d 7h 23m 42s
"I have a cover up but thank you." Nyremme walked over to her chest and grabbed a white lace dress and threw it on over her bikini. "Ready Shei?"


Sanji had finished bringing out the rest of the food and had changed into a more beach appropriate suit. "Luffy you have to wait... Nami has your floaties..."
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 190d 9h 44m 27s
She pouted but held her hand up in defeat, "Alright alright. It's not like I drank a lot." When she brought up the smoking, her brow creased. "Don't go there." To prevent any argument she picked up the two bags. "I assume Nami told you what bag is which. I'm curious on what's in them."

"Are you almost ready in here," Nami asked as she barged in. When she saw Shei holding up the two bags she huffed. "Yours is the blue one," she told her. "Now hurry up! Everyone is waiting. You can look at what's in the bags later." She looked at Nyremme, "Do you want something to cover up with until you're ready to flaunt your new bikini?"
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 191d 7h 16m 47s
Nyremme sighed when she heard the swig of the bottle once again. She walked over to Shei and took the bottle out of her hands. "Enough of that... I already let you smoke without giving you flack... I'm not going to stand around and let you get drunk before a get together and watch you drink during it too..." The concern showed in Nyremme's eyes before she brought the bottle back over to the bar and put it away.
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 191d 8h 47m 18s
"That's a little concerning," Shei admitted. She was on the middle of putting on her swimsuit cover when she looked at the bags again. "So who's is who's?" While are waited for an answer she grabbed the sale bottle again. [I I probably shouldn't keep drinking,] she thought as she looked at the bottle. With a shrug she lifted the bottle to her lips and took a big gulp.
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 191d 8h 52m 52s
Nyremme was looking through her bag to find the polkadot bikini when Shei asked the question about the disguised party. She chose to whistle as an answer before she heard Shei mention the other bags in the room. "Well, Nami mentioned that she and Robin picked out some outfits for us when they went shopping."
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 191d 8h 56m 7s
Shei tried to think back to the last time she was able to relax. The last time she didn't have to worry about work or about the Vice Admiral being disappointed in her. But nothing came to mind. No memories. Had she really been so indebted to him that she never relaxed?

[I Stop it! Stop thinking about him! So thinking about that life! That isn't you anymore!] She followed Nyremme below deck to the lounge. "So," she took a seat on one of the stools and reached over the bar for a bottle of sake. "We're having another party then? A birthday party disguised as a beach getaway?"

As she waited for Nyremme's response she poured both of the a small glass of sake. "And what's with the bags on the table?" After shooting her drink she stood up and grabbed the bag with her bikini in it. Before changing she took a drink directly from the bother then changed. "That's not from anything we bought."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 191d 9h 1m 50s
"I know." Nyremme smiled before hugging Shei. "You need a little getaway some time to sit back and relax. What better way then on a beach. Besides, we did just get those swimsuits. Come on. Let's go change while they finish up." She grinned.

Sanji chuckled softly. "You have to remember love... you're now part of the most stubborn crew on the seas..." He winked before heading back up to the kitchen. "I'll grab the rest of the food."
  Nyremme Aros / PotatoPirate / 192d 5h 31m 11s
Shei hadn't even really looked around until she heard Nyremme mention the beach getaway. When she finally let it all sink in she hung her head. "I don't even have the emotional energy to argue about this. They'll do what they want anyway." She set the fruit salad next to the punch before turning to Nyremme. "Be careful if you go near the water."
  Shei Nonin / Embrea / 192d 5h 33m 17s

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