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Bright and early with the sunlight peeking into her room was USUALLY how Kari woke, but somehow not this morning. Somehow she had slept through her alarm and found herself scrambling around her room to try and get ready for the school day that lay ahead. What was worse was she couldn't shake the feeling that something was coming. Something that both she and her bestfriend Megumi were supposed to face together. It was funny in its way because they had ALWAYS been told they were suppose and part of something grand. But she had NEVER believed that.

When she was dressed and had her school books in her bag, the girl of sixteen looked around for her "kitten", Baby. He was literally her baby and that was why she had named him that in the first place. "Sorry, sweetie....I know that I'm late with your feeding. But I promise to make it up to you later." She whispered when she found the three year old cat sitting by his food dish. All he did was give her a lazy meow, let her feed him and pet him before she was out the door.

The girl had JUST managed to snag a muffin before she left and missed her mother who would KILL her for being late. And again she found her thoughts wandering to her dream. It had been filled with cats and rats...something she would have never expected to even dream about. The more her head drifted, the more lost she became. Or she had been as she was running until a familiar voice managed to break through the fog. And it was when the pounding of feet were beside her did she slow her own pace.

"I slept through my alarm and had the weirdest dream...But why are you late today?" The girl teased as the pair fell into step beside the other.

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He had sneaked back into his room just before the dawn. Another late night just roaming and being free. He hated the house and most the others in the family hated him. So when he could steal the time alone, Kyou did just that. It wasn't like anyone gave a damn about what happened to the cat as it was. And he hardly cared what they thought and their rules. Besides, they were always so worried about the rat. The family's golden boy who was the god's favourite.

Orange-red orbs made their way around the room as he fell into bed and stared at the ceiling. As far as he could tell, the cat had at least an hour or two he could get some sleep. That was the plan anyway. But things did NOT go according to his plans, which was usual. He woke to the damn dog banging on his door and calling to him saying how he was late as always. Not having a lot of time, Kyou scrambled around to get into his uniform and grab his backpack which had his typically untouched school books in it. The moment he was ready, Kyou took the fastest way out of the house, his window and darted down the path towards the school. Oh how he would kill that damn rat for leaving without him and NOT waking him.
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“Megumi wake up you’re going to be late!” A voice said loudly jolting the young high schooler awake. It was the first day back to classes, the start of the new school year, and it was just Megumi’s luck that she would be late. The girl would probably late to her own funeral, before she ever arrived somewhere on time.

“I’m getting up mom.” She said jumping out of bed to thro on her uniform, she would have no time for breakfast, again. All she could do was brush her teeth and leave. The young shapeshifter knew she was going to regret it when she was sitting in class with her stomach growling for some food. But this is what she got for waking up late. When she was finished getting ready, Megumi bolted out the door, running at too speed. If she was lucky she would make it just before the second bell.

Her feet pounded on the ground as she ran as hard as she could, in the distance she could see a familiar head running as well. Her best friend Kari. “Kati!” She she called waving for her friends attention, half panting. You’d think she’d be in better shape from running all the time but she wasn’t. As she caught up to her friend her pace slowed, “I can’t believe you’re late too.”


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Yuki sat quietly at the table sipping his tea, he’d been up since much earlier, nightmares again from his time with Akito, and he couldn’t manage to fall back asleep. The light was coming above the horizon and he knew he would have to get ready for school soon, but he didn’t know what to do about the tires bags under his eyes. Ever since he arrived that the school people had called him “Prince”, it wasn’t a title he was fond of, but it was the one he got. Yuki knew that if any of the fan club saw him sleep deprived it would bring too much unwanted attention onto him. Attention that could result in something bad happening.

He got up and went to the washroom and pressed a cold cloth to his eyes, trying to reduce the colour, but it was fairly unsuccessful. He would just have to keep his head low today. Yuki went into his room and grabbed his uniform. Debating if he should wake up the stupid cat as well.

No, he would leave Kyou alone and let him deal with the consequences of staying up too late. Yuki pulled his back pack on and began down the path to school. He enjoyed the quiet early mornings. He felt most himself in the atmosphere. The early dawn suited him.
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