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Tony interjcted. "listen....come with me." he said waving for her to follow him. "Eddie you may as well too." Eddie nodded following.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 341d 2h 21m 35s
Vi stared at widow and rippled slightly.

"Vi and I have never hurt anyone.... Unless they were bad...." Selena said and pet Vi gently to calm her down.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 341d 2h 24m 20s
Black window interjected. "have some respect for Fury. we have had....issues in the past." he said looking to his side downward.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 341d 2h 27m 57s
"that's highly unlikely but whatever." selena muttered and sighed.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 346d 8h 11m 50s
"in case you go rogue and someone has to bring you in. Otherwise she'll be setting everything up for you." He sais.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 346d 8h 16m 32s
"why do we need a handler?" vi asked and tilted her little purple head at him.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 346d 8h 38m 24s
Fury nodded. "Your handler is black widow speak with her before leaving." He said.
  Eddie and Venom / Ganondorf / 346d 9h 23m 23s
she nodded and took the file. "thank you." she said and stood.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 346d 21h 43m 12s
Eddie noticed her and got up walking over. "Hey everything go ok?" Nick handed her a folder. "Here you go. Official shield agent." He told her.
  Eddie and Venom / Ganondorf / 346d 21h 44m 6s
Selena watched Eddie and wanted to go back home with him.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 347d 13h 58m 23s
Eddie sat speaking with tony at the otherside of the room conversing on the sandman situation.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 347d 19h 17m 38s
Vi stretched out and caught it eating it happily.

Selena blinked slightly and wondered where Eddie was.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 347d 20h 15m 54s
He flicked one more peice in the air and watched what Vi would do.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 347d 20h 20m 25s
she took it and nodded. "alright.' she said and looked up at him.

vi purred and stared at him.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 347d 22h 19m 43s
"it hides your location and identity." He handed her a flash drive. "Here install this and run it. Instant anonymity. " He said. "You'll get missions or questions from us upon completion well pay you."
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 347d 22h 21m 45s

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