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[center [Varela+Round [i "Let's find comfort in each other.."]]

[Varela+Round [size13 [b Shouji] recently found out that his boyfriend of two years has been cheating on him. With a female, no less. Their relationship was built on lies. It sent [b Shouji] into a spiraling depression. He spends his days drinking, eventually fired from his dead-end job. Lost and broken, he believes suicide may save him.

[b Theodore] is a wealthy and cold man. He's currently going through a rocky divorce with his wife. Mostly fighting between who gets what. This makes him bitter and angry. He frequents a bar almost every night. Drinking and smoking his troubles away.

[b Shouji] and [b Theodore] get into a drunken conversation and sleep together after agreeing that relationships suck. [b Shouji] becomes obsessed with [b Theodore]. [b Theodore] only finds [b Shouji] as a worthy distraction. There's no love between them.. but they seem to both find comfort in each other. One-sided love. One man who finds pleasure in the other's blindness to accept the truth. The only thing they have in common is: to forget.

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[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=406100 Theodore Huffman]

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[center [Varela+Round [size12 [#ff8d00 "Oh.. you don't have-.."]

Well, it may be better to instead of walking out in public looking like he got in a brawl or something.

[#ff8d00 "I'll take you up on that. I live in the apartment complex two blocks down. Interesting that we live not too far from each other.."] This made Shouji feel somewhat happy. He can come over whenever he wants to. Wait. That'd be rude, wouldn't it? Shoot, he even wanted to ask if he could stay with Theo for a while until he found himself mentally stable to live by himself again. Once he's alone, he'll begin to think. Thinking will then lead to depressive thoughts. He seemed to be in the same boat as him, separated. [i I sensed some tension between the two..] Theo did better than him. He's become an emotional wreck after he found out what happened.

[#ff8d00 "Thank you again for doing this.. I didn't want to risk getting a DUI."]
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"[#325e8b Then it is probably a good idea.]" He stated as he watched Shouji walk back towards the bedroom in search of his phone. Theo tried to recall where he left his, he was sure it was probably in the bowl by the door, where he normally leaves it. The man stood, with coffee in hand, to the bowl by the front door and there it was. Along with his wallet and keys, even when drunk it was hard for him to deviate from his habits.

They met back up in the kitchen, Shouji seemed to be looking at something unpleasant on his phones screen, but Theo wasn't one to pry in others business. "[#325e8b Sure, just text me the time you'd like to meet there.]" They traded numbers and Shouji immediately sent him the address of the suit place he was wanting to shop at. "[ Would you like a ride home?]" Theo asked, not really wanting to be completely alone without any reason not to go through the box of heirlooms of his marriage.

Not to mention, he was interested in continuing to be in Shouji's company. He was handsome and thus far been a great distraction and comfort to him.
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[center [Varela+Round At least one boulder lifted off his shoulder. All he needed to get rid of was this heaviness in his heart. He finished washing the dishes after getting Theo's plate and wiped his hands.

[#ff8d00 "Oh right, duh. Won't be able to contact you any other way."] Shouji reached into his pocket, not feeling his phone there. He patted all his pockets and sighed. [i Please don't tell me I left it at the bar...] [#ff8d00 "I think it dropped somewhere in the room, hold on a minute.."] He walked into the bedroom and searched for his phone, finding it under the bed. Oh wow. He won't even try to think how that happened. He brightened the screen, seeing various missed calls from his friends and spam text.

He grabbed his shirt and put it on, sniffing it. Didn't smell too bad, mostly like alcohol and cigarette smoke. He walked back out and looked through the various texts. Some from jobs he didn't qualify for. One from Ivan. His eyes narrowed. Bastard. He sneered at his phone before deleting it. [#ff8d00 "I usually buy my business attire at Waren's but this place called Jovu has some very, very nice suits. We can meet there."] Once they exchanged numbers, he texted him the address. Thank god he doesn't live too far from Theo. He can walk home from here since he did not take his car last night.
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Theo nodded to Shouji's response. He wouldn't be opposed to assisting him in getting some suits if he needed. If he was this in need of a job, he may have not had one, and Theo could only imagine the kind of stress that could bring. Was that why he occasionally seemed to somber? It tugged a little at Theo's mind. That's what ultimately made him agree, and Shouji seemed dependable enough.

"[#325e8b No need to thank me. You're really doing me a favor. I needed an assistant with all that paper and filing work.]" Theo looked up at Shouji, the other had gotten back to eating silently, his mind already miles away. He went back to eating his own breakfast. There was something telling him he wanted to be around Shouji more. Was it his loneliness after Isabelle left? Was it the empty side of the bed that he desperately wanted to fill with a distraction? As indifferent as he seemed, the divorce was eating him, inside out. Of course, Theo felt it was just best to bottle it up. Whats the use in being emotional over something he can't change?

Both men seemed in thought as they ate up all that Shouji had made and brought out for breakfast. He was satisfied and let out a small sigh of content after cleaning his plate. His eyebrow raised as Shouji drank his coffee a bit too fast, was he in a rush to leave? He eye'd him continuously as Shouji took some dishes to the kitchen sink. He spoke of going home, but Theo wasn't too keen on that idea, but why?

Theo thought over the work he needed to do today and the idea of seeing a bit more of Shouji. He could always wait for it until later this evening. "[#325e8b I believe I can find time to meet with you. Where were you thinking?]" He asked, ultimately deciding to meet with him. They should exchange numbers, to help meet up, and Theo wouldn't mind more contact with him this way as well. "[#325e8b I think we should exchange numbers as well, make communication a bit easier for us both as well.]"
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[center [Varela+Round [i Ah.. I must look pathetic..]

His cheeks lit up at the realization of what he was doing. No time to go back on it. Being in a desperate situation, he felt his body move automatically. He froze at the embarrassment, unable to sit back down or speak. He kept his eyes down at the table, clearing his throat. A bit of silence surrounded the two. Theo could be thinking about it. No rush. He wasn't going to make himself look like fool more than he has. He finally raised his head to meet his gaze, awaiting for his answer. His eyes widened. [#ff8d00 "A-Ah..."] He averted his gaze. He only had the one suit, mainly kept for interviews and such. His previous job was more business casual and he worked from home a lot if not at the office.

[#ff8d00 "I do own a suit, yes,"] he said. [#ff8d00 "I can buy more. My previous job was more business casual."] He can probably find a suitable store without spending a fortune on a few suits. A pretty good amount to start out with. He's been at his job for 3 years. He had some experience, but nothing in finance. The company he worked for had a financial division. He should've had more interest in it. [#ff8d00 "Thank you.. I've been having bad luck finding a job.."] He's failed almost every interview, mostly because of his unkempt appearance the days that followed his breakup.. and his unwillingness to put forth the effort in his answers.

He sat back down and continued to eat the rest of the food on his plate, helped himself to seconds of fruit. He could really use this job to distract himself from his depressive thoughts. Pain and sadness remained in his heart. He can't cry himself out in front of Theo. Best to cry in the shower. Everything felt familiar, remembering this same picture with Ivan. Shouji closed his eyes tight and pushed away the memories. He gulped down his coffee vigorously. Some went down the wrong way, followed by violent coughs. Exhaling deeply, he sighed. [#ff8d00 "I'll clean up, then head home. I have some shopping to do afterwards.. um... you could meet me there if you have a specific look for your assistant."] He'd like to stay with him longer, it may seem too desperate though. Wait.. Theo did say he would help me if I needed it. [i No, no.. I can afford it! I want him to be with me....] He began to have a mental fight with himself while stepping into the kitchen to wash the dishes.
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Theo had been taken aback by Shouji's sudden outburst. The chair tipping over caused a bit of commotion as the blonde male slammed his hands down, eager, almost begging about how he'd be do it.

What a strange turn of events. He brings home a stranger, sleeps with them, his ex-wife barges over, and now the stranger he slept with is wanting to become his full-time assistant. He didn't think it was a terrible idea, and he could teach him the ropes of being in finance, it's certainly a skill he could carry with him - even if he didn't stay with Theo as his assistant.

He mulled this over in his mind, his eyes finding themselves at the young man bowing down, as if he was praying, and heaved out a sigh. It wasn't exactly a great idea to get an assistant you were interested in sleeping with regularly, but he needed someone, and it wouldn't be very hard to train him properly. Theo gave a small smile, he may have the emotional range of a brick wall, but he wasn't cruel, and certainly wasn't going to turn someone away when they needed help. Not to mention, his display was funny.

"[#325e8b Do you have any suits? It's a strict dress code. I can help you out if you don't have any. Pay starts at seventeen an hour, but I can up that based on how well I think you're performing. Sound alright?]" Theo offered, it wasn't official just yet, he'd have to do all the formalities with him but he could make it happen.
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[center [Varela+Round Shouji used a slice of toast as his fork, or rather, his spoon and began to munch on his egg scramble. Ah, eating makes him feel somewhat happy. He's rather thin, but toned. He tries to exercise when he can. Not feel like a total lazy oaf. He placed some fruit on the bread as well. Weird, but that's him. He ate while listening to Theo speak. They were strangers. He began to feel something towards him. He's in a vulnerable state; nice and kind words will most likely have him being used. It sounded good to him. He did not care if some man wanted to use him for sex. He should be careful. He looked back towards Theo. Biting his lip, Theo was totally his type. He began to feel bashful again. This happens when in the presence of a good-looking man.

[i Finanical manager...] Shouji looked down at his half-empty plate of food. Ever since his horrible break-up, he's been spending his money recklessly. He gambled some with friends, buying games and nerdy things, expensive candy and fruit, the like. He won't be getting a paycheck for a while, he needed to do something before becoming piss poor. Theo could help him with his finances, maybe.

His eyes bulged open after hearing Theo mention of needing an assistant. He stood up quick, the chair falling over as he almost tripped, barely missing the mug of coffee. He slapped his hands on the table and leaned forward. [#ff8d00 "I'll do it!"] He shouted, not meaning to. [#ff8d00 "Please.. I need a job, I may not be what you're looking for, but I'm a fast learner. It's one of my best qualities."] He bowed with his hands pressed together, praying to God for this chance. [#ff8d00 "I'm willing to start at internship level.."]
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Theo couldn't hold back the smirk he felt twitching at his lips. It seems he wasn't the only one who forgot the others name, it was a little funny to him. They would just have to reintroduce themselves now that they are both coherent. He merely watched the other, mild interest. Shou seemed to be in quite a daze as he continued to prepare breakfast for them both, he had a somber look to his face, sad really. Theo turned his gaze away as the other turned to place their food on the table, smelt wonderful, and his stomach agreed with a low growl.

He hadn't had such a light and healthy breakfast in months. Isabelle always cooked for them, even if he insisted he could, and he'd be lying if he said he didn't miss it. "[#325e8b Its a pleasure to meet you. Theodore, but I mostly go by Theo.]" Shouji, huh? He was certainly didn't remember that name at all. "[#325e8b Thank you, for breakfast, it looks wonderful.]"

He didn't hesitate to dig in, enjoying the eggs with a little kick. He was impressed. Though, he glanced back at the other male as they both sat across from each other, silent. Shou seemed to be staring off into a distant place, no where near this kitchen, Theo merely let him continue his thoughts in peace.

Theo was a man who enjoyed his own thoughts more than interactions, sometimes. He respected when others had a lot on their mind as well, he never wanted to be a bother. His eyes landed back on the plate before him, eating silently. After a moment Shou broke the silence one more.

"[#325e8b Oh, yeah, I suppose. I'm a senior financial manager for a printing firm downtown.]" It was a lot of paper work, a lot of research, data gathering, and yelling at incompetent staff that don't get their reports into him in time for the CEOs. Then its chewing out for him as well. It's like they expect him to run a whole department with little help and lazy supervisors under him. Other department leads seem to have assistance, but for some reason they have yet to find someone for him.

"[#325e8b It's truly a frustrating job, honestly. Especially since it seems we're having a hard time finding me an assistant.]" Theo was a bit surprised to have said that out so blatantly. Thinking out loud, probably due to this stupid and consistent headache. "[#325e8b How about yourself?]"
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[center [Varela+Round [i Felt pretty damn good..] Shouji rubbed his lower back, a very dull ache remained. He wondered how rough they were.. or how many times they did it before falling asleep. [#ff8d00 "I forgot your name too."]

He shredded cheese and scallion into the egg scramble, stirring it up in a daze. The smell alone made his stomach grumble. He prayed he didn't regret this afterwards. He made sure to not make it too spicy, not sure if the male liked spicy foods. A little kick never hurt anyone. These made the eggs taste better and less plain. He remembered the first morning with Ivan, making the same exact breakfast. Shouji frowned. He can only enjoy his cooking now that he's alone. A loud sigh escaped his lips, turning off the stove as he put equal servings on their plates. Egg scramble, toast, and fruit - the perfect light and refreshing meal to start the day.

[#ff8d00 "We should start over then, I'm Shouji."] He put the plate down in front of him. [#ff8d00 "You can call me Shou for short."] Most of his friends used to call him that back in school. He's Japanese-American, looks more American as far as appearance goes. His blonde hair and blue eyes made him popular the one year he spent in Japan to visit his mother's side of the family. He sat down the opposite of Theo after refilling his mug full of coffee again.

As he sat there, he idly began to chew on a piece of fruit, giving a thousand-yard stare. He seems to space out more than he usually does. His whole mental state is not the best. Shouji came back to reality, staring at the man in front of him while he ate. He studied Theo's facial features, taking a second to admire his current company. Yup. He should stop staring, but he won't. He smiled. [#ff8d00 "You seem like a hardworking man, done well for yourself. What do you do?"] He might as well get to know him a bit. Nothing about his personal life though.
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Theo wasn't going to argue with the man. Not to mention, it's been awhile since he had someone cook for him. He merely picked up his mug and sat at the table not far from the stove. He rolled the question around in his head, did he remember much of anything from last night? His pounding headache told him no. But the other seemed to want to know, almost embarrassed as if they both didn't act uncouth and drunk. He was sure he was a bit of embarrassment himself.

He looked over the disheveled man at the stove. Theo still had good taste, he was handsome, at least a few years younger, and was considerate enough to make breakfast for a man that he'd just spent a drunk night with. He thought back and remembered some things from their night together, though it was all blurry, and some he wasn't even sure really happened or if it was merely a drunken dream that followed. "[#325e8b A lot of it is blurry.]" He spoke plainly and kept his eyes on the other.

"[#325e8b But, don't be worried about last night. From what I can remember it was enjoyable]" It was a simple matter-of-fact. He didn't see any reason for him to be embarrassed or uncomfortable. Theo didn't remember much, including the other's name, but he did remember - or maybe it's part assumption - that it was enjoyable for him, comforting almost.

Would it be too awkward not to ask for it? He wasn't really a ... social man. It was harder for him to have light conversations, be in a social setting, or even get to know someone new. Though, he honestly wouldn't be that opposed to seeing the other again, even if it was just for carnal desire for one another.

He could probably use a good distraction from his messy divorce and mostly loveless life. "[#325e8b I assume you don't remember much either? I'll be honest, I believe I've also forgotten your name.]" Theo felt a slight pinch of embarrassment mentioning it.
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[center [Varela+Round Oh, what to do in this situation..

[i She seems really freaked..] Poor Shouji assumed he frightened the woman since he looked a mess. He can make better first impressions than this. His "lover" for the night remained in bed asleep. Silence surrounded the two by the door. Awkward silence. It began to make him feel uncomfortable too. Shutting the door in her face would be rude. Blue eyes glanced down at the box again. Before he opened his mouth, she asked him who he was. Hm. How to answer that question? [#ff8d00 "I'm-.. Oh!"] He gasped in surprise from the sudden voice behind him. He turned back into his bashful mode, cheeks heating up again. With his skin being so light, the evident pinkish glow stood out. He looked elsewhere, feeling a sense of hostility between the two. Hearing their conversation, she must be an ex-girlfriend. [i Why am I still standing here..?] The male had him trapped a bit. He decided to remain frozen on the spot.

It's not his business, he shouldn't butt in where he doesn't belong. Shouji watched the female hand the box over and then walk off, pretty fast too. She looked like she was about to stumble forward. He exhaled deeply, closing his eyes, then stepped back from the door as he closed it. He locked it too. He turned around to stare at the man. What to say? They were alone together, up and sober. He walked towards the kitchen, reaching for his mug of coffee. At a loss for words, he decided to drink as he gulped down the coffee. The caffeine fueled his body, forcing it alive. His mind no longer held any negative thoughts. This attractive man in his view, why should he think of bad things? Yes, he can be his distraction for the next minute or so.

[i I have to try to find another job], he thought. [i I can't stay too long.] Shouji did need to ask if he remembered anything from last night. He knew how he acted when he got drunk; clingy and needy. God, he must've embarrassed himself. He looks a mess, bags under his eyes from the lack of sleep in the last few days. He placed his empty mug down on the counter. [#ff8d00 "I'll shower once I get home, but thanks.. um.. do you remember anything from last night? I know how I get when I'm like that."] He moved over to the stove and shook his head. [#ff8d00 "Somehow, I feel obligated to do this.."] Then again, he wanted to do it. He whisked the eggs in the bowl. A simple, spicy egg scramble will do good. He had little appetite, feeling the hangover. He craved something spicy too.
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[i "It appears that she's now, also, requesting ownership over the Porche claiming it was a Christmas gift and rightfully hers."]

[i "[#325e8b Oh fuck her. It was a gift until she decided that she'd sext that punk from out of town. Call me later. I'm going out.]"]

[i "Oh, again?"]

[i No reply, simply a click and the call ended. He felt his blood boiling. 6 years of marriage, 7 of his life wasted, and now she's wanting to kick him in the balls? Fuck her. He should have gotten a prenup.]

[i The familiar smell and sight of the bar brought him comfort. 1 shot, 2 shots, 6, 7. Whiskey, a flirty young man, smiles, laughter. It's been so long since he'd been with another man, but damn, he wanted him in that moment. It all slowly turned into a blur.]

Head pounding, vague memories of what occurred last night, Theo's eyes slowly and painfully opened. "[#325e8b Fuck]" He grumbled reaching a hand to his head, willing the pain to subside, only to give up after a moment. As Theo climbed from the bed, he could hear light rummaging in the kitchen. Soon, the smell of rich and smooth coffee came floating down the hall way, enticing him. At least the young man he brought home had the manners to brew up some. God knows he'd need some.

The tall man threw on a pair of his boxers, too lazy to really fully dress, it's not like the man didn't see Theo naked already. As he was at least partially dressed, he walked from the bedroom, slowly making his way to the kitchen.

[center -]

Isabelle had packed up a few things for Theo, more paper work was also placed in the box. She didn't want these items that reminded her of their awful marriage lying around the house. Plus, Derek wasn't too keen on seeing any memorabilia either. It was more of a ruse to see him, to see about trying to get this divorce settled, if only he'd stop being so bitter. She was only wanting the things she felt was rightfully hers to begin with.

The black haired woman knocked on Theo's apartment door, waiting patiently, box in hand. She expected to see the tall, dark, handsome man she called husband for 6 years, but he was replaced with a smaller, blonde, blue - eyed man. Who she didn't want to even entertain the notion he was half-naked.

He had to have been several years younger than her or Theo. Was Theo actually seeing someone? Isabelle was in shock. The younger man spoke to her, asking her questions, but she wasn't sure how to even answer. Seems Theo didn't want to mention his soon-to-be ex-wife to his new man. Finally, she was able to mumble out a question.
"[#ba2c2c Who ... are you?]"

[center -]

Theo had made it around the corner to see the young man, messy hair, and half-naked ... speaking to Isabelle. Instant irritation. "[#325e8b I don't think that's much of your business. And no, you're not welcome in.]" His voice was gruff, irritated, his eyes narrowed in annoyance. Who does she think she is, just stopping in, acting like she had a right to know who he invited to his place. Hell, she got the house, let him be. He glanced at the other male, clearly confused, awkward, and half-naked. Theo walked over, his hand placed on the door frame around the younger mans shoulders, leaning into him slightly. [#325e8b Can I help you with something? I'm a bit busy.]" Theo wanted to make her uncomfortable. Which was clearly working. Her face was bright red at the sight of two half-naked men, pressed together, disheveled.

He wanted to show her just how little he cared, even if it wasn't the complete truth, not that she could tell. His face was stone cold, hard to read, and she stuttered. "[#ba2c2c W-w-well, I ... I wanted to drop off a few more of your things from the house. Sorry to interrupt your ...]" She looked at the blonde man again, "[#ba2c2c Morning. I'll be going.]" Isabelle pushed the package into Theo's chest, him catching it with his free hand, all before she turned sharply and walked swiftly down the hall.

Theo sigh, "[#325e8b Jesus.]" He removed his arm from around the other males, off of the door frame, cradling the box of items. He knew the young man must be confused. He probably barely remembered him from last night. "[#325e8b Sorry about her. I didn't expect that...this morning.]" How irritating. "[#325e8b My ex-wife really knows how to butt in where she doesn't need to be.]"

Theo already referred to her as his ex-wife. No point in calling her 'wife' when she was everything but. He placed the box of things on the table, turning back to the other man. He noticed a bowl full of cracked eggs, a pan placed on the stove, seems he was making food before Isabelle decided to step in and it appeared there was also fresh coffee. "[#325e8b Want me to finish? You're welcome to clean up in my shower.]"

Theo poured himself some coffee before turning on the burner of the stove, warming the pan.
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[center [Varela+Round [i Crystal-blue hues stared at the half-full glass of whiskey setting on the bar counter. The ice cubes inside began to melt down, giving the whiskey a bad, watery taste. He picked up the glass with dull eyes, lifeless with no kind of expression. His thoughts of three days ago began to haunt him again. To forget, he knocked back the rest and slammed the glass down on the table. Like he had the money to be pissing away on drinks. Oh well. He got fired from his job a day after. He wanted to forget.. everything.

Sixth glass of the night. The poor man was already plastered and couldn't think straight. He spoke to someone, another man. They seemed to have something in common as far as when it comes to thinking about relationships. They laughed, joked around, got a little touchy-feely. Everything went blank after that. He does remember feeling good at one point.


At one point, he murmured his ex's name. It brought nothing but pain back to his heart.]

[h2 ]

The sound of birds chirping awoke the slumbering male. He winced from the brightness, a pounding headache followed by extreme nausea. He dry heaved but nothing came out. He must've done it already during the night for sure. Memories from the previous night were a blur. He remembers being held though. No, he's too depressive to have bought home some company. A small sigh escaped his lips, then he groaned as he sat up in bed. It took him a moment to realize; this isn't his room. He had a small apartment compared to this one. He turned his head, glancing down at the sleeping male beside him. Yup. Both of them were naked. Ah.. we had sex. It didn't surprised him. He probably threw himself at the man, begging and pleading to fuck him. His cheeks heated up at the thought. Embarrassing.

He silently got out of bed and pulled on his pants. Would it be okay to use his shower? He felt like asking. Shouji put on his socks and shoes, thinking of leaving. [i He did put up with me.. I should at least thank him for letting me stay..] The man could've easily thrown him out on the street. He placed his shirt over his shoulder and exited the room, heading towards the kitchen. He decided to at least make breakfast. [i Sure he won't mind to raid the fridge..] Before that though, he needed coffee. Strong, delicious coffee. It gave him the will to at least walk home with some energy.

With his back turned, he found a mug and poured himself some. A full mug of it too. Closing his eyes, tears fell down his cheeks. He looked down at the dark-colored liquid. [#ff8d00 "I guess I'll be finding my comfort with coffee and alcohol. They won't hurt me..."] he said to himself. He needed to distract himself again before those thoughts came back. He searched for a pan, cracking the eggs into a bowl. At least he had someone to make breakfast for, even if they were complete strangers.

A knock came to the door. He opened it to see quite a beautiful standing there. His hair a mess and standing half-naked, he looked at her with a blank face. She seems to be holding a box with a shocked expression on her face. [#ff8d00 "Are you here for.. for..."] [i I forgot his name...] The woman said nothing. They stood there, facing each other. Feeling awkward, he had no idea what to do. [#ff8d00 "Are you his sister or something...? You can come in and wait I guess...?"] Was this a good idea?
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