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[center Chapter 6]

Hwanwoong was embracing what little sleep he could get, considering that he was plagued with constant nightmares every time he closed his eyes. He knew that Xion had it worse due to his insomnia though, so he couldn't complain too much. The only other person he knew had nightmares was Wooseok, but Wooseok never talked about them. Jinhyuk got them occasionally but it was nothing like Wooseok's nightmares according to Jinhyuk. Hwanwoong could only sympathize with Wooseok and offer some sort of support during their nightly talks.

"You must get tired of my company by now," said Hwanwoong as Jinhyuk met him outside after Hwanwoong returned from a run and sat in his usual chair. "Nah," said Jinhyuk as he sat down in his usual chair, propping his feet up on the table. "I rather like your company," he said. "And Wooseok sympathizes with you," he said. "He's lucky to get [i any] peaceful sleep at night," he said.

"Is it that bad?" Asked Hwanwoong. "I used to wake up to his nightmares," said Jinhyuk. "So much so that my body automatically wakes me up around this time, so I'm kind of used to it," he said. "I just go to sleep earlier," he said. Hwanwoong hummed in response.

"Can we join you?" Asked Xion as he stepped outside with Wooseok not too far behind him a couple hours later. "Come on over," said Hwanwoong. Wooseok stepped out and closed the door as Xion went to sit down. Wooseok went to sit down, staring off into space as he hugged his knees. "Bad nightmares tonight?" Asked Hwanwoong. Wooseok nodded absentmindedly, not answering Hwanwoong verbally due to being tired.

"So..." Started Xion. "There's 10 of you," he said. Jinhyuk nodded. "Who's sharing rooms with who?" Asked Xion. "Wooseok and I share a room, Gyujin and Xiao share a room, Hwanhee and Jinwook share a room, Kuhn and Kogyeol share a room, and Changhyun and Sunyoul share the last room," said Jinhyuk. "Oh, cool," said Xion.

"It's not bad for a 2 story house," said Hwanwoong. "No," said Jinhyuk. "There's 5 rooms on one floor of the house and 2 on the other," he said. "As you saw from the rooms being across the hall from each other," he said. "Right," said Hwanwoong.

"I think one of the others will join us soon," said Jinhyuk. "Jinwook's been wanting to join us in our nightly sessions and I think Sunyoul wants to make sure we're okay," he said. "Ever the medic," mumbled Wooseok. "Gunhak told me he wanted to join in too," said Xion. "Watch, everyone ends up out here at one point," Jinhyuk said with a snicker. "I wouldn't be surprised, not at all," said Wooseok.

"I think it might be out of curiosity," said Hwanwoong. "We're out here most of the night, for various reasons," he said. "They have to be wondering what the hell we talk about," he said with a snicker.

"Why did you two take one of the bottom floor bedrooms?" Asked Xion. "More due to convenience," said Wooseok. "We get a bit more privacy too, as you saw we share a bathroom and it's just us four while everyone shares a bathroom upstairs," he said. "Who has the master bedroom?" Asked Xion. "Jinwook," said Wooseok. "Even now, we recognize that he was the alpha," he said. "The only reason he accepted it was because Hwanhee was rooming with him, even if he's gone for most of the time," he said.

[center ~]

As usual, their conversations were interrupted by Sunyoul as he stepped outside again, sighing as he saw them. "Really, how long are you guys out here?" He asked. "I've been out here since 4," said Xion as he shrugged. "Wooseok came out with him," said Jinhyuk as he motioned to a sleeping Wooseok. "Jinhyuk and I've been out since about 2," said Hwanwoong as he shrugged.

"Go get washed up and come get breakfast before going back to bed," said Sunyoul before he headed back inside. Hwanwoong was the first to get up, stretching before he headed back inside, trusting that Jinhyuk and Xion could wake the still sleeping Wooseok. Wooseok really did look like he needed to keep sleeping, as he had fallen asleep during the middle of a conversation an hour earlier.

"How was things last night?" Asked Youngjo as Hwanwoong and Xion joined them for breakfast. "Just fine," said Hwanwoong. "I got some sleep then went running," he said. "I got like an hour's worth of sleep," said Xion as he sighed.

"How can you live with this kind of insomnia? Jesus," said Youngjo. "I don't know," said Xion. "I wish I could get more sleep but," he said, shrugging. "I think I'll join you one of these nights," said Gunhak. "When do you usually head out?" He asked. "I head out around 2," said Hwanwoong. "I usually head out when Wooseok does, and that's usually around 4," said Xion.

"If I went running I'm out around midnight but," said Hwanwoong as he shrugged. "I get some sleep then, I let my wolf do the running," he said. "Ah," said Gunhak. "It's a bit odd for us turned werewolves," Hwanwoong said, chuckling some as he scratched the back of his head.

"Mind coming out with me today?" Asked Jinhyuk as he entered the livingroom. "We're getting new chairs," he added. "Ah, sure?" Asked Hwanwoong. "Are you gonna get one of those outdoor recliner things?" Asked Xion. "In case Wooseok falls asleep outside again," said Jinhyuk as he nodded. "And we'll have a place to sit," he added. "The other side of the deck can be used for us anyway, it's just empty over there," he said. "Sure let us finish breakfast," said Hwanwoong. Xion nodded in agreement and Jinhyuk smiled slightly, nodding in return before heading back into the kitchen.

"Have fun then," said Gunhak. "Don't try to murder the others while we're gone," Hwanwoong said jokingly as he chuckled some. "Sure," said Youngjo as he shook his head. Xion chuckled lightly as he finished eating, going to get ready for the day afterwards. Hwanwoong was already ready to head out, so he waited on Jinhyuk and Xion after he was done eating.

"We'll get one of those gazebo things too," said Jinhyuk as he drove to a Lowes Home Improvement store to get what they needed. "In case it rains?" Asked Hwanwoong. "That and we'll have a screen to protect us from bugs," said Jinhyuk. "I talked to everyone about it, they said it was fine," he said. "I see," said Hwanwoong. "We'll get one for each of us," said Xion. "And a couple outdoor chairs and a table," he said.

"Will everything fit?" Asked Hwanwoong as he looked around the jeep. "We bought a truck," said Jinhyuk. "I'll be driving home with the stuff once we go pick it up," he said. "I trust that one of you can drive and not run off?" He asked. "We won't," said Hwanwoong. "Just drive behind me and we'll be good," said Jinhyuk. "No worries," said Xion.

After getting the truck and then going to buy and load all the furniture in the truck bed Jinhyuk drove home with Xion in the truck while Hwanwoong drove home in the jeep, following them back to the house. Everyone came out into the backyard after Jinhyuk drove around into the backyard and Wooseok, Jinwook and Kuhn helped carry the heavier boxes over to the deck while Xion and Xiao took the furniture down from the truck bed.

They had gotten two gazebos, for both sides of the deck and Wooseok and Jinhyuk helped set up one while Gunhak and Youngjo helped set up the other as the other 'shifters along with Hwanwoong helped assemble the furniture.

Everyone decided to eat dinner outside once everything was done, relaxing in their own separate groups. Hwanwoong was hesitant to walk over to Jinhyuk and Wooseok as they spoke with Gyujin about something so he stayed near Xion and Xiao as they ate.

"I know you want to sit with them," said Xion. "I don't want to come off as rude," said Hwanwoong as he shrugged. "It's Wooseok, I'm sure he wouldn't mind," said Xiao. "If he did you'd know," he said. "I guess," said Hwanwoong. With the chairs named for each person that regularly sat outside everyone headed inside, going off to their rooms to do whatever until bed.

"Heading out again tonight?" Asked Xion. "Maybe," said Hwanwoong. "I dunno yet," he said. "It depends on how things go," he said. "Yeah," said Xion.
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[center Chapter 5]

Sleep was a wonderful thing, something that Xion was unable to get some nights. It wasn't like he was plagued with nightmares like the others, no it was the opposite. Insomnia was something that plagued his nights, and most of the time he was awake when Wooseok had gotten up and headed onto the back deck, his and Hwanwoong's room just across the hall from Wooseok and Jinhyuk's room.

Tonight was like no other, as he laid awake after getting probably an hour of sleep. Hwanwoong was sleeping across the room from him, curled up in his bed under the covers. Xion stared up at the dark ceiling, wondering if he should be the one to head out tonight. There was no indication from Wooseok or Jinhyuk that they headed out, and it was raining so he figured that there was a silent command to stay in tonight. He decided to turn over and try to sleep, burying his face into the pillow.

[center ~]

Xion woke suddenly, sitting up as he did so. He reached for his phone and checked the time, noticing how late in the morning was. "I slept in it seems," he said, yawning as he stretched, moving to get up. He made his bed before heading out of the room and into the livingroom where his pack were sitting and watching a movie.

"Where's the 'shifters?" Asked Xion. "Jinwook went to spar with Kuhn," said Gunhak. "It stopped raining a bit ago so they took the chance to try and alleviate the anger," he said. "The others are doing whatever they're doing, I dunno," he said. "There's breakfast in the kitchen," he said. Xion nodded and headed into the kitchen to get breakfast before coming back and sitting down beside Hwanwoong.

"Did you get any sleep last night?" Asked Hwanwoong. "Some," said Xion. "I managed to get enough to sleep in it seems," he added. "That's good," said Gunhak. "What are we watching anyway?" Asked Xion. "Some random movie that was playing," said Gunhak as he turned his attention to the tv. "I see," said Xion.

Wooseok and Jinhyuk entered the livingroom after a couple hours, spotting the werewolves still sitting around the TV. "Anything interesting going on?" Asked Wooseok. "Not really," said Gunhak. "Kuhn and Jinwook are still out I think," he said. "Ah," said Wooseok. "I'll go check on them then," he said, going to put on his shoes before heading out the back door.

"I might join you tonight," Xion said suddenly as he looked at Jinhyuk. Jinhyuk blinked. "Can't sleep either?" He asked. "I have insomnia so," mumbled Xion. "I can probably get like 1-2 hours of sleep," he said. "Apparently I was tired enough to finally sleep for more than that today but," he said, shrugging. "We talk about some serious topics, so if you're okay with that..." Said Jinhyuk. "It's okay, I'll probably join you when Wooseok gets up or something," said Xion. Jinhyuk nodded. "Okay," he said.

Wooseok walked in with Jinwook and Kuhn following behind him, Sunyoul and Xiao a few feet behind them. "Everyone was out today?" Asked Jinhyuk. "Kogyeol went to get Gyujin from the airport, and Changhyun went to get food," said Wooseok. "Ah," said Jinhyuk.

"I was there to make sure it didn't get [i too] out of hand," said Xiao. "And I made sure they were healing," said Sunyoul as he shrugged. "Man, you really tore into me again," said Kuhn as he turned to Jinwook. "Sorry," said Jinwook. "I guess I needed it," he said, scratching the back of his head. "I keep telling you, I'm fine with being your sparring partner," said Wooseok. "Not after you got those scars man," said Jinwook as he scratched the back of his head. "It's fine, really," said Wooseok.

"Come and watch the movie then," said Gunhak. "Meh, why not," said Wooseok as he went to sit down in the recliner. Everyone else scattered around the livingroom, and Xiao went to sit with Xion, something everyone took notice of but said nothing. There clearly wasn't anything going on between them both, but since they both were the youngest, it was more of a companionship kind of thing.

[center ~]

When Gyujin got back with Kogyeol and Changhyun everyone was eating dinner, having had pizza delivered to the house. "I said I was getting food," said Changhyun as he sighed. "Put it in the fridge, probably going to eat when we have our late night talks again," said Jinhyuk.

"How much sleep do you get Jinhyuk?" Asked Kogyeol. "Enough sleep," said Jinhyuk. "It was raining the passed couple nights so I got enough sleep," he said. "Leave it," said Wooseok. "I wake up to see him still sleeping most nights," he said. "So you're out there alone?" Asked Gyujin as he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "No, I'm out there," said Hwanwoong as he shrugged. "It's become routine now," he said, shrugging again. "Sleep until I wake up, then go sit outside til morning," he said. Changhyun brushed it off with a shrug, going to put the bags of take out in the fridge. Gyujin went to unpack while Kogyeol went to sit in the loveseat, laying down with his feet hanging off one end.

[center ~]

It was a clear night, and Xion was awake once again as he listened to the sounds in the house. Their movie marathon ended after dinner and he was left to his own devices after Xiao had dragged Gyujin off to their shared room. He soon heard footsteps and the door across the hall opening and closing before more footsteps headed down the hall and outside. He turned onto his side to spot an empty bed, and figured that Hwanwoong had gone running again.

After what seemed like eternity Xion heard Wooseok moving around in the room across the hall as he left his room and Xion took the chance to get up and head out too, nodding to Wooseok as he went to get his shoes.

"Hey Wooseok, welcome Xion," said Jinhyuk as he spotted them as Xion then Wooseok came outside with Wooseok closing the door. "How late is it?" Asked Hwanwoong. "Just before 4 am," said Xion as he watched Wooseok walk over to his chair and sit down. He then went to take a seat beside Hwanwoong, curling up in his chair as he hugged his knees, mimicking Wooseok in a way as he did the same.

"If you want you can sleep, we don't usually talk about much anyway," said Hwanwoong as he put a comforting hand on Xion's knee. Xion nodded absentmindedly, already zoning out. The conversation continued it seemed, but Xion was in a trance like state now as he zoned them out, falling asleep not long afterwards as his exhausted mind finally gave in and let him sleep.
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[center Chapter 4]

"Wait so you're telling me that you're the reason Wooseok started changing?" Asked Hwanwoong as he sat outside with Jinhyuk again. "I am," said Jinhyuk. "He wasn't supposed to start changing either, somehow I thought he'd stay human," he said. "I mean, Eunwoo started changing before him so," he said, shrugging. "He didn't smell like he was going to start changing either," he said. "So it just happened huh?" Asked Hwanwoong. Jinhyuk nodded. "Interesting," said Hwanwoong.

Wooseok stepped outside after putting on his shoes and walked over to his chair and sat down. "Nightmares again?" Asked Jinhyuk as he looked at Wooseok. Wooseok nodded, curling up in his chair as he hugged his knees. "Sleep, we're here," said Jinhyuk. "I just need to keep my mind blank for a few hours," mumbled Wooseok. "I'll listen to you talk if you don't mind," he said. "No problem," said Hwanwoong. Jinhyuk nodded in agreement.

"So how did you come to be with Gunhak's pack?" Asked Jinhyuk. "Ah..." said Hwanwoong. "I was part of another pack, the alpha there turned me," he said, shrugging. "I stayed out of their way though, he was scary," he said. "I don't remember much but I know that the alpha had two kids, from different moms or something," he said. "Hm..." Said Jinhyuk. "I don't know what he did to bring iKon over but," Hwanwoong said, shrugging. "I ran when I saw them, though I know they wouldn't do anything to me," he said.

"You know," said Wooseok as he had been listening to the conversation while spacing out. "This house belonged to that alpha," he said. "Really?" Asked Hwanwoong. "I got to ask Moonbin to get all the info on this house before we came back, the humans liked to talk about it," said Wooseok. "The sons of said alpha are still alive, Daehyun's part of Yongguk's pack and Minhyuk is with Joshua," he said. "Hm," said Hwanwoong.

[center ~]

Their conversation was interrupted by Sunyoul stepping outside as he was the first to wake up. "Unable to sleep again?" He asked. "Get some rest today, you three look like you need it," he said. "Xiao and Kogyeol can take care of things today," he said. "Along with the werewolves," he added. "They're normally not a problem," said Jinhyuk. "Just let them do their thing," he said. Wooseok nodded in agreement. "Okay, come inside," said Sunyoul. "Go wash up and come into the kitchen for breakfast," he said.

Wooseok was the first to get up, stretching before walking passed Sunyoul and heading inside. Sunyoul turned to Jinhyuk and Hwanwoong. "What?" Asked Jinhyuk. "I think you may need to keep a closer eye on him," said Sunyoul. "I'm his advisor, not beta," said Jinhyuk as he crossed his arms. "I'm asking not because of that, I'm asking because you're his best friend," said Sunyoul. "I don't know him as well as you do," he said.

"I don't want another Jinwook, you haven't seen the crap we went through before you two showed up," he said. "No offense to Jinwook but," he added. Jinhyuk sighed. "I'll keep a closer eye on him," he said. "It's not like Kogyeol would care," he said with a snort. "I'd say to leave him alone but," Sunyoul said with a shrug. "Just be careful around him," he said. Jinhyuk nodded. "Thank you," said Sunyoul. Jinhyuk got up and headed inside, bumping shoulders with Sunyoul as he passed him.

"Look," said Sunyoul as he turned to Hwanwoong. "I know we've never been on the best of terms but," he said, scratching the back of his head. "I'd like to at least try and be friends?" He asked. Hwanwoong smiled slightly. "I'd like that," he said. "I'm sorry for everything," he said, rubbing the back of his neck as he got up. "Hey, it's alright, there's bound to be differences in opinion somewhere right?" Asked Sunyoul. Hwanwoong chuckled slightly as he nodded, heading back inside. Sunyoul shook his head, looking around the backyard before heading inside and closing the back door.

"Well, this is a surprise," he said, spotting Xiao and Xion making breakfast together. "I figured why not," said Xiao. "That way we know what to make for everyone," he said. "Want some help?" Asked Sunyoul. "Sure," said Xion. Sunyoul nodded and went to help make breakfast, as people came and left the kitchen after grabbing their cups of coffee.

[center ~]

"Hwanhee's still gone huh?" Asked Wooseok as he sat at the kitchen table after getting breakfast with the other 'shifters. "He should be returning soon," said Kuhn. "Gyujin's on his way back, so Hwanhee's on his last leg of missions," he said. "That's good," said Kogyeol. "I was wondering when they were both returning, it's been what? A year?" He asked. "The Treasure Box faction is busy as hell," remarked Jinwook. "I think it's due to Mashiho and Yedam wanting things to work out," said Wooseok. "It'll die down when things are going well I'm sure," he added.

"So, these conversations you three have at night," started Xiao. "What are they mostly about?" He asked. "We sit in silence most of the time," said Jinhyuk. "But lately we talk about about anything and everything," he said. "Keeps the mind occupied, you know because nightmares and things," he added. "I stopped having them again, so I'm just keeping Hwanwoong company," he said. "And I join in after I wake up," said Wooseok.

"I might join you one of these nights," said Jinwook. "To see if I can keep my insanity in check," he added. "We get into some serious topics," said Jinhyuk. "So, if you're willing sure," he added. "Yeah, why not," said Jinwook. "Good, I hate being used as a punching bag," Changhyun said jokingly, earning a snort from Kuhn. Wooseok chuckled slightly, shaking his head.

[center ~]

"What kind of conversations do you guys even have?" Asked Youngjo as he ate breakfast with the others in the livingroom. "It must be interesting if you're staying outside most of the night," he added. "Ah..." Said Hwanwoong. "Anything and everything, I suppose," he said. "Who even knows anymore, I'm keeping my mind occupied and Jinhyuk's just keeping me company at this point," he added.

"I hear Wooseok get up sometimes," said Xion. "His nightmares must be pretty bad," he said. "I dunno, I never asked what his were about," said Hwanwoong. "Most of the time he just joins us and spaces out," he said. "You're welcome to join us sometime," he added. "I'm sure they wouldn't mind," he said. "We'll see," said Gunhak. "Maybe these late night conversations would help, who knows," he said. Hwanwoong nodded.
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[center Chapter 3]

"Wooseok move out of the way!" Shouted Jinhyuk as he shoved Wooseok out of the way of an oncoming werewolf. Wooseok was shoved to the ground as Jinhyuk landed on top of him, breathing heavily. "You need to get out of here!" Said Jinhyuk. "I'll distract them okay?" He asked, rolling off of Wooseok and getting to his feet. "Come and get me mutts!" He shouted as the werewolves converged on him.

Wooseok was left to sit up, leaning on his elbows in shock as he watched the werewolves just tear into Jinhyuk. Wooseok [i couldn't] let his best friend die, he needed to do something, but what? Something clicked, and Wooseok got to his feet. "Hey!" He shouted, getting the werewolves' attention. "Get your grubby hands off my best friend!" He snarled as he triggered the change, changing into a large polar bear. A roar was the last thing Jinhyuk heard before he fell unconscious.

[center ~]

Jinhyuk sat up with a gasp, breathing heavily as he tried to clear the nightmare from his mind. He wiped his face with his hand, subconsciously reaching back with his other hand to rub the edge of the scar that went over his left shoulder. Why did [i that] nightmare comeback? He wasn't sure as he moved to get out of bed and leave the room, spotting a still sleeping Wooseok in his own bed, sleeping peacefully. He headed down the hallway and into the livingroom before going to grab his shoes and putting them on. He headed out the backdoor, closing the door as quietly as he could before going to sit in one of the lounge chairs, propping his feet up on the table as he stared up at the starry sky.

"Couldn't sleep?" Asked Hwanwoong as he walked over, having returned from a late night run. "Didn't think you'd be out this late," Jinhyuk said absentmindedly as he turned his head to look at Hwanwoong. "I couldn't sleep either," said Hwanwoong as he shrugged, tilting his head to the side. "Well, come join me then," said Jinhyuk as he motioned to one of the other chairs. Hwanwoong went to sit down, also propping his feet on the table as he relaxed in the chair.

"What brought you out for a run?" Asked Jinhyuk. "Ah, nightmares," said Hwanwoong. "I try to get a decent amount of sleep but it's hard to," he said. Jinhyuk hummed, nodding. "What about you?" Asked Hwanwoong. "Same," said Jinhyuk. "Though I haven't had this nightmare in months," he said. "Must be nice," remarked Hwanwoong. "To not have nightmares constantly I mean," he added quickly. Jinhyuk snorts. "It makes it harder to predict when they come," he said. "It's better than being plagued by them daily," said Hwanwoong. "That's true," agreed Jinhyuk as he hummed.

"Your packmate, Hwanhee was it? He's a nice person," said Hwanwoong. "He made sure that we were comfortable when we were with him on missions for a bit," he said. "Hwanhee's that kind of person," said Jinhyuk as he shrugged. "He looks out for everyone," he said. "Everyone does in their own way," said Hwanwoong. Jinhyuk hummed, turning to look up at the starry sky again.

[center ~]

Wooseok's eyes snapped open as he sat up, breathing heavily as he tried to wipe the nightmare from his mind. "What the hell?" He asked, reaching over to grab his phone from the nightstand. He checked the time before turning to look at Jinhyuk's bed and seeing it empty. "Did he have the same nightmare?" He asked, shaking his head before moving to get up and going to put a shirt on. He then left the room and headed into the livingroom, hearing voices out on the back deck. He put on some shoes and grabbed a couple drinks from the kitchen before heading outside to spot Jinhyuk and Hwanwoong sitting in the lounge chairs talking.

"Did we wake you?" Asked Jinhyuk as he noticed Wooseok. "No," said Wooseok as he shook his head. "Nightmares then?" Asked Jinhyuk. Wooseok nodded, turning and closing the back door before walking over to sit next to Jinhyuk after handing him and Hwanwoong a bottle of soda.

"You two are rather close," said Hwanwoong as he observed Wooseok and Jinhyuk. "We grew up together," said Wooseok as he relaxed in the chair, choosing not to prop his feet up on the table. "What time is it?" Asked Jinhyuk. "Just before 5 am," said Wooseok. "We've been out here for a good two hours then," said Hwanwoong. Jinhyuk hummed, nodding.

"What brought you out here?" Asked Wooseok as he turned to Hwanwoong. "Nightmares, same as you two I think," said Hwanwoong as he shrugged. "I couldn't sleep so I went running," he said. "I see," said Wooseok. They sat in comfortable silence, listening to the early morning sounds of the forest around them as Wooseok ended up falling asleep where he was sitting. Jinhyuk got up and went to put a light blanket around Wooseok before going to sit down again, propping his feet on the table.

[center ~]

It would be a few hours later when the others discovered them outside as Xion had been sent out to look for them. "Ah, it's breakfast time," said Xion as he found them. "We'll be in in a minute," said Jinhyuk. Hwanwoong nodded in agreement. "Alright," said Xion before he headed inside to let the others know. Jinhyuk went to wake Wooseok, gently shaking him. "Hey, it's time for breakfast," he said as Wooseok grumbled, opening his eyes.

"What?" Asked Wooseok as he stretched in his chair when Jinhyuk moved away. "It's time for breakfast," said Jinhyuk. "Oh, okay," said Wooseok as he got up, folding the blanket and bringing it inside. Jinhyuk chuckled lightly before following him inside. Hwanwoong looked around outside before going in, spotting the other members of his pack in the livingroom.

"Breakfast is on the table," said Gunhak. "Got it," said Hwanwoong before he headed into the kitchen. Wooseok and Jinhyuk soon entered the kitchen to get their share of food, making sure Hwanwoong got his share before going to sit down at the kitchen table with the rest of the 'shifters. Hwanwoong nodded to them before going to sit in the livingroom, sitting next to Youngjo.

"How was the run last night?" Asked Youngjo. "Was okay," said Hwanwoong. "Ended up spending the rest of the night outside with Jinhyuk and Wooseok though," he said. "I see," said Gunhak. "They didn't mind?" He asked. "No," said Hwanwoong. "Jinhyuk didn't, and Wooseok just went with it when he joined us a couple hours later," he said. "Ah," said Gunhak.

"Nightmares again?" Asked Sunyoul as he noticed the bags under Wooseok's eyes. "Yeah," mumbled Wooseok. "It'll be alright though," he said. "He didn't do anything did he?" Asked Kuhn. "Hwanwoong? No," said Wooseok. "He was already out there with me when Wooseok joined us," said Jinhyuk. "I told you, they're good people," said Jinwook. "But [i no one] wants to believe the insane person," he said with a snort.
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[center Chapter 2]

There was something different about seeing the werewolves return. Hwanhee was still out, but when the werewolves got done with their side of the missions they returned from them. Xion and Xiao practically acted the same around each other, while Gunhak kept up a stoic but commanding presence to keep his pack members in line. Hwanwoong was indifferent, though he [i tried] to keep things from escalating between himself and Sunyoul. Youngjo avoided everyone, and Wooseok was fine with that. He didn't want any more problems than he had to deal with, especially when the 'shifters side of the pack weren't on the best of terms right now.

"You think that after being with them for decades they learn to get along," said Jinhyuk as he sat on the back deck with Wooseok as he read a book. "You'd think that after so long someone would've taken the position of alpha by now," Wooseok said with a snort. "They [i have] no one else," said Jinhyuk as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Ah, that's true," mumbled Wooseok.

"You know," said Jinhyuk. "I wonder, what was going through our heads when we decided to help out this pack?" He asked. "Jinwook was the previous alpha was he not?" He asked. "You [i know] the reason behind why they ended up without an alpha before we joined," said Wooseok. "His mate is stupid," grumbled Jinhyuk. "Sometimes it doesn't work out," said Wooseok. Jinhyuk hummed in response.

"This isn't just about the pack is it?" Asked Wooseok, earning a snort from Jinhyuk as he leaned his head back to look at the clouds. "Kogyeol needs to realize that he'll never be more than a beta in this pack," he said. "His opinion does matter," said Wooseok. "He seems to think that it doesn't," said Jinhyuk.

"He also thinks someone will take over soon," said Wooseok. "I [i highly] doubt that," said Jinhyuk. "Unless he defies logic and awakens his alpha's voice," he said. "He's the only person who would take over, or try to," he added. "Yep," said Wooseok.

"Have you noticed something though?" Asked Jinhyuk. "The youngest in both of the packs are the only ones who get along," he said. "Xiao wants everyone to get along and Xion hated him," he said. "But these passed few days? They've gotten along just fine," he said. "Changhyun's doing pretty well with getting along with them," remarked Wooseok. "Changhyun's just one of those who know better than to argue with you though," said Jinhyuk. "I guess," said Wooseok as he looked up from the book he was reading when he heard footsteps.

"Ah, some of the guys are heading out to get groceries," said Sunyoul as he scratched the back of his head. "Do you two want anything?" He asked. "No," said Jinhyuk. Wooseok shook his head. "Just bring back groceries for the week," he said. Sunyoul nodded and headed back inside. They listened to the truck driving off before they turned to each other and shook their heads before getting up and heading inside.

"They couldn't stay in the house," said Gunhak. "Just don't try to antagonize my pack alright?" Asked Wooseok. "Kogyeol is especially temperamental after an argument with Jinhyuk that happened a few days ago," he said. "You'd think he'd learn to not try and argue with me," said Jinhyuk as he scratched the back of his head. "It's Kogyeol, he wants to have a higher position in the pack," said Wooseok.

"Beta is technically second in command," said Xion. "I know advisor works closely with the alpha but," he said, shrugging. "Surely he knows that everything goes through the betas first before going to you?" He asked. "He doesn't," said Wooseok. "Even though I [i told] him that," he said. "Aish, he's ignorant as hell then," said Xion.

"How does becoming an alpha in a 'shifter pack work again?" Asked Gunhak. "Genetics," said Wooseok as he sat down on the couch with a sigh as Jinhyuk went to lean against the wall. "Jinwook was alpha before Jinhyuk and I joined, he was a prime candidate," he said. "But he quickly lost that position when his mate rejected him," he said. "Oi," said Xion. "What the hell caused them to do [i that]?" He asked. "I'm not sure," said Wooseok. "This happened before we joined," he said.

"How is he handling all that anger?" Asked Gunhak. "He fights," said Wooseok. "Maybe one day you'll be here to see it, but he just tears into Kuhn and Changhyun if he hasn't fought in a while," he said. "Don't give him pity though, it makes it worse," he added. "I remember when you offered to be his sparring partner," said Jinhyuk. "Yeah, he was the one who gave me these scars," said Wooseok as he traced the scars on his face.

"Apologized probably like 50 times before you said that it was alright," said Jinhyuk. "I still offered, but he prefers to spar with Kuhn and Changhyun now," said Wooseok. "Why those two if you don't mind me asking?" Asked Xion. "Kuhn, Changhyun and I's animal forms are different bears," said Wooseok. "Along with Jinwook, it makes things bit easier," he said. "We're all similar in size, and I think Changhyun's grizzly bear form is the biggest between the four of us," he said.

"I thought 'shifters couldn't get scars?" Asked Gunhak. "I've had these scars for years," said Wooseok as he shrugged. "The giant scar across my back has been there since before we left Germany," said Jinhyuk. "Scars like on Kuhn and Jinwook's snouts? Those were from their fights," he said. "But you only see those in their animal forms," he said.

"How did you get your scar?" Xion asked with wide eyes as he looked at Jinhyuk. "Maybe I'll tell you one day," said Jinhyuk as he shrugged. "It doesn't bother me, if that's what you're wondering," he said. "You think I have it bad you should see the nasty scar on Kangmin's back," he said. "Hm," said Xion.
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[center Chapter 1]

Wooseok sighed as he plopped down in his computer chair, looking at his computer monitor as he waited for the computer to boot up. Things were okay today, but Kogyeol had gotten into yet [i another] argument with Jinhyuk over something completely unnecessary and it had resulted in Wooseok being forced to use his alpha's voice to quell the situation before it turned into a brawl between his best friend and his beta. Signing in and making sure he was signed into Skype, Wooseok messaged his brother to see if he was available, keeping an eye on how late it was in Europe.

"[i You look pissed, what happened this time]?" Asked Eunwoo as he sat down in front of the camera after starting the Skype call. "Kogyeol got into [i another] argument with Jinhyuk, [i again]," said Wooseok as he shook his head. "[i Those two have been getting into more and more arguments lately]," remarked Eunwoo. "Kogyeol is just frustrated at his permanent beta status," said Wooseok. "[i Ah... Genetics]," said Eunwoo.

"How's Dami been?" Asked Wooseok. "[i Doing fine]," said Eunwoo. "[i She's working up the courage to travel out of Europe]," he said. "She wants to come see us huh?" Asked Wooseok. "[i She wants to travel outside of Europe one day]," said Eunwoo. "[i Rocky and I have a lot of free time on our hands now so]," he said, shrugging. "[i Every few weeks we go out and travel, checking on the information network]," he said.

"Maybe she can come here first," said Wooseok. "Jinhyuk wants to see his little sister," he said, chuckling some. Eunwoo laughs. "[i I'm not in a hurry to bring her out of Europe just yet, but who knows]," he said, shrugging. "[i We'll let you know when we come over]," he said. "[i Trust me, the first stop we would make is to your territory]," he said. "Good," said Wooseok.

A rather loud argument started on Eunwoo's side, startling Eunwoo as he turned and looked at something behind him. "[i I wanted a] little [i peace and this is what I get]?" He asked, sighing. "Have fun with the kids," Wooseok with a snicker, earning a snort from Eunwoo. "[i You think that they'd get along by now]," said Eunwoo before he hung up.

Wooseok leaned back in his chair, almost glaring at the screen as if searching for an answer to an unspoken question before he got up and headed out of the room after shutting down the computer. He headed into the kitchen to look for something to drink, spotting Kogyeol sitting at the kitchen island glaring at something on the wall in front of him.

"You're not going to burn a hole in the wall with that look you know," Wooseok said casually as he searched through the fridge. "I'm just tired of the constant arguments," said Kogyeol as he sighed, wiping his face with his hand before he turned to Wooseok. "How do you think [i I] feel?" Asked Wooseok as he turned to look at Kogyeol before turning back to the fridge.

"Why name me your beta when Jinhyuk does [i such] a good job at it hm?" Asked Kogyeol. "You grew up with him? Why didn't [i he] get the job as beta?" He asked. Wooseok grabbed two bottles of water before placing one on the kitchen island and sliding it to Kogyeol and closing the door to the fridge. "Jinhyuk isn't a beta, nor will he ever become one," he said, turning to Kogyeol. "He refuses to be put in a situation where he has to choose sides," he said.

"[i Everyone] had to choose sides when we debated on whether we'd let the werewolves in," said Kogyeol as he drank some water before putting the bottle down on the counter. "He's your god damn [i advisor] for god's sake," he said. "Why have these big meetings if everything will go your way anyway?" He asked, throwing his hands up. "Big decisions don't always go my way," said Wooseok as he drank some water.

"[i I'm] just saying that someone will take your place soon, who? I don't know but," said Kogyeol as he sighed before letting his arms drop to his side. "You're not wrong," said Wooseok as he shrugged.

"We've been stuck with you since the 50's," said Kogyeol. "I know, you've made some hard decisions, especially after having no way of contacting your brother until recently but," he said, sighing. "I'm telling you, letting the werewolves in is a bad idea," he said. "And I'm telling you, it isn't," said Wooseok. "We're stuck with them now, at least [i try] to get along? Even Jinhyuk's trying here!" He said. "Yeah yeah," grumbled Kogyeol as he stood, grabbing his water bottle angrily and storming out of the kitchen. "I'm going for a run," he shouted before the back door slammed shut. Wooseok let out a deep sigh before going to flop down on the couch in the livingroom with a groan, burying his face into the cushions.

"Kogyeol at it again?" Came Xiao's voice. "Like usual," grumbled Wooseok, his voice muffled by the couch. "What was that argument even about again?" He asked, turning his head to look at Xiao. "The usual," said Xiao as he sat beside Wooseok. "This time what set Kogyeol off was how casual Jinhyuk was being about the situation," he said. "He's always like this," said Wooseok as he sat up, moving to lean against the couch.

"None of the werewolves are even home, Hwanhee's with them on missions," said Xiao. "I know," said Wooseok. "Sometimes I think you put Kogyeol as your beta out of pity," said Xiao. "Well, his genetics point him towards beta," said Wooseok. "I couldn't put him anywhere else," he said. "And he seems more of a beta than Jinhyuk," he said.

"Jinhyuk's too casual about everything," said Xiao. "Have you seen his serious face?" Asked Wooseok. "[i He] was the reason this pack is still sane," he said. "Our pack before you two was without an alpha," said Xiao. "I mean, Jinwook tried but," he said, sighing. "I think that's the only thing everyone is grateful for," he said.

"Jinhyuk and I are still outsiders, I get it," said Wooseok as he shrugged. "And yet who helped you through bad times? Who makes sure everyone is good with everything?" He asked. "[i I] had no intention of leading this pack when Jinhyuk and I joined," he said. "But sure, let's put me as alpha because I was new," he said. "I struggled with English for like 5 years," he said. "I did a pretty decent job I'd say," he said. Xiao hummed in response, nodding absentmindedly.
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