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[Varela+Round [size13 [b Shouji] recently found out that his boyfriend of two years has been cheating on him. With a female, no less. Their relationship was built on lies. It sent [b Shouji] into a spiraling depression. He spends his days drinking, eventually fired from his dead-end job. Lost and broken, he believes suicide may save him.

[b Muse B] is a wealthy and cold man. He's currently going through a rocky divorce with his wife. Mostly fighting between who gets what. This makes him bitter and angry. He frequents a bar almost every night. Drinking and smoking his troubles away.

[b Shouji] and [b Muse B] get into a drunken conversation and sleep together after agreeing that relationships suck. [b Shouji] becomes obsessed with [b Muse B]. [b Muse B] only finds [b Shouji] as a worthy distraction. There's no love between them.. but they seem to both find comfort in each other. One-sided love. One man who finds pleasure in the other's blindness to accept the truth. The only thing they have in common is: to forget.

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[Varela+Round [size12 Shouji shivered when he felt Theo's fingers run through his hair as he began to lather it. His cheeks became flushed. He enjoyed having his head touched and massaged when some else washed it for him. It relaxed him greatly. He closed his eyes for a moment to enjoy it better, keeping his face turned upwards towards the water as it rained down on his face. He scrubbed his face clean, rubbing his eyes a bit. Maybe this be a good time for them to get to know each other some more. They only knew a few things, moreso of their name and that both of them have been through some bad break-ups. He felt bad for Theo. He seemed like a nice and caring guy. Who'd want to throw him to the side? If only they met years before. Oh well. He's not mentally prepared for another relationship. He shook the thought away. No, this isn't supposed to mean something. They both need to focus on work and nothing else. Love is dead to him.

He seemed deep in thought until he sniffed up water by accident and coughed a bit, choking on it. Now his nose burned. [#ff8d00 "Damnit.."] he muttered to himself. Shouji washed his body some more, then turned around to wash Theo's body for him. Returning the favor of washing his hair. He gave a small smile. [#ff8d00 "We should really focus on getting those suits for for me today,"] he said. [#ff8d00 "I'm okay.. I won't do that anymore."]

He needed to get his car as well. He prayed his Ex didn't do anything to it. Iva knew the bar he frequented a lot. He huffed to himself. [#ff8d00 "I do want to get to know you better though. Nothing personal, of course. Like hobbies, do you have any siblings?"]
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Theo glanced back at the other male who just sighed loudly. He seemed up in his thoughts and something probably was bothering him. He'd already pried enough into Shouji's life. No need to press further, especially since this wasn't really anything, just a distraction. He climbed into behind Shouji, luckily the shower was large enough and the shower head was overhead, so neither of them had to deal with being left in the cold.

His eyes traveled over the others as the water washed over them both. The other began to hum into singing, it sounded nice, was a peaceful sound. "[#325e8b Sure.]" Theo grabbed his shampoo, squeezing out just a bit, lathering it between his hands before running his soapy fingers into the golden locks. Silky, soft, he liked the look of blonde hair. Theo always found lighter hair colors to be more attractive and Shouji's was beautiful to him.

Theo was slow and gently rubbed the others scalp, lathering the soap through his hair.
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[Varela+Round [size12 Yeah, a shower felt nice. He wanted to relax more. He felt completely better after eating something. [i I'm definitely not drinking for a few weeks...] He needed to be serious about, hopefully. When he began to get depressed or suicidal, he always turned to drinking to forget the pain and sadness. He blames Ivan for making him feel this way. Only one of them had to endure the painful loss. [i That bastard did it on purpose, knowing how fragile I am..] He clenched his hands into fists, gritting his teeth. He wanted to be happy and move on, but Ivan's smug smile kept taunting him for some reason.

Sighing loudly, he followed Theo to the bathroom and started the shower before stepped inside. He let the water rain down on his head, scrubbing his scalp. He needed to wash his hair most likely, get all the liquor and sweaty smell out of it. He hummed a tune to himself, one of those people who liked to sing in the shower. He actually began to sing, not too loudly though. Being in choir in junior high paid off well.

[#ff8d00 "Whatever shampoo you use, can you lather up my hair for me?~ Unless your body wash works as one too."] He turned his back to him and scrubbed his own arms.
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Theo closed his eyes feeling Shouji's hand run through his hair. He'd hummed in thought, trying to remember, Theo was unsure how he could forget something like that. It was either bad enough his mind is choosing to forget or he drank himself so much he omits most of the other day. He felt mild concern. But, if he can't remember, maybe there isn't much to be worried about?

"[#325e8b I certainly didn't leave that.]" Theo had opened his eyes once more, looking down at the other as they moved the bandage out of the way. The skin had been broken, irritated, red, and was certain to leave some sort of lasting scar. How would anyone do this during any kind of sex? It seemed kind of vicious. "[#325e8b Looks painful. Probably will leave a scar.]" he responded once Shou ask'ed how it looked. It seemed to roll off his back like it was nothing to be concerned of. Why wasn't he more worried what caused such a bite?

Maybe that was a telling sign he shouldn't be concerned? Theo nodded, to Shou's request to shower together. His standing shower should fit them both comfortably. he wordlessly climbed from the bed, not worrying about covering himself, and made his way into the bathroom.
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[Varela+Round [size12 Maybe this is better than being in a relationship and getting his hopes up. All the fun without being tied down to anything. He stared at the ceiling for quite a while after their heated session that seemed endless. He fell sleep every now and then before waking up again. He rubbed his eyes and yawned, stretching out his legs. There was no after pain this time. His body is slowly getting used to it. He forgot what he wanted to do. He looked at the time, seeing it was still late and dark outside. Since he's been sleeping for the last day, he doesn't feel too tired but wide awake. Maybe he should watch T.V. or take another shower. Then again, he could continue to lay here.

Once early morning came, he heard Theo beside him. He most likely did not want to move because being held in his arms felt nice. Shouji wiggled his feet, then turned to face him with a smile, then frowned when the patch on his neck was touched. He blinked. [#ff8d00 "Oh, I forgot about it.."] He tried to think long and hard. All he remembers is getting drunk until he passed out after being dropped off at home by Theo.

[#ff8d00 "Hmmm..."] he hummed to himself and ran his fingers through Theo's hair. [#ff8d00 "Sorry, I really don't remember.. you sure you didn't give this to me?"] He took the patch off. [#ff8d00 "How does it look?"] he asked. It'll probably scar. He won't lie, he loved his flawless skin. Oh well. He sat up in bed, stretching out his arms. [#ff8d00 "Want to shower together?"] He wasn't try to dodge the question, but every time he tried to think back, this uneasy feeling came over him. His thoughts went back to his ex. He pushed them away. No, they have nothing to do with each other, why would he randomly bite him? Ridiculous.
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Theo felt a smile touch his lips as the younger male had a deep pink hue creep over his face, mouth full of food, which he quickly swallowed to thank Theo in a tone he was familiar with. Was the other aroused to see him this way? He only smiled a little more, "[#325e8b Of course.]" he spoke, watching the other in amusement. "[#325e8b That's fine. I'm sure no one has messed with it, but I can help get you there and get your car.]" he responded as Shou cleaned up his mess. It seemed he was going to fight the clear urge and get his car.

Only, as Shou walked by the wet older male, he spoke out with a '[i fuck it]'. Theo quietly chuckled as he felt the Shou's arms wrap around him. He was certainly a different. Theo turned in the others arms as he started to tug on him. Theo placed a kiss on Shou's lips as he allowed the other to lead him back into the bedroom, no need for words.


Theo laid bare with his arm wrapped around Shou. He'd just showered but felt as if he'd need another one already after their evening events. He laid their wordlessly, thinking, Theo wanted to know what happened that caused Shou's behavior the other evening. What caused that bite mark, it looked pretty painful. He also didn't quite understand why he was caring as much as he was.

Shou was a good distraction. His problems seemed easier and better to focus on that Theo's own. He'd rather not think of his pending divorce more than he had to. "[#325e8b Did you,]" he finally spoke, it was a bit quieter, unsure if he wanted to ask, "[#325e8b Did you ever remember what happened?]" as he asked he brushed his fingers over the still bandaged wound on Shou's neck.
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[Varela+Round [size12 Panic made him feel uneasy. Be bad if he left his keys at the bar in his drunken state, having someone steal them and take a free car. A small sigh escaped his lips. He rubbed his belly again. It rumbled so loud, like a beast living inside his stomach. [i Okay.. okay.. I'll feed you..] He found himself taking things out to make a sandwich. His keys were somewhere in the apartment for sure. Theo would make sure he didn't leave his keys there.

He finished making his sandwich and took about half the sandwich into his mouth, biting into it as his cheeks puffed out. He heard a voice behind him, turning around to see Theo holding his keys. His eyes widened at the wet man in front of him. OH MY GOD. He had to keep his mouth from falling open at the pure hotness. A deep pink hue appeared on his puffed cheeks. It took him a minute to chew and swallow the mouthful of sandwich and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Shouji never averted his eyes, scanning Theo's body.

[#ff8d00 "T-Thanks..~"] Ah, he was horny again. Yup. He turned around to face away and continued to eating his sandwich. He has seen him naked before, but this... was different. A wet, sexy man is very dangerous for him. [#ff8d00 "Um, I should, go get my car before someone decides to mess with it.."] He cleaned his mess and walked past him before stopping a inch away from him. [#ff8d00 "Ah fuck it."] He placed the keys on the counter and wrapped his arms around Theo from behind. The sudden need to be embraced pushed all needless thoughts away. [#ff8d00 "Let's go to the room.."] He pulled Theo with him, not giving him a choice in the matter.
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Theo felt a small smile touch his lips as Shou puffed his cheeks like a child that wasn't getting what they wanted. He merely watched him, unmoving, wanting the other to get more rest. It was clear he wasn't feeling very well still. The last thing he needed to do was be up, moving around, cleaning for him. "[#325e8b Good.]" He said with a smirk has Shou finally gave in. The man watched as the other made his way back to the bedroom to rest. Theo turned to finished up any left over dishes, he decided to quietly clean up his place, a mess after a few days of neglect. He first, and foremost, threw out the box of memorabilia and the papers Isabelle dropped off. Finished the kitchen, he moved to the living room, bathroom, and then finally ended back up in the bedroom.

Shou was fast asleep, cuddling with Theo's pillow, snoring softly. He walked over to the sleeping figure, sitting next to him. He knew he was right about him not feeling well and being exhausted. Neither of them slept very well. He gently ran a hand through the golden strands and Shou murmured something in his sleep. "[#325e8b All your fault?]" He echoed curiously. Who was he talking about it? The one who bit him? Theo looked back at the bandaged wound, mild concern bubbling in his chest. Why? He didn't know the answer or quite understand it. But being concerned, caring for, and feeling attracted to this younger man certainly was nice medicine. He hardly thought of Isabelle nor felt that lingering ache that had been relentless since she left.

[center ----]

Theo had busied himself for the rest of the evening. Watching tv, reading, finishing cleaning. At this point he just wanted, and honestly needed, a good shower. Shou was still soundly sleeping as he waked into his bathroom. The warm water running over him was soothing. It made him very aware of just how exhausted his body was, he was running himself to the bone.

As his shower came to an end, he climbed out, wrapping a towel around himself, just in time to hear Shou shouting from the kitchen. Careful not the slip on the hardwood floors, Theo walked out to the kitchen, looking at Shou as he frantically patted his pockets. "[#325e8b Looking for your keys?]" He asked before walking to his front door, a bowl of items sitting next to the door. He carefully plucked Shou's keys from the bowl. He assumed he either wanted to go home or get his car, or both. "[#325e8b Here. I made sure to put them somewhere, where they couldn't get lost.]" He walked back, holding them out to Shou, still wet and only wearing his towel.
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[Varela+Round [size12 Shouji puffed out his cheeks like a child being told what to do. Since he began to like Theo, he didn't really mind it. Deep down, it felt nice to have someone care about him. Maybe he can be spoiled every now and then.

He sighed, giving up. Theo seemed serious and wouldn't let him overwork himself. He raised his hands up in surrender. [#ff8d00 "Okay okay, thanks..."] He wished he knew what happened yesterday. Trying to think back on it, his stomach formed into knots. [i It had to be something horrible...] He really didn't want to think about his Ex at a time like this. Shouji sighed, stepped back into Theo's room, not bothering to close the door. He jumped onto the bed, laying down on his stomach as he buried his face into the sheets. He snuggled into them, hugging Theo's pillow close to his body.

Pretty sure Theo held him last night. He remembers being warm, comfortable, and safe. He eventually drifted off to sleep, some slightly muffled snores coming out of him. His foggy memories of the previous night replayed in his head; he saw himself meeting some guys, getting drunk and angry, then it fades out from there. Another rewind to earlier that day. Ivan's face appeared his head. [#ff8d00 "It's all your fault...."] he murmured while in his deep slumber.


The next time he woke up, it was pitch dark outside. He stretched out his limbs and yawned loudly. He felt well-rested but still hungover. [i I'm not drinking for a while....] He rubbed his head and looked over to see the water and medicine. He took the pills and swallowed, hearing the loud rumble of his stomach. The clock read: 7:00 P.M. He should eat something.

He got out of bed and rubbed his eyes, still half-asleep. He walked into the kitchen, rummaging through the cabinets. He usually ate ramen at at time like this. Unhealthy, but something quick. He didn't want to bother Theo to cook something for him. Oh right, he needed to go get his car. He searched for his keys, not finding them in his pockets.. well.. he did not wear any pants underneath this shirt. [#ff8d00 "Ah.. where are my keys..?!"] He began to freak out.
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Theo looking from the bandage to Shou as he seemed to think Theo was the source of such a nasty bite. He merely blinked in surprise, he enjoyed rough sex, but he wouldn't break skin or leave such a mark that looked painful. "[#325e8b No, it happened sometime after you left my car and before I got to the bar.]" He stated simply, his eyes glued to the bite, it couldn't be one of a passionate moment. Something like that looked aggressive and tore skin.

Shou tried to think and remember, but the more he tried to do so the more uncomfortable he seemed to get. Theo frowned, "[#325e8b Don't worry about it. You don't have to remember. I'll get you some medicine, and just relax, you're still not feeling well.]" He said taking the plates gently from Shou's hands, a hand placed on his lower back, "[#325e8b Why don't you go lay in my bed? I'll bring some water and medicine in a moment.]" He could hear the dip in his upbeat voice, he was struggling to stay positive, he has no idea what happened yesterday. But Shou needed to rest.

Theo placed the dishes in the sink, giving them a small rinse, and placed them in the dishwasher. No need to waste time cleaning them right now. He turned back to Shou, he wasn't entire sure why he was being so caring, or was so concerned about Shou. But here he was. "[#325e8b Go lay down, I'll be there in a moment.]" He stated again, watching Shou.
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[Varela+Round [size12 Deep down, he knew Theo had helped him in some sort of way last night. The memories are hazy and he can't remember what all went on, but at one point, he felt the warmth. Something he hasn't received in a while. He continued to eat his breakfast in small bites, being careful of his stomach. One thing he did know, he drank last night. Again. One of these days he might actually put himself into a coma or kill himself from drinking so much. He thought about this while gnawing on his fork in deep thought. His mind might be blocking the painful event that happened. He has trained himself in a way to not remember such painful things, no matter how much he was hurting already.

He finished his meal, then waited to see what his stomach would do. That pain remained, yet his stomach seemed to be okay with the food it received. He looked at Theo as he asked him about the bite mark. He touched it with his fingers and rubbed. It wasn't a good feeling. [#ff8d00 "You didn't make this?"] he asked with the tilt of his head. They could've gotten more wasted last night and had rough sex or something. He assumed this.

[#ff8d00 "I mean, I don't know... I don't really remember what happened yesterday."] He closed his eyes and tried to remember. The more he did, the worse his headache became. [#ff8d00 You have any medicine?"] He rubbed the sides of his head and stood up to take his plate to the sink. He still felt hungry, but he didn't want to risk upsetting his stomach since the uneasy feeling remained. [#ff8d00 "Since you cooked, I'll clean up so we can go buy me some suits."] He tried to keep his voice upbeat, swallowing back his will to cry. Keeping himself distracted is what he needed. Yes, he needed to wash these dishes.
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Theo was a little surprised when Shou hugged him almost out of no where. He wrapped his arms around him in reflex. Shou seemed to need it, and he didn't mind. After seeing him sob for majority of the night, he felt it was only right to comfort him when he needed it.

"[#325e8b You should. I'm sure it'll make you feel a little better. You were pretty sick all night.]" He spoke, taking notice of the forces smile, did he remember last night? He watched Shou walk towards the kitchen and soon followed after him, joining him in the kitchen and sat at the table, omelette in front of him.

The two ate quietly together. Another morning, huh? It wasn't so bad. He enjoyed the company more than he'd like to admit. Better than being alone with his thoughts. Shou eventually spoke up, asking if they ever got suits, and he was a bit surprised he didn't remember much of anything yesterday. He took a moment to respond and could see the usual light in Shou's eyes become dark and like he was searching his memories far away. "[#325e8b No, you told me weren't feeling well. Then I found you at the bar, not sure how much you had to drink, but I assume it was way too much.]" He spared him all the details. Shou didn't need to remember or even know how bad things seemed to have gotten at the bar.

His question about the suits reminded him of the bite mark. That had to have happen after he dropped him off. Who would have bit him like that? What even lead to such an event?"[#325e8b What happened? To your neck?]" He asked gently, his eyes on the patch on his neck. Did he forget about that too? He didn't want to ask too much, especially if Shou didn't want to talk about it, he seemed to be struggling as is.
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[Varela+Round [size12 [i God.. can't even walk..]

Shouji blushed a bit. He doesn't even know how he fell like that. Once Theo came to help him up, he felt dizzy from standing up too fast. Ah, this headache made his vision blur. He must've drank more than he could handle. He can't remember anything. No matter how hard he tried to think back to the previous night. He rubbed his throat, it feeling dry and sore. The pain in his stomach calmed to a dull throb. He rubbed his ill tummy. It grumbled in hunger. Though he was scared to eat anything. He needed to eat something either way or he'll end up passing out. He hugged Theo, not knowing why he was doing it. He felt like it for some reason. He needed some kind of way to feel better. This heaviness in his heart remained. Did they have an argument or something? Something made him feel like shit. Hopefully, Theo wouldn't ask. He didn't want to try to remember. It had to be awful.

[#ff8d00 "I'm sure I can eat something, especially since you made it."] He forced a smile on his lips. [#ff8d00 "Let's hurry before it gets cold."] Shouji walked towards the dining table and looked down at the omelette. It looked so good. He should get some water first before he tried to swallow any hot food. Grabbing a water bottle from the fridge, he opened it and gulped it down. Water has never tasted better. His body responded happily to it. Giving a pleased sigh. The slight queasy feeling still stayed, but it wasn't bad enough to keep him from eating. He was more thirsty than anything. He chose some water with electrolytes in it. He needed to get re-hydrated for sure.

After he drank about half, he sat back down and picked up his fork, wasting no time in eating. Water with breakfast didn't taste right; nothing else sounded good though. He didn't feel like drinking coffee, the sound of it made him feel nauseous again. He shook the thought away and continued to eat normally. No hesitation. The lightness of the meal was what he needed.

[#ff8d00 "Did we ever look for suits...?"] he asked Theo. He remembers they were supposed to. He rested his head against his hands, trying to think. His usual, bright expression became dark.. no emotion in his eyes at all.
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[center 2:00 AM]

Theo had been taking care of the extremely ill Shouji, who groaned, cried, vomited, and then repeated every two hours. It was hard to even help re-bandage that bite on his neck. Who could have left that? It certainly wasn't there when he dropped him off just that morning.
He sat next to an awkwardly positioned Shou. Theo made sure to keep the trash can mostly empty and not overflowing with how often he was vomiting. He kept a fresh glass of water nearby and was about to convince the mostly unconscious man to drink.

[center 5:00 AM]

Theo sat next to Shou, his hand gently placed on his back, as the younger male dry-heaved. He'd already vomited what was in his system and then some. He sighed, once the fit was over, he re positioned him more comfortably into the bed, covering him up once more in the blanket. He was trying his best to keep him comfortable as possible while this mess passed.

Once he was satisfied with Shou being covered and over his dry-heaving, he climbed into bed next to him. He was exhausted, his eyes felt heavy, and sunken in. Theo looked at the tear stained figure next to him. The still very drunk Shou sobbed, obviously in pain, it was pretty clear he didn't realize that Theo was even really there either. He felt a bit of tightness in his chest as he watched Shou cry before gently pulling the younger male closer. After feeling the other sob in his arms for what felt like forever, they both drifted off to sleep.

[center ---]

Theo woke, not even wanting to check the time he finally rolled out of bed. He was still exhausted from being up the entire night. He looked down to see Shou still soundly sleeping. He decided to slowly and carefully untangle himself from the other. It was probably was a good time to get food started, something light for Shou's stomach. Theo quietly made his way to the kitchen, doing his best to not be too loud, as he began preparing breakfast.

Omelettes sounded good, spinach, mushrooms, the like. It should be light enough to not make him sick, but something to help his energy. Theo began chopping, stirring, and heating up the pan. He heard Shou shout something before the shower from his bedroom kicked on. It was pretty clear he was finally awake, and feeling at least slightly like a human, he'd finish up breakfast while Shou showered.

As he finished cooking, it sounded as if Shou was making a ruckus in the bedroom, calling out Theo's name. He couldn't have just realized he was in Theo's house? It wasn't totally out of the realm of possibilities. Theo set aside their omelettes as he walked toward the bedroom, Shou on the floor, he raised an eyebrow, "[#325e8b Someone's finally awake.]" Theo bent down, lifting Shou off the floor and back onto his feet. "[#325e8b How are you feeling? Still nauseated?]" He asked with mild concern. "[#325e8b I made omelettes, they should be light enough to not make you any more sick.]" He noticed that Shou had bandaged the bite mark.

He decided to not bring it up ... at least not yet. He wanted to make sure Shou was feeling better before bringing it up.
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[Varela+Round [size12 A horrible night for the man.

Every time he stirred awake enough to move his body, extreme nausea would hit him hard and he rolled over to the side, leaning out to vomit into the trashcan placed beside the bed. At times, he needed to be helped almost missing the can.

2:00 A.M.

Shouji's head hung off the bed in the most uncomfortable position. Being so out of it, he did not feel any pain or aches in his neck. His stomach and throat hurt like hell. He wanted to not throw up anymore, but it kept happening every two hours or so.

5:00 A.M

The dry-heaving made it worse, like trying to expel something which wouldn't come out in the first place. His eyes red, body sweating and raspy cough; he probably looked like hell. Tears stained his cheeks more, feeling nothing but more and more pain. When the episodic vomiting finally ceased for morning, more color came back to his face.

He wasn't aware of Theo's presence the whole time. Shouji sensed someone there helping him though. He rolled over onto his side, curling up from the intense pain in his stomach. He whimpered and sobbed like child.


Eyes opened to greet the dim brightness in the room. He tried to sit up, laying right back down when the pain in his stomach came back. Boy, did he need some water for his throat. A pounding headache did not make him feel any better. The worst headache he's ever had in his lifetime. He became dizzy for a moment. The light nauseous feeling remained. Pretty sure his stomach had nothing to expel anymore. He can't remember anything from last night. Nothing at all. It was all like static in his mind.

He sniffed his arm. He definitely needed a shower asap. He smelt horrible, a mix between different liquors and vomit. Shouji groaned when he got out of bed, stepping into the bathroom to turn on the shower. His mood never lightened either. He clutched his chest, trying not to cry again. Something bad yesterday brought up those feelings again, worse this time. [#ff8d00 "Fuck...! ..nngh.."] He tried to keep himself from crying. After a nice shower, his wound looked cleaner. He treated it better this time, placing a bandage on it.

He looked for something to wear, putting on some boxers and a shirt he found. Why bother with pants? He then realized this place looked familiar. [#ff8d00 "Theo...!?"] he called out, tripping himself up mid-step. [#ff8d00 "..nng.. ow.."]
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