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"alright but get rid of it." Loki said his anger still showing.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 79d 11h 12m 36s
"I won't relapse, vi won't let me...." She said and sighed. "She says it hurts her that's why I stopped..."
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 79d 11h 15m 37s
"I know how tempting it can be." he said. "you shouldnt have even grabbed it."
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 79d 11h 18m 6s
She looked away and sighed. "Do you not trust me?" She asked and tried to pull away.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 79d 12h 33m 31s
He grabbed her arm. "You give me that needle." He hissed at her quietly.
  Eddie and Venom / Ganondorf / 79d 12h 37m 4s
She winced and went to help him up putting him back on the couch. "Let me cook."
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 79d 12h 42m 24s
Loki got up and fell again. "Selena!" He yelled this time.
  Eddie and Venom / Ganondorf / 79d 12h 50m 0s
Selena flinched slightly and tried to ignore him. She wanted to test her resolve and swallowed.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 79d 21h 3m 16s
Eddi got up and helped her as Loki smelled something and looked at selena. "Selena." he said in a stern voice.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 79d 21h 5m 51s
Selena came back and started to cook dinner after hiding the needle.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 79d 21h 6m 56s
Loki stared at the tv as Eddie Played Bioshock. "hmm magic powers from science." he said.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 79d 21h 10m 30s
She left and went to the store after going to a drug dealer to get something. When he refused, vi got to eat his head. Selena hid the needle full of heroin in her pocket and bought some snacks and dinner.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 79d 21h 12m 54s
he nodded and loki chuckled at the kiss. "so corny."
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 79d 21h 15m 56s
"I'm going anyway." She said and kissed Eddie's cheek. "I'll be back soon."
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 79d 21h 37m 35s
Loki said nothing. Eddie sat down. "don't bother selena." he said.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 79d 21h 39m 40s

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