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"will you be okay though?" She asked and watched him worriedly.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 32d 16h 25m 20s
"simple." Loki said heading for the door. "I leave you aren't held accountable."
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 32d 16h 26m 58s
"what are we going to do?" She asked both of them and swallowed. She couldn't stand to be away from Eddie. She was as attached to him as she was Virus.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 32d 16h 30m 7s
Loki nodded and he watched outside looking at the sky.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 32d 16h 33m 32s
"I could have Loki do it for me..." She said and kissed him. She paused hearing the thunder and swallowed. "Thor.... He'll be able to find you, won't he, Loki?"
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 32d 16h 51m 4s
"I'll take you a bit later." Eddie said as Loki close the book and heard thunder in the distance. "Oh good lord they summoned him."
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 32d 16h 54m 17s
She smiled and kissed him softly. Her hair tickled her nose and she sighed. "I need another haircut...."
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 32d 17h 1m 43s
Eddie smirked before Loki watched them and looked back to his book. "Hmm maybe they deserve a chance." He said softly.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 32d 17h 4m 24s
She smiled sheepishly and said. "Vi says drug dealers taste funny."

Vi came out and nuzzled Venom and Eddie.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 34d 11h 43m 25s
"good." Eddie said smiling up at her. Venom appeared and licked her cheek.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 34d 11h 46m 52s
She smiled and leaned down kissing him softly. "I didn't relapse." She whispered to him proudly and blushed slightly.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 34d 12h 47m 22s
He poked her nose. "I can forgive." He said to her as Loki listened in still cutting vegetables.
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 34d 12h 48m 42s
"even though I hurt you?" She whispered and touched his cheek gently.
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 36d 11h 43m 42s
Eddie shook his head. "Loki is a maybe you we never hate."
  Eddie and Venom / ganondorf / 36d 11h 48m 40s
She nodded and whispered. "Do you two still hate me?"
  Selena/Virus / wingedwolfy120 / 38d 6h 49m 5s

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