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She nodded, “I haven’t unpacked anything so that may be a journey.” She had been living in her jean shorts and flip flops. She managed to find a pair of jeans she had had before and slipped them on only to realize they wouldn’t button. “Baby Maine is making. Me fat.” She said sighing. She wasn’t showing but she apparently had gotten bigger. Eventually she found a pair of Victoria’s Secret PINK Black leggings and her Nike shoes that’s a Jack had insisted she get.
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 1y 33d 21h 10m 11s
He watched as she scurried off to go and get her phone dock and shook his head. How he envied her her youth and energy. Truth was he was getting old and the drugs starting to catch up with him. Only times he felt young were with her. [b "If you really wanna go, then I'll take you. But you have to find pants and closed shoes when on the bikes...motorcycle or four wheeler."] Jack said as his arms were around her and she leaned into him.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 1y 33d 21h 12m 50s
She nodded, “I have a real kitchen now.” She said and kissed him before running to get her docking station for her phone so she could charge it and listen to music when she cooked later. It was one of the few things she had owned before Jackson. Now she had more clothes as when they had shopping time on the tour, he had made sure she had things. She leaned into him, “Take me to see the pond? I can find some sweats.” she said wearing his Tom Petty shirt.”
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 1y 33d 21h 24m 2s
Her words were cute and even made him chuckle. This young woman brought back a side to him that had not been there in years. Slowly she was pulling him back and she was becoming his sanity.. [b "If it's anything like you had been able to do on the bus or in the hotels...pretty sure gonna be in heaven, darlin'."] He said as he pulled her into a kiss.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 1y 33d 21h 15m 54s
She nodded getting up with him, “I’m making Italian pasta for lunch, I hope you like you an Italian girlfriend that can cook.” She joked.
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 1y 33d 21h 45m 15s
[b "Told you...wouldn't risk y'all like that and I would handle it.."] Jackson mittered as he held her, kissing her head. He thought about her words of talking her riding on the motorcycle before she became too big. [b "Maybe one more ride..don't wanna hurt you or the baby.. But I will take you on the four wheeler...safer."] He said as he slowly got up to get more toast.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 1y 33d 21h 51m 7s
Ally nodded hugging him, “Thank you...I was afraid to go back there.” She admitted and smiled when he lit up talking about four wheelers and motorcycles. “Maybe you should take me out on your motorcycle again before I get too big cowboy...four wheels does sound safer though.”
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 1y 33d 21h 56m 36s
[b "The bike's more fun, but four wheelers are fun too. Get offroad ridin' and made for grass.."] He said quietly, explaining it. Also in his way telling her he loved motorcycles and all that shit. Slowly he looked to her and his gaze met hers. [b "Told him we're having a baby and if he ever touches you again there'll be hell to pay. Nothin' special darlin'."]
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 1y 33d 21h 58m 5s
“Four wheeler sounds fun...never been on one.” She admitted and looked to him, “ did you take care of my dad?”
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 1y 33d 22h 2m 49s
[b "Even if can't eat more than toast we'll talk. Like I said, owe you this..."] He muttered and listened to her request for the walk. He almost wished Bobby wouldn't have opened his mouth about it. Again not because he wasn't willing to show her but wanted to make sure she was up to it. [b "Are you sure you're up to it? We can always take one of the four wheelers's kinda a far walk out back.."] And nodded about the place looking better with rugs and everything. He trusted her.

Again he kissed her temple and kept his hand on her stomach. [b "Don't gotta worry about your dad...dealt with him already."]
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 1y 33d 22h 7m 47s
She nodded, “We can talk over lunch Jackson, maybe I’ll feel good enough to eat something more than toast.” She said kissing his cheek. “Could we go for a walk? Bobby said there’s a pond back there and more me Jack it’ll look better once we get some rugs and things.”

She put her hand over his, “I love you and Baby Maine...scared to tell my dad Jack.”
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 1y 33d 22h 15m 24s
Her mind did seem to be all.over the place as he watched and listened to her. But how could he blame her? She was young and she was obviously excited for the baby. Hell even he was starting to warm up to the idea of being a dad. Just he still had to explain things to her. But that could wait a little longer. And he had noticed the changes to the house that she had made. The man noticed everything even if he had not said anything.

It was when she was curled into the corner of the couch did he come over to sit with her and bring two mugs of tea and toast over and took a seat beside her. His arms were almost immediately around her and he was thinking about how he wanted to even cancel the tour. There was no way he really wanted her on it with him. Not because he didn't want her around but safety reasons.

[b "Baby girl, it's not wrong to not want to leave the house.. Hell I don't really want you to either. I know didn't say this...but it looks and much more like home with the changes you made..Hell feels more like home just having you here. I promise I will be there when the baby don't have to face this alone.. And Ramone, yeah that was nice of him."] He really was trying to answer...but he was still terrible in being about to voice his thoughts and even what he felt. For her..he was at least trying. And that was more than he would ever do for anyone else.

His hand had absently found its way to rest over her flat stomach and he kissed her temple gently. [b "We do gotta talk later. Owe you more of an explanation to all of this.."] He muttered quietly. He was meaning his fear and why he was scared of them having a baby.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 1y 33d 22h 17m 40s
“I was trying to make breakfast for you, just baby doesn’t like coffee.” She said hugging him, “let me brush my teeth, toast might be all I can keep down Jack.” She tan to the bathroom and brushed her teeth, throwing her hair up in a messy pony tail as well.

She smiled taking the lollipop, “thanks honey.” She sat in the corner of the couch, the new blanket over her. She shouldn’t go out on tour with him but she would. She would spend a lot of time on the bus.

“Is it bad that I don’t want to leave the house?” She asked. She didn’t know if he noticed the changes she made like the fresh flowers. Ally felt gross she didn’t feel like she was pretty or deserved his attention, just feeling like this made her that way.

She had put the ultrasound on the fridge door with magnets the night before...Baby Maine. She never thought they would be having a baby but here they were.

“Jack....promise me you’ll be there when the baby is born? I can’t do this without you.” She leaned against him. “I know you hate shopping but would you shop for our baby online with me?” She had her hand absentmindedly protecting her belly. She was meant to be a mom, she just didn’t realize it...but she wouldn’t want this with anyone else.

“I told Rae over a text, he’s surprised but he can’t wait to be fun Uncle Rae and he said if we ever need a baby sitter he’s available.” She said giggling. They had 8 months until the baby got there and it seemed like both a long and a short amount of time.
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 1y 34d 4h 58m 49s
Jackson and Ally hadn't been together long but he knew he loved her and she was his world. Anything he would do for her. First dealing with her father which she didn't know about and Gail and Bobby's admitting him into rehab in the next week. Again she didn't know about that. Or at least he didn't think she did. So he did eat with her, only because she encouraged it and he fell asleep with her in his of the best sleeps he had has in a ling time.

In the morning, Jackson woke to Ally not being in his arms and the sound of being sick from the kitchen. Slowly he did enter and as he had done the day before he pulled back her hair and rubbed her back. [b "Lets get you to sit and relax, darlin'. I'll get you some tea and make breakfast..whatever you and Baby Maine want."] He whispered, gently kissed the back of her neck. He was also going to het her one of her pregnancy pops to see if it helped her.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 1y 34d 8h 31m 11s
She nodded and hugged both Jackson and Gail. “Thank you both.” It was just a box of lollipops that would help settle her sickness but to her it was amazing that someone...anyone thought of her that way, especially Jackson who she hadn’t been with very long, and Gailc who she hadn’t known very long.

Bobby and Gail left shortly after that. Ally ate and encouraged Jackson to eat too before going to bed. In bed she found herself in his arms and fell asleep easily. The next day she woke up and tried to make his coffee for him like she had on the bus or in hotel rooms and the smell sent her to the sink once again. Coffee and Baby maine did not mix.
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 1y 34d 9h 18m 37s

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