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[center [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Bellefair"][Bellefair Based on the show Superstore. Do not steal characters or cover pictures.]]
[center [size15 [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Bellefair"][Bellefair Welcome to Cloud 9 Superstore. Here, you'll be treated like family. We are a close nit group of pals that always have each others backs. As the Store Manager, I, Glenn, believe you will make a perfect fit here and for our family. Dina, the Assistant Manager, watches over the store. Ignore her brash attitude, I promise she has a soft side. So, come one and come all to Cloud 9 Superstore!]]]

[center [size15 [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Bellefair"][Bellefair This was the speech that [b Penelope Haddish] had listened to over the radio when she entered the town of St. Louis, Missouri. Maybe it wasn't actually the ad so much as the high pitched, Muppet sounding voice that gave the speech. It sounded inviting and slightly...hilarious. She'd love to hear it in person. So, low and behold, when she settled into town, she went in and got a job. Little did she know just how much this superstore was going to play into her life.]]]

[center [size20 [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Bellefair"][Bellefair Cast of Cloud 9]]]
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[right [pic https://imgur.com/bSKywlI.png]][center [font "Serif" Jonah continued walking the aisles of Cloud 9 as his mind was going through all of his thoughts. Where he wanted to be, how everything was going to be okay and he was happy for Amy. He also thought more about Garrett's advice, if you could even call it advice. Before he could come to a solid decision in his brain, his radio dinged off and Amy's voice rang through his ears.]]

[center [font "Serif" "Where the hell is Jonah?" She said, sounding agitated. Something he was afraid of doing. He pulled the radio off his buckle, answering promptly.]]

[center [font "Serif" [#492F9C "Uh, yeah. Jonah here, I'm over near the Camping stuff. I was uh, putting some tents away?"] He didn't sound too confident but it wouldn't of mattered anyway.]]

[center [font "Serif" "Well, have you see the new girl, Brooke? She was suppose to be at Hardlines over fourty five minutes ago and she is no where to be seen. Dina isn't answering to check the security cameras so she's no help."]]

[center [font "Serif" [i "She must be talking about the girl's voice from earlier."] Jonah thought to himself, entering the larger camping area. [#492F9C "I have no--"] He stopped himself when he noticed a new girl in a vest sitting in one of the camping chairs. [#492F9C "Actually, I found her. I'll bring her over."] He said, clicking the radio back onto his belt buckle.]]

[center [font "Serif" He approached her slowly, as it had looked as if she had fallen asleep. He tapped her arm gently, causing a rather violent awakening from her. She jumped up, punching him in the throat and knocking him on the floor. [#492F9C "Holy shit!"] He said, turning over onto his stomach and coughing. [#492F9C "Did you take karate or something? Jesus!"] He yelled, continuing to cough.]]

[center [font "Serif" He slowly got back up to his feet, rubbing his adam's apple from the abuse it had just suffered. He swallowed hard, speaking to her as she calmed down. [#492F9C "First of all, why were you sleeping? Especially in the open? Second of all, Amy is looking for you and I need you to follow me. She sounds pretty agitated so whatever excuse you're going to tell her...make sure it's clever."]]]
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[right [pic https://imgur.com/YZfgx2L.png]][center [font "Serif" Apparently, Brooke wasn't a very memorable person. She asked Cheyenne if she knew where hardlines were and she got a simple, "Uh, I don't know. Somewhere over...hm, maybe over there? No, no. Sorry, Over there. Yeah." While continuously pointing to other directions in the store. Brooke had never worked in Hardlines before and had no idea what it even was. She simply said, "Thanks" to Cheyenne before looking for the next employee to ask.]]

[center [font "Serif" She came upon Mateo, someone she had met earlier as well. Brooke walked up from behind, trying her best to put on a smile. He was standing in the mens swimsuit section, helping a customer. [#C4788E "Hey, Mateo. I'm sorry for bothering you but...can you tell me where Hardlines is? I was suppose to meet Amy there an--"]]]

[center [font "Serif" He started laughing and shrugged his shoulders. "The only hardlines I know is the one between my man's pants." He giggled, pushing past her. Again, no help there. She had never worked somewhere where no one was willing to help her.]]

[center [font "Serif" Her next help was Marcus who she noticed was stocking some shelves in Grocery. As much as she didn't want to ask him, she had no other choice. She couldn't find any one else. [#C4788E "Hey, uh, Marcus!"] She said, walking up to him, waving her hand. [#C4788E "Look, I really need some assistance here. I've been trying to find hardlines for a good twenty or so minutes. Amy is going to get pissed at me if I don't show up. Can you help me, please?"] She practically begged him, watching the flirtatious smile appear on his face.]]

[center [font "Serif" "Ahh, the damsel in distress needs some help. Well, I'll tell you if you go out to dinner with me?" He offered, his tone flirty as he stepped closer, staring down upon the short woman. She backed up, putting her hand against his chest.]]

[center [font "serif" [#C4788E "You know what, I think I'd rather get fired. Thanks."] She pressed her lips into a fine line, turning on her heel and walking away from him. She heard a few whistle calls and just ignored them.]]

[center [font "Serif" She came upon her last hope who...also wasn't much of a help. She entered the furniture department, looking around for Sandra. She finally saw her back to her in a chair and came up from behind. [#C4788E "Oh, thank God, Sandra. I need some hel--"] She cut herself off, coming around to the front of her. Sandra sat upon the chair, snoring. Brooke's hands slapped to her sides as she placed a hand on her forhead. [#C4788E "You've...got to be kidding me."] She whined, not sure where to go from here.]]

[center [font "Serif" Instead of looking further, she moved towards the camping section, finding a chair. She sat upon it, her head in her hand. At this point, she didn't even know how to get back to the office or customer service desk to find help. She wasn't given a radio since it was her first day. Everyone here seemed to be rather lazy and not do their job as it should be done. So, she figured her sitting here for a few minutes, til someone finds her, wouldn't be so bad.]]
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[right [pic https://imgur.com/bSKywlI.png]][center [font "Serif" Jonah peeked around the shelf, looking for his Floor Supervisor, Amy. He needed to talk to Garrett pronto but knew Amy had somewhat of a stick up her ass today. He didn't want to lodge another one up there. He quickly scurried his way over to the help service desk where he interrupted a customer.]]

[center [font "Serif" "Hey, you can't just cut like that!" The woman said and Jonah turned around, giving her an apologetic look.]]

[center [font "Serif" [#492F9C "Look, I'm really sorry. I need to talk to him, we are having a sale on women's leggings, buy one get one free. I suggest you take a look!"] His sales voice clicked on, as the woman turned around and b-lined it straight for softlines. He turned around to Garrett, who had a disapproving look on his face.]]

[center [font "Serif" "What do you need now, Jonah? Weren't you just over here ten minutes ago?"]]

[center [font "Serif" [#492F9C "Yes, yes I was. But listen, I really need some advice. You know how Amy went to marriage counseling and I thought, for just a tiny, little second, I had a chance?"]]]

[center [font "Serif" Garrett, clearly unamused, rolled his eyes. "Yes, I do. What about it? Her and Adam kissed and made up?" He asked, causing a painful groan to escape Jonah's lips.]]

[center [font "Serif" [#492F9C "Exactly! What do I do? One moment, I'm happy she's fixed her marriage but, Adam is such a...."] His voice trailed off, Garrett filling in the missing words.]]

[center [font "Serif" "A loser? A bum? A slum? A piece of trash? What, what is he?"]]

[center [font "Serif" [#492F9C "Those are all good options but I was thinking of a nicer term. Like....inconsiderate??? Doesn't treat her the way she deserves???"] He explained Garrett nodding as his eyes skimmed past Jonah.]]

[center [font "Serif" "Glenn is coming, you better not let him see you over here. He'll mention it to Amy." He told him as Jonah looked quickly. Sure enough, Glenn was coming over. He didn't have time to exit the scene quickly so he ducked down underneath Garrett's table. "What are you doing?" Garrett asked him, as Jonah put a finger to his own lips.]]

[center [font "Serif" "Well, well, well. Hello. I surely hope that you stay a lot longer than most! I am tired of having to take over cash register." Jonah heard Garrett say with a smirk upon his lips. He was confused as to who he was talking to.]]

[center [font "serif" [#C4788E "Well, Garrett, I think you will be surprised. I don't usually give up easily."] A woman's voice rang through his ears, an unfamiliar voice that's for sure. It was rather modulated and had a gentle but dominating tone.]]

[center [font "Serif" Glenn interjected, "Oh boy, you better watch out for this one, Garrett! Next thing you know, she'll take over your position!" He heard him laugh as he noticed the smirk from Garrett's face disappeared. He heard the footsteps become softer as the two left the front desk. Jonah poked his head out, looking around.]]

[center [font "Serif" [#492F9C "Is the coast clear?"] He asked, as his wheel chair bound friend nodded.]]

[center [font "Serif" "It was just an introduction to another temporary employee."]]

[center [font "Serif" [#492F9C "I don't know about temporary, she sounded pretty confident in herself."] He told him, standing up from behind the desk.]]

[center [font "Serif" "Whatever, man. We will see if she returns a week from now. Can you get out of my damn area? Go back to kissing Amy's ass." Garrett snided, obviously hurt from possibly getting his position taken away from a newby.]]

[center [font "serif" [#492F9C "But, I never got any advice on Amy. What should I do?"]]]

[center [font "Serif" Garrett pushed his wheelchair out, fully facing Jonah. "I really don't care what you do, Jonah. Move on, is the only advice I can give you. She's happy with her marriage, just let her be. It's not like she's going to disappear out of your life." He told him, pushing his wheel chair back into position. He pulled the announcement speaker closer, giving hurt Jonah a look. "Can you leave so I can do these damn announcements now?"]]

[center [font "Serif" Jonah nodded, slowly leaving the desk as he heard Garrett's voice come over the intercom. Move on was his advice. The chemistry that him and Amy had was amazing, he had never had it with another woman before. Yet, she was married and he was happy for her. If moving on was what was right, so be it. He'd rather her a friend than just another nobody.]]
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[right [pic https://imgur.com/YZfgx2L.png]][center [font "Serif" Penelope Haddish stood in front of the large superstore that was named "Cloud 9". She stared ahead at the large doors, opening and closing as customers entered. She wore her blue vest and a regular black t-shirt underneath. It clung to her body but not so much it would give anything away. Her short, chestnut brown hair barely touched her shoulders. She could smell her perfume radiating off of her own body, [i first impressions were important.] She thought to herself as her feet carried her forward.]]

[center [font "Serif" Upon entry, she was immediately intimidated. When she had interviewed for the job, it wasn't at the actual location. So, this was a first for her. The store was humongous. Multiple checkout lanes, part of the store sold furniture, part of it sold clothes, another part sold grocery. There were so many departments, her mind almost told her to turn around and find another job. But no. She needed this for her, she needed this for Charlotte.]]

[center [font "Serif" She heard that familiar squeaky voice and turned her head to where she saw a larger man standing with a clipboard. Her eyes squinted a bit, making out the name tag as "Glenn." Something about his voice and appearance made him seem extremely welcoming. He noticed her and they made eye contact. His eyes lite up as he rushed over to her. His high pitched voice ringing in her ears, "Brooklyn! Welcome!" He shrieked, stumbling in front of her. He had a large smile and she returned it. "I'm so glad you made it! Most people don't show up to their first day," He nervously chuckled, causing her to rethink her position once again. He fumbled in his pocket pulling out a name tag, handing it to her.]]

[center [font "Serif" As she looked down at the name, "Brooklyn", she almost forgot that was what she was going to be going by. She had to remain anonymous to everyone in this city. She couldn't risk her safety nor her daughters. Or even her mothers safety. [#C4788E "Thank you, Glenn."] She smiled, pinning it to the appropriate location.]]

[center [font "Serif" "Of course, of course! We are so excited to have you on the team! I'd love to give you the VIP tour and show you were you'll primarily be working." He told her, starting to walk off and she followed closely behind.]]

[center [font "Serif" The whole entire tour lasted about an hour, which she expected. She was shown everything. From the employees to the locker rooms to the break room to the bailer. She was even introduced to the warehouse employees, which she did not find Marcus amusing. He looked at her like a new slab of meat to get his nasty hands on. A look that was all too familiar to her.]]

[center [font "Serif" "Final stop, Brooklyn! Aren't you excited for the grand finale!" He squeaked earning a half smile from the woman. She was rather small compared to Glenn who towered over her. She was only 5 ft 4. [#C4788E "Of course, I couldn't be more excited."] She expressed, watching his facial expression glow.]]

[center [font "serif" "Well, here we have the Customer Service desk!" The strangest thing happened as they came upon the desk. She could swear she saw someone duck, but couldn't be sure of it. She then noticed the handicapped, light skinned man. He gave her a nice smile as the two approached the desk. "Garrett, this is our newest employee! Brooklyn!"]]

[center [font "Serif" "Well, well, well. Hello. I surely hope that you stay a lot longer than most! I am tired of having to take over cash register." He gave a sarcastic smile, which Brooklyn returned.]]

[center [font "serif" [#C4788E "Well, Garrett, I think you will be surprised. I don't usually give up easily."] She remarked, gaining a raise of the brow from him.]]

[center [font "Serif" Glenn interjected, "Oh boy, you better watch out for this one, Garrett! Next thing you know, she'll take over your position!" He laughed, ushering her to follow him. "I hope you enjoyed the tour! I swear I'm missing one employee but you'll be everywhere on the floor. You'll find them.]]

[center [font "Serif" [#C4788E "I did, I'm a little more confident in my position now...actually, what is my first assignment?"] She asked, glancing up at him.]]

[center [font "Serif" "Oh, right." He laughed, looking around the store, almost puzzled. "I'd like for you to find Amy in the hardlines. She'll have you stock a few shelves. We'll test out your abilities and place you in the best spot!" He assured her, getting on his radio. "Hey, Amy. I'm sending our newest employee, Brooklyn, to hardlines. Will you meet her there?"]]

[center [font "Serif" "I'll head there right away." She responded, Glenn smiling at her.]]

[center [font "Serif" "There you have it! You remember where hardlines is????"]]

[center [font "Serif" [#C4788E "I do, I'll head there now."] She nodded, actually confused as to where hardlines is or what it even is. She just needed to get away from Glenn's high pitched voice before she got a headache.]]
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