I miss you Estella (headoverfeet)

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I do not know why but today I just started to randomly think of her.

We used to date on here, her and I. Our relationship was on and off but that was okay...I loved her and she loved me.

But after our last falling out I decided that it would be best if we stayed just friends.

It worked out for a little while but then we got in a huge argument and that was the last thing we ever said to eachother.

She soon passed away due to health issues and I wasn't informed about this until like a year or two later. It killed me inside and I learned to live with it.

It's been about 6 years since I was told about her death and just today I just started to think of her...Think of our little fun talks on the phone, our late night chat sessions...Our cute little PMs we would send eachother...And now my heart aches and it's not stopping.

I go on her profile every once in a blue moon and just feel sad she isn't there to be online anymore.

I miss her greatly, and wish her the best in the afterlife...She told me she was going back to Spain from Dumas, Texas to be with her family after her father passed away.

If she is still in Dumas I am visiting my mom there next month and will buy a set boquets for her grave. I wish our last interactions with eachother weren't bitter. I want to tell her how much I am sorry, how much she means to me...But it's too late now...

If anyone here knows headoverfeet then you all know how energetic and awesome of a lady she was.

I just wish I can go back and fix her heart...And not break it. T_T

I love you Estella, and will forever always mi amor. You will always have a special place in my heart.

Consider this your memorial from me.

I'll see you soon. <3

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