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uhhhh i dont know how to work this place at all, So uhh I'm doing one on discord since i know how to work that XD. Yee if you interested just pm me and ill send you all the jazz.

Basic info
In a sexist world a crossdresser climbs her way to the top and tries her hardest to become a dragon rider to prove everybody wrong. She would try soemthing else but a dragon rider is the only thing that you can never take away froma person as once they bond with a dragon, it is impossible to end without death. another female is working as a nurse and slowly becomes the best friend of the crossdresser. Two males find out about the crossdresser and vow to never tell a soul about it supporting what she is doing.

:/ yeeeah thats basic info so again if you interested then pm me and ill send you the jazzy jazz.

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