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[center [size15 [abel our muses dated in college, but muse a ended the relationship because they were super smart and ready for success in life, whereas muse b was kind of a deadbeat & immature and had no direction in life. fast forward x amount of years. muse b’s coworker says they have the perfect match for them and sets them up on a blind date. you guessed it - yes. it’s muse a. now, the tables have reversed and muse b is successful and muse a just got out of a relationship, lost their job, etc. awkward]]]


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Sitting back in his chair, he pulled himself closer to the table. He placed a cloth napkin over his exposed lap. The boy Oliver had ordered drinks from brought a beautiful bottle of wine out and began to poor the pale liquid into two attractive glasses. He then set a basket of bread on the table and returned to the kitchen. Taking a sip from his glass, he smiled.
[b [#cc0000 "I'm glad you'll stay. Please order what you'd like. I need your opinion on some dishes."]]

Oliver was surprised when Aiden congratulated him on his success. The two of them didn't end on very good terms. It had been a while since they had last seen each other. Oliver felt like a completely different person from when they had dated. He wasn't even sure Aiden would like the man he had become.

[b [#cc0000 "What have you been up to since college?"]] Oliver mused, swirling his wine staring into the drink. White wine was his favorite. Just as he finished asking the question, Ben emerged from the back with two bowls of creamy broth.

[b [#626262 "Here is the pumpkin soup Jeremy has been working on. You can start off with it."]] Suggested ben as he carefully set the two bowls in front of the boys. [b [#626262 "Are you ready to order, boss?"]] He asked pulling out a pad.

Oliver glanced over the menu one last time despite having it memorized. [b [#cc0000 "Could you bring me the Braised Leeks with Mozzarella & a Fried Egg? Oh and some of the fresh bruschetta with bread."]] Oliver decided, handing the paper menu to Ben. [b [#cc0000 "And for Aiden, he can get whatever he would like!"]]
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[center [Quicksand [size13 Aidan felt awkward and uncomfortable, and ready to jump out of his own skin. There is nothing he wanted more, than to run away right now; but Oliver asked him otherwise, and after shattering the man all those years ago, Aidan felt obligated to stay. So he swallowed his fears and pride and sat in the chair. [b "Alright, I'll stay.."] He mumbled uncertainly.

His stomach turned as he stared blankly at the menu, [b "You don't have to pay for me, you know... I'm only going to have soup."] Aidan knew that it was probably an insult to the man, to only get soup, in his fancy restaurant, and to also turn down his offer. But he felt so guilty about taking anything from Oliver that he couldn't help it.

[b "I just want to say, that I'm happy that you ended up doing so well for yourself. You deserve it, Olly."] Aidan mumbled again, not meeting his eyes as he used the old nickname. [b "You probably have questions for me don't you?"] He asked squeezing his hands nervously.

Honestly Aidan wasn't sure he was ready for Oliver's questions. Inside he was making a mental note to punch his old coworker for putting him in this position. This is exactly why he never went out, bad things always happened to him. Still even in all this guilt and shame, he felt oddly comforted by the other's presence.
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[center [abel [size15 Oliver had been looking over the menu. He had a pen and a notebook open and was jotting notes. The man had reading glasses resting on the bridge of his nose. He was lost in thought when the waiter had addressed him. Looking up, he furrowed his brow.
[b [#cc0000 "Ben, I thought we had lamb on the menu. Did we take it off?"]] He asked turning the menu over. Just as he finished his sentence, he realized someone else was with his staff member.

Standing up, he extended a hand with a wild grin. He couldn't really make out the face of the boy, he removed his glasses and cleared his throat. Oliver was felt like he was getting old. Folding his spectacles, he gently placed them in his pocket.
Standing before him was none other than Aidan Maximov, his college sweetheart.

Oliver was a grade below Aidan due to taking a year off after high school. The two had met his Junior year both wanting very different things out of life. Aidan was studying to be a doctor and Oliver was smoking too much pot and skipping class. He didn't know what he wanted to do. Cooking was only a passion with no direction. His parents said college or he had to find a job. Being rather lazy made the choice easy for him. After graduating college with average marks and no drive, Aidan broke up with him. It didn't come as a surprise to Oliver. But the heartbreak was a wake up call for Oliver to get his life back on track.

He watched as the boy he once loved tremble before him. Oliver was confused as to why his demeanor changed so suddenly. Aidan was the one who dumped [i him,] not the other way around.
[b [#cc0000 "Wait, Aidan, I know I am not who you expected and you probably didn't want to see me again, but please stay."]] He insisted gesturing to the seat. [b [#cc0000 "Let me buy you dinner and we can catch up. I do [i know] the owner so ..."]] Oliver joked sardonically.
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[center [Quicksand [size13 A young man looked at himself in the mirror, frowning. He was dressed in his nicest clothes, but that wasn't saying much for what he could afford; a white button up shirt, with a sweater pulled over it, and the only pair of jeans he had that didn't have holes in them. He tried to clean up his appearance by running a brush through his hair and putting in a pair of earrings. It was the best he could do in such short notice.

Before he lost his job, Aidan's coworker, and friend, Luther had pulled him aside and lectured him; [b "You never get out do you?"] He wasn't wrong, but that was because Aidan was too anxious to spend any extra money he had. He had already lost two jobs before this, and it really wasn't looking good, for the twenty-eight year old, with this job. [b "I got you a date with someone, next week, at Arlo & Dusk. You're going, don't even say you can't afford it. You're going."] So here he was, anxious and getting ready for this date with some guy he didn't know, because his friend somehow finagled into it.

Aidan could remember the last time he had a date. It was five years ago to be exact, to a sweet man named Oliver. Part of Aidan blamed all of his bad luck, for the last five years, on the karma he definitely deserved. At the time he had been a straight A student, studying to be a doctor; and Oliver, was a sweet young man trying to be a chef. Aidan could remember that Oliver had been the love of his life, but his own ambitions were growing beyond him. How could he go through to be a doctor if he felt held back by his own partners lack of success? So he ended things, rather harshly, and within the year to follow his success went out the window. He flunked out of medschool, struggled to get even a part-time job, ended up drowning in debt, and had no prospect of a relationship. Needless to say, karma kicked his ass.

Aidan closed his eyes, he needed to leave or he would be late. What a great first impression that would be. [i Hi sorry I'm late I was thinking about my ex.] That definitely wouldn't go over well. He shook his head and grabbed his coat.

It took him fifteen minutes to bus to the restaurant, he was pushing it for their meeting time, but he made it on time nonetheless. A little disheveled from the trip he stepped into the way too fancy restaurant. [i "I am never going to be able to afford any of this."] He whispered to himself shaking his head, wanting to punch Luther.

Aidan took a deep breath and looked around, trying to look for the owner of the restaurant, thats all he knew about his date. [b "Hi can I help you, sir?"] A voice broke into his thoughts, he looked up to see a man looking down at him.

Embarrassed he nodded, [i "I am supposed to be having a date with the owner of this place? Can you point him out?"]

[b "Let me take your jacket and I'll bring you right to him."] The maître d' told him.

Aidan awkwardly took his coat off and handed it to him, feeling shamefully under dressed for this restaurant. Once it was hung, the man lead him to the table, [b "Sir, your date has arrived."]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/qzFnUsa.gif]]
[i "Hi sorry I'm a little late I couldn't figure out which was..."] His voice trailed off when the man seated turned to look at him. Aidan's stomach dropped to the floor.

He knew this face anywhere. Oliver.

The colour drained from his face, he couldn't believe who he was standing in front of. Karma really wasn't finished with him, no it just shoved a white hot bar of regret down his throat. He covered his mouth. [i "I should leave. Right now."]
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[center [abel [size15 Two emerald eyes stared back at the boy in the mirror. His messy fawn colored hair although unruly, was brushed and well kept. Warm freckles dusted his rosy cheeks and kissed the bridge of his nose. Running a hand over his chin, his skin was soft and clean shaven. Methodically buttoning each button on his fresh pressed shirt from bottom to top, the handsome male fastened the collar and adjusted his tie. Stretching his long arms into his suit coat, he admired the finished product.

Oliver Jones was the owner of Arlo & Dusk, a famous restaurant in New York City. Most days, Oliver usually dressed pretty modest. But today was different. He picked up his best suit from the dry cleaner and shaved his face for once. Starting as a fry cook, Oliver ended up opening his own restaurant after one too many failed desk jobs. His home-style restaurant became the biggest name on the east coast in it's first year of business. It wasn't long after that he opened several other places and eventually had his hand in restaurants all over the world.
Glancing at his watch, Oliver read the clock face. It said [i 6:25.] Not wanting to be late, he hurried out the door.

The chef usually didn't do blind dates, but his lead cook, Julia, insisted that this one was a good one. She had set it all up for her boss. The two would meet at Oliver's very first restaurant, Arlo & Dusk and Julia would take care of everything. Once he entered the [https://www.discoverlosangeles.com/sites/default/files/images/2019-01/lucques10.jpg restaurant,] the smell of fresh parsley flooded his senses. A young woman with olive skin and raven hair greeted him with a shriek of excitement.

[b [#cc0000 "Julia, I can't believe you convinced me to do this."]] Oliver said wryly. The girl smirked and wiggled her eyebrows. She looked absolutely evil.
[b [#666699 "Come on Oliver, you haven't been on a real date in almost two years."]] She cried exasperatedly.
Oliver couldn't argue. The chef, now twenty-eight, was really rather lonely. Owning, managing, and cooking had taken up all of his time. Not to mention all of the red carpet endeavors.
[b [#cc0000 "I guess you're right. Show me to my seat. Will you also bring me the special wine? And tell Julio before he even thinks to serve that soup to let me taste it."]] He demanded as he followed the girl.
She whirled around and scowled at him. He guessed that meant no working while on his date.

[p I didn't add a flashback. I am thinking in my second post I will. Oliver won't recognize your boy at first I am guess and then when he realizes it's him he is like oh wowie painful flashback time.]

lil somethin: I am thinking Oliver went from finishing college in the culinary arts as nothing very special. He couldn't hold a job and didn't really have a purpose so that is why your man leaves him. Then Oliver is offered a job under a very strict French woman who makes him question everything he is taught. She makes him realize why he cooks. He then studies abroad for a few years and comes back to the states and opens his first restaurant at twenty-five. He becomes super famous in the cooking and entrepreneur world. There is a little timeline.
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