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"Venom is eddies sleeping more." Tony commented as jarvis started on the tots.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 2d 6h 50m 44s
She smiled slightly and said. "I think he's feeling better."
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 6h 52m 28s
"yeah hes just sleeping. thought im sure that..." Venom yelled. "TATER TOTS!" Tony sighed. "that will happen."
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 2d 6h 54m 37s
She nodded and asked. "Is Eddie going to be okay?"

Selena was worried but was glad vi calmed down a bit more.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 6h 56m 19s
They got back and tony set peter down on the couch. "poor kid got knockedout by shocker. "
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 2d 6h 58m 42s
Vi followed to keep them safe and hoped her mates were okay.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 7h 5m 48s
Tony flun peter over his shoulder. "back home kid." he told him heading to the tower.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 2d 7h 8m 22s
She nodded and kissed his cheek. She went to the others and fought with them helping beat shocker and electro.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 7h 10m 38s
"fine." eddie said. "parker must live." Venom said.

The fight continued sandman having withdrawn buit shocker and Electro held their own.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 2d 7h 12m 21s
Vi made them lay down. "No, you're still hurt." She said and looked at them. "We'll go... Please rest a little bit more for us?"
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 7h 15m 23s
another alarm blarred. "a situation has occure ms.piper." a robotic voice came over the speaker. "Electro and shocker have joined the fight." Eddie lifted himself up Venom covering him. "Gotta help parker..." he groaned.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 2d 7h 16m 50s
Vi nodded and kept watching over them. She swallowed slightly and waited for the others to come back.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 7h 20m 7s
"putting energy to healing eddie. tired." he said slipping back into eddie.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 2d 7h 21m 51s
Pepper snickered and said. "Good to see you too Venom."

Vi sat down and touched his cheek gently. "Are you okay?'
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 7h 23m 26s
Venom moved out. "liquid is working he is sleeping." he saw pepper and made a funny face wanting to spook her but looked more rediculous.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 2d 7h 24m 56s

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