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[font "times new roman" The female was slightly surprised when he agreed to it. She hadn't expected him to agree so quickly. In a way it made her happy as well. It wasn't like she was asking for too much. She just wanted some time alone. Dig deeper into the male's mind, and see what's really bothering him. She sighed lightly when he lifted her off his lap, and was slightly confused. Most men wouldn't have wanted her to move. It was like he was trying to avoid her all of a sudden. She bit the inside of her cheek, and listened as he went about the kitchen.]

[font "times new roman" She let out a small huff of breath, wishing he wasn't being so fickle right now. Even though he had pretty much told her his feelings, it was like he didn't even want to be around her now. What was up with that? She felt like she shouldn't have to worry about that, but she was. Had she done something wrong? Or was she just being too pushy about the whole thing? She didn't want Katsu being in charge of anything. In all honesty, she wanted the boys to just be done with their whole mess. It really ticked her off that Jung was apart of it.]

[font "times new roman" She could understand the need for being top dog, but was it really worth it? Treating other people like they were dirt? What if it had been her in the cross hairs? Would he have blinked twice, or treated her the same way? She shook her head lightly, trying to clear her mind from those types of thoughts. She hadn't realized she had been wrapped up in her thoughts for so long. Jung was calling out that dinner was ready. She bit her lip lightly, as she pushed herself to her feet and made her way into the kitchen. She wrapped her arms around herself, as she walked into the kitchen. The smell filling the air was amazing.]

[font "times new roman" She moved over to the table, and pulled a chair out and sat down. [#D7ACAC "It smells amazing Jung.."] she said lightly. She wanted to tell him that she didn't want to even do the little get away now. She just didn't know how too. Not if he was going to get his so called goons to keep up his dirty work. She was fighting a small war inside of her head. She kept her arms wrapped around herself, as she waited for him to finish putting the food out. She made a mental note to clean up after they were done eating. She just had to figure out how to speak her mind, without upsetting him, and that's something she didn't know how to do, at least at the moment she didn't.]

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[font "times new roman" If there was one thing that pissed Katsu off more than anything, was people assuming that Sakiya was his girlfriend. He would make sure to tell the other male that she wasn't. He didn't want people knowing that he was gay. The only person who really knew was the woman of their group. Katsu had confided in her, and knew that she would take his secret to the grave. He sighed lightly, as he made his way home, and unlocked the apartment. His phone was going off, asking where he had gotten to, and where Jung and Sakiya were. Hell he didn't know, and he was going to make that bloody clear.]

[font "times new roman" [#E59866 [i I don't know where our fearless leader went. All I know is Sakyia was distressed, and he followed her. I'm at home now if any of you wanna come over, and we can figure everything out. If I were you, I wouldn't bother Jung at all. Leave him be, and let him and Sakiya figure everything out.]] He read the message and then sent it. He couldn't help but wonder about Hyun though. Was he okay? Would he ever be okay again? He honestly didn't know what to do right now. He wanted nothing more than to apologize and make things right, but knew he wouldn't be able too.]

[font "times new roman" Even though Jung was his best friend, the next time he saw him, he was going to tell the other he's leaving the group. It's taking it's toll on him, and making him feel like a total monster. That's not what he wanted people to think of him as. If Jung and them wanted too, then so be it. He was done. He was out, and he just had to figure out how to stand up to his best friend. He let out a small sigh, as he made his way to his room. He found some clean boxers, and carried them into the bathroom. He shut the door, started the shower water, let it heat up, before stepping inside, trying to forget the day he's had.]
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[center Jung sat there looking at the ceiling and then at another bottle of wine. He sighed when did he become such a monster? When did he start causing trouble and why? He was lost in thought when Sakiya came in. He only broke free from his zombie like state when the woman he was in love with straddled him her hands on his chest.

HE Was going to ask her what she was doing but waited since she began to talk. Jung’s face turned bright red as she suggested they go off to her familys cabin to get away from everyone. He stayed silent for a moment before setting his hands on her thighs kissing her cheek. [#FF1493 “Yes that sounds wonderful. I will tell Katsu that he will be in charge and he can do what he sees fit for our group and the school. We can stay gone as long as you would like, work on what we have my beautiful flower.”] he spoke softly looking deep int her eyes.

Jung leaned forward with her in his arms grabbing the bottle of wine from the table. [#FF1493 but since it is already this late lets finish a couple bottles we will turn off our phones we will talk and drink. In the morning we will leave for the week and work with what we have going. I Want to make you happy I want to be with you an I will do anything to prove that to you.”] he softly kissed Her as he finished speaking. Jung touched her face before setting her on the couch.

The male then walked to the kitchen opening the fridge to fresh meats and vegetables. He stayed quiet as he had pulled out some meats and veggies and began to cook a meal for the two before setting the table for two. Jung then pulled out two wine glasses putting them on the table. [#FF1493 I made duck with some jasmine rice and veggies. Come please enjoy this beautiful meal with me.”] he spoke softly.


Hyun signed and looked at the wall as much as he could before chuckling. Just like always the males always had a girlfriend. [#40E0D0 Ahh I see your girlfriend… Sorry about that yeah.”] he coughed and whinced in pain laying his head on the floor. He then looked back at Katsu who said he couldn’t just boss him around.

[#40E0D0 I get it okay don’t want your girlfriends getting jealous now…”] he froze and his eyes widened when he spoke about his parents and how they would be disappointed in him. It was true his parents would be disappointed but Hyun didn’t appreciate someone talking about his parents. [#40E0D0 Like you how you don’t like people touching you I don’t like how you are talking about my parents. I know that I would be a disappoint ment, but if you were in the same boat as me then you would see why I judged… Sorry I was quick to judge you.. but you…”] he just stopped there so he wouldn’t add fuel to the fire

He watched as Katsu stormed out of the bathroom. The male got up and hobbled to the disabled bathroom and sat on the toilet falling asleep for a few hours. Once he woke up he noticed that his shirt was filled with blood. He howled in pain before standing up. Hyun walked to his apartment going through his cabinets finding gauze to put in his mouth to stop the bleeding he hurt his nose broke teeth missing he wasn’t going back to the school he couldn’t have this happen to him all the time. ]
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[font "tempus sans itc" The female was surprised when he had put the lollipop into her mouth, but at the same time she liked it. She hadn't had a treat like that in a while. She pulled the lollipop out of her mouth, and rested her arms across her knees. This place was perfect. It was beautiful, and breathtaking at the same time. She would't mind staying here for awhile. The only bad part was they got cellphone service. If she was going to get away, she would make sure no one could get a hold of her, period.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She heard the male come up behind her, and she looked up at him. The candy still between her fingers, and with her free hand she took the glass of wine from him. She shook her head a bit at the thought of her and Katsu being together. She bit back a small laugh at the thought. [#C4788E [i 'If only you knew Jung, you wouldn't be so worried about that']] she thought to herself. She listened as he spoke about talking to everyone about this whole thing, and her heart sunk. Their time alone was almost up.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She watched as he turned and went back into the cabin, and she was left alone once more. She sighed a bit and looked into the glass of wine. She lifted it to her lips, and downed the whole glass. She then put the glass in the grass beside her. She then looked out at the land before her, and then pulled her phone out. She looked at the picture again, and deleted it. She was pissed, she was hurt, and most of all she felt like she shouldn't even be here right now.]

[font "tempus sans itc" The new guy didn't deserve this at all. She took a breath, and pushed herself to her feet. She grabbed the glass and carried it into the cabin with her. She shut the door behind her, and spotted the male on the couch. She placed the glass down on the table, and walked over to him. She took the glass from his fingers, placed it on the table beside him, and climbed onto his lap. She straddled him, and placed her hands on his chest. Her heart was hammering inside of her own, and she felt like she was going to lose her nerve.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She locked her eyes on his before speaking. [#C4788E "I think after tonight, you and I need to leave. Don't worry about classes for the week. Go where no one can reach us at all. If you mean what you say, then you'd do this with me. Vanish from the other's. Let Katsu take over for a little bit, and work on whatever this is you and I have"] she said lightly. She meant it too, she wanted nothing more than to be alone with him, without the other's.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She bit her lip lightly as she kept her eyes on his. [#C4788E "My parents have a cabin a couple of hours away from here. No cell service, nothing. Nothing but silence, and I feel like it's something we both need"] she said lightly. She kept her hands on his chest, and let her words hang in the air. She wanted nothing more than to kiss him again, but she wasn't going too. She wanted to hear what he thought about the idea.]

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[font "tempus sans itc" Katsu looked the male up and down, and he shook his head lightly. He was glad Jae was finally gone, and he couldn't help but wonder how Sakiya was taking all of this. He wished Jae wasn't such an asshole sometimes. He wasn't even sitting when Hyan said to let him borrow his lap. He cocked his head to the side and shook his head. [#d56626 "Sorry, but I'm not gonna let someone lay on me. The only person who does that is Sakiya, and that's it"] he said as he moved slightly out of reach.]

[font "tempus sans itc" There was so much about him that the other's didn't know. This stranger though was trying to touch him and he wasn't going to have it. He stood fully and looked down at the male. [#d56626 "Just because you are tired, doesn't mean you can boss me around. Like I said, no one really touches me without my permission"] he said sternly. He wasn't about to back down from that either. He didn't want people looking at him differently, but he wasn't like Jae and the other's. He cared too much, and that's what fucked him up.]

[font "tempus sans itc" As the other mentioned trying to live like him, Katsu laughed bitterly and shook his head. [#d56626 "Just because I'm hanging around the other's, doesn't mean shit. You are just like everyone else. Instead of getting to know a person, you judge them by how other's act. If your parents were still alive, then they would really be disappointed in you right now. You say I should live like you, that I'm just like the other's in my group, well that's where you are wrong. I'm not like them, period. I never will be either"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#d56626 "My parents raised me to be better than that, I don't partake in the beats, I do things my own way. The other's do things their own way, and I sure as hell am not privileged like you think. I shouldn't have fucking helped you anyway. Sorry for trying to be a good person"] he snapped. He threw the wet towels into the garbage can, and then moved towards the bathroom door. He stopped long enough to turn around and look at the male leaning against the wall. He felt slightly guilty, but he shouldn't.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#d56626 "Next time instead of judging someone by their friends, take a step back, and get to know that person. If you wanna think of me like I'm some kind of asshole, then fine by me. Go ahead and spread rumor's about me, because everyone in this school won't even pay attention to you. Everyone knows me, and they know that I'm different than you claim to be. You are on your own now"] he hissed. He then ripped the door open, and it slammed against the wall, he grabbed his bag and stalked out.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He pulled his phone out of his pocket, and then put it right back. He was done with all of this bullshit. Jung wasn't around, so he couldn't really talk to him, and his best friend wasn't around either. He sighed lightly as he went back into the club room. He dropped his bag onto the floor, plopped down into the couch, and propped his feet up. He wasn't about to deal with any of this anymore. He sighed lightly, and turned his phone off, so no one could contact him period. He leaned his head back, closed his eyes and fell asleep.]
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[center [font "Letter" Jung looked back at Sakiya unwrapping another lollipop before putting it into his mouth. [#FF1493 “No reason you should be sorry, you never did anything wrong Sakiya. It was that bastard and if you didn’t run off I would have beat him to death for everything he said to you. I may seem like im a player and I sleep with many girls and maybe even look as if I disrespect them. But I would never Ever disrespect a woman like that. He deserves what he has coming to him more than anyone. I will revisit him.”] he spoke before seeing the woman stand in front of him he wanted to embrace her.

He stood in shock as she began to tell him about he being pregnant with that bastards child and it made his blood boil. Not because she had been pregnant but the male had made her get rid of the child. He continue to let her talk and stood there in shock once she had kissed him and pulled back. Jung wanted more he wanted to kiss her more to feel her soft lips upon his once again. As he leaned in to kiss her they both got a text message of how badly Soo-Hyun was beat.

That’s when he started to get a Lecture from Sakiya right after she had spilled out her heart. He took the lollipop from his mouth and pushed it into her mouth to quiet her for a moment. [#FF1493 “I never expected Jae to be this rough with him I never said to beat him that badly. We have never gone this far before so why did he go this far.”] he spoke.

Jung looked down at his phone and began to text his face with a frown on it. [#FF1493 “Look Jae, What the Fuck do you think you are doing, yes I said beat the kid but why are you beating him that bad. Look if it had bugged Katsu that bad he would have taken things in his own hands. I understand your doing it for your friends but this time you went a little to far even for my own tastes. Let alone sending this to Sakiya you know how she feels about this kind of stuff. Meet us in the clubroom tonight I think we all need to have a talk. Bring the kid too unless he needs to go to the hospital.”] he pressed send before turning back to the woman before him.

IT was to late she had already gone outside. Jung sighed before pouring two small glasses of red wine walking out to her. [#FF1493 “Hey, Im sorry after all you went through today and Jae had to send that picture. I never asked him to beat him that bad I just wanted to teach the guy a lesson. I will apologize to him in person. But that Akeno person he wont get mercy. This whole time I thought you and Katsu were a thing. I have been in love with you since the moment I laid eyes on you but I just couldn’t help but to think that you and him were a thing so I took it out on everyone else.”]

He handed her a glass of wine drinking his slowly [#FF1493 “Looks like I completely ruined my chance to with this last thing. Either way ill protect you if you ever need me for anything I am here for you okay. And if someone ever trys to make you abort your child again ill kill them.”] he leaned in and Kissed her softly before walking inside sitting on the couch.


Hyun felt arms around him helping him into the bathroom he didn’t want to deal with this anymore he was in pain and beat enough. He heard Katsu yelling at Jae who had beat him so bad and it made him smirk a little as he was set onto the floor. He watched the sight and it made him feel a little better.

[#40E0D0 “Its fine it really is it was my fault I called you gay I guess my insecurities about myself being gay came out in frustration and I took it out on you.”] he looked over at Jae. [#40E0D0 “What if one of your friends really came out to you would your act like this? Were you frustrated because the guy you look up too might have been interested in Men? Don’t worry about it bud I was just trying to get back at all of you one at a time… he was the easiest and I was in a foul mood due to that red headed ass hole.”] he coughed and sighed.

He flinched as Katsu got near him with a towel but calmed down as he helped clean him up. [#40E0D0 “You don’t need to do anything ill be find I just need a little rest and I should be fine. Ill be at it again tomorrow and the next day and the Next I just need a little rest. Before I become a dog again.”] he chuckled before making a few barking noises. [#40E0D0 “I Really am sorry about trying to spread rumors if my mother and father were still alive I would be beaten by them too and they show no mercy, they raised a proper child even if we were poor. I try my damned hardest. I have two jobs and I work and I barley make it by. I really thought coming to this school would give me a better life a better chance at life but it looks like I wont make it at this rate.”]

Hyun tried to get up off his feet. [#40E0D0 “You guys should really try and live your life like someone a little less privlaged than you and see how much you struggle.”] he put his head back against the wall before looking at Katsu. [#40E0D0 “Actrually let me barrow your lap im tired that’s how you can help me.”] he didn’t even wait for the male to reply he had just set his head in his lap dozing off his body still in pain.]]
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[font "tempus sans itc" The female was trying so hard not to let Akeno's words get to her. Her vision was blurry, and she hadn't heard Jung catch up with her. She thought it was Akeno grabbing her, and she nearly hit Jung in the face. She stopped herself when she realized who it was. As he pulled her to his chest, the waterworks started right up. She hadn't been treated like that before, and she didn't know how to react to it. She was like a small child again. This was the first time she really felt weak.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She didn't say anything as Jung took her to his car. She was trying to keep herself from breaking down fully, but was slowly losing that battle. When she was tucked into his car, was when she saw Akeno. Seeing the way he looked, made her feel slightly better. Jung had done a toll on him. Akeno spotted her, and his eyes narrowed. [b "You will pay for this you bitch! I'm glad you lost that damn baby!"] he yelled out. That's when Sakiya's heart broke into a thousand pieces. How could he say that? In front of a couple of students too.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She was glad that Jung was already driving, and she was getting taken away from the asshole. She should have transferred the moment she broke up with Akeno. That had been her first mistake. She bit her lip, as she looked down at her hands. The tears came freely now, and she felt like a total mess. She didn't look the best either. She reached up and brushed the tears from her eyes. Akeno had embarrassed her to the point, she left. Now he had to yell out her biggest secret too.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Before she knew it though, the car was coming to a stop, and Jung was at her door. He helped her out, and she looked up at the cabin. The sight took her breath away. As he spoke about how this was his getaway, she felt her heart swell with some pride. She must be someone really special then, if he hadn't even brought his own family here. She watched as he went to unlock the cabin, and she reached back into the car for her book bag. She carried it inside, and shut the door behind her.]

[font "tempus sans itc" The sight before her was amazing, and it took her breath away. She then looked towards the male slowly, and a small pink tint came to her cheeks. [#C4788E "I'm sorry you had to hear all of that.."] she breathed out. She was sorry too. She felt like she had the be the strong one, and yet here she was, looking like a total nightmare. Yet Jung didn't think so. Maybe she had made a mistake with Akeno. She knew that now. She slid her feet out of her shoes, and put them aside.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She then put her book bag down, and she walked up to Jung. She stepped around in front of him, and she looked up at him. Her eyes were slightly red from the tears, but she felt like he had a right to know. [#C4788E "Before we left, Akeno came outside.. I don't know if you heard what he yelled, but I feel like you have a right to know.. Jung, I was pregnant last year.. Akeno made me get rid of the baby.. That was the hardest choice I ever had to make"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#C4788E "I've been kicking myself since then, and I honestly don't know what to do with myself. I should have left the campus when I broke things off with Akeno after that, but I couldn't.. I couldn't leave Katsu, and most of all I couldn't leave you.."] she said lightly. She didn't know where this was all coming from. Yet she was pretty much laying her heart out on the table. There was a male right in front of her, someone she had liked for the last two years, and never told a soul about.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#C4788E "Jung.. I.. I'm so sorry I never told you.. Katsu doesn't even know that I was pregnant.. I would have been a mother, and in a way I'm glad I got rid of the baby.. I wouldn't be at the campus, and I sure as hell wouldn't be here in this beautiful place with you"] she breathed out. She reached up, took his chin in her hands, and tilted his head down towards her slowly. She closed the gap and her lips found his. She kissed him gently, before pulling back. She was blushing a bit more now.]

[font "tempus sans itc" That's when her phone went off, and she sighed a bit. She slid her phone out, and opened the message. Seeing the picture, and the caption made her blood boil. She looked up at Jung anger in her eyes. [#C4788E "You need to call your damn dogs off Jung! I know he fucked up, but really? Beating him to the point he's bleeding?! That's not right!"] she snapped. She couldn't believe just a moment ago she was laying her heart out. Now getting this text message, was slowly changing her mind about the male in front of her.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#C4788E "If you don't knock this beating the shit out of people off, you will be losing me.."] she breathed out. She then deleted the message, and put her phone away. She then slipped back out of the cabin, and went to sit in the middle of the yard. Today was a really shit day for her, and she was done with it all.]

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[font "tempus sans itc" Katsu knew the male wasn't happy about what was happening. He was so used to being called a liar, it didn't bother him in the least. He had no choice but to go along with what Jung, Jae, and the other's wanted. Even if he wanted nothing more than to make them stop. He sighed lightly watching as Soo-Hyun ended up leaving. The male rolled his eyes a bit, and made himself comfortable. He pulled his phone out, and saw that he had a voicemail. He would listen to it later. He replied back to Sakiya though.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#d56626 [i I hope everything's okay Blossom. I'll see you later tonight. Make sure to stay out of trouble. If you run into Jung, tell him you and I aren't an item. For some odd reason he thinks we are.]] He hit send, and watched as the professor came into the room, and started talking about the pointless matters. He was trying not to let what Hyun said get to him. Maybe he should come out to the guys about him being gay. Then things might be a little bit better, but he was torn about it.]

[font "tempus sans itc" That's when the door flew open, and a student came running in talking about the new guy getting his ass beat. Katsu flew out of his seat, and nearly knocked the student off his feet. That's when he saw Hyun on the ground, bleeding even more. His eyes moved to Jae, and he narrowed them. [#d56626 "You took it too fucking far! You know damn well it wasn't your fucking turn"] he hissed. He didn't care if the other's were looking at him or not. He walked over and helped the male to his feet.]

[font "tempus sans itc" His phone buzzed, and he had a feeling who it was from. [#d56626 "You took it too far Jae, since when do we beat the living shit out of people huh? I'm bloody serious, you could be thrown out for what you did. Honestly I hope you do, Hyun didn't do anything to deserve getting the living shit beat out of him!"] he yelled. He was kind of glad Sakiya wasn't here right now. She would be throwing a huge bitch fit about it. He then gathered the male up, and took him to the male's bathroom.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He helped the male onto the floor, and Jae stormed into the room. [b "What? You were just going to let him go around calling you gay? He made one of the girls fucking cry cause of it! Are you really going to stand by and let that shit happened?"] the other hissed. Katsu looked towards him, and the look in his eyes made Jae stop talking. [#d56626 "At least I'm not going around beating the shit out of him. What would Sakiya think? Huh? All of us boys are wrapped around her fucking finger"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#d56626 "Do you really think she would be proud of you? Or do you think she would be beating the shit out of you? You'd have to take it, cause you can't beat a fucking girl. Think about that for a little bit"] he snapped. He grabbed some paper towels, and got them wet. He then bent down and started cleaning the other male up. Jae just stood there looking at Katsu. In a way Katsu was right. The four were wrapped around the woman's finger, but Jae didn't say anything. He just stormed out of the room.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Katsu shook his head lightly, and started tending to the male's wounds. He felt horrible. He really did. In a way, he was wishing he wasn't apart of this group anymore. He didn't want to be stooping to this kind of shit. He sighed a bit, as he looked at the male before him. [#d56626 "What can I do to help?"] he asked. He didn't fully know what was coming over him, but whatever it was, he hoped that he wouldn't get the same treatment like Soo-Hyun got just now. If he did, he would make the other's pay, no matter what.]
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[center [font “Letter” Jung watched and listened as the man before him began to irritate him he just clicked his tongue quietly he was going to stand up and begin to speak about how she had a boyfriend better than him which was his best friend but he got a text. He looked down and it was Katsu.

[I A pesky little sister huh?] he thought to himself before resuming his attention to the visual before him he pulled out a lollipop unwrapping it before putting it in his mouth he sat up and moved his canvas out of the way he was now pissed at the male saying he was going to tell everyone that she was his girl. No if anything Sakiya would be Jung’s and only his he wasn’t going to let some piece of shit treat her this way.

He watched her fall and look at him tears filling her eyes as she said his name. He froze and looked at the male in angry kicking him right in the gut sending him over his table. [#FF1493 “If I ever see you touch or go near her again I will fucking Kill you! Sakiya is My Delicate blooming snow Flower and I will not have someone soil her beauty! Even if she doesn’t choose me, she will never choose a pig like you!”] The male yelled as he began to hit him in the face knocking out a few teeth before getting distracted from Sakiya running out of the room.

The male planted a few more punched knocking the male out and running out the doors after the woman but it was to late she had already gone into the ladies room so he waited outside like a little lost puppy. His knuckles bleed and throbbed in pain as he calmed down little by little he wanted to go back in there but it was of no use the male was knocked un conscious and Sakiya was out of that situation. He went to text Katsu but sakiya had come out of the bathroom.

Before Jung could even say anything she slipped past him and ran. Jung blinked and stood there dumbfounded before turning and running after the woman catching up to her pretty quickly he pulled her into his chest. Without saying a word he grabbed her hand walking to his car while with his free hand he called Katsu leaving a message on his phone. [#FF1493 “Hey Katsu, Something came up I need you to figure out a way to excuse my absents. Ill be back later I have to go give some love to a Beautiful snow Flower of mine that I haven’t been giving much attention to lately and forgot to care for her this morning.”] he then hung up escorting Sakiya into the passenger side of his car and getting into the drivers side starting up his car.

He didn’t speak until he arrived at his destination. He drove up a mountain to a family owned piece of property a small home sat on the side looking down into a nice forestry pasture. Jung opened the passenger side looking down at Sakiya. [#FF1493 “This is my secret hide out I come here when I am stressed or want to be alone. I have never brought the guys or any one else here not even my sister has been here. Look I know you don’t really want to look at me right now but I wanted to bring you here, come ill show you into the house there is an extra room if you want you can lock yourself in there and just look out at the beautiful scenery. Either way I will be making some tea.”] he spoke taking her hand before showing her the way in.

The house was simply decorated it wasn’t to extravagant but it was done enough to know the person had some money but it was simple. There were no Tvs in the living room just a fireplace couch a patio with a table and chairs to watch the sunsets. There were Tvs in the rooms in case they really needed technology.


Soo-Hyun stood there in shock as the male had wiped away the blood and his cheeks flushed before turning his head. The male before him wasn’t like the others but he also wasn’t that different from them since he had to wait before everyone had left to wipe the blood from his face instead of stopping his friend from hitting him.

The male looked away when he was told he was allowed to go to his class but if any of them texted him he had to drop what he was doing and go running like a dog. The male huffed and bowed his head he didn’t want to cause any more problems than he had already did. He gripped his left wrist before gazing into the males eyes only to be drawn back into anger.

[#40E0D0 “Not going to be like your Bastard Friends huh. Yeah I see that. I haven’t seen someone spit so much shit out of their mouth till now. Of course, your Highness let me take all your damn books to your class.”] he hissed as he watched the male take out all his box and set them down. Soo-Hyun picked up the books and gritted his teeth before following the male out of their room.

Soo- Hyun couldn’t help but chuckle as the woman was pushed aside and then she snapped at him. Soo-Hyun grinned before looking at the woman who had rolled her eyes at him. [#40E0D0 “Oh honey Bun, don’t get upset you’re the one who turned him gay. Why do you think I am following him around? Someone has left her legs open just a little to much and scared the straight away. Besides Much, much much… So Much more tighter that your flabby kitty is sweet heart you should go get yourself checked.”] Soo-Hyun whispered before following Katsu.

If they were going to make his life a living hell he was going to take them all down one by one, starting with Katsu the Liar. The male dropped Katsu’s books on the desk before speaking. [#40E0D0 “There you go your Highness, Ill be waiting like a dog waiting for his master.”] He turned walking to the door before turning around loudly speaking for his whole class to hear. [#40E0D0 “Next time master needs to tighten these ropes they arnt rubbing hard enough against my body, it isn’t exciting enough.”] he spoke flipping off the male and left.

As soon as the male had left Katsus class he had let out a soft sigh he didn’t want to act like he did but his group of friends had started it. He tried to rush to his class and explain the situation but it was already to late he had been 20 minutes late on the first day so he was dropped. Soo-Hyun walked out of his class fully pissed off when he heard the woman crying her eyes out speaking to someone repeating what he had told her.

When he turned to see who it was his heart sunk the male was Jae and he looked beyond pissed and he was coming his way. Hyun began to run towards Katsu’s class to try and tell him to tell Jae to back off but it was to late the male had caught him by his collar and yanked him to the floor. Soo-Hyun tried to fight back and even speak but he was socked in the mouth each time he had spoke.

[#40E0D0 “Fucking Dick for Brains LISTEN TO ME! It was a fucking JOKE!.”] he was socked in the gut causing him to curl in pain. Jae stood up looking down at him.

[b Get the fuck up pussy and fucking Fight like a man, Even though you like taking it up the ass like a woman!”] he hissed. Hyun dizzy and defeated got up putting his hands into fists trying to strick got hit two more times before getting in a lucky shot hitting Jae in the jaw.

Soo- Hyun’s eyes widend and stood back knowing that he had just did the wrong thing and hit Jae. One of the students from Katsu’s class came back from the bathroom disrupting the class telling them that the new kid was getting his ass handed to him by Jae. Of course the Professor ignored it and packed his bag knowing that none of his students would be left in there they would all go watch the fight and all the Professors were to turn their heads if the four did anything wrong.

Soo-Hyun was knocked on his ass his face now bloodied. [#40E0D0 “Gotta keep me conscious I got to pick up Katsu’s books once his class is over….”] he spoke before being hit once more. Jae had finished as everyone cheered and clapped. He stood aside before looking down at the male taking a picture and sending it to the group. [b “I think I embarrassed him Enough on my end someone else can Beat this Fagots ass he tried to spread false Rumors about Katsu, saying that he was his boyfriend and that he no longer liked girls made a girl cry. Once we all meet again ill have her come in and repeat word for word. But for now I don’t think he will be talking shit any time soon.”] he pressed send sending it to the boys and Sakiya.

Soo-Hyun laid there and coughed his nose and mouth bled his nose was broken back teeth were knocked out. He was defeated before even starting these guys were not ones to fuck with Jae was their big guard dog. Hyun was lucky he didn’t break his arm or legs maybe a rib or two but least he could walk. If he was lucky Katsu didn’t hear about what had happened but he was sure that he has and he would receive another beating.

Maybe he just wouldn’t come back tomorrow what was the point he was already kicked out of one of his classes because he was their pet dog. What if the other got control of him he would get dropped from the others as well. Soo-Hyun pushed himself up off the ground the crowed was now gone since Jae had left. He had pulled himself up before leaning on the wall dizzily he had to leave this place he couldn’t stay here. Not if all of them knew then he would have three more beatings like that.]]
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[left [pic]]

[font "tempus sans itc" The female heard the door open, and then close. She was too involved in what was being talked about. She didn't realize that Jung had come in behind her. [i "Seeing as there's going to be a huge project coming up, I want to pair all of you off together. You will spend the week together learning about one another. I want you all to come up with five things you didn't know, and you must sketch that person as well"] the professor stopped. Sakiya's heart skipped a beat. This was something she'd been waiting for all year.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She leaned forward resting her elbows on the desk. [i "When I start calling your names, please move seats and sit next to your new partner. Sakiya you will be paired with Akeno for this project"] the professor said. The woman's heart dropped into her stomach. Was this really happening right now? She hated the male, and had dumped him at the start of the year. She had found out he was sleeping around. She sighed lightly as she leaned back, and crossed her arms. She wasn't too happy about this. Not at all.]

[font "tempus sans itc" When the class came to a close, everyone gathered up their things, and Sakiya cleaned up her own stuff. That's when a shadow crossed over her desk. She looked up at the male, and her heart dropped once more. [#C4788E "I forgot you were in this class.. When did you wanna meet up?"] she asked. The male cocked his head and leaned down close enough that she could smell the mints on his breath. [b "I'm so glad to be working with you again Cherry."] he breathed. She narrowed her eyes, trying to keep her temper in check.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#C4788E "I told you never to call me that again. I'm no longer your girlfriend"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "Doesn't matter if we broke up. I still tell everyone you are my girl. Because you will always be my girl, no matter what"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#C4788E "I will never be your girl again Akeno. We are only doing this because we have no other choice. Now when do you want to meet up?"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "Ya know, I already have ideas of what I wanna draw. Either you laying naked in my bed, or in those black lace panties and bra I bought you"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#C4788E "You are a fucking pig!"] she nearly yelled out. She was upset that they were the only two left in the class room. She gathered up her things, and shoved everything into her bag. She was too worked up, that when the male tried to grab her, she tripped over the legs of her desk. She fell backwards, and landed right on her ass. That's when she saw Jung sitting right there. Her cheeks flared red seeing him.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#C4788E "Jung.."] she breathed out. That's when the tears hit. They fell from her eyes, she had made a huge fool of herself. She was too worked up to really think. She didn't say anything more, as she scrambled to her feet. She ran out the side door, and straight to the women's bathroom. She slammed the door behind her, and locked herself in a stall. She was more worried about everything that had happened. She was in pain, but she was more embarrassed about tripping in front of Jung. Akeno didn't help matters either.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She pulled out her phone and quickly sent Katsu a text message. [#C4788E [i I left school early... I'm sorry...]] was all she said. She stayed in the bathroom for another five minutes before she finally calmed down. She walked out of the stall, went to the sink and washed her face. She would have a nasty bruise on her back end. She then slipped out of the bathroom, and she stopped dead in her tracks. Jung was standing right there, and she lowered her eyes to the ground. [#C4788E "Excuse me"] she said lightly as she slipped past him.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She wasn't in the mood to even be seen by him. The way she had fallen, and reacted to Akeno was enough to make her want to start crying again. Which she ended up doing. She broke out into a run, and ran straight for the front doors. Once she was outside, she didn't stop running. The tears were blinding her, but she was trying to forget what just happened.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]]

[font "tempus sans itc" Katsu looked at Jung and he shook his head a bit. What the male said about them being together made his blood boil. He didn't like her that way. As Jung talked about treating the new guy like a servant made Katsu seem slightly uncomfortable. Even though he was the first one to have the male. Jae had no right to hit the kid either. He hurried and sent Jung a message. [#d56626 [i Sakiya and I aren't together. I don't think of her like that. She's just a really good friend of mine. I promise you that.]]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#d56626 [i If I wanted her, I would have made a move on her a long ass time ago. She's all your's man. She's like the pesky little sister I never had.]] He hit send, and then looked towards Soo-Hyun. He sighed lightly as he moved towards the back wall and found some paper towels. He got them wet, and went back over to the male. He wiped the blood away, and looked to make sure he wasn't hurt anywhere else. Just touching this male made his heart skip a beat. Maybe he should tell the other's.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#d56626 "You are welcome to go to your classes. I'm sure we will have a class together. I don't have anything for you at the moment. Just make sure if you do get messages from any of us, then you better find a way to get out of class and come running. I promise I'm not gonna treat you like shit."] he said lightly. He meant it too. He wasn't about to scare this male away. In reality he wanted nothing more than to make Jung and the other's stop what they were doing to him.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Sometimes he hated their so called games, but other times he went along with them. This was one of those times. He took a step back before realizing he was still standing close. [#d56626 "On the other hand, carry my books for me to class"] he said as he wadded up the paper towel, and threw it in the trash. He walked over and picked up his bag, and pulled out every single one of his books. He then zipped the bag back up, and hung it on the hanger in the room.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He waited until the male had his books in his hands, before walking out of the room. [b "Katsu, there you are darling. Where are you going? Not skipping out on classes are you?"] a female cooed towards him. He shook his head, and felt his phone go off. He read the text from Blossom, and wondered what that was all about. He would ask her about it later. The female was throwing herself at him, and he shoved her aside. He didn't mean to do it so hard, but she stumbled backwards.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "What the fuck was that for?"] she snapped. The male looked at her, and crossed his arms over his chest. [#d56626 "You are being a blood pest, and I'm not in the mood to deal with you. I have classes to attend"] he said. He left it at that too. He wasn't about to let her talk to him again. He looked over his shoulder making sure Soo-Hyun was still behind him. He then made his way to his first class. It was History. The one class he really enjoyed. He walked over to his desk and sat down.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#d56626 "Go ahead and go. I'll message you when I'm done"] he said. He then turned away from the male. He wanted to just grab him, and kiss him. He didn't know what was coming over him, but he had a feeling pretty soon he wasn't going to be able to hide his secret much longer. He sighed lightly, and leaned back into his chair, waiting for the class to be over and done with.]
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[center [font “Letter” Jung Watched As Sakiya had leaned up against Katsu it made him bite the inside of his cheek he really thought these two were together he had lost yet again. It should have been obvious for so many reasons they were always together he always was the one to pick her up he keeps her at his side. She was officially his.
As the male was lost in his thoughts Sakiya had got up and grabbed her bag before telling them to get her when the game was done. [#FF1493 “Oh you don’t want to know the outcome for this man right here? Don’t wanna Watch all the fun unravel?”] he grinned brushing his red hair back.

Once the female was out of sight he looked back at Katsu. [#FF1493 “As My best friend I thought you would tell me when you started to date some one. Don’t deny it I can see all the signs. You always are at eachothers sides. Your driving her always. But anyways. The Problem at hand.”] He leaned back his attention going towards Soo-Hyun.

[#FF1493 “Your totally Right Katsu, he deserves what ever we throw at him. Everything we throw at him. We have never gone easy on any one before we are the F4 the Famous and Rich and this guy is….. Whats the word.”] he thought adjusting himself in his seat. [#FF1493 “Yeah this guy would never win in a game of cards against us so lets take both of your ideas. We will humiliate him in front of everyone at lunch. We shall also make him use his money to buy us all a commoners lunch and then he will follow us around and be our little dog. He will do anything we tell him too.”] Jung looked at the time and Clicked his tongue as the Male talked [#FF1493 “Katsu you take our little dog first. I have class. And he wants to talk about daddys bills when he cant even afford to help Daddy pay for school or any of his house utilities. You and your daddy are of no use in this society boy. Boys have fun with him but let Katsu have his turn with him. “] He spoke before leaving the club room walking down the hall.

He looked through the classroom door windows noticing Sakiya in her class. He quietly entered the classroom as the females began to see him they went to speak but he put his finger to his lips and shut them all up before sitting behind the easel behind Sakiya. She was beautiful and he didn’t care at this point if Katsu and her were together. He wanted her he has never found someone in his entire life he wanted more than this girl before him. Of course he couldn’t just take her from his best friend he would just have to sit and hope that they split up.

Instead of going to his class he sat there and doodled on the canvas in front of him. Being rich his family made him do a lot of things like drawing painting playing the violin. He wasn’t the best but he was an okay artist. He continued to draw Sakiya.


Soo-Hyun had enough he was tired of them playing but once he heard Jung talk about him and his father were useless. The male balled his fists before dropping his bag he rushed after Jung but was stopped by one of the other males. [b “Oh Did Jung already get under your skin. He Didn’t mean none of it come on now calm down.”] Hyun gripped the males shirt rage still filled his eyes.

[#40E0D0 “You want me to calm down? What if that bastard talked down on your father or any of your family? What would you do? Take it and just laugh? No I don’t think you would specially when your family is dead. All of you are ungreatful pricks. Ill Do what im told but when I go home I don’t need you following me once my classes are done im done being you Dog for the Day got it?”] he huffed his hand still in a ball as he looked at the Katsu.

He imidatley calmed down and let out another sigh only before feeling a fist come in contact with his left cheek knocking him to the ground. Jae had lost his cool and sent the male to the floor. [b “You should really be careful on how you talk to us you commoner. You will do as we say when EVER we tell you to fucking do something you understand. Oh And here you will need this collar you better come barking when we call you and your tail better be wagging.”] he said tossing him a cellphone before leaving for his class.

Hyun rubbed his cheek before spitting blood on the ground. [#40E0D0 “What have I gotten myself into….”] he spoke before standing up and once again looking at Katsu feeling completely defeated for now. [#40E0D0 “So… Im your shadow you fucking servant what do you Want from me I have class. I have a Russian begginers class am I Allowed to go or am I going to have to follow you around you Majasty.”] he said mockingly. He found this man attractive but now judged him thinking he was going to be just like his friends. All of them were Daddys boys and got wat ever they wanted. Besides he had over heard Jung saying that him and the woman were a couple. Of course they were all attractive men had a beautiful woman by their side.]]
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[left [pic]]

[font "tempus sans itc" The female didn't feel that comfortable with the other's around. Katsu and Jung were the only two men she would ever allow really close to her. She knew the way Jung looked at her, and in a way she felt bad. She wanted nothing more than to give in, and let her feelings take over, but she didn't know how too. In a way she was scared. One of the main reasons she even moved out here, Katsu didn't know. That's something she vowed she wouldn't ever tell. Jung on the other hand though, she might end up telling.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She bit the inside of her cheek as he mentioned about it only being a game. She rolled her eyes lightly, as she leaned against Katsu's side. The poor male was in for a joy ride that's for sure. When the female's came in and brought In Soo-Hyun with them, she cocked her head to the side, and crossed her arms over her chest. She didn't like where this was going. She felt Katsu stiffen beside her, and she couldn't help but wonder what that was about. She made a mental note to ask him later about it.]

[font "tempus sans itc" As Jung shooed the other's away she couldn't help but feel slightly prideful. She was surprised that she was the only female he ever let know what was going on. As the male spoke, she couldn't help but watch him. He wasn't that bad to look at, and apart of her wondered what it would be like to be touched by him. Nothing too far, but just to feel his fingers brushing against her cheek, or his fingers laced with her's. Those thoughts were something that crossed her mind on the daily.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She shook her head lightly and pushed herself up and she moved passed the men in the room. She looked towards Jung and crossed her arms over her chest. [#C4788E "When you boys are done playing your games, come and find me"] she said. She stole one last look at the male, before she grabbed her bag, slung it over her shoulder and walked out of the room. That's when she bumped into her best friend Aika. The woman was grinning from ear to ear, and bouncing on the balls of her feet, about ready to burst.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "Sakiya, there you are! I've been looking all over for you, and I'm surprised you haven't answered any of your text messages!"] she nearly yelled. The dark haired female shook her head lightly and plastered on a small smile. [#C4788E "Sorry, was with Katsu and the boys"] she said with a sheepish smile. [b "Oh? You are spending a lot of time with them lately. Are you making on move yet on Jung? I've see the way he looks at you"] she said, hooking her arm with Sakiya's, and leading her down the hall.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#C4788E "Honestly, I don't know what to do about him.. I want to make a move, but he's more involved with the fan club of females."]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "Sakiya Xiang! Did it ever cross your mind, that the only attention he wants is yours?! The boy is swooning over you, and it's like you aren't giving him the time of day! You are always attached at Katsu's hip, he could think you two are an item"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#C4788E "Katsu and I are like siblings. I know something that Jung-So doesn't know. If I told you, I know you would blab it out, and the whole school would know"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "I'm not talking about that. But really think about it. I know the male has eyes for only you. Come and find me after classes. Love you!"] the woman said, kissing her cheek lightly. Sakiya just shook her head lightly, and Aika's words swam around in her head. Did Jung-So really want her attention so badly? She wrapped her arms around her stomach thinking about it the whole way to her Art class. Maybe she should give the male her attention, and see where it leads.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She was just worried about her past coming back and biting her in the ass. That's something she didn't want. She sighed lightly as she walked into her first class of the day, took her seat, and pulled out her sketch pad and pencils. She then settled down into her seat, and let the professor's words drone on.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]]

[font "tempus sans itc" The look on Jung's face when the two had walked in made his heart skip a beat. Did his best friend really think he was with the woman? He didn't even lean that way at all. He was full blown homosexual, but no one beside Sakiya knew that. He knew that some day soon he was going to have to tell the other's, he just didn't want them treating him differently. As Jung-So started talking about what happened, he sighed a bit and let the woman lean against him. [#d56626 "Honestly, he deserves what's going to happen"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#d56626 "He should have watched where he was going, and then maybe he wouldn't be getting called out. Hell, I hope to God you don't go easy on him. Doesn't matter what Blossom say's."] he said. He knew that was going to piss the woman off, but she didn't seem to be listening. She was distracted. He looked up when In Soo-Hyun was brought in, and the girls were shooed away. The male listened, and he looked towards the male and licked his lips lightly. He had to admit, the new student wasn't bad looking either.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Apart of him was feeling slightly guilty about what was happening. He couldn't let it be shown though. He stiffened a bit, and then Sakiya was on her feet, her bag in hand. She stopped long enough to talk to Jung, and then she was gone. He wondered what she was thinking about, but he wouldn't pressure her into telling him either. He then waited for Jung to say what the stakes were. [#d56626 "What kind of idea are we talking about here? Should we insult him in front of everyone? Or should we just wait and see what happens?"] he asked.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He then pushed himself up, and moved over into the small circle. [b "We could always do that, or make him do our dirty deeds through out the day, or make him use up all of his money to get you whatever you want Jung"] the other male chimed in. Katsu shook his head lightly, as he crossed his arms over his chest, and waited for some other ideas. None of them sounded pretty good, so he might as well let Jung-So take the lead like normal.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He was starting to feel slightly guilty though. He made a mental note to find In Soo-Hyun later, and make sure the male was okay, and then he'd pretend not to even have talked to him. That's what happens. Even when he's trying to play off the fact that he was attracted to the new student already. He sighed a bit, leaned against the pool table and looked around the room. [#d56626 "Anyone else have any better ideas?"] he asked, letting the words hang in the air between them.]
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[center [font “Letter” Jung-So went to the pool table playing by himself as he waited for his friends to arrive when he got a text. The Male looked down at his phone and blushed, [#FF1493 “Katsu is Picking up Sakiya…”] He stood there in frustration. The male had always been very found of the woman obeying what she said even if he did tease her a bit.

Jung-So hit the que ball and missed making him fluster even more. It wasn’t fair everyone always fond of Katsu well everyone he had liked. Sayuki, kakyai.. of course they had all been rejected by Katsu and they just never came to Jung-So he didn’t want to be second choice. He wouldn’t say anything because Him and Katsu had been friends since they were young children he was and always will be his brother.

He had bit his thumb before requesting the butler to bring him a red and gold card with a golden joker skull and crossbones to him. [#FF1493 “No one is here at the moment ill go put this in the males locker I can easily find.. No you can go put it there.”] he spoke handing the card to the butler.

[b “Right away young master.”] he spoke. Everyone in the school knew the red cards always ment something a way of either physically Embarrassing someone or mentally. Some Where physical cards and others were game cards this was a game card.

As Jung-So had sat down two of the members of their group came in. [b “ Glad you guys are here now we are Just Waiting on Our Katsu.”] he chuckled and joked with the guys his smiled going down seeing Katsu with his arm around her shoulder. [#FF1493 “Took you two long enough, Sakiya you don’t wear a lot of make-up yet you take forever to get ready. “] He tried to joke with her not knowing if she would take it harshly or not.

Silence was broken when Katsu started to speak. [#FF1493 “Well the guy came out of the crowed kinda ran into me fell to the floor made Si dump her soda on him which in turn got it on my shoes. Ruining them. And don’t worry we wont be to mean just a card game.”] He smirked Jaes eyes got wide and shook his head.
[b “And what are your terms on this card game of yours Jung? Normally your stakes are pretty High are they not?”] Jae one of the four members asked putting his hand to his side.

[#FF1493 “Lets see if the boy wins he gets what ever he wants if he looses he gets expelled from the school as simple as that. Now that isn’t that bad its not being to mean right Sakiya? I mean he isn’t normal like us he is a Scholarship kid shouldn’t even be here he has n class.”] as soon as he spoke two girls brought in In Soo-Hyun into the club room giggling.

[b We brought you your gift he found his card.”] The girls were than shooed away.


Soo-Hyun sighed as soda was poured on him and completely ignored what the woman had said since he was thinking to himself. [I Great, My first day and I have soda on me, luckily I am always prepared and have another sweatshirt.] by the time he went to look up the two were already gone as well as the laughing crowed. It was quiet and Soo-Hyun liked it best this way.

He stood up taking off his sweatshirt and went to his first class. As he left his class he stopped at his locker setting somethings in there before noticing a red card with a golden joker skull. [#40E0D0 “What in the world is this thing?”] he asked himself reaching up to grab it a few people behind him gasping as they began to laugh.

[b “Good job new guy looks like your already being challenged my them.”] one guy spoke and Soo-Hyun just stood there confused. [I Challenged, For what? Who are these.. oh maybe the guy and girl from earlier.] he thought to himself feeling grips on both of his arms. [b Come with us we will guide you in the right direction.”] the girls spoke in unison the only reason they were doing this is because they wanted a look at all four men hoping there were no others in there with them maybe they would let the girls stay.

Hyun followed and sighed his first day and now hes challenged he didn’t have the time he had other things he needed to do and had no time to spare wasting it on some rich kids fun. Once in the room he was greeted by staring in the room and there he was Jung-So had stood up and laughed shooing the girls away. He looked among the others one in particular caught his eyes and of course he was sitting next to a woman always the most attractive ones were always next to a woman.

Hyun had brushed himself off and sighed. [#40E0D0 “Look I really do not know what I did to make you so upset with me if its because your shoes look it wasn’t me if it was because I ran into you that was due to these fan girls of yours. I have stuff to do I have class and work. Something you don’t even know how to do since daddy pays the bills so explain this to me and ill be on my way.”] He huffed and Jungs face became red in frustration as well as embarrassment.]]
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[left [pic]]

[font "tempus sans itc" The alarm buzzing made the male frown. He was already awake, and has been for the last hour in a half. He had gotten showered, and all of his homework finished. He tended to put it off till the last minute, and this morning he had forgotten to turn off the alarm. He walked over to the bedside table and shut it off. He stretched his arms over his head, and groaned lightly at the small popping in his shoulders. He knew the other's would be at the campus already, but he had told Sakiya he would pick her up.]

[font "tempus sans itc" There was something about the woman that calmed him. He didn't have romantic feelings towards her, she was like a little sister to him. The way she was so innocent, and caring made his heart melt. The two had bonded so well, that he made the other's in his small group promise not to taunt her, otherwise they would have him to deal with. He shook his head lightly, when his phone buzzed. He read the message and smirked a bit. [#d56626 [i I'm heading there now, just have to pick up Blossom real quick.]]]

[font "tempus sans itc" The fact that her name stood for Cherry Blossom, the nick name kind of stuck. He was the only one who could ever call her that, and if he wasn't, she would snap in a heart beat. He grabbed his book bag, and headed out the door. He then scrolled to her name, and hit [i New Message]. [#d56626 [i Good morning Blossom. I'm heading over to your place right now, please make sure you are ready this time. I don't wanna be late.]] he hit send, and then made his way towards her apartment.]

[font "tempus sans itc" As he walked, he couldn't help but wonder what the new guy done this time. He wasn't about to hold it off any longer though, he wanted to get to campus and soon. He rounded the corner and spotted the female's building. He then made his way towards the front doors. He nodded his head when he was let in, and went up to her floor. He was outside her door, and he knocked. He then shoved his hands into his pockets and waited for the woman to answer. Not even a second later, the door flew open.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#C4788E "Katsu! Sorry, I'm almost ready. Go ahead and make yourself comfortable"] the female chirped. The male shook his head lightly, and walked into the apartment and shut the door behind him. [#d56626 "How much longer are you gonna be? The new guy's there, and Jung isn't too happy"] he said. The female rolled her eyes lightly and looked over her shoulder. [#C4788E "Give me five minutes. Jung can wait"] she said hurrying into her room. The male laughed lightly and sat down on the couch. Sakiya ran into her room, and found her bag.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She then finished applying the small amount of make up she wore, and then slid her feet into her shoes. She hated when Katsu was on time, sometimes a girl wasn't fully ready. As soon as she had everything, she grabbed her light blue shoulder bag, and was finally ready to go. She then made her way back out to the living room, and Katsu stood. [#d56626 "You look amazing Blossom"] he said lightly, and meant it. A small blush tinted her cheeks as she slipped out of the apartment. The male stepped out behind her.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She locked the door behind him, and then the two were on their way. Katsu messaged the other's back real quick. [#d56626 [i Heading to campus now. Will be there in less than ten minutes.]] the message read. He then slid his phone into his pocket and fell into step with Sakiya. The two were silent for a moment, before the dark haired female spoke. [#C4788E "What happened to make Jung so mad?"] she asked breaking the silence. Katsu shook his head lightly, a small smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#d56626 "As far as I know, his shoes are ruined"] he said with a small laugh. Sakiya looked towards him and rolled her eyes again. She didn't understand how their minds worked, but she wasn't going to mention anything else. As the campus came into view the two quickened their pace. Katsu made sure to keep his arm around the woman's shoulders as they walked into the Club. The other's were there as well. The two walked in, and he let the woman go. Sakiya moved over to the couch, and she dropped her bag onto the floor.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She made herself comfortable, and crossed her legs. She looked around at the four men in the room, and shook her head lightly. Katsu on the other hand moved towards his friends. [#d56626 "So what really happened?"] he asked. He let the question hang in the air between them. Sakiya crossed her arms over her chest, and spoke softly. [#C4788E "You aren't going to be assholes are you? He's new to campus, so make sure to play nice"] she said lightly. She was like the mother of the group, and she hated it when they all got out of hand.]

[right [pic]]
  lυѕт / HoneyBee- / 1y 27d 22h 33m 16s
[center [font "Letter" It was About 530 in the Morning when In Soo-Hyun woke up rubbing his eyes wanting to just go back to bed but he couldn’t today would be his first day in the University. The Dark-haired male sighed as he reluctantly got up greeted by his all white long-haired Cat Nano. Soo-Hyun smiled and gave a couple scratches to the cats’ ears before finally standing up.

It was quiet in his small studio Apartment it wasn’t to lonely since Soo-Hyun had Nano, but it was missing the presents of others. Soo-Hyun had lost his parents just a few years ago and well the Uncle he was living with kicked him out after a year because his new family was moving in with him and he didn’t want them to get the wrong ideas about him. His Uncle wasn’t too bad he didn’t just say live on the streets he got his apartment for him and paid the first four rents so he could find a job and pay.

The 18 year old walked over to the small handmade shrine he made for his parents putting an offering of an apple. [#00CED1 "Well Ma, Pa Im off to my first day. Ill be home late watch over the house and Nano.”] He spoke before leaving the small home. There were many things he still wanted to say to his parents like that he wasn’t what they wanted him to be. He was Gay and would never have Biological children, That he was now a Mechanical Engineer Major. Many more things that he wished he could tell them. He believed that they would be proud of him because he was the first ever transfer student into the University he was Attending.

In Soo-Hyun rode his bike to the campus he would have to ride his bike from class to class because the campus was so big. He locked his bike up then entered a building where the men and women were surrounding a few people fawning over them. [b Jung-So, Jung Si You two are so perfect how are you two brother and sister!”]

[b Marry me Jung-Si Marry Me! How can you like any one but me im your biggest fan!”] Another student called out. Soo-Hyun pushed passed them looking at the group the school seemed crazy about.
[#00CED1 “Who are they? Whats the big deal about these people?”] he asked and one of the girls chuckled and snarled at him.

[b “You don’t know them those are the siblings Jung-Si and Jung-So. Their father owns the Hakate Corporation. The biggest Medical corporation around. “] The girl went back to googly eyes and Soo-Hyun went to turn aroundbut was pushed into the middle with the group of friends running into Jung-So.

[#FF1493 Hey Watch it, Who do you thing you are?] Jung-So hissed yet again looking down at the male on the floor before his sister had spilled her soda on top of him soaking his shirt in a dark purple color.

[#8B0000 what kind of person walks in here thinking that they can get away with things like this look at my shoes oh and my brothers shoes. Do you k ow how much these shoes cost me and let alone his shoes as well. Some one like you can never hope to pay for something like these.] she laughed and patted her brother on his shoulder who only chuckled both not even letting him have a chance to speak himself. Jung-so sighed lately things were all the same the four of them in the club room.

He wanted more excitement in his life and the new guy gave him a great idea to get everyone a break from the same old same. He took out his phone chewing on his gum with a big smile texting the group. [I Hey guys I have a fun game to play for the new kid who ruined Mine And Si’s Shoes. Lets Give him the card.] he press send and waited in the Club room made only for the group of four of course any girls or guys that they brought up there.

  In Soo-Hyun ~Real~ / BelialPrinceLust / 1y 28d 12h 38m 50s

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