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The last thing he had expected was her taking his hand as she did and giving the gentle squeeze. Had it been anyone else, Jack might have pulled away and snarked off about how he didn't need or want pity. But with her.. her knew she meant it..and there was something about her that reached emotions he hadn't let himself feel in so long. [b "Don't be. It's life.."] Were instead his words as he slowly followed her in and let her look around. Like he said, the house wasn't home and was basic. Posters, awards, vinyl collection, and piano and a couch. [b "If you want.."] He said with a nod when her fingers traced the keys.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 156d 4h 32m 13s
Ally took his hand and squeezed it gently, "I'm sorry Jack." She walked in and took everything in... a bachelor lived there for sure... posters from shows on the walls down the hall... basic things.... his vinyl collection.... a few awards and a piano. She touched the keys, "May I?"
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 156d 4h 37m 22s
Slowly he looked to her, eyes unguarded so they showed pain he usually tried to hide. [b "A house isn't home when you have no one to share it with or come back to. I live on my own...only see Bobby and Gail mostly for shows..So I stay away from here. Do a lot of riding."] His words were quiet as he moved forward and unlocked the door, letting her in first.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 156d 4h 40m 15s
Ally looked to him, “Why not? It’s beautiful...I’d never leave.” She said seeing the stained glass large window near the door.
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 156d 7h 41m 48s
When he pulled into the drive, Jackson had taken his own helmet off and was getting off the bike and helping her off. [b "It's my house...bought it about a year ago but don't spend much time here."] He admitted as he took her hand to lead her inside.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 156d 7h 44m 28s
She hugged him and leaned into him, this was easy. It wasn’t long before he pulled into a drive and she took the helmet off looking around, “This is beautiful...what is it?”
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 156d 7h 48m 58s
[b "Of course..wouldn't risk you like that, darlin'."] He said as he helped her get the helmet on. And soon he had his own on. [b "Keep holding on and keep your grip tight."] And with that, Jackson had the bike roar to life and soon kicked off, a hand going to her leg to hold it against him.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 156d 7h 49m 42s
She nodded getting on the bike behind him and holding on, “Thank you for bringing me. A helmet.”
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 156d 7h 53m 34s
[b "Not far from here. And I wanna show you instead of tell."] Jackson said as he looked to her, getting her bags on the bike.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 156d 7h 54m 1s
“Where?” She asked looking to him a little surprised that he wanted to take her anywhere. Lorenzo watched out the window, his little girl was in love.
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 156d 7h 58m 48s
Jackson shook his head at her. They were both stubborn. [b "It won't be. But before we go there's some place else I wanna take you.."]
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 156d 7h 59m 56s
“No we won’t Jack, this is enough.” She said trying to protest him carrying things but it didn’t seem to work.
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 156d 8h 7m 8s
Jackson took both bags from her as she came out with them and said they were all she owned. [b "We'll do something about that."] He said as he had one of the bags over his shoulder and his hand took hers, leading her back down the stairs. They would be stopping at his home first so he could get a bag too. He had wanted to get her first.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 156d 8h 9m 5s
She nodded, “We will see how long that lasts.” She said sighing. Last night he had been hammered. When she came out she had two small bags and that was it. “This is everything I own.” She muttered sadly.
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 156d 8h 14m 27s
[b "I've not been drinking. I'm sober. With you I don't feel the need to drink."] He said to her and soon was being shoved towards the hall where he was going to wait for her
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 156d 8h 16m 22s

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