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[center [pic https://images2.alphacoders.com/901/thumb-1920-901544.png]][center [https://www.wallpapermaiden.com/wallpaper/1543/download/2560x1440/anime-landscape-anime-garden-sunshine-flowers.jpg [font "times new roman" Workshop]] - [https://i.pinimg.com/564x/87/b0/4e/87b04eeb5d500ddf61b44165e0e46ede.jpg [font "times new roman" Lounge/Attic]] - [https://backgrounddownload.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/anime-kitchen-background-3.jpg [font "times new roman" Kitchen/Dining Area]] - [https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/010/178/676/large/victoria-fulton-gardenscene-edited.jpg?1522987156 [font "times new roman" Side Garden/Koi Pond]] -]

[center [size11 [i "As the story goes, this world's wonders have always been made in pairs.
Like the Sun and the Moon, such pairs were put into being to maintain balance, and so the Earth thrived as the balance remained strong and harmony reigned supreme.

It is said that one day, another pair came into being to populate these bountiful lands. Man and Beast, brothers and comrades in arms. Again, all was well. Sadly, this was not to last. Man soon came to find that the Beast and his kin were given special gifts and attributes with which to fight and pass onto their children. Man had no such blessings, and came to be furious with the heavens for favoring the Beast. Man and his kind, far outnumbering their Beastly brethren, overtook and enslaved Beasts for years. With war ravaging the land, the balance was broken, leaving only strife and sadness behind."]

To date, this lore proves to be at least half true. For more than 250 years, Colonial Man had fought, conquered, and enslaved Demi-Humans ceaselessly. Demi-Human slavery was only abolished 70 years ago, and within the past decade, integration has begun, however slowly. Of course, prejudice still lives on in the free world.

Many businesses, employers, and public officials still turn up their noses at Demi-Humans. In some areas it is still a challenge for Demi-Humans to find honest work or decent schooling, let alone affordable housing.

That, fortunately, is where this story might take a happy turn.

Theodore Quick has been mourning the loss of his grandmother for far too long. In her passing, she left her home and her fortune in his care. After renovating the large home, Theo has recently put the finishing touches on his plan to create a free and peaceful living space.

Theodore and his childhood friend intend to co-own and rent out rooms to Demi-Humans and perhaps even some of their Human sympathizers, all in the hopes that the home could become a refuge for those who truly need it. The town is a progressive one, one quite a bit more accepting of Demi-Humans than most. It is the perfect place and opportunity for fresh starts and first steps.
[center -]

[b Humans and Demi-Humans were at war for centuries and were still segregated up until about 10 years ago. There is no shortage of bad blood, but with a little bit of compassion, things might be able to change.]


[b Demi-Humans resemble humans a great deal, different only in that some may have claws and fangs, horns, tails, or even wings. The species encompasses any number of entities, from kitsunes and demons to avians and spirits.

At this time, the thread will NOT be accepting any Human x Demi-Human hybrids as one is already present and I wish for a diverse cast. Demi-Humans have their own manner of hybrids, as well, where a person might have shared DNA between a wolf and a dryad, or a faerie and a draconian. Be creative! You have so much freedom!

All Demi-Humans have a special power, this being the main reason for their long-term persecution. Some may breathe fire, some may be telepaths and healers, and some VERY rare cases may even possess two powers.

If you already see someone whose sheet was accepted and their character is a certain
Demi-Human race, assume that particular race is taken. Cutesy neko girls are nowhere near as interesting as some of you seem to think, especially not when made en masse.

Please do not apply with an edgelord. It is not anyone else's job to chase your character down for interactions or to stroke their self-esteem when they're feeling angsty or self-destructive. Spineless damsels and Mary-Sue-types are not welcome, either.

I AM RECRUITING FOR BETWEEN 3 AND 5 MORE CHARACTERS. It is not first-come-first-serve. I will review your sheet and let you know if what you've submitted fits the narrative or not. If you've put your creativity to work and can post reliably, you should be good to go! <3

Posts will be 1600+ characters apiece. Understand that 1600 is incredibly [i short] and I would like very much to see more unless you're having some sort of combative scene or your post is heavy with dialogue. I feel bad putting a text limit on it, but I really don't want posts to get lazy and shrink down to nothing. ='(]

[h3 [b SHEETS]]
[b [size13 FIND EXAMPLE SHEETS [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=152278 HERE IN THE OOC]]]

[b The info below is the information I would like to see. Please feel free to add more or to format it on your character's profile page however you see fit.]
[b Bedroom:] This is fun! You can choose a picture for a bedroom for your character within the house. Do not submit IKEA furniture photos. @_@ I can help you look! No one's room is bigger than anyone else's, so no giant mansion rooms. It can be decorated and painted however your character wants.

[b Name:]
[b Age:] 17+, No Younger Exceptions.
[b Gender:] Whatever you want. Specify pronouns, please.
[b Sexual Orientation:] Anything at all.
[b Height:] Optional, but nice for reference.
[b Weight:] Optional, but nice for reference.
[b Species/Race:] Human or Demi-Human. If they're a Demi-Hybrid, list both species.
[b Power:] Most Demi-Humans have one power. Some have 2. Humans have none.

[b Personality:]

[b | 4+ | Traits | Describing | Your | Character |]

[b ATTITUDE:] How does your character feel about Humans? About Demi-Humans? The segregation and prejudice? What's their outlook? Any traumatic events to speak of?

[b Hobbies:]
What stuff does your character do in their free time?

[b X] Space for interesting trivia. List as many as you like.

[b X] -------

[b X] -------

[b Some Background:]
Just a summary so we can get a feel for how your character came to find the house. Are they students? Are they older? Are they alone in the world or is their family large? Anything you think is pertinent or relevant, toss it in here.


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