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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/p5IeN06.png]]

What was Wooseok thinking when he decided to let a pack of werewolves into the pack? Even [i he] isn't sure what was going through his head when he went with the idea. Stuck with them now, Wooseok is basically forced to try and keep things civil between both his own pack of 'shifters and the werewolves' short tempers. What will happen?

[center ~]

Hai~! Author-nim here with another story. I was struck with an inspiration to feature a story with UP10TION and Oneus and here we are! Prepare for a long list because [i almost] everyone will be part of this story. The only people who aren't are Seoho and Keonhee, for obvious reasons if you read my last story!

I think Oneus is my first pack of werewolves with different color eyes. Why did I go with this idea? Variation I guess.

To clear things up, Wooseok's territory is in the mountains of Virginia in the US! He is somewhere outside of the city of Roanoke!

Anyway, onto the characters~!

[center Characters:]

Wooseok: A shapeshifter who is the alpha of the pack. He had been convinced to take in a pack of werewolves after his brother Eunwoo talked to him about how his own pack, led by Moonbin, worked. He wasn't prepared for what was to come though, and that made him quite frustrated with the situation. His pack specializes in finding marked humans that were in blood dens, and recently made some changes to how their operations worked. He works closely with vampire hunters, as does everyone in his pack. His animal form is a large polar bear with three claw marks on the left side of his face with the third claw mark going over his left eye seen in his animal and human forms.

Jinhyuk: A shapeshifter who grew up with Wooseok, and came to the US from Germany with him before the second world war started. He is known for his laid back nature, never being serious for anything unless it involved everyone. It didn't mean he didn't care or take responsibility for things however, because he held a pretty high position in the pack as Wooseok's advisor for important decisions involving the pack. His animal form is a large lynx with a large scar going across his upper back seen in his animal and human forms.

Gunhak: A pure blooded werewolf who is the alpha of the werewolf side of the pack. He joined Wooseok's pack after he talked to Eunwoo about two of his ex pack members conspiring against him and he needed a way out. He has an air of superiority around him almost constantly, and it is what has kept his pack in line since joining Wooseok's pack. That isn't the reason he is alpha though, because he backs it up with his decisions he had made prior to having his pack merge with Wooseok's pack. His wolf form is a large European grey wolf with light blue eyes.

Youngjo: A pure blooded werewolf who is one of Gunhak's betas. He was one of the members of the pack who were for joining Wooseok's pack for protection. He is the oldest in the werewolf side of the pack, and helps in making decisions. His wolf form is a large black wolf with vibrant green eyes.

Xion: A pure blooded werewolf who is Gunhak's other beta. He is the youngest in the werewolf side of the pack and in the pack as a whole. He became Gunhak's other beta when Gunhak wanted an opinion from the youngest in the pack. He was the only person in the pack who was against joining a pack of 'shifters due to an experience he had before joining the pack. It was only when the others agreed that he also agreed to join the pack. His wolf form is a small white wolf with a slight silver tint from him dying his hair a dull silver color and brown colored eyes.

Hwanwoong: The only turned werewolf in the pack, he was the most recent person to join. He was part of a pack that had been killed off by werewolf hunters before being found by Gunhak who had taken him in. He had been gone for a while before the merge happened, but returned just before everyone went home from a trip to Germany. He can seem cold hearted at first but he does care for everyone. His wolf form is a large brown wolf with a large scar on his side near his left ribcage where he had been turned seen in his wolf and human forms. His wolf form is the only wolf form with the usual golden eye color normally seen in wolves.

Sunyoul: A shapeshifter who is the medic of the pack. He was one of the ones in the 'shifter side who was completely against letting the werewolves join their pack, and he often clashes with Hwanwoong due to their difference in opinions. He is known for his calm nature, but he has a temper if set off enough. His animal form is a large snow leopard with sea green eyes.

Hwanhee: A shapeshifter who is almost never home. He is the busiest person in the pack, being the only vampire hunter in the pack. He was the only one who volunteered when Mashiho came to their lands looking for help with finding victims of vampire's blood dens. He was indifferent when Wooseok decided to invite the werewolves into their pack, having worked with Gunhak and his pack before. His animal form is a large lion with a dark brown mane. He is a part of the Treasure Box faction.

Kogyeol: A shapeshifter who is one of Wooseok's betas. He keeps everyone in line with his so called "scary face" as dubbed by Xiao. Despite that, he is known to clash with Jinhyuk a lot when it comes to pack decisions. He understands Jinhyuk's role in the pack, but it still frustrated him. He tries to keep everyone in line even though his genetics make him a beta no matter what. His animal form is a large mountain lion.

Xiao: A shapeshifter who is Wooseok's other beta. He recently awakened his alpha's voice, and is helping keep things in line. He was okay with the werewolves being let into the pack, from seeing Moonbin run the pack, but the way the others have been acting around the werewolves have [i really] set him off at times. He just wants everyone to get along. He is the youngest in the 'shifter's side of the pack. His animal form is a large red wolf with brown paws.

Changhyun: A shapeshifter who is one of the fighters in the pack. He was one of the ones who was completely against letting the werewolves into the pack. He knew better than to try and argue with Wooseok when he has his mind set on something though. He tries to get along with the werewolves, and has a semi decent friendship with Hwanwoong. His animal form is a large grizzly bear.

Gyujin: A shapeshifter who is one of the trackers in the pack. He is usually out with Hwanhee, helping him find vampires and the blood dens. He was indifferent about letting the werewolves into their pack, and as long as they left him alone he didn't bother them. His animal form is a large Fennec Fox.

Kuhn: A shapeshifter who is one of the ones with slight anger issues. He doesn't mean to be, but he tries to alleviate that anger through spars with Changhyun or Jinwook. Under all that anger is a pretty calm person, though it is hard to stay calm when constantly around werewolves for him. He is a tracker, and usually goes out with Hwanhee and Gyujin when Hwanhee gets missions. His animal form is a large black bear with battle scars seen on his snout only seen in his animal form.

Jinwook: A shapeshifter who is also one with slight anger issues. He can't help his anger issues however, because he had found his mate and they rejected him. Wooseok is the only person he can rely on to keep him at least [i somewhat] calm but he finds himself depending on Xiao to keep him from lashing out at the werewolves when Wooseok isn't there thanks to Xiao's newly awakened alpha's voice. He alleviates some of the anger by having regular spars with Kuhn and Changhyun when he feels like it's getting too out of control. His animal form is a large brown bear with battle scars seen on his snout only seen in his animal form.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to [https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1361271/level-up-graphic-shop-open-free these] guys for the awesome poster~!


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[center Epilogue]

"I'm going to miss our late night talks," Wooseok said suddenly as he sat at a table at Moonbin's coffee shop with Seungwoo and Jinhyuk. "Ah, those were fun," agreed Jinhyuk. "I wonder how the werewolves are doing?" Asked Wooseok. "According to Byungchan they are doing very well," said Seungwoo. "He joined their pack for a bit to make sure they're doing fine anyway," he added.

"It's a shame," said Rocky as he walked over with their drinks. "Dami was working up the courage to go see you with us," he said, placing their drinks down. "Ah, sorry, I just couldn't stay with them when an opportunity like this came up," said Wooseok. "It's understandable," said Rocky. "Moonbin will be over to talk to you in a minute," he said before walking back to the counter to get the other drinks for the other tables.

"I heard you were asking to become a member of my pack," said Moonbin as he walked over, sitting across from Jinhyuk. "I was hoping you'd accept me," said Jinhyuk as he took a sip of coffee. "Well, you're Rocky's brother," hummed Moonbin.

"Why not join Wooseok and Seungwoo here?" He asked. "They specifically asked for Wooseok," said Jinhyuk. "And I can't stay in the other pack much longer anyway," he added. "I was only with them thanks to Wooseok," he said. "If he left earlier then I would've left with him," he said. Moonbin hummed. "You know the rules of being in this pack right?" He asked. "As long as I'm working I can stay in the pack, yes," said Jinhyuk.

"Have you worked at a coffee shop before?" Asked Moonbin. "No, but I'm a quick learner," said Jinhyuk. "If worse comes to worse I'll be dishwasher or something," he said, earning a snort from Moonbin. "We haven't had a dishwasher in [i ages]," said Moonbin. "But I suppose," he hummed. "If I accept you, you start tomorrow," he said. "And Rocky will help you make drinks," he added. Jinhyuk looked relieved. "Thank you," he said. Moonbin nodded, getting up. "If you need me I'll be in the back," he said, walking back to the backroom.

[center ~]

"So who are we meeting?" Asked Wooseok as he looked at Seungwoo as they sat down at a table at Moonbin's coffee shop again. "Seungyoun and the new alpha," said Seungwoo. "I think his name is Yohan," he added. "Okay, cool," said Wooseok. "I don't remember much about Seungyoun but I know he's a wolf 'shifter," he said. "Friendly guy if I recall correctly," he said. Seungwoo hummed, nodding slightly as they heard the door chime.

"Er, welcome! What can I get you?" Asked Jinhyuk as he was manning the register today. "Was told to ask for the usual," said Seungyoun as he handed over the money. Jinhyuk nodded, processing the order and handing back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said, nodding his head to Wooseok and Seungwoo's table. Seungyoun nodded, turning and spotting Seungwoo and Wooseok. "That's them?" Asked Yohan. Seungyeon nodded. "Let's go say hello," he said before walking over. Yohan followed after him, sitting down across from Seungwoo while Seungyoun sat across from Wooseok.

"Long time no see Wooshin," Seungyeon said, grinning. "As friendly as ever," Wooseok said, the corners of his lips going up in a teasing grin. "So Yixuan disbanded his pack huh?" He asked. Seungyoun nodded, sighing. "It was expected to be honest," he said. "We weren't doing much, and Wenhan left to help out another pack," he said. "Mm," said Wooseok.

"Ah, I am Yohan," said Yohan as he held out his hand for a shake. "Wooseok," said Wooseok as he shook hands with Yohan. "I heard you needed me to help you in leading a pack," he said. "I do," said Yohan. "I just want advice from you, you won't be bothered unless something big comes up," he said. Wooseok nodded in response, looking deep in thought.

"You said you had a beta around our age, what is his name?" Asked Seungwoo. "Hangyul," said Yohan. "He started changing before the second world war started," he said. "What animal is he?" Asked Wooseok. "Wolf," said Yohan. Wooseok blinked, a far off look appearing in his eyes before shaking his head. "Okay," he said.

"What animal do you think I'll be?" Asked Yohan. "You smell like bear," said Seungwoo. "Yep," said Seungyoun. "I don't smell anything, but it might be due to the two of us having the same scent," said Wooseok. "Probably," said Yohan.

They turned when the door chimed, and in walked Hwanhee with the twins, Dongmyeong and Xion. "Hey you three," said Jinhyuk. "Hello," said Hwanhee as he grinned. "What can I get you?" Asked Jinhyuk. "The usual please," said Hwanhee as he handed over the money. Jinhyuk processed the order and handed back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said, nodding towards Wooseok's table. Hwanhee nodded, turning and spotting Wooseok before walking over, bringing up a chair and sitting down. Dongmyeong was barely awake by this point and Xion moved him to a nearby table, getting him to sit down before sitting across from him.

"Long time no see," said Wooseok as he smiled softly at the twins before turning his attention to Hwanhee. "It's only been a few weeks," said Hwanhee. "I assume Xiao is doing well since you're with the werewolves now," said Wooseok. "Kogyeol went AWOL after you left, so things got better," said Hwanhee. "We offered to let them rejoin," he said.

"Friend of yours?" Asked Yohan. "It's my old packmate," said Wooseok. "Hwanhee this is Yohan, Yohan this is Hwanhee," he said, introducing the two. "Hello," said Hwanhee. "Hello," said Yohan.

"We have another bear," Hwanhee said with a snicker. "I know," said Wooseok. "Missions then?" He asked, turning to Hwanhee. "Yeah," said Hwanhee. "The twins are doing fine it seems," said Wooseok. "Xion still complains about not getting a lot of sleep, but Dongmyeong is making an effort to be more wide awake to let him sleep," said Hwanhee. Wooseok hummed in response.

"So," said Yohan as he turned to Wooseok. "What do you think of the offer?" He asked. Wooseok had to think it over as he looked thoughtful. "I'll take the offer on one condition," he said. "We have random nights of late night talk sessions," he said.

"Late night talk sessions?" Asked Yohan. "It's something that Wooseok does when he can't sleep," said Seungwoo. "It doesn't happen often anymore, but I'd like to keep the tradition up," said Wooseok. "Sure," said Yohan. "It's an open invitation to join you I assume?" He asked. Wooseok nodded. "Always have been, always will be," he said. "Then sure," said Yohan.

"Then my answer is yes," said Wooseok. "I will join you," he said. "With his answer, I will join you too," said Seungwoo. Seungyoun grinned. "I call shots on the first late night talks with this guy," he said. "We have a [i lot] to catch up on," he said. Wooseok chuckled some. "Sure, we can do that," he said. "Sweet!" Said Seungyoun.

[center ~]

Wooseok wasn't sure where his adventures would take him next, but he knew one thing for sure. He was finally somewhere where he could be himself. He no longer had to keep up the alpha image, and that he was glad for. He met the others of the new pack, and got to reconcile with Seungyeon. Things would be better here, he just knew it would.

"Come on Wooshin!" Yelled Dongpyo. "Everyone's going out to the lake!" He called. "Coming!" Wooseok shouted back, chuckling some at his antics. He got up, taking off his shirt and running over. "Race you!" He said. "No fair!" Whined Dongpyo as he raced after Wooseok.
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[center Chapter 20]

"I wish you'd let me sleep for more than an hour for once," whined Xion as he sat with Dongmyeong in his room. "Ah, sorry," said Dongmyeong. "I always wondered why I felt so wide awake during missions," he said. "You know, I never thought that this psychic link would be a thing," he said. "I didn't either, but me sleeping at random times throughout the day has kind of cemented the theory," said Xion.

"It's good to see you again though," said Dongmyeong. "Yeah," said Xion. "Same to you," he said. "I don't know what I'm going to do," he said, sighing. "What's wrong?" Asked Dongmyeong. "Wooseok's going to leave," said Xion. "And I don't know where he's going but Gunhak said that he was going to leave, and the others have agreed to leaving," he said.

"You feel like the odd one out," said Dongmyeong. Xion nodded. "Because the others don't have anyone else," he said. "I still have you," he said. "Whatever you decide to do, I'm here if you want to join me," said Dongmyeong.

"I will never be a werewolf hunter though," said Xion. "You can always become a vampire hunter," he said. "I could," said Dongmyeong. "Who's faction were you with in the first place?" Asked Xion. "I don't know if anyone has even heard of it," he said. "I'm a one man faction," said Dongmyeong. "I made my own," he said. "I was the one who created the mantra, "kill those you target, no one else," he said. "It's what all werewolf hunters use now, and those of the Treasure Box faction," he said. Xion nodded.

[center ~]

"So what's the deal about this deal you presented me with?" Asked Wooseok as he sat outside with Seungwoo. "Well, you know Yixuan's pack right?" Asked Seungwoo. "Of course," said Wooseok. "He disbanded his pack didn't he?" He asked. "Yes," said Seungwoo. "I was contacted by Seungyeon," he said. "He asked me to join his pack, for what reason? I don't know," he said. "He's not the alpha though, he found someone that has yet to start changing and wants to help," he said. "But," he added. "He's not fit for advisor," he said. "According to him anyway," he said. "So he asked me to find someone," he said.

"I won't be taking the alpha position," said Wooseok. "Yes," said Seungwoo. "You'll be advising the alpha, whoever it is, and helping the pack," he said. "He will go to you about everything first, when concerning the pack anyway," he said. "From what I've seen and heard of everyone, there's one other person who's around us in age, and will be the alpha's beta," he said. "Mm," said Wooseok as he nodded.

"Will you take the offer?" Asked Seungwoo. "I think so," said Wooseok. "You'll be there," he said. "Yes," said Seungwoo. "How can you guarantee that this will work?" Asked Wooseok. "You just need to believe in me," said Seungwoo. "And if it doesn't work?" Asked Wooseok. "Then that's that, I won't bother you for anything else, you can retire somewhere," said Seungwoo.

"...And I won't be bothered again," said Wooseok. "Nope," said Seungwoo. "If it works out, you stay until you think they'll be fine without you," he said. "In your opinion," he added. "This is a lot to think about," said Wooseok. "You have time, Seungyeon gave me a few weeks to get back to him with an answer, since he was the one to find Dongmyeong," said Seungwoo. "I see," said Wooseok.

"I personally think you should take the deal," said Byungchan as he stepped out onto the deck and closed the door behind him before going to sit beside Seungwoo. "Yeah, you'll be leaving Jinhyuk and the werewolves behind but they'll be fine," he said. "Dongmyeong's thinking of switching professions, and taking them in as a team," he said. "And Jinhyuk's still got Rocky," he added. "Hm," mumbled Wooseok.

[center ~]

"Pack meeting!" Called Wooseok, causing everyone to go into the livingroom, wondering what was up. Jinhyuk, Hwanhee and the other werewolves knew what the decision was already, but Wooseok had yet to tell everyone else about his decision.

"It's so rare for you to have a pack meeting like this, what's up?" Asked Jinwook as he turned to Wooseok. "Well," said Wooseok as he scratched the back of his head. "I've decided to step down as alpha," he said. "[i What]?!" Exclaimed everyone but the werewolves, Jinhyuk and Hwanhee.

"In fact, I'll do Kogyeol a favor," said Wooseok. "I'm leaving the pack too," he said. "What the [i hell] Kogyeol?" Shouted Xiao. "I didn't do [i anything]," said Kogyeol. "You finally get your wish, I'm leaving the pack," said Wooseok as he turned his attention to Kogyeol. Kogyeol was speechless for once, sputtering as he tried to figure out what to say.

"I was given an offer I couldn't refuse," explained Wooseok. "So I'm stepping down as alpha, and leaving," he said. "There's a new pack being formed, and I am becoming their advisor for things," he said. "If it doesn't work out I'm going AWOL for the rest of my days," he said. "And frankly, I wouldn't mind it," he said. "I'm [i tired] of all the arguments, and having to deal with everything," he said. "I just want to be something other than alpha for once," he said.

"Don't have to worry about us," said Gunhak. "We'll be leaving too," he added. "I'll help you get a foot into the vampire hunting association, and hopefully get Dongmyeong's faction registered as a vampire hunting faction," said Hwanhee. "After that I'm leaving," he said. "I have missions," he added.

"As for me, I am going to Berlin," said Jinhyuk. "At least I have a better chance to get along with everyone there," he added. "...I guess I gotta help Xiao with being the alpha then," said Jinwook as he sighed. "I guess," mumbled Xiao.

"It's nothing bad," said Wooseok as he turned to Xiao. "Just be mindful of everyone," he said. "I always have, but it's still stupid you know? I tried [i everything] to make this work," he said. "And you know what, I'm happy to leave, I need this break, I need to [i not] be alpha for once," he said before going to pack.

[center ~]

Wooseok decided to have one last late night talk session, leaving an open invitation for whoever wanted to join him before he left for good. Xion had joined him one last time, with Dongmyeong resting in the two seater chair, his eyes closed though they knew he was listening in on the conversation. Jinhyuk, Seungwoo and Byungchan showed up an hour later, with Hwanwoong who couldn't sleep.

"I still can't get the look of shock that crossed everyone's faces out of my head," said Jinhyuk as he chuckled slightly. "To be honest I'm surprised they didn't see it coming," said Wooseok as he fully reclined back in his recliner, getting comfortable. "I expected more resistance to be honest," said Xion.

"Judging from everyone's expressions I think they were too in shock to try to fight back," Dongmyeong said, opening his eyes as he looked up at the ceiling of the gazebo. "So much happened today," said Seungwoo as he shrugged. "Yeah," said Byungchan. "I'm going to miss being here," said Hwanwoong. "I know we won't be welcome after this," he said, sighing.

"If you ever come to wherever we end up, you're welcome to stay for a few days," said Wooseok. "Definitely," said Seungwoo. "They are open to visitors, as long as they don't cause problems," he added. "We won't cause problems," said Dongmyeong. "A pack of 'shifters aren't a problem for me," he said.

[center ~]

Their conversations were interrupted by Sunyoul for the last time as he stepped outside, keeping his hands clenched into fists at his side. "It's not going to be fun with you guys gone," he said, sniffling as he tried to hold back his tears. "I wanted to come out yesterday but," he said, looking down. Wooseok got up and walked over to Sunyoul, hugging him tightly as he patted his back. "It'll be alright," he said. "You'll be alright," he said. "Just hang in there, help out Xiao alright?" He asked. Sunyoul nodded.

"We should get going then," said Seungwoo. "We have a pack to meet up with," he added. "I got to go back to Toronto," Byungchan said, sighing as he got up. "I'll head to Berlin with you," said Jinhyuk as he nodded. "Let's get our bags and go," said Wooseok as he moved away, patting Sunyoul on the head. "Stay safe then," he said. Sunyoul nodded, looking away.

"We'll be off to Boston," said Dongmyeong as he got up, stretching. "Does that mean I can get some sleep?" Asked Xion. "Yes, yes you can," said Dongmyeong as he scratched the back of his head. "Yes!" Rejoiced Xion as he threw up a fist in triumph. Everyone chuckled at that.

[center ~]

"Well, here you go," said Hwanhee as he parked in front of the airport terminal. "Good luck to you," he said to Wooseok. "Thank you," said Wooseok. "Stay safe during the missions," he said. "Will do," said Hwanhee.

"Have fun on the trip to Boston," said Seungwoo. "And to Toronto," he added. "Good luck with the new pack hyung," said Byungchan. "Yeah, this is going to be different, that's for sure," said Seungwoo as he chuckled some. "Go, before you miss your fight," said Hwanhee. Wooseok, Seungwoo and Jinhyuk grabbed their bags and waved to the others before entering the terminal.

"Well," said Jinhyuk as he turned to Wooseok. "Here's to new beginnings?" He asked. "Yep," said Wooseok as he nodded. "To new beginnings," said Seungwoo as he held out his fist. "To new beginnings," said Wooseok and Jinhyuk as they bumped fists.
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[center Chapter 19]

Wooseok was about ready to tear someone to shreds, namely Kogyeol. A loud argument happened, this time between Kogyeol and Xiao over something [i completely] unnecessary and Wooseok was once again forced to use his alpha's voice to quell the fighting before it turned into an all out war between his two betas. Seungwoo had gotten in touch with him regarding something important, and maybe he would take the offer given, if only to get away from this pack for a while.

"This is total bull," growled Wooseok as he resisted the urge to punch a hole in the wall. "After months of no arguments one [i conveniently] comes up after an offer like that?" He asked, sighing as he flopped down in his bed, throwing an arm over his eyes. "Will you take the offer?" Asked Jinhyuk. "I dunno," said Wooseok. "Probably," he added.

"They specifically asked for you," said Jinhyuk. "Best to take the offer," he said. "I can tell you don't even want to be here anymore," he said. "The only thing that bothers me is that I won't be seeing you anymore," he said. Jinhyuk snorts. "How thoughtful," he said. "I'll see if Moonbin will take me in," he said. "Even if it means having to work at a coffee shop, I don't think he'll mind too much when it comes to family," he said.

"There's the werewolves," said Wooseok. "If I leave then Kogyeol would have every reason to kick them out, they were only here because of [i me]," he said. "Xion will have his twin at least," he added. "But the others won't have anywhere to go," he said.

"You know," said Jinhyuk as he shrugged. "Hwanhee's always working alone, I think taking them in as a team might lift his spirits some," he said. "The thing is, is Jinwook willing to share?" Wooseok asked with a chuckle. "Their relationship is weird as hell you got to admit," said Jinhyuk. "I am happy for them though," he added. "It took a [i long] time for Jinwook to be comfortable around Hwanhee after Hwanhee admitted that he found his mate in Jinwook," he said. Wooseok hummed, nodding in agreement.

[center ~]

"Hey did you ever find out what happened with Seoho?" Asked Xion as he was sitting outside with Wooseok and Hwanhee for a late night talk. "Mm... I don't think so?" Asked Wooseok as he shrugged. "I haven't heard any news lately," said Hwanhee. "I think we'd be the first to find out at least," he added. "That's true," said Wooseok as he nodded.

"When was the last time you slept?" Asked Hwanhee as he turned to Xion. "Today actually," said Xion. "An hour, like usual," he added. "But I think that means that my brother's last mission was done," he said. "Byungchan is coming around with Seungwoo and your brother," said Wooseok.

"Do you know when they'll be here?" Asked Xion. "No," said Wooseok. "I think it depends entirely on Dongmyeong at that point," he said. "Ah, right, it depends on if he's well enough to travel here," said Xion. "I hope he doesn't cause them much trouble," he mumbled. "He won't," said Wooseok. "Haven't had any complaints yet," he said.

[center ~]

"I'm sorry for being this annoying," said Dongmyeong as he sighed, wiping his face with his hand after he woke from a random bout of sleeping. "Hey it's alright," said Seungwoo. "Narcolepsy is hard to deal with," he said. "Falling asleep at random times of the day and still feeling tired must get annoying at some point for you two," said Dongmyeong. "It's not," said Byungchan. "We'd love to be able to sleep a lot but we travel a lot," he said.

"According to Wooshin your twin suffers from insomnia, he [i wants] to sleep but often can't," said Seungwoo. "I see," said Dongmyeong. "Who is this... Wooshin person again?" He asked. Seungwoo blinked. "I thought I explained it," he said. "...Might've blanked out during that," said Dongmyeong as he scratched the back of his head.

"Well, he's the alpha of this shapeshifter pack who took in your brother and his pack," said Byungchan. "I see," said Dongmyeong. "His real name is Wooseok, but we call him Wooshin as a nickname," said Byungchan. "Ah, okay that makes more sense," said Dongmyeong. "I keep hearing Wooshin and Wooseok and I think it's two people but," he said, scratching the back of his head.

"Well, our flight's ready," said Seungwoo. "Let's head to the states then," he said, standing. Byungchan and Dongmyeong nod and get up, following Seungwoo to their gate.

[center ~]

"...Xion, Xion?" Asked Wooseok as he waved his hand in front of Xion's face as Xion just stopped talking and stared off into space with a cloudy look in his eyes. "Must've fallen asleep," said Hwanhee. Wooseok checked his phone. "Ah, the plane's leaving," he said, and watched as Xion closed his eyes.

"So what's this I hear about you wanting to leave?" Asked Hwanhee as he looked at Wooseok. "I was given a [i very] tempting offer," said Wooseok. "They were looking for an advisor, and since Seungwoo's also going to be there he offered to find someone," he said. "It happened to be you huh?" Asked Hwanhee. Wooseok nodded.

"Will you take up the offer?" Asked Hwanhee. "Probably," said Wooseok. "The only thing I'm going to regret doing is leaving Jinhyuk and the werewolves behind," he said. "Jinwook's not going to be able to handle this, and Xiao's still too young," he said. "Jinhyuk's going to join his brother, and Jinwook has me for a bit, until missions come up," said Hwanhee. "I know," said Wooseok.

"Kogyeol's finally getting his wish though," Hwanhee said with a snort. "Of course he is," grumbled Wooseok.

"I don't think we mind," Xion said suddenly, opening his eyes. "Gunhak was going to leave if you ever did, it won't be hard to become vampire hunters," he added. "Especially when we have Hwanhee to vouch for us," he said. "I'm not even that famous yet," Hwanhee said with a snort. "But yes, you have me to get in, but finding a faction accepting people is going to be hard," he said. "With your pack's history anyway," he added. Xion hummed in response.

[center ~]

It was almost noon when someone finally came outside to check on them, and it was Xiao. "We thought you guys were sleeping," he said with wide eyes. "No, we were out here the entire time, awake," said Hwanhee as he looked at Xiao. "These two fell asleep earlier though," he said, motioning to Wooseok and Xion. Xiao hummed, nodding.

"Are they here yet?" Asked Hwanhee. "Last I checked they just landed in Roanoke," said Xiao. "Byungchan called to make sure we knew they were coming, since Wooseok stopped answering the texts," he said. "I see," said Hwanhee.

Xion woke with a yell, falling off his recliner as he flailed around. "What, what?" Asked Hwanhee as Wooseok jumped up, looking around in panic. "God damn dreams need to stop teasing me," whined Xion as he got up, wiping his face with his hands. When he said that a car horn sounded out front and everyone turned to Xion with wide eyes.

Xion was the first to react, rushing off the deck and around the house to the front yard. Wooseok, Xiao and Hwanhee soon rushed after Xion, as the others came outside to the front yard to see Xion tackling who they could only assume was his twin.

"Dongmyeong!" Shouted Xion as he hugged Dongmyeong tightly, refusing to let go in case his brother disappeared again. "As energetic as usual," said Dongmyeong as he chuckled lightly, wrapping an arm around Xion.
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[center Chapter 18]

"Ugh, I feel like my twin is getting too much sleep," said Xion as he lay in his bed wide awake, staring up at the ceiling. He didn't feel like sleeping in wolf form tonight, he was too wired. "Time zones," said Hwanwoong as he sat cross legged on his bed, reading a book. "That's true but it's annoying," whined Xion as he rubbed his eyes.

It had been a few days since the incident with Wooseok and everyone was keeping a closer eye on him now, even Kogyeol. They haven't heard any word from Seungwoo or Byungchan yet about Xion's twin but Wooseok told Xion not to worry too much because finding werewolf hunters who weren't part of a known faction was not easy.

"I wonder where he is now? And whether he knows about this so called psychic link between us?" Asked Xion. "He might be suffering from something too," said Hwanwoong. "You suffer from insomnia and he suffers from narcolepsy maybe?" He asked. "That might explain why I never feel that tired anymore, even after days of not sleeping," mumbled Xion. "I wish I can get some sleep," he groaned, rubbing his face with his hands before sitting up.

"It would also explain why he looks exhausted," he said suddenly. "Like even if he gets to sleep he wakes up still tired or something," he said. "I think that would make sense, yeah," said Hwanwoong.

"Screw this," said Xion as he got up. "I'm going to sit outside for a few hours and see if I fall asleep," he said. "Have fun," said Hwanwoong. "Tell that to my [i twin]," Xion said, sighing before leaving the room.

[center ~]

Wooseok walked out to the deck after not being able to fall asleep, spotting Xion staring off into space and grumbling about his twin getting more sleep than himself. "Having fun?" He asked, going to sit down in his recliner, reclining back as he got comfortable.

"I'm just slightly annoyed," said Xion as he sighed. "[i Slightly]," Wooseok said with a snicker. "Shut up," Xion said, sighing. Wooseok chuckled lightly, shaking his head. "I haven't had sleep in days," said Xion. "What the hell is my brother doing?" He asked. "Resting?" Asked Wooseok. "I dunno," he said. "He seems like he's resting a lot due to the amount of sleep you've gotten, he was probably doing missions or something then," he said.

"You really believe we have this weird psychic link?" Asked Xion. "It explains a lot," said Wooseok. "I thought you were plagued by nightmares like Hwanwoong," he said. "But from asking everyone about you they said you never had nightmares, you just stayed awake," he said. "Yeah," said Xion. "But I sleep at weird times of the day now, when I do sleep," he said.

"He must be doing things that require him to be wide awake," said Wooseok. "Like missions?" Asked Xion. Wooseok nodded. "Probably," said Xion as he reclined back in his chair, closing his eyes to try and will himself to fall asleep. The last thing he heard was Wooseok chuckling about something before everything went blank.

[center ~]

Dongmyeong stood over his latest kill, sighing as he wiped the blood off his knife. "Only times like these am I able to be wide awake for," he said, sighing again and going to clean his hands before grabbing phone and taking a picture. He emailed the name and picture before putting his phone in his pocket and going to dispose of the body. "I can't believe I'm still going at this," he said, leaving the area after the body was ashes.

"Well well," said Byungchan as he approached Dongmyeong. "We finally found you," he said. "What do you want?" Asked Dongmyeong as he let his shoulders slump, the tiredness coming back.

"It took a long time to track you down you know," said Byungchan. "I'm not here to kill you," he said. "As if you could," grumbled Dongmyeong. "I came to ask you to come with me," said Byungchan. "Why?" Asked Dongmyeong. "I have information about your brother," said Byungchan. "Useful information?" Asked Dongmyeong, his attention fully on Byungchan. "Very," said Byungchan as he nodded.

[center ~]

Xion came back to the world when he heard the door close, sitting up with a gasp as he looked around. "What?" He asked. "You were out for a few hours," said Hwanhee as he sat down in a chair. "I'm still outside?" Asked Xion. "Yeah, no one wanted to move you," said Hwanhee.

"I had the strangest dream," said Xion as he rubbed his eyes, feeling wide awake now. "Also welcome back," he added. "Thank you, and what was it about?" Asked Hwanhee as he passed over a bottle of water.

Xion took it and drank some before deciding to speak. "I think it was from my brother's point of view," he said. "I dunno, I saw Byungchan or whatever his name was, and that was the last thing I remember," he said. "Hm," said Hwanhee.

"Well I have some good news," said Wooseok as he stepped outside, closing the door behind him and going over to his recliner and sitting down. "My brother was found?" Asked Xion. "Yeah," said Wooseok. "I had a dream in his point of view I think," said Xion. "And I think it was when Byungchan or whatever his name was found him," he said. "He was found by Byungchan," said Wooseok. "They'll be here in a few days," he said. "His missions aren't done yet apparently," he added.

"Yay, more random moments of sleep," Xion said sarcastically. Hwanhee and Wooseok chuckled some.
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[center Chapter 17]

Wooseok sat in his recliner, curled up in a ball and Xion found himself sitting in Jinhyuk's recliner and putting a comforting hand on his knee, since that was all he could think of doing. Xiao went to lay down on one of the two seater chairs, his feet hanging off one end and they sat in silence for a few minutes, letting Wooseok gather his thoughts.

"You know," said Xiao. "I wanted to come out here for a casual talk one of these days, but I didn't think this would happen," he said. Wooseok let out a bitter chuckle. "You haven't been around for the other talks then," he said. "It's always been serious," agreed Xion as he nodded his head. "Sometimes I don't remember much else because I fall asleep but," Wooseok said, shrugging. "It's been silent after you and Hwanwoong fall asleep," said Xion. "Jinhyuk and I would just sit there and enjoy the silence of the night," he said. "I see," said Wooseok.

"How's sleeping in wolf form going for you?" Asked Xiao. "It's been fine," said Xion. "I still find myself lying awake though," he said, sighing. "I think it's more due to my body just too used to being awake," he said. "Do you think that there's an underlying cause for it?" Asked Xiao. "Probably," said Xion as he shrugged. They soon heard the pitter patter of rain and Xion went to close the screens on all sides of the gazebo before he went back to sitting beside Wooseok who looked up at the roof of the gazebo in thought.

"So," started Xiao. "Tonight was probably the worst one we had in a while," he said. "What caused the nightmare to get that bad?" He asked. "Seeing the scar on Jinhyuk's back," said Wooseok, deciding to be blunt about it. "How'd he get the scar?" Asked Xiao. "I caused it," mumbled Wooseok. "What?!" Exclaimed Xion and Xiao.

[center ~]

Wooseok was filled with rage, snarling at Byungchan and Seungwoo. "Whoa whoa," said Byungchan as he held up his hands. "We're here to help!" He said. "We're not with this pack," he said. "He just started changing," said Seungwoo as he kept his stance neutral. "Someone needs to calm him down before he ends up killing his saviors," mumbled Byungchan as he took a generous step back when Wooseok took a step towards them.

"Oi," called Jinhyuk as he was cautious, approaching Wooseok's polar bear form. "It's okay, we're safe," he said. "Do you think it's a good idea to approach him like that?" Asked Seungwoo. "Trust me, I think I can calm him down," said Jinhyuk.

It wasn't enough it seemed, when Wooseok lashed out at Jinhyuk, Jinhyuk managing to move out of the way to not get hit in anything vital but as he had his back turned Wooseok struck again, hitting him in the shoulder. "Damn it Wooseok!" Said Jinhyuk as he fell to the ground. It seemed to bring Wooseok out of his rage induced stupor as he changed back to human form in shock, falling to his knees as he looked at Jinhyuk. "It's alright," said Jinhyuk as he chuckled lightly. "Stay alive will you? Get to the states," he said before passing out.

"Oi," said Byungchan as he went over to Wooseok, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Come on, we'll get you somewhere safe and wrap up his wounds alright?" He asked. Wooseok was hesitant, looking up at Byungchan with fear. "It's okay," said Byungchan. "We'll get you both out," he added. Wooseok nodded, getting to his feet as Seungwoo picked up Jinhyuk, not caring if his clothes were getting bloody. "His healing is kicking in, we need to go," said Seungwoo. Byungchan managed to give Wooseok some clothes to change into before dragging him off, following after Seungwoo.

[center ~]

"I still blame myself to this day," said Wooseok as he sighed. "You just started changing, that's nothing to be guilty of," said Xiao. "If I hadn't been in a rage induced stupor Jinhyuk wouldn't have the scar," said Wooseok. "You were trying to save yourself and Jinhyuk," said Xion. "I would've done the same to be honest," he said. "Well, except the scarring part, I think I would've been able to stop myself before then," he said.

"You know," said Yuvin as he stepped outside and closed the door behind him. "I talked to Jinhyuk to get his side of the story," he said. "He doesn't blame you for what you did," he said."You just started changing, from what he's told me," he said. "It's hard to be in control after the first change," he said, walking over and opening the screen before stepping into the gazebo and letting the screen close behind him using magnets. "I know, it doesn't help but make you feel bad anyway but," he said, shrugging as he sat down in another chair, propping his feet up on the table. "I guess," said Wooseok as he nodded.

"So," said Xiao as he turned to Xion. "What's this about having a twin?" He asked. "Ah..." said Xion as he scratched the back of his head. "I don't know," he said. "I thought he was dead too," he said. "We were separated, and I joined Gunhak's pack before Hwanwoong," he said. "According to him though I'm the youngest," he said.

"I think he meant that he was turned before you started changing," said Xiao. "I'm the youngest because I was the last person to start changing," he said. "I see," said Xion. "It's like how my brother Eunwoo became the older brother between us because he started changing first," said Wooseok. "Even though I was born first, that changes when someone starts changing first," he said. "I see," said Xion.

"I want you to know," said Yuvin as he turned to Xion. "When we spotted your brother he looked weary," he said. "Exhausted even," he added. "I think a reunion would do you good," he said. "You know," said Xiao. "There's studies of twins having this sort of psychic connection or something," he said. "Maybe when you're awake he's asleep or something," he said. "And vice versa," he added.

"That might explain why I can't ever get any decent amount of sleep anymore," said Xion. "But lately I've taken to sleeping in wolf form," he said. "So I think it's affecting him or something?" He asked.

"When did you see him last?" He asked. "Just a few weeks ago," said Yuvin. "Before we left Europe," he said. "I don't know whose faction he's in, or why he's chosen to go solo but," he said, shrugging. "I know a werewolf hunter when I see one, and he was friendly enough," he said. "You might be able to get in touch with him before he goes dark though," he added.

"I talked to Seungwoo, they're working on it," said Wooseok. "If Dongmyeong is anything like you two, Seungwoo and Byungchan won't be attacked immediately," he said. "He carries a pocketwatch with our mantra on it," said Yuvin. "So unless he's doing a mission they won't be harmed," he said.

[center ~]

As usual their conversations were interrupted by Sunyoul and Kookheon. "Everything okay now?" Asked Sunyoul as he looked at Wooseok. "Yeah," said Wooseok as he nodded. "We have missions," said Kookheon. "Ah, so we do," hummed Yuvin as he sighed, getting up. "Go make breakfast you two," said Sunyoul as he looked at Xion and Xiao. Xion and Xiao nodded, getting up and heading back inside. Yuvin and Kookheon went to pack up and get ready to leave after breakfast.

"How are you holding up?" Sunyoul asked Wooseok as he went to sit down. "I could be better," said Wooseok as he looked at Sunyoul. "Telling someone what happened has taken a load off my shoulders though," he added. "That's good," said Sunyoul.
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[center Chapter 16]

Jinhyuk and Gyujin were next, and Wooseok had to force himself to not flinch when he saw the giant scar across Jinhyuk's back. "Good lord," breathed out Gunhak. "How the hell did he survive [i that]?" He asked. "That's a good question," mumbled Wooseok as he looked back towards the fight, making eye contact with Jinhyuk who inclined his head before turning back to Yuvin. "Well, you three know the rules, no teeth or claws, winner knocks their opponents off their feet," said Kookheon. When everyone nodded to the rules Kookheon shouted for them to begin.

Gyujin and Jinhyuk exchanged glances before rushing forward, the two of them splitting off in different directions. Yuvin was wary at this, backing up and hitting a tree. He stood his ground though, keeping his focus divided. "I wonder how this is gonna go," said Xion. "As expected to be honest," said Xiao. "They won't win," he added. "But they're gonna try," he said.

"How do you know that for sure?" Asked Gunhak. "They've been able to fight opponents my size and win," said Wooseok. "But Yuvin's unpredictable," he said.

They turned back to the fight when Jinhyuk and Gyujin managed to get onto Yuvin's back and Yuvin tried to throw them off. "What are they doing?" Asked Xion. "Going for the pressure points," said Wooseok. "Even if it's hard to reach the one on the neck thanks to Yuvin's mane there's others they're trying to go for," he said. "You notice how Yuvin's moving slower?" He asked, and the others nod. "Some of the minor ones were hit," he said.

"They fight as a team, taking out the enemy through pressure points and we go in and finish it," said Sunyoul. "It's a sound strategy," agreed Kookheon as Yuvin unceremoniously fell to the ground with a thump, frustrated growls escaping him. Gyujin and Jinhyuk hopped down from Yuvin's back, puffing out their chests in pride as Kookheon declared them the winner.

"Good job you two," said Wooseok. "And don't worry Yuvin, you'll be able to move in a minute," he said, snickering at Yuvin who just laid sprawled out on the ground as he changed back to human form. "You're not the one lying on the ground here!" Shouted Yuvin as Kookheon chuckled some.

[center ~]

"Xion," said Kookheon as he approached said werewolf. "What's up?" Asked Xion as he turned to Kookheon. "You don't happen to have a twin do you?" Asked Kookheon. Xion blinked. "You met my brother?" He asked. "Dongmyeong is alive?" He asked. "Yes," said Kookheon. "Yuvin and I ran into him when he was traveling," he said.

"What does he do now?" Asked Xion. "He's a werewolf hunter," said Kookheon. "Oh," said Xion as he sighed. "Why is he a werewolf hunter?" He asked. "He thinks you're dead," Kookheon said, scratching the back of his head. "It's iKon all over again," said Wooseok as he walked over. "Jinhwan and Yunhyeong were the same way until Chanwoo revealed that he was alive," he said.

"Do you know how to contact him?" Asked Xion as he looked at Kookheon. "Unfortunately not," said Kookheon. "We ran into him by chance, and seeing you reminded us of him," he said. "I know who to contact," said Wooseok. "Seungwoo and Byungchan?" Asked Kookheon. Wooseok nodded. "They know who to get in touch with," he said.

[center ~]

That night everyone was awakened by Wooseok's nightmares as he cried out from them, sobbing as he got tangled in his blankets. Everyone rushed to the room to see what was up as Jinhyuk jumped out of bed and rushed over to try and calm him down. Xiao and Sunyoul rushed over to help Jinhyuk get Wooseok out of the blankets while Jinhyuk was trying to calm him down.

"Oi," said Jinhyuk once Wooseok was free of the blankets. "Wooshin!" He shouted, shaking Wooseok slightly. "Wooshin, it's okay!" He said. "I can't- I'm sorry," mumbled Wooseok as he fought against Jinhyuk. "Jinhyuk," said Xiao. "I think you need to step away for a moment," he said. "You're only making it worse," he said. Jinhyuk looked conflicted, but complied when Xiao turned his gaze to him. "It's going to be okay," said Xiao, and Jinhyuk moved to his bed, letting Xiao and Sunyoul try to console a near hysterical Wooseok.

"Wooseok," Sunyoul said gently, placing a calming hand on Wooseok's shoulder. "It's okay, it's just a dream," he said. "A dream- just... A... Dream," breathed Wooseok as he opened his eyes to look up at Sunyoul. Xiao stood nearby, his expression showing concern but he was full alpha mode, keeping the others from coming closer until Wooseok was fine. "It's just a dream," said Sunyoul as he breathed out a sigh of relief.

"S-Sorry," mumbled Wooseok. "For what?" Asked Sunyoul. "Waking everyone," said Wooseok as he sat up, and Sunyoul moved away. It was then that he noticed just about everyone standing by the door, shaking his head at their antics. "They were just worried," said Sunyoul. "Do you want some water?" He asked. "I think I need to sit outside," said Wooseok as he wiped his face with his hand.

"We can do that," said Sunyoul. "Do you want anyone to sit with you?" He asked. "Xion," said Wooseok as he looked at Xion. Xion nodded, and left the room to change and get dressed. "Xiao," said Wooseok. "I can do that, yeah," said Xiao as he nodded. "Anyone else?" Asked Sunyoul. Wooseok shook his head. "Alright, everyone go back to bed," said Xiao as he turned to the others. Everyone nodded and left the room, leaving Jinhyuk alone with Wooseok, Xiao and Sunyoul. "Try and get some sleep," said Sunyoul as he turned to Jinhyuk. "I will," said Jinhyuk as he nodded.

When Xion entered the room after getting dressed Wooseok got up and left the room with Xiao and Sunyoul following after him. Xion nodded to Jinhyuk before leaving the room and closing the door behind him. "I'm going back to bed," said Sunyoul as he turned to them. "Just yell if you need anything okay?" He asked. Xion and Xiao nodded. "Sure," said Wooseok. With that they went their separate ways, Wooseok, Xion and Xiao heading out the back door after putting on their shoes and Sunyoul going back upstairs to sleep.
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[center Chapter 15]

Kogyeol seemed eager to prove himself, as he was the first person to step forward after the break, shaking out his fur as he stared down Yuvin's large lion form. "Remember the rules, no teeth and claws, winner knocks their opponent off their feet," said Kookheon as he went to stand beside Gunhak who was back to leaning against the railing. When Kogyeol and Yuvin nodded Kookheon shouted for them to begin.

Kogyeol immediately leaped forward with the intention of pouncing on Yuvin to gain the upper hand. Yuvin was quick on his feet, despite his much larger size as he moved to the side and let Kogyeol crash into the ground in an ungraceful manner. "Wow Kogyeol," Wooseok said with a snicker, and Kogyeol hissed at Wooseok as he got to his feet.

The way Yuvin held himself made everyone realize that his cockiness wasn't for show as he turned to Kogyeol. "God damn people need to stop being so cocky," grumbled Sunyoul. "He backs up his cockiness with skill you gotta admit," said Wooseok. "Ah, that's true," said Sunyoul as he sighed. "We both do," said Kookheon as Kogyeol launched himself at Yuvin again.

Yuvin let Kogyeol slam into him, quickly headbutting Kogyeol and shoving him off to the side. "How is he gonna-" started Youngjo as Yuvin quickly answered by rushing forward, slamming into Kogyeol, the momentum causing him to crash into a tree with a sickening [i crunch]. "-Finish this fight..." He finished as he looked surprised. Kogyeol struggled to get to his feet, grunting as he did so. Yuvin stood his ground, ready to do it again as he got ready to rush forward.

"It's over Yuvin," called Kookheon. "Leave him be," he said, and Yuvin turned his back to Kogyeol, going back to where the fight began. Kogyeol managed to find the strength to get to his feet, launching himself at Yuvin in a surprise attack. Sunyoul was about to step in, since he was next, when Yuvin turned around and rushed forward, slamming into Kogyeol's stomach and back into said tree with a growl, putting his paw on Kogyeol's chest as he kept Kogyeol there.

"Oi," called Wooseok. "Kookheon said it was over," he said, stepping off the back porch and walking over to them. Xiao flanked Wooseok's right, his posture relaxed as he had his hands in his pockets. Yuvin backed away when Wooseok came close enough, huffing as he shook his head. "Learn to realize when a fight's over will you?" Asked Wooseok. "You're not gonna get anywhere with that attitude," he said. "Don't bother coming over here," he said to Sunyoul as Sunyoul was about to walk over. "Let him heal from this himself," he said. "Let this be a lesson to you, [i never] attack when a battle is declared over," he said, turning away from Kogyeol and walking back to the back deck.

Mistake number three was when Kogyeol attacked Wooseok as soon as Wooseok had his back turned to Kogyeol. Xiao was fast on his feet as he changed, quickly bringing Kogyeol down as he grabbed him by the neck, biting down slightly with a growl. Wooseok turned back to Kogyeol, an eyebrow raising in question. The other members of the 'shifter side of the pack were ready to fight as they watched the tense scene before them.

"You're lucky I'm letting you go with a warning," said Wooseok as he crossed his arms. "I could tell Xiao to kill you right now," he added. "Do you [i hate] me that much that you attack me from behind?" He asked. Kogyeol hissed, baring his teeth in anger.

"Let him go Xiao," said Wooseok. "It seems the kitty wants to fight me right here and now," he said. "I'll even do it in human form, so I won't hurt you that bad," he said with pity as Xiao let go, moving back as he did so. "Come at me then," he said, motioning for Kogyeol to do so.

A few minutes went by and Kogyeol didn't move. "Oh, a coward then?" Asked Wooseok. "Fine by me," he said, turning and walking back to stand on the deck. Xiao huffed, and Gyujin walked over after getting a change of clothes for Xiao and Xiao went to change and put the clothes on.

"Jesus," said Kookheon. "Your packmate is out of control," he said. "I wouldn't be surprised if he decides to leave to be honest," said Wooseok. "Ever since I became alpha he's had so many problems with the way I run things," he said. "To be honest, you've run things better than I ever will," said Jinwook as he shook his head at Kogyeol who walked over after changing and getting dressed.

Yuvin watched as Sunyoul walked over after changing, ready for his fight now. "Remember the rules, no teeth or claws, winner knocks his opponent off their feet," called Kookheon. When Yuvin and Sungyoul nodded Kookheon shouted for them to begin.

Sunyoul knew better than to attack head on, remembering how the last fight went, and quickly ran around trying to confuse Yuvin. Yuvin was quick to react, feigning confusion as he let Sunyoul get closer before striking, rearing up slightly as he brought a paw down to strike at Sunyoul. Sunyoul saw through this however and managed to push forward in a leap as he slammed into Yuvin's stomach, the momentum sending them both flying and landing in a heap on the ground, wrestling with each other.

"Jeez," said Xion. "This is how Sunyoul fights, he does this with Hwanhee too," said Wooseok. "It's the only way Sunyoul's managed to win any of his fights with Hwanhee," he added. "Yuvin might be different in how he fights, but Sunyoul's unpredictable," he said.

The wrestling stopped when Yuvin managed to kick Sunyoul off him, getting to his feet and facing Sunyoul as he got to his feet. He lowered his head, getting ready to charge the moment Sunyoul was distracted. Sunyoul knew he had one chance at winning this, and it was now, as he rushed forward, slamming into Yuvin so hard that it caused everyone to flinch from the sound it made.

When they looked back towards the fight Sunyoul was down, panting as he glared up at Yuvin who just looked at him in what could only be described as a smirk. At least, the equivalent of one coming from a lion anyway. "Winner is Yuvin!" Said Kookheon.
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[center Chapter 14]

Kuhn's fight with Kookheon was very uneventful, the fight ending in just 10 seconds. There was something about the fight that had Wooseok question whether Kuhn was holding back or not. It seemed like he was, but when Yuvin questioned Kuhn, Kuhn just shrugged it off. "I tried my best," was his answer. "You two used to go toe to toe," said Yuvin. Kuhn shrugged in response.

Changhyun stepped forward after changing, and Kookheon sized him up, huffing as he stood on two feet, growling. Changhyun did the same, puffing out his chest as he did so before dropping down. "Remember the rules," said Yuvin as Kookheon dropped down. "No claws, no teeth, winner knocks their opponent off their feet," he said. When Changhyun and Kookheon nodded Yuvin shouted for them to begin.

It was a battle of wills, as Changhyun and Kookheon didn't move immediately. "Ah," said Wooseok as he blinked. "A test of patience this time huh?" He asked, shaking his head. "What?" Asked Youngjo. "This happened last time too, but Changhyun was a bit smaller in size then," said Wooseok. "But from what I see, they're the same height now," he said. "They're sizing each other up, all while daring each other to make the first move," he said. "Changhyun's rather patient, from his spars with me," he added. "So this will be interesting," he said.

A few minutes went by and Kookheon finally had enough, charging forward before rearing up and bringing his paw down to deliver a blow. Changhyun rammed into Kookheon's stomach, managing to shove him backwards but not enough to knock Kookheon onto his back. Changhyun reared up and they met halfway, wrestling with each other now as one tried to force the other to the ground. Kookheon refused to lose, but he could tell how much practicing Changhyun had done to keep going during a spar like this.

Changhyun refused to back down, growling as he managed to plant his back feet firmly on the ground and [i slowly] forced Kookheon to the ground. This was more a battle of pride now as Kookheon tried to stay upright, pushing forward and managing to ram into Changhyun and forcing Changhyun to let go, sliding a couple feet back as he landed on all fours again. Kookheon snarled, and Changhyun did the same in return. They charged forward again, going into another grappling position as they did so.

"Whoa," said Xion as he watched the two bears wrestle. "Kookheon's always beat Changhyun down, but Changhyun's had practice," said Wooseok. "Don't you think this is going a bit far?" Asked Xion. "Nah, you think this is bad just wait on my fight," said Wooseok. "It's the battle of the alphas then," said Yuvin.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Asked Gunhak. "Even though I'm considered the alpha between the both of us Kookheon, since he's older, awakened his alpha's voice first," said Yuvin. "However I doubt this fight will end very well," he added. "I'll be fine," said Wooseok. "Keep telling yourself that," said Jinhyuk as he walked over. "Somehow or another you end up losing," he said.

A loud crash was heard and everyone turned their attention back to the fight, spotting Changhyun standing proudly over Kookheon, panting. "Nice job," called Wooseok. Changhyun turned his head, nodding at Wooseok before going to change and put his clothes on. Kookheon got to his feet, snorting and rubbing his snout with his paw.

"Must be hard to fight without using teeth or claws," remarked Gunhak. "Ah, trust me, it actually helps us in the long run," said Yuvin. "We find ourselves being able to defend better against any werewolves we've been sent to kill," he said.

"Ah," said Xiao as he walked over after Wooseok went to strip and change, standing beside Xion. "It's the big alpha's turn," he said. "Jesus, he did get bigger," said Yuvin as Wooseok came into view after changing to his polar bear form. "I told you," said Jinwook. "Good lord," said Xion as he noticed the scars on Wooseok's face. "I didn't think they'd be more pronounced in his animal form," he said. "Makes him seem more like a battle hardened alpha eh?" Asked Yuvin. Xion nodded.

"Remember the rules you two," said Yuvin as he leaned against the railing. "No teeth or claws, winner knocks his opponent off their feet," he said. Wooseok and Kookheon nodded to the rules and Yuvin yelled for them to begin. Wooseok and Kookheon had a standoff, the both of them growling at each other.

Kookheon charged at Wooseok with the intention of ramming into them and Wooseok saw straight passed it and reared up, placing his paws firmly on Kookheon and effectively stopping him, skidding back a few feet. Kookheon swiped with his paws and Wooseok jumped back, quickly maneuvering to the side as Kookheon charged at him again.

"Why is he going offensive all of the sudden?" Asked Youngjo. "It's due to Wooseok, he always goes defense and Kookheon's trying to force him to fight back," said Yuvin. "It's always been that way, but Wooseok keeps losing," he said. "So Kookheon's forcing Wooseok to go offensive?" Asked Youngjo. "Yes, but as long as he stays defensive he'll win," said Yuvin. "It's a way we've found that works for Wooseok," he said. "He's meant to tank the blows," said Jinhyuk. "All the bears are," said Xiao. "We've been set up to offensive," he added. "Yep," said Jinhyuk.

A frustrated growl escaped Kookheon, causing the others to turn back to the fight. Wooseok bared his teeth in a smirk before he went fully offensive, ramming straight into Kookheon and pushing Kookheon back. "Oh, now he's going offensive," said Xion. "Just wait," said Yuvin. "This will either cause him to win or to lose," he said.

Wooseok reared up, bringing his front paw down to strike Kookheon to the side before using that momentum to throw himself forward and ram his shoulder straight into Kookheon's side as Kookheon had to move to try and avoid the blow from Wooseok's paw. The crashing of bodies was so loud that it caused the werewolves to wince, quickly turning back to the fight when Jinhyuk shouted for Wooseok to keep going.

"He used his claws didn't he?" Asked Xion. "No," said Yuvin. "If he did there'd be blood," he said. "They know the rules of the fight," said Jinhyuk. "Holy-" started Youngjo as Wooseok rammed into Kookheon again, using the momentum to get under Kookheon and rear up, throwing Kookheon behind him in the process.

"Ah! He took what Kookheon used against me and used it against him!" Said Xiao as Kookheon landed in a heap, huffing and grunting as he tried to get to his feet. Wooseok turned after he dropped to all fours again, planting his feet firmly to the ground as he prepared to ram into Kookheon again if he managed to get to his feet.

"Oi, shouldn't you stop him?" Asked Gunhak. "Wooseok's not going to do anything," said Jinhyuk. "The fight's over," he said when Kookheon admitted defeat as he let his head drop to the ground. Wooseok immediately sat down, licking his paw and wiping his snout with it as Yuvin declared him the winner.

"Break time," called Jinwook, and Wooseok nodded, getting up and going to nudge Kookheon to get him to his feet. Kookheon got up, grunting from the effort and he let Wooseok help him over to where their clothes were. "Damn, that last bit really hurt," said Kookheon as he walked over with Wooseok after they changed and got dressed. "Took that one straight out of your book," Wooseok said, scratching the back of his head. "I'll be fine," said Kookheon. "It's the cats' turn next," he said, turning to Yuvin.

"Man, Hwanhee's gonna be mad that he missed a spar with me," Yuvin said with a shake of his head. "There's always next time," said Wooseok. "Of course," said Yuvin.
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[center Chapter 13]

Something about Yuvin and Kookheon set off the werewolves, despite the reassurance from them both that no harm would come to the pack. They were here to visit Wooseok and Jinhyuk anyway, and Wooseok was constantly reassuring the werewolves in their pack that no harm would come to them.

"Honestly," said Wooseok as he stood in front of Youngjo and Hwanwoong. "[i If] they were here for you, wouldn't you think they would do something by now?" He asked. "Can you blame us for being paranoid?" Asked Youngjo. "No, but," Wooseok said, scratching the back of his head. "Just try not to piss them off please," he said. "No problem," said Youngjo. Hwanwoong nodded in agreement.

Yuvin and Kookheon were civil enough around the werewolves, sticking around due to not having any missions except the one that they had come over for. They didn't act on the mission however, because they had no reason to.

[center ~]

One day while everyone was eating breakfast Yuvin decided to pose a challenge. He wanted to see if everyone had kept up their fighting techniques. "We'll have a spar outback," said Yuvin. "It's funny," said Wooseok. "No one wants to spar with the big alpha," he said with a snicker. "Really?" Asked Yuvin. "Someone needs to get you into shape then," he said, laughing some as he shook his head.

"Sparring?" Asked Gunhak. "You'll see," said Wooseok. "I do want to see how much the others have improved," said Yuvin. "Hwanhee says everyone spars every now and again so they don't get rusty," he said. "I'm always there to make sure things don't get out of hand," said Wooseok. "You'll see how we do things though," he added.

"Fun, I get to sit and watch again," Xiao said with a pout. "No, I think we'll include you this time," said Yuvin. "You'll be grouped with the bears I'm sure," he added. "They never fight fair," whined Xiao as he sighed. "I doubt anyone knows how to fight against you though," pointed out Wooseok. "You, Gyujin and Jinhyuk are the odd ones out, but at least Gyujin and Jinhyuk can fight as a pair," he said. "I guess," Xiao said, sighing again. "I'll go easy on you," said Kookheon. "So we know where you are in terms of skill," he added.

"I gotta warn you though, I think my animal form grew larger than Changhyun's," said Wooseok. "Ah, that cements the fact that I [i knew] you'd have alpha genes!" Said Yuvin. "It's funny because my brother is more of a beta," said Wooseok. "Might be from your parents," said Yuvin. "Two betas would make either another beta or an alpha, or both in your case," he added. Wooseok hummed, nodding.

"I mean it's the same for us," said Kookheon. "My animal form is the largest between us both but Yuvin acts more like the alpha than I do," he said. "Probably because you're older," said Jinwook. "I set the bar pretty high because I'm the oldest and I have the largest bear form between the bears," he said. "But I am much bulkier and almost rivaled Wooseok in height until recently," said Changhyun. "And since I'm alpha I easily reach Jinwook's size in terms of height," said Wooseok. "I am the third largest bear," said Changhyun. "But I doubt I'll be growing any larger than this," he added. "Why do I have to be the smallest bear form? Come on," grumbled Kuhn, earning chuckles from everyone.

"You can't complain," said Gyujin. "Jinhyuk and I have the smallest animal forms but I mean come on," he said, throwing up his hands. "We make it up by fighting as a pair though," pointed out Jinhyuk. "And then there's poor me who's got no one to compare to in terms of size," Xiao said, sighing. "We'll see when we get around to that spar," said Yuvin.

"I think Hwanhee has the largest form in the feline department," said Sunyoul. "Despite my genetics making me a beta I'm the second largest," Kogyeol said, puffing out his chest in pride. "And then I'm the third largest," said Sunyoul. "And you got tiny Jinhyuk over here," he said teasingly, earning a napkin getting thrown at him from Jinhyuk.

"I think with any wolf 'shifter it shouldn't be much of a size difference," said Kookheon. "Last I checked you were no larger than Kuhn, but it's been years since then," he said. "I'm [i pretty] sure I'm larger than Kuhn now," said Xiao. "Why do I think we're talking about something else?" Xion asked, sighing as he facepalmed, earning a slap over the back of the head from Youngjo. "Damn pervert," Youngjo said, scowling. "Sorry!" Said Xion as everyone laughs.

[center ~]

After breakfast everyone headed outside, Kookheon rollins his shoulders as he cracked his knuckles. "We're not in a damn boxing match," said Yuvin as he sighed. Kookheon grinned. "Sorry, you know I can't wait for our matches to start," he said. "Who's up first?" Asked Wooseok as he leaned against the railing.

"I'd say you go but I'm looking forward to that fight," said Jinwook. "I'll go," he said, stepping off the back deck and onto the grass. Kookheon smirked. "Let's see if the old alpha's still got some fighting spirit," he said, stripping and changing on the spot once he threw his clothes to the side. Jinwook grinned in return before doing the same. "Remember the rules you two," called Yuvin. "No teeth and claws, the winner knocks his opponent to the ground," he said. When Kookheon and Jinwook nodded to the rules Yuvin yelled for them to begin. The others came over to the railing to watch the fight as Jinwook charged at Kookheon.

"Ah there's mistake number 1," said Wooseok as Jinwook crashed into Kookheon, with Kookheon managing to stand his ground and push Jinwook back slightly to gain some ground. "Damn, he's a tank," said Gunhak as he stood beside Wooseok. "Should see Changhyun's fight then," said Wooseok. Jinwook and Kookheon started to circle each other waiting to see who would charge first, with the others cheering Jinwook on.

Jinwook eventually caved, charging straight for Kookheon and slamming into Kookheon's side. Kookheon stood his ground but Jinwook put his paws on Kookheon and pushed with all his might, grunting and growling. Kookheon moved and swiped with his paws, causing Jinwook to jump back and that was Kookheon's queue to launch himself at Jinwook and Jinwook was knocked to the ground, going belly up in defeat as Kookheon stood over him.

"That didn't take very long," said Gunhak. "Well," said Wooseok. "They were both holding back, more due to Jinwook's insanity," he added. "The spars used to be a lot worse than this," said Yuvin as he shook his head. "I know that he's holding back though, I figured he goes ham when with Changhyun or Kuhn?" He asked. Wooseok nodded. Kookheon had stepped away and let Jinwook get to his feet and go grab his clothes to change back and get dressed.

"Not a bad spar," said Wooseok. "I could've done better, but we have an audience," said Jinwook. "Get 'em Xiao," he said when Xiao stepped forward after stripping and changing. "Remember the rules," said Yuvin. "No teeth or claws, winner knocks the opponent off their feet," he said. Xiao turned to Yuvin and nodded, and Kookheon sized up his opponent, lowering his head in preparation. "Fight!" Said Yuvin and Xiao had to quickly jump out of the way when Kookheon immediately charged at him.

"Changed up the strategy huh?" Asked Wooseok as he shook his head. Xiao growled in frustration as he jumped back from Kookheon as Kookheon charged at him again. "What's he doing?" Asked Xion. "You'll see," said Wooseok. "If Kookheon can manage to do so at least," he added.

Xiao used his speed to his advantage as he got some distance between himself and Kookheon before leaping to the side and onto Kookheon's back. Kookheon bucked around, trying to throw Xiao off him as Xiao managed to hang on. He resolved to roll over onto his back, nearly crushing Xiao if he didn't quickly jump off, getting knocked over by Kookheon as he managed to get under Xiao and ram into his side, getting his head under Xiao. With that momentum Kookheon managed to lift himself up and throw Xiao over his head, causing Xiao to land in a heap behind him, huffing and whining slightly from losing the fight as Kookheon once again came out victorious.

"Damn," said Youngjo. "And that's what I meant," Wooseok said with a shake of his head.
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[center Chapter 12]

Xion noticed that he got a lot more sleep when he was in wolf form, only waking up once when Gunhak headed passed his door. He had finally gotten the first normal amount of sleep in what seemed like years. Hwanwoong it looked like, was in the same situation as Xion saw his roommate's lump still buried in the blankets. He got to his feet, stretching and hopping down from his bed before changing back to human form and going to get dressed. He turned when Xiao knocked on the door before opening it, popping his head in. "Coming to make breakfast?" Asked Xiao. "Sure," said Xion as he nodded. Xiao grinned before leaving the room and Xion went to put on a shirt before going to wake up Hwanwoong.

"Wake up Hwanwoong," said Xion as he gently shook the wolf awake. A whine came from Hwanwoong as he lifted his head, the blanket moving off his head as he glared at Xion. Xion laughs. "Get changed and get dressed, breakfast will be ready soon," he said before leaving the room. Hwanwoong huffed before doing so, getting up and hopping off the bed as the door closed behind Xion.

Xion spotted Sunyoul coming inside from the back deck mumbling about late night talks as he passed Xion. "Who was out there this time?" He asked. "Wooseok, Gunhak, Jinhyuk and Jinwook," said Sunyoul before he headed up the stairs to get ready for the day. Xion shook his head, chuckling at Sunyoul's antics before heading into the kitchen.

"What were they talking about do you know?" Xion asked Xiao. "You weren't out there last night?" Asked Xiao as he was working on breakfast. "No, I managed to sleep the entire night," said Xion as he went to help. "Just Wooseok being a concerned alpha," said Xiao as he started the coffee maker. "Nothing more," he said. "Ah," said Xion. Jinhyuk and Jinwook came inside, yelling about breakfast and rushing into the kitchen to get coffee. "It's still another few minutes," said Xiao. "No problem," said Jinhyuk as he went to sit down at the table. Jinwook soon joined him and they took sips of coffee as they waited on the others to come downstairs.

When Wooseok and Gunhak came in Xion noticed that Gunhak was more relaxed than before. "It went well I assume?" Asked Xiao as he turned his head to look at Wooseok. "Everything went fine," said Wooseok as he nodded, moving around the others to get to the coffee machine.

"I'm going to be stepping down for a while," said Gunhak, causing Xion to turn to Gunhak. "I was going to suggest doing that," said Xion before turning back to the stove. "I think everyone was about to," said Hwanwoong as he entered the kitchen after getting ready for the day. "You definitely needed the break," he said, maneuvering around Wooseok to get his cup of coffee. "We'll handle things, don't worry," said Wooseok as he nodded. "Have faith," said Xion.

As everyone came into the kitchen to get their coffee before either sitting down at the kitchen table or around the kitchen island Wooseok thought about something. "Why don't you guys sit around the kitchen island today? You don't need to sit in the livingroom to eat breakfast," he said. "Are you sure?" Asked Gunhak. "Yeah, no one has a problem with it," said Jinwook. "I don't think anyone sits at the kitchen island anyway so," he said, shrugging. "As long as the others are okay with it," said Gunhak as he turned to his packmates. "Sure," said Youngjo. Hwanwoong and Xion nodded in agreement.

"Ah, we're getting visitors today," said Wooseok as everyone sat in the kitchen to eat breakfast. "Who is it?" Asked Gyujin. "It's our friends Yuvin and Kookheon," said Wooseok. "They wanted to see the new pack we picked up so," he said, shrugging. "They won't do anything," said Jinhyuk as he looked over at Gunhak. "They wouldn't harm a fly, well unless they were paid to do so," he said. "They're werewolf hunters?" Xion asked with wide eyes. "No wonder you said that packs were scared of them when they showed up," he said when Wooseok nodded.

"Don't worry though," Jinhyuk said with a snicker. "Kookheon's a giant teddy bear and Yuvin acts tough but he's really not," he said. "They act tough but they really don't kill unless they have to," he said. "They taught our pack how to fight," said Wooseok. "Since Kookheon's a grizzly bear and Yuvin's a lion," he added. "It's also how Hwanhee got his job as a vampire hunter," he said. "They're part of the Treasure Box faction, and are Yedam's betas," he said. "Two 'shifters as a werewolf's betas?" Asked Gunhak as he blinked in surprise.

"They are the reason iKon, since it was more than just Jinhwan and his pack, became so famous," said Wooseok. "iKon wasn't just Jinhwan and his pack?" Asked Xion. "No," said Wooseok. "A lot happened behind the scenes," he said. "Jinhwan's story certainly pushed the faction forward, but Yedam didn't use it for publicity," said Jinhyuk. "And they were fine with that," he added.

"But iKon as a whole was definitely more than just Jinhwan and his pack," said Wooseok. "I was there when Jinhwan and his pack were accepted into the faction, there's still a [i lot] of people that didn't quite get as famous," he said. "But they're fine with it, jobs are jobs," he said.

"They had a valid reason to become werewolf hunters, despite the truth coming out much later," said Jinhyuk. "I see," said Gunhak.

Right on queue the doorbell rang and Xiao got up and went to answer it, coming back with Yuvin and Kookheon walking behind him. "Hey there Wooshin," said Yuvin. "Yo," said Wooseok as he grinned. "Saved some food for you, go eat," he said. Yuvin nodded to Kookheon who immediately went to get food.

"Sorry if our table's full but," said Wooseok as he motioned to the kitchen island. "Still plenty of room," he said. "I'm fine by the counter," said Kookheon. Yuvin shrugged. "I'm not hungry," he said, going to stand beside Kookheon.

[center ~]

After breakfast everyone scattered, going to do their own things for the day since there wasn't much to do. Wooseok went to sit outside with Yuvin and Kookheon, knowing they wouldn't be disturbed for the time being.

"You look tired," said Wooseok as he sat down in his recliner, leaning back to recline slightly as he rested his arms on the armrest. "Should say the same about you," said Yuvin as he sat down in one of the unmarked chairs with Kookheon sitting beside him.

"What brings you here?" Asked Wooseok. "You wouldn't be here without a reason," he said. "One of your new pack's old packmates, I think his name was Seoho? Hired me to kill one of yours," said Yuvin. "Does he not know the law?" Asked Wooseok as he raised an eyebrow. "Which is why we showed up to tell you first," said Yuvin. "We wouldn't kill without reason, you know that's our mantra," he said.

"Who's pack is he in now?" Asked Wooseok. "No one's," said Yuvin. "So I'm reporting to Yedam after this," he said. "Another team will be dispatched to kill him soon I'm sure," he said. "Good, I don't want to deal with him anymore," Wooseok said, sighing as he pinched the bridge of his nose.
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[center Chapter 11]

Gunhak was startled when he was told that Wooseok wanted to talk him during one of his late night talks. He wasn't sure what was going to happen tonight but he agreed to it anyway, seeing that Wooseok hadn't had a late night talk in a while.

"Don't worry," assured Xiao. "It's nothing bad," he said. "Says the beta," said Gunhak as he shook his head. "If it was something bad Wooseok would've talked to you beforehand," said Xiao. "If it makes you feel any better Jinwook will be there tonight," he said. "Not really," Gunhak said, sighing. "But thank you for telling me that we won't be alone," he said. Xiao nodded.

[center ~]

Gunhak wasn't given a specific time to go, but he figured at the usual time that Jinhyuk headed out would be perfect as he left the room he was sharing with Youngjo, closing the door behind him before he headed downstairs, putting his shoes on and heading out the backdoor and closing it behind him.

"You're early," said Jinhyuk as he was sitting with Jinwook. "Ah, I wasn't told what time to come out," Gunhak said, scratching the back of his head. "Wooseok headed out for a run an hour earlier, he'll be back though," said Jinhyuk. "Come sit down," he said, motioning to one of the unmarked chairs. Gunhak went to sit down, trying to stay relaxed as he zoned out of Jinwook and Jinhyuk's discussion.

"He's tense," Jinwook said with a snicker. "It's nothing bad though, even Xiao said so," he said. "No, it's nothing bad," said Jinhyuk. "Kogyeol however, lost every favor he had to Wooseok," he said. "Really?" Asked Jinwook. "Our argument earlier got pretty bad, so much so that Xiao had to step in," said Jinhyuk. "I guess Kogyeol said something that set Wooseok off because his alpha mode was instantly on Kogyeol as soon as he spoke," he said. "Did he even apologize yet?" Asked Jinwook. "Nope," said Jinhyuk. "Of course," said Jinwook.

"Why do you two have these arguments anyway?" Gunhak asked suddenly, causing Jinhyuk and Jinwook to turn to him. "Kogyeol's jealous of my position," said Jinhyuk. "He wants the advisor position but he knows he won't be able to do much," he said. "And technically he'd be stepping down from beta," he added. "Hm," said Gunhak.

"Stepping down from beta would technically give him no more power," said Wooseok as he walked over after changing back to human form and getting dressed. "I'd have to [i choose] a new beta," he said. "I'd say go with Hwanhee since he was my other beta but," Jinwook said, shrugging. "He's gone too much," said Wooseok. "It wouldn't do him much good," he said. "Pretty much," said Jinhyuk.

"So um," said Gunhak as Wooseok sat down in his recliner. "What did you need me for?" He asked. "I wanted to let you know that as the pack alpha for both packs, that I care for everyone," said Wooseok. "So if you're having some problems then I'm here to listen to it," he said.

"Ah..." said Gunhak. "I don't want to be a bother," he said. "It's okay," said Wooseok. "This is something I wouldn't've done," said Jinwook. "Though more due to dealing with 9 kids," he said with a snort. "But, take the opportunity," he said. "Not many would care for a pack like this," he said.

Gunhak was hesitant at first, looking away from Wooseok's gaze. "...I'm barely holding things together," he said after a few minutes. "I worry for Xion, and Hwanwoong," he said. "Xion for his insomnia and Hwanwoong for his nightmares," he said. "I just want things to be okay," he said. "I thought these late night talks would help them at least," he said. "But I can see them being even more exhausted," he said.

"Byungchan suggested that they both sleep in their wolf forms," said Wooseok. "So he talked to them and they're trying it tonight," he said. "I was there for the discussion since it involved them," he added. "I see," said Gunhak. "I trust their judgement on things," said Wooseok. "Not only because they're the reason we got to the US, but also because we helped them and in return we got jobs for Kris," he said. "We don't get them often anymore, but," he said, shrugging.

"How are things with Youngjo?" Asked Jinhyuk. "Fine," said Gunhak. "He's a bit disappointed that Hwanhee had to leave but," he said, shaking his head in amusement. "Those two have become close," said Jinwook. "They're not mates though, it'd be obvious if it was," he added. "Even if they were, I don't care," he said. "I don't think anyone does," said Wooseok. Gunhak hummed, nodding.

"How are you though?" Asked Wooseok. "What do you mean?" Asked Gunhak. "How are you faring after everything happened?" Asked Wooseok. "I feel like a total wreck," said Gunhak. "I really thought I could trust them," he said. "And they went and did that," he said, sighing. "On top of that, the stress from moving and Xion's insomnia and Hwanwoong's nightmares, it's a bit too much for me," he said.

Wooseok looked sympathetic as he got up, walking over and putting a hand on Gunhak's shoulder. "Don't worry," he said. "Let Xiao and I handle things for a bit," he said. "You just need to not be the big alpha for a week at least," he said. "I don't trust Kogyeol enough right now for him to even try and keep your pack in line but Xiao has Xion's trust and I'm the alpha of the pack as a whole," he added. Gunhak nodded.

[center ~]

The rest of the night was spent talking about happy things, and Wooseok was able to reassure Gunhak that everything would be okay. When Sunyoul found them in the morning, he gently scolded them about late night talks.

"We won't do it again for another few weeks," said Wooseok as he rolled his eyes, the corners of his lips going up in a teasing smile. "Yeah yeah keep saying that," said Sunyoul as he sighed dramatically before heading back inside. "I think he didn't want to set you off Jinwook," Jinhyuk said with a snicker. "I'm actually relatively calm, this helped a lot," said Jinwook as he stood, stretching.

"Well, let's go see what's for breakfast," said Wooseok. Jinhyuk and Jinwook were the first to rush back into the house, the both of them yelling about breakfast. Gunhak chuckled at their antics. Wooseok turned to Gunhak. "Let me handle things with your pack for a bit, take a break alright?" He asked. Gunhak nodded. Wooseok smiled softly, moving to get up. "Let's go eat then shall we?" He asked. "Yeah, let's," said Gunhak as he got up, following Wooseok inside.
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[center Chapter 10]

Hwanhee was gone a few weeks later, and Byungchan and Seungwoo left with him, coincidentally going the same way. Apparently this time though, all of Hwanhee's missions were in the states so he wouldn't be gone as long as before.

"Just talk to Gunhak about things, get him into a late night talk session," was Byungchan's advice before he left with Seungwoo and Hwanhee. "I can tell he wants to talk to you about things, but he's afraid to speak up," he added. Wooseok nodded. "I imagine that's how Moonbin's pack was at first," he said. "Probably," said Byungchan. "We'll see you around then," he said, bowing his head before leaving with Seungwoo and Hwanhee, who was taking the jeep.

Wooseok was left to ponder what to do as he sat in front of the computer, having messaged Moonbin to get his advice about things. He had messaged his brother first, and then Moonbin had messaged him back after a few minutes saying that he was willing to talk.

"[i So you're having problems huh]?" Asked Moonbin as he started the call. "Not exactly, but I just want advice on how you handled things," said Wooseok. "[i Ah]," said Moonbin as he hummed. "[i Well, Jinhwan was hesitant to talk to me about things too at first]," he said. "[i I wasn't the one he confided to first though, it was Chanwoo that talked to me about it afterwards]," he said. "[i I doubt Gunhak has anyone to turn to except his own pack but]," he said, sighing a bit. "[i The best advice I can give you is to approach him yourself]," he said. "[i If you want things to work out it's best to talk to him yourself instead of waiting]," he said. "I see," said Wooseok.

"[i Who knows, this might improve relations between your pack and his]," said Moonbin. "Did it help you and your pack?" Asked Wooseok. "[i In a way it did]," said Moonbin. "[i Things got better, and things weren't as tense as they used to be]," he said. "I see," said Wooseok. "[i Is there anything else]?" Asked Moonbin. "No, thank you for taking the time to talk," said Wooseok. Moonbin nodded, waving before hanging up.

Wooseok sighed, leaning back in his chair as he spun around. "That didn't help at all," he groaned as he wiped his face with his hands. He looked up at the ceiling as he slowly spun around in his chair, trying to get his thoughts together.

An argument started up between Kogyeol and Jinhyuk again in the livingroom, and that caused Wooseok to look towards the door, listening to see if this would escalate like usual.

"Something needs to be done about these late night talks," said Kogyeol. "This can't keep going for weeks at a time, [i can't] you see how exhausted Wooseok is every day now?!" Said Kogyeol. "You [i do] realize that we haven't been out for a late night talk in weeks right?" Asked Jinhyuk. "[i I] can't help his nightmares, and you know it," he said. "You're in the god damn same room as him!" Shouted Kogyeol. "Surely there's [i something] you can do," he said.

"Oi oi," said Xiao. "Back up you two," he said, pushing the two apart. "I'm [i just] as concerned as you are, trust me," he said. "But we knew [i exactly] what we were dealing with when we came to decision to make Wooseok alpha," he said. "If Jinwook's mate wasn't [i stupid] we wouldn't've agreed to this in the first place!" Said Kogyeol.

Wooseok stood at the entrance to the hallway leading to his room, with his arms crossed as he leaned against the wall. "So that's how you feel huh?" He asked, causing everyone to turn to him. "I-I," said Kogyeol as he was speechless. Xiao and Jinhyuk backed away from Kogyeol, noticing the now tense atmosphere as Wooseok went full alpha mode.

"You're [i jealous] because of one thing," said Wooseok as he moved away from the wall and towards Kogyeol who immediately started backing up, tripping over the coffee table and landing on the couch. "Honestly, being a beta isn't even half bad," he said. "[i Everything] goes through you [i and] Xiao before I get [i any] say in it," he said. "What part of that can you not fathom?" He asked. Kogyeol flinched from Wooseok's words, still unable to speak.

"As I recall, Jinwook even confided in you and whoever was his other beta at the time before coming to a final decision," said Wooseok. "You had full faith in my abilities as an alpha, despite [i knowing] how Jinhyuk and I ended up in the US," he said. "You think that I'm not fit for the alpha position and yet [i who] got us this house? [i Who] made sure we were all set when it came to work? [i Who] made sure everyone else was okay before worrying about themselves? Me," he said. "And yet who chose his own betas after a recommendation from Jinwook? Me," he said. "Who chose you? I did," he said. With that last statement Wooseok turned away, his alpha mode fading immediately and causing everyone to relax. "I'm going out," he said before going to put on his shoes and head out the backdoor.

"And you thought [i my] alpha mode was scary," Xiao said with a snort before following out after Wooseok, intending to go for a run. "He may suffer from his past still, but he cares about everyone, more than you think," said Jinhyuk. "Give it some thought, and then go apologize," he said before going to put on his shoes and head out the back door to cool down. Kogyeol was left to stay slumped against the couch in thought, his mind still reeling from Wooseok's words.

"You'd think he'd learn by now," said Jinhyuk as he sat with Wooseok outside. "Yeah well," said Wooseok as he shook his head. "Some people never learn," he said. "Pretty much," said Jinhyuk.

"How'd the talk with Moonbin go?" He asked. "Just fine," said Wooseok. "I plan on talking to Gunhak about things later," he said. "Try and clear things up between us," he said. "Late night talks again huh?" Asked Jinhyuk. Wooseok hummed, nodding.
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[center Chapter 9]

"What brings you two here?" Asked Wooseok as he sat outside with Byungchan and Seungwoo for a late night talk session. "Mm, just visiting," said Byungchan. "I had one of those weird feelings about you and your PTSD and figured why not come visit," he said.

"I see you picked up a pack of werewolves," said Seongwoo. "They're getting along," said Wooseok. "I see that," said Seungwoo. "But they have their own problems, as does your own pack," he said. "What was your motive behind it?" He asked. "I'm sure you've heard about what happened with my brother and his mate," said Wooseok. "Ah... That problem," said Byungchan. "Gunhak asked me to take them in, and we did," said Wooseok.

"You're really trying to become like your brother's pack huh?" Asked Seungwoo. "It's not on purpose," said Wooseok. "I just couldn't let them go," he said. "Understandable," said Seungwoo. "Especially after all these laws were formed," he said. "No one is a vampire hunter, and I thought, why not invite them since Hwanhee is a vampire hunter," said Wooseok. Seongwoo hummed, nodding.

"What have you noticed while being here?" Asked Wooseok as he turned to Byungchan. "Not very much," said Byungchan. "Everyone's getting along, so there's not much tension," he said. "Even Kogyeol is being compliant," he said, shaking his head. "But as for the werewolves," he said, turning to Seongwoo.

"As for the werewolves," started Seungwoo as he crossed his arms, shrugging slightly. "There's not much going on there," he said. "Except what you explained to me in the text message," he added. "Hwanwoong and Xion are as you've said, suffering from some sort of PTSD, Gunhak is just [i barely] holding things together for his pack and Youngjo is the most normal," he said. "You may need to step in soon," he said. "For Gunhak's sake," he added. "He's still tearing himself up from the betrayal of two his packmates I'm sure," he said. Wooseok nodded.

The three of them turned when Xion came outside and closed the back door, having spent the passed few hours tossing and turning in his bed. "Ah, unable to sleep?" Asked Wooseok. "I tried to," mumbled Xion. "I hope we weren't the cause of it," said Byungchan as he looked concerned. "No," said Xion. "I just couldn't will my body to fall asleep," he said, sighing as he walked over and sat down in his recliner. Byungchan hummed, his head tilting to the side slightly.

"Have you tried sleeping in wolf form?" Asked Seungwoo. "No," said Xion. "I could try that next time but I'm too wide awake to try and sleep again," he said, sighing. "I'd say try it next time," said Seungwoo. "You never know, you might be able to sleep more comfortably in wolf form," he added.

"What time is it?" Asked Byungchan. "4 am," said Xion. "These late night talks take up most of the night, Jesus," said Byungchan. Wooseok chuckled some, shaking his head. "It's good to see Jinhyuk finally getting some sleep though," he said. "He's usually out here before me, same with Hwanwoong," he said. "Are you tired at all?" Asked Byungchan. "No," said Wooseok. "I got to sleep earlier, it's why I was gone for a few hours," he said. "Our body clocks are constantly changing it seems," said Xion. "We're getting used to staying up most of the night now," he said. Wooseok hummed in agreement.

[center ~]

"God damn it you four," said Sunyoul as he came outside after the sun rose. "These talks need to not happen so often," he said. "Last night was important," said Wooseok. "Important enough to require a late night talk session?" Asked Sunyoul. "Yes," said Byungchan. "I see," said Sunyoul. "It looks like it's gonna rain the next week or so, try and get some normal amount of sleep," he said before heading back inside.

"Ever the worry wart," Seungwoo said with a snort as he got up, stretching. "How long are you two gonna be around?" Asked Wooseok. "I dunno," said Byungchan. "We've been moving from pack to pack again, so we're just hanging around," he said. "Must scare the others, with Kris's top general and his beta wandering around packs to see how things are going," Wooseok said with a shake of his head.

"Should see the look on their faces when Yuvin shows up with Kookheon," Byungchan said, laughing some. "They strike fear into the packs as soon as they show up," he said.

"Xion! Come help make breakfast!" Xiao shouted from inside, causing Xion to quickly move and get up, running inside to help make breakfast. "I missed a late night talk? Damn," said Jinhyuk as he stepped outside to get some fresh air, closing the door behind him before he walked over to Wooseok, Byungchan and Seungwoo. "You needed to sleep, it's alright," said Byungchan as he scratched the back of his head. "We didn't talk about much anyway," he said.

"It's good to see you two around again," said Jinhyuk. "Yeah," said Byungchan as he shrugged. "Just felt the need to stop by, you know? See how things have been," he said. "Yuvin says hi by the way, he'd come visit but he's over in Asia at the moment with Kookheon," he said. "Ah, that's fine," said Jinhyuk.

[center ~]

"So, what was the important talk about?" Asked Sunyoul as they sat around the table to eat breakfast. "Nothing concerning you guys," said Wooseok. "I asked them to stop by to observe the wolves and see if we can make things more comfortable for them," he said. "Ah," said Sunyoul.

"I [i still] can't believe you are friends with one of Kris's top generals though," Kogyeol said with a sigh. Wooseok chuckled some. "You think [i that's] surprising just wait til Yuvin stops by," he said. "Dude," said Jinhyuk. "We've been friends with them since before we both started changing," he said. "Kookheon and Yuvin are brothers, when Eunwoo and Rocky started changing we found ourselves with them," he said. "I don't think they minded [i too] much but," he said, shrugging.
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[center Chapter 8]

Something about their resident vampire hunter had Youngjo spend a lot of time around him. Most of the time Hwanhee didn't mind, seeing that the oldest in the werewolf side of the pack just wanted company. An uneasy companionship formed between the two of them, and the others were quick to notice as they spent more time around each other. Whenever anything involved Hwanhee happened though, Jinwook immediately got involved, needing the calming presence of his roommate and Hwanhee welcomed it, eventually causing Youngjo to welcome it also.

"It's not that easy is it?" Asked Hwanhee as he chuckled slightly, watching Youngjo and Jinwook play a game of Uno with Wooseok and Jinhyuk. "No, not really," Youngjo said absentmindedly as he put down a card. "Blue by the way," he added when he noticed he had to pick a color. "Damn it," said Wooseok as he looked through the cards in his hand before placing one down. "Heheh, screw you," said Jinwook as he threw down a pick four, causing Jinhyuk to whine in protest. "Come on, really?" Shouted Jinhyuk as he drew four cards. "Red by the way," said Jinwook. "God damn screw you," said Jinhyuk as he threw down a red, yellow and blue skip card before placing down another blue card. Youngjo chuckled slightly as he placed down a card. "Uno," he said, causing Jinhyuk to sigh loudly as he got up and went into another room to calm down.

"This game destroys friendships," remarked Youngjo. "What friendships?" Wooseok asked with a snicker. "You think that's bad try playing Monopoly with him," Jinwook said, laughing some as he went to clean up the game. "Another?" He asked. "Nah, I'm good," Youngjo said, standing and stretching. "I'm going to turn in early tonight," said Wooseok. "And make sure Jinhyuk didn't destroy anything," he added before getting up and heading into his and Jinhyuk's room.

"I'm going for a run then," said Youngjo. "If Hwanwoong is already out there I'll join him," he added. "Last I checked he was in his room with Xion," said Hwanhee. "He probably wants to try and sleep tonight," said Jinwook. "Probably," said Youngjo. "I'll see you two tomorrow then," he said, heading out the back door.

After stashing his clothes in the deck box outside Youngjo changed, heading out and running straight for the forest after his paws hit the grass. It seemed he would be alone for a bit tonight, as he let his mind wonder while he ran down the familiar path that the rest of his pack seemed to take.

It was a few hours before someone joined him, and Youngjo recognized Gunhak's wolf form running along side him as he continued running. They ran in comfortable silence for awhile, the both of them coming to a stop by a clearing with a pond in the middle of it. Youngjo noticed how tense Gunhak was tonight, and wondered what was wrong as he looked around. Gunhak turned to Youngjo, nodding his head in a command to head home. Youngjo bowed his head before turning and running back to the house. He didn't miss the fact that Gunhak didn't follow after him, and figured Gunhak wanted to be alone.

There was no one on the deck when Youngjo returned to the house, quickly changing back and grabbing his clothes and putting them on. Everyone wanted to sleep tonight it seemed, or in Xion's case, lie awake for the rest of the night. No matter, he headed inside and went to take a quick shower before hopping into bed, passing out immediately.

[center ~]

When Gunhak didn't return in the morning that raised alarms for everyone, with Xion yelling that no one was outside on the deck like there usually was. Youngjo quickly went downstairs, looking panicked as he remembered where he left Gunhak last night. "Did he seriously leave himself out there?" He asked. "Where did you see him last?" Asked Wooseok as he brought up a map of the area on the computer. "Here," said Youngjo as he pointed. "There was a clearing here I think, and a pond in the middle," he said.

"Oh, I know where that is," said Gyujin as he walked over to see. "Can you find him?" Asked Youngjo as he looked at Gyujin. "Mm, probably," said Gyujin. "I just follow the stench of pine forest right?" He asked, looking at Youngjo then at Hwanwoong and Xion. "Yeah, the path's clearly marked," said Hwanwoong as he nodded. "Kuhn?" Asked Gyujin as he turned to Kuhn. "I'll go with you," said Kuhn as he nodded.

"Wait, I'll go too," said Youngjo. "So he doesn't get alarmed by you two showing up," he added. "Lead the way then," said Gyujin. "I'll go too," Wooseok said suddenly, causing everyone to turn to him. "There's been rumors from the humans about wolves in the area," he added. "I don't want them to be true in case another pack makes their presence known but," he said, nodding. "Let's go then," said Youngjo as he went to put his shoes on. Gyujin, Kuhn and Wooseok did the same, and they followed Youngjo out the back door and down the familiar path that the werewolves took.

Two new faces were sitting with a sleeping Gunhak, causing Youngjo to freeze in their presence. "Oh, it's you two," said Wooseok. "We were planning on stopping by the house but we found him sleeping," said one of the new people. "Ever so helpful Byungchan," Wooseok said with a shake of his head. Byungchan grinned before moving to shake the sleeping wolf awake. "Time to get up," he said, jumping out of the way when Gunhak snapped at him. "Yeesh," he said. "Gunhak, it's okay," said Wooseok. "They're friends," he said. When Gunhak recognized the familiar faces of his pack he immediately went to Youngjo who pet him on the head.

"Coming back to the house with us Byungchan, Seongwoo?" Asked Wooseok. "Sure," said Byungchan. Seongwoo nodded and Gyujin led the way back to the house with the others following after him.

"How do you know them?" Asked Youngjo. "These two are the werewolves that helped Jinhyuk and I out of Germany," said Wooseok. "Ah," said Youngjo. "Cocky werewolves aren't they?" Gyujin asked under his breath, earning a slap over the head from Kuhn. "Behave," said Kuhn. "Ow," whined Gyujin as he rubbed the back of his head.

Xion and Hwanwoong were in near hysterics when they returned with Gunhak, and Gunhak promised not to do it again while Xion thanked Byungchan and Seongwoo for at least keeping him company. "It's no problem really," said Byungchan as he scratched the back of his head.
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[center Chapter 7]

There was something that Gunhak always noticed with the 'shifters side of the pack. They seemed to be avoiding pissing off Wooseok as the nightmares continued. He wondered why, as Hwanwoong and now Xion spent their nights out with Wooseok and Jinhyuk, talking about who knows what. He was curious about their conversations, and decided to try and join in next time. If he could wake up in time to join them.

Movement from the floor below woke Gunhak up as he opened his eyes. He quickly checked the time and sat up, stretching as he noticed how early it was. "Damn, 4 am?" He asked. He got up and headed out of the room as quietly as he could, closing the door behind him and heading downstairs. He grabbed his shoes and put them on, noticing how quiet it got outside.

"Waiting on me?" Asked Gunhak as he stepped onto the deck before moving to close the door. "Kind of," said Jinhyuk. "Come sit down," he said, motioning to one of the empty unmarked chairs. Wooseok was already there, curled up in his recliner as he yawned, getting comfortable as he closed his eyes to try and sleep again. Xion sat across from Wooseok in a similar position, waving to Gunhak. "Hwanwoong went to bed then?" Asked Gunhak. "Was what you heard earlier I'm sure," said Jinhyuk. "I see," said Gunhak as he went to sit down. He leaned against the arm of the chair, letting his feet hang off the other arm as he got comfortable.

"What brought you out here?" Asked Jinhyuk. "I woke to movement," said Gunhak. "So I checked the time and thought, eh why not join you for one night," he said. "Hwanwoong was exhausted tonight," said Jinhyuk. "So he headed in after Wooseok and Xion came outside," he said. "I see," said Gunhak.

"I got some sleep tonight," said Xion. "So don't worry about me," he said. "I wasn't going to ask, but sure," said Gunhak. "I know you try to sleep as much as you can," he said. "I'm more worried about Hwanwoong," he said. "The nightmares never got this bad huh?" Asked Jinhyuk. "Not that I'm aware of," said Xion. "And I've been his roommate each house we were in," he added. "Hm," said Gunhak.

"Might be because of a familiar setting?" Asked Jinhyuk. "You know, since he was turned around this area or something," he added. "That makes sense," said Gunhak. "Bad memories I'm sure," Wooseok said suddenly, opening his eyes as he stretched in his chair, reclining back to get more comfortable. "Still can't sleep?" Asked Jinhyuk. "Not tonight it seems," said Wooseok. "Sunyoul's going to make a fuss again," Jinhyuk said with a snort. "I can't help it alright?" Asked Wooseok as he sighed. Xion chuckled slightly, shaking his head.

[center ~]

It was Youngjo that found them after the sun rose, sighing as he spotted Gunhak. "Now it's you?" He asked, earning a chuckle from Gunhak. "Yes," said Gunhak. "I saw that Hwanwoong is in bed for once," said Youngjo. "Yeah," said Gunhak. "And I took his place it seems," he said. "Did you at least get some sleep Xion?" Asked Youngjo as he went to sit down in a chair next to Gunhak. "Maybe like an hour," said Xion.

"Xiao yelled at me to get you to make breakfast," Youngjo said to Xion. "Okay," said Xion as he got up, heading inside to start breakfast with Xiao.

"Anything happening today?" Asked Gunhak. "Yeah, Hwanhee's returning today," said Wooseok as he opened his eyes, moving his head to look at Gunhak. "Oh," said Gunhak. "Thought I fell asleep again huh?" Asked Wooseok as he rubbed his eyes. "You were too quiet," Gunhak said with a shake of his head. Wooseok chuckled some as he stretched in his chair.

"Who's going to get him?" Asked Gunhak. "I am," said Jinhyuk. "Why?" He asked. "Mind if I come along?" Asked Gunhak. "No, not at all," said Jinhyuk. "Are you even capable of driving right now?" Asked Youngjo. "He's driven in worse conditions," Wooseok said, yawning again. "I think you need to sleep," said Youngjo. "I'll get around to it," said Wooseok.

[center ~]

After breakfast and making sure that Wooseok was asleep, and asking Hwanwoong to sleep in the same room to see if it would help the nightmares, Gunhak and Jinhyuk headed to the airport in the truck to go pick up Hwanhee.

"You look exhausted," said Hwanhee as he got in the truck after putting his bags in the truck bed. "It's been a rough few months," said Jinhyuk as he started the truck and drove off, heading back towards home.

"How's things?" Asked Hwanhee. "Could be better," said Gunhak. "They have this big late night talk thing every night now," he said. "Sounds interesting," said Hwanhee. "Wooseok's being plagued by nightmares again, and two of the werewolves can't sleep," said Jinhyuk. "So we set this up," he said. "When Wooseok and Xion head out it's already 4 am and Hwanwoong and I've been out there for most of the night," he said.

"Everyone's curious about what the conversations are about," said Gunhak. Jinhyuk laughs. "We talk about everything," he said. "But lately it's been silent," he said. "More due to Wooseok falling asleep and we have nothing much to say," he added. "Sometimes Hwanwoong falls asleep too," he said. "Xion's there to keep my company I guess," he said. "Insomnia is a dangerous thing," Gunhak. "Yeah," said Jinhyuk.

"How's the fights with Kogyeol?" Asked Hwanhee. "We haven't had many fights lately," said Jinhyuk. "I think he noticed that I was paying more attention to Wooseok," he said. "Or Sunyoul talked to him or something," he said. "Xiao and Xion are finally getting along," Gunhak said with a snicker. "[i That's] surprising," said Hwanhee. "They weren't on the best of terms when I left with Gyujin," he said.

When they got home Gunhak all but ordered Jinhyuk to get some sleep, to which Xiao and Kogyeol backed him up, the two of them noticing how Jinhyuk was running on fumes at this point. Xion was next to be reprimanded by Gunhak as he turned his attention to the youngest.

"Look," said Gunhak. "I know you can't get much sleep but try okay?" He asked. "Try sleeping in Wooseok's room with the others or something," he said. Xion looked down. "I'm sorry," he mumbled. "I'm not mad at you," said Gunhak as he put a hand on Xion's shoulder. "I'm just concerned," he said. "Try, okay?" He asked. Xion looked up, and Gunhak saw tears in his eyes. "I-," he started before Gunhak gave him a hug.

"It's okay," said Gunhak. "Just try okay?" He asked. "That's all I'm asking," he said. Xion nodded into Gunhak's shoulder before he moved away. "Okay," he said. Gunhak nodded, giving a small smile. "Now, go sleep," he said. Xion nodded again and went to Wooseok's room.

"A bit harsh on him," remarked Hwanhee as he watched the exchange. "I don't want to force him to," said Gunhak. "But sometimes I have to force him to get some rest," he said. Hwanhee hummed in response.
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