Its a fox's world!(1x1 needs male fox)

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I will make a plot as we go I cdont have anything in mind at the moment.

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"Oh If only I could do my magic...Ofcourse my foster parents said not too..."She said as she rubbed the back of her head."Don't worry aboutit.Their boring humans!As long as we have each others back this school should be easy."She smiled.
  Kinmina / ivirginitytheif / 9y 12d 3h 29m 47s
Jerico hugged her back and shrugged "I dont know..But i can hear your guys every word!" he yelled over at them with a snarl. He then looked back at her and smirked "I might be able to handle it..Only if i show them im not no little weakling that will break easy by teasing" he said and crossed his arms.
  Jerico / RukiaXIchi / 9y 12d 3h 35m 51s
She gasped."Jerico!"She said as she jumped up and hugged him."Can you belive we have to do this?"She said as she looked at him her bushy blue tail waving as she paced back and fourth."I mean what do need of the human world anyways!"
  Kinmina / ivirginitytheif / 9y 12d 3h 38m 19s
Jerico sighed,and walked outside walking to the school. "I cant live with this forever" he muttered and came up to the building,then looked over seeing his friend Kinmina. "You too?" he asked walking up to her,with his tail low,and nerviously. He then looked over seeing a few preps looking at them wierdly and laughing. Jericos ears flattened on his head forcing himself to ignore them.
  Jerico / RukiaXIchi / 9y 12d 3h 43m 48s
"Oooh but why!!"She said as she was dropped off infront of a weird building."This is human school!"She said making a pouty face as she went and sat down on a nearby bench.Her robe fluttered along the breeze as she sat there thinking."How long will I survive this?"She said shaking and holding her head.
  Kinmina / ivirginitytheif / 9y 12d 3h 47m 31s

Jerico felt the light shine on his face,which made his ear flatten and pull the covers over his head. His mom then came in and shook him saying Jerico,Come on get up,You dont want to miss your first day of highschool do you?. he then opened his eyes quickly,and pulled the covors off of him "What? Highschool? As in people not like me?" he asked sitting up. Yeah,Dont worry. You will be fine,If anyone bothers you just walk away she said witting at the edge of his bed. "Bu...Fine..." he said with his ears still flattened. He then stood up and got dressed. Once he did. Jerico looked at his tail seeing it all tangled. "I hate when this happens" he muttered,taking his brush and brushed the tangles out,making the fur smooth and soft.
  Jerico / RukiaXIchi / 9y 13d 4h 2m 5s

  Kinmina / ivirginitytheif / 9y 13d 4h 8m 59s
-Hmm....I might have an idea..Maybe Kinmina,and Jerico are friends,and they have real people as parents but are adopted,and they go to real school new as the only Nekos?

It just came to mind and seemed pretty interesting-
  Jerico / RukiaXIchi / 9y 13d 4h 14m 44s

  Kinmina / ivirginitytheif / 9y 13d 4h 16m 33s
-I havent really rped about foxes yet..Sooo this is my first time. XD i dont know a plot what so ever..Sorry-
  Jerico / RukiaXIchi / 9y 13d 4h 19m 46s

  Kinmina / ivirginitytheif / 9y 13d 4h 22m 9s
-Six lines is fine. I just dont like rping with someone who just says five words and posts it. :3. So about the plot...Anything in mind? I have nothing..
  Jerico / RukiaXIchi / 9y 13d 4h 26m 15s

  Kinmina / ivirginitytheif / 9y 13d 4h 29m 11s
Join? but before i join,How is your literacy?
  Jerico / RukiaXIchi / 9y 13d 4h 33m 26s
  Kinmina / ivirginitytheif / 9y 13d 4h 36m 17s

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