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[b "Magic doesn't exist,"] Denied! [b "what have you done?"] Horrible accusations!

Nemo crosses his arms as he steps aside to let Q05 open the cell door and peer into the hallway,
[b "I didn't do anything. Didn't you feel it? Something rocked the whole facility and like 80% of all the security measures are borked!"]

As he speaks, Nemo takes a passing glance through Q05's room; then finally taking note of the Subjects appearance itself.
[b "You ready to go somewhere, Boy Scout? Cause window to reach the surface is closing really quick- especially for us in the lower levels here..."] He then, continuing to speak, reaches forward to place a hand on Q05's forearm; pointing down toward the hallway of the computer systems room with his free hand, [b "Once the guys held up in there get connections fixed we're all basically as good as dead - trust me I picked up a thing or two about how these floors work! But I bet you've got a fancy badass power that can get me through those security doors over there, yeah?"] He has trouble hiding his excitement; shifting into a series of animated gestures to explain his plan further, [b "Don't think that because you sat in your room like a good boy means you won't get punished too; I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to just purge the whole building and start from scratch after this."]

He ponders in silence for a moment, an all too brief moment where he finally stops running his mouth, before continuing again:
[b "You didn't break into a sprint and start trying to kill the nearest guard, yeah? So you probably don't wanna hurt anyone- that's cool- help me get to that room over there and I can guide us up and out without having to kill a single person! Can't say nobody will get hurt; but that's a small price to pay from freedom, yeah?"]

The thought of hedging his bets on this stranger brought a welcome amount of excitement to the situation; but the thought of lying to someone who had the definite ability to kill a man with little effort- now that was a true rush of adrenaline!

[b "Come on Q-Bert,"] He insists, trying to tug at Q05's forearm again, [b "You can't tell me you don't wanna see the surface, right? Everybody- especially us down here- wanna see the sky and smell fresh air!"]
  Nemo - the God Eater / LordDalgros / 1y 12d 4h 47m 6s
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/limuex9.jpg]]

[i [#008080 [center Thump thump - thump thump - thump thump.]]]

The hard beating of a heart was all she could hear in that brief moment. It was a thunderous sound in her ears as the world froze, coming to a near standstill as adrenaline surged through her veins. [i 'This is it'] - said a voice in the back of her mind. Her vision blurred in and out of focus, watching the slow, agonising end that she had no control over. It was as if she wasn't even really herself in that moment; An observer, helplessly watching Amelia get gunned down. How she desperately wanted to help that doomed girl. The guards finger moved downwards, brushing gently over the trigger; this would be her last fleeting memory.

Then suddenly, unexpectedly, as if in slow motion a small black [i thing] leapt onto the man, flurrying its limbs and clawing desperately at him. A lifetime seemed to have just passed as she came to her senses, the man shouting obscenities as he practically leapt backwards in shock and slammed himself against a wall before flopping down. Amelia could only watch on incredulously as she focused in on whatever this thing was. It took a full moment to pass before she realised what it was. [i 'Is that a fricken cat?!'] So many questions raced through her mind in that second. The other guard too, stunned by this sudden appearance went to move before another figure - a girl - shot out from the darkened hallway; It was as if she had been thrown rather than leapt herself, launched at the guard and smashing the side of his head with some kind of wrecking-ball with a shout. As he crashed to the floor, probably dead she seemed to look down and [i ponder] at his crumpled form? Her mouth moved too, but Amelia could barely hear it.

The world was muffled around her as her ears rung, but at least her heart beat began to slow. Now that she had a better look at this newcomer, she was probably what was pictured next to the word [i 'Iron Woman'] in the dictionary. Or perhaps [i Anvil]. [b [i "It's so cute!"]] With a shout, she'd managed to startle Amelia briefly before yet another figure appeared, this one dark and looming. Like from out of a horror film he seemed to almost flow forward, red lights briefly flashing to illuminate his face and ostensibly cruel visage, a dark and telling crimson painted across his clothing. He didn't actually seem to have any expression at all, but she knew at least partly the nature of the monster which had just arrived. Though information on Niners was highly restricted she had a chance to meet a few, and this subject made her skin suddenly crawl like the few she had had the displeasure of meeting in the past. That last girl she didn't know anything about, but this blood-coated creature could only have served few purposes. The cat had been forgotten completely with this new and deadly threat. Amelia's own assigned role had never been exactly front-line combat, but another perhaps more dangerous role. [i Contain and secure]. Be it specific high priority targets, or other subjects. A role she never shined at.

Her abilities were more useful for support than anything else, and her intelligence combined with her abilities often lead to trouble for herself in the form of shocks. While reading a book, manuals especially, she could not help but begin to construct whatever it was she was reading about. A way to truly understand something was to piece it together herself, and it seemed to be something she did out of instinct. This lead to a severe restriction of her book and entertainment choices while interned in her little white box, lest she end up permanently injured after so many shocks.

[#008080 "Gah!"] A brief moment of pain brought her back to the present, wincing as something got in her eye. Rubbing at her eye she realised a trickle of blood was flowing down her face from where she had effectively face-planted against the wall earlier. She glanced at the others before snatching up her book with her un-bloodied hand, quickly wiping the other on her otherwise mostly clean white shirt. She crumpled and brought up her sleeve to her forehead - [#008080 "U-uh, [i thank you for your help]!"] she managed to squeeze out, keeping her eyes now firmly on the boy. No, boy perhaps wasn't the right word. That [i thing] radiated something else. [i Predator.]

The distinct sound of boots could be heard coming down the hallway. [#008080 "Uh, err, seems it's time to go!"] she said, motioning with her elbow up the hallway, edging sideways briefly before stumbling up the corridor, holding her book and forehead. [#008080 "I'm pretty sure it's this way but, the main entrance should have some kind of reinforced blast door. I can't get through that, not without a lot of time. There will probably be a few more guards posted in a checkpoint there too."] She couldn't help but keep glancing back towards that [i thing], a cold feeling shooting up her spine every time she looked away.
  Aserox / 1y 13d 6h 25m 50s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/a20VFax.png]][size11 [b "Can't we blindfold him? He's creeping me the fuck out, man."] hissed a Biogen guard, geared from head to toe. His two companions were dressed identically. Their fear-scent was parallel, too, and strengthened as time passed.

[b "No, we can't. The researchers would throw a fit,"] grunted another, shifting on his feet. Nervous, all of them.

[b "Well how long do we have to wait down here with this thing? When's that chick with the clipboard coming?"]

With a hungered and deeply amused crimson stare, one of the guards received naught more than a wicked wink from his tall, dark ward. Hunter was almost never in poor spirits, certainly not when he was expecting The Doctor.

She was the only person who'd ever spoken with him on equal footing, though it would be a mistake to presume they had any emotional connection. Killing her would be lower on his list than killing the rest of these [i sniveling flies], but he would still gladly do so. The Doctor was the only one that came or went from his cell that was permitted a firearm. She must have been on the research team that crafted his genes, or so he'd decided some years ago.

He did not like The Doctor.

Hunter counted the day's rotation and found it lacking, as where there had been six yesterday, there numbered only three today. Suited, armed, wary, and ready to snatch up their tasers at any second. From the absence of guns, he'd deduced that his creators has played their best card and won. Everything with the investors was about profit, they'd hate to have to terminate a perfect product and start the creature trials back up, his general disposition be damned.

Ah, but that was the mistake, wasn't it? [i Tasers]. A deep and unearthly chuckle chilled his guards to their very core, and rightly so. They'd lost countless personnel to the teen, and none of their 'solutions' had worked. No, Hunter had repaid each attempt with blood, and they'd finally decided he needed a special [i box] of his very own.

It appeared to have no doors or windows or large vents, and was solid white. The floor smelled of cleaner and faintly of recycled rubber scraps, and it sponged underfoot. Padded, surely. With everything being so blindingly white, the room seemed to span on forever. Wherever the exit was, it was behind the secondary wall. The wall came up behind his chair when they left, so that he could not see how the exit worked, and only sunk back into the floor when they had safely left the cell. Hunter had no idea what part of the facility he was in now, but much like the guard's suggestion, he'd been blindfolded on the way down.

He remembered an elevator and some stairs, meaning wherever his cell was, there were probably corpses buried somewhere well [i above] it.

A rush of air hit his ears a certain way, not unlike the way the aroma of expensive, fruit-laden perfume pervaded the air and assaulted his nose. His mood spoiled then, and he loosed a low grunt of displeasure. That bitch...! She knew too well just how much he hated that [i wretched] odor!

[#F50E0E "Ah, she makes an appearance! How very like you to antagonize me without saying hello first."] Hunter crooned, his chair turned away from the far wall as she approached. His guards shuffled out of sight, and into his vision stepped an attractive redhead with a cruel, green-eyed sneer.

[b "You like it? It's new, I got it [i just] for you."] she laughed, pulling a pen from the pocket of her lab coat and scribbling something down on her clipboard. She nodded to someone, more feet treaded the floor, and the whoosh of air sounded off again.

[i [#F50E0E 'A wall panel, or a sliding door. They must have a keypad in the walls, because there are no cameras and no intercom.']]
Always thinking, always plotting.

[#F50E0E "Oh, sweetness, you [i shouldn't] have."]

She ignored him, humming a nameless song as the mechanism on his manacles shifted its mode. His hands were freed but his wrists remained bound. Very thorough, these Biogen folks.
[b "I thought we'd play some chess today~"] chirped The Doctor, pushing the half-chewed writing desk closer to his chair. Curse these mechanized restraints... The stench of her perfume was making him tense.

The darkness struck the room like sticks upon war drums. A deadened, mechanical zipping sound rung out in a set of three; The chair, the lock on the muzzle, and then the manacles.

She couldn't see him in the darkness as she shuddered and fumbled for her gun, [i but he could see her just fine]. He left his chair, pocketed his muzzle, and cracked his neck, the joy of unsupervised freedom washing over him as he circled the small desk and plucked the pistol from her shaking hands. One of her wrists bore a watch, and he nipped this free of her wrist with a well-aimed gnash of his teeth. She jumped, her breathing ragged. HAH!

This was the best day of his life.

[#F50E0E "None of that. You've been promoted, after all! Your new job will be letting me out of this hole in the ground. I'll pay you in [i time]. You'll have 3 minutes to get as far from me as you can."] Hunter purred, leading her gently but firmly toward the portion of the wall that smelled like dozens of other people. The Doctor continued to shake, but seemed to be ready to protest. He traced her cheek with her own pistol, clicking his tongue. [#F50E0E "Come now... And after I've been such a good boy, too!"]

The Doctor swallowed, the saltiness of the tears in her eyes pervading the air. His red eyes glittered, watching excitedly as she pressed her hand to the wall. Something in the wall seemed to recognize her, and a keypad slipped free of the wall panels. Handprints, of course!

After she keyed in a code, the wall opened, too. Hunter was giddy.
[b "Th-They'll catch you, Hunter! They'll make sure you don't get out of this place alive!"] swore his panicked ex-caretaker, her feelings of fear and anger intermingling. Bold little thing, sassing him and forfeiting her escape like that!

He needn't respond, of course. The lights were flickering now, and the noise from the hall before him, and the noise of upper levels, was almost deafening. Without another word, Hunter put a bullet in either of her hands and another in her left knee. He tossed her watch back at her crumpled form.

[#F50E0E "Have fun crawling out, Doc."]

Her screaming faded away after he took her card-key and beelined for the elevator, torn between wanting to slaughter the staff and wanting to escape.
[center -]

When the elevator opened up, he was more excited than he was afraid or unsettled. Strange smells! Yelling! [i Blood!] Ah, but the noises... His lip curled. He needed to leave this place, but where might the exits be?

Some of the strange scents scooted by him in the form of other subjects, recognizable by the sterile smell on their clothes and the general confusion with which they darted about. He was always aware that there were others like him in the facility, but had not yet had the pleasure of socializing with any of them. Given the nature of his abilities, he could understand why... but it wouldn't stop him from making some new friends in all the madness. He would need to reestablish which pawns were most useful for now, since the Biogen staff were now more or less disposable.

Focusing in, the first scent that caught his attention was feline in nature, practically singing to some very lupine trait within him. He had seen pictures of cats, had smelled them on the clothing of some guards or researchers in the past. Brief conversations with said folk usually confirmed his suspicions; Cats smelled marvelous. This one smelled slightly different, of course, or perhaps more subtle would be a better way to phrase it? It was actively swamped in something feathery. A girl? Or was it traveling with one?

He sunk his teeth into various things and various staff in the meantime, slowly but surely tracking this girl and cat duo. He snacked on the guards' guns, he tore into their limbs, and he savored the anguished screams that followed. The entire facility was full of such screams, as surely he was not the only foul monster set free in these halls. Hunter could not help himself, [i he had missed the carnage ever so much]. He was careful to sneak up on them, though. He'd never been shot before and was not quite so keen on finding out what it felt like. No, he hunted them quietly from behind instead, as staring down the barrels of military-grade weaponry was hardly his idea of fun.

He was soon met with the sight of the cat he'd smelled earlier, though it was busy attacking one of the guardsmen. Two girls showed up soon after, and from where he stood, observing, he was beginning to grow more and more curious. Was it a cat, or a girl? Both? It smelled like these girls did, something slightly airier to their scents than was consistent of the other men he'd encountered. Women always had smelled infinitely better, so long as they weren't wearing that atrocious hellwater that The Doctor had treasured so much. Hunter watched them for a moment, suddenly a bit conscious of himself. Would 'hello' be acceptable at a time like this? It was hardly the time for a casual chat...

[i The cat, though.] His nose was celebrating it, whoever it may be. Hunter decided to get right to the point, bloodied but still relatively calm despite it all. [#F50E0E "I thought I smelled a cat. How nice to meet one in person."]

Hunter's ability to prioritize in situations like these was piss-poor.
  Cognizance / 1y 14d 21h 50m 55s
Living in a locked room hundreds of feet underground had the distinct disadvantage that Quint never knew if it was truly day or night. He measured each day by how tired he was and how much sleep he was permitted, which was never an accurate measure. Although a cycle was simulated in his living quarters, there truly was nothing reliable about that metric. The Biogen staff had been deceitful in the past, sometimes for training purposes and others for purely scientific discovery. In Quint’s chamber it was dusk, deep amber lighting faintly filled his ten foot by eight space. There was just enough room for a bed, writing desk, storage compartments for his clothing under his cot, a chair with reading lamp, a toilet, sink, and nothing more. On his desk were stacked a few well-worn books, one of which he clutched in his hands while reclining back in his reading chair.

“University Physics with Modern Physics,” the title read. The pages were frayed and the spine heavily creased. Quint and other subjects had paged through the textbook numerous times before, although he was rereading an old chapter to set his mind at ease. The core fundamentals were familiar, which put little strain on his thoughts. Within minutes, he found himself starting to drift off.

The reading lamp at his side flickered and turned off, a rumble shook his room and caused the stack of books on his desk to topple to the floor, waking him from his sleep. Quint jolted into consciousness and looked around in bewilderment, the light in his room gone from amber to a solid red. [b “Power failure?”] he said aloud and got to his feet. He dressed quickly, yanked a rucksack from a drawer under his bed, stuffed a spare set of clothing, two books, his cleaning necessities, an extra pair of glasses, and a few sheets of spare paper and pens into the bag. He rolled up his blanket, strapped it to the sack, and was standing at the ready in under two minutes. His goggles were strapped to his head, his uniform on, and waited with his feet pressed together.

Quint had been taught the protocols for emergency on numerous occasions. Gather all necessities, await instruction. Several moments passed, he expected someone to come to his door with orders, but after two minutes nobody came. Instead, the distant sounds of a struggle filtered into his room… The door was slightly ajar. He narrowed his light brown eyes as the door steadily opened, the head of a small boy peaking in, [b “Hey, wanna see a magic trick?”]

He had seen the male before, although he couldn’t recall his name. Was this part of the test? Quint doubted it, nothing in all his years at the Biogen facility had ever occurred such as this. There were always staff members opening his door, never other subjects. Was the boy trying to escape? Was he a threat? [b “Magic doesn’t exist,”] he said coldly and stepped forward to push the door open and look out into the hall, scrutinizing the red lights and distant gunshots, [b “what have you done?”]
  Quint (Subject Q05) / Cancer / 1y 15d 18h 53m 51s
Jayne holds her breath, and gently stacks the next two cards against each other on the second row, the second row of the house of cards she has been spending the past 48 hours on. This new hobby of building structures out of cards came about a week ago since she had burst through Biogen's newer door reinforcements after changing cells. They had put a very special collar on her, that had a titanium electric rope that looped into some sort of machine built under her, and if she put any degree of tension on it, it would deliver a cruel shock. If the person watching her from behind the camera thought she deserved it, she would get another one.

On the bright side, she was given a deck of UNO cards. But they somehow stopped considering whether or not UNO would be fun to play alone.

As she sits on the floor, she breathes very shallowly, not wanting to harm the structural integrity of her fragile project. Jayne painstakingly reaches down to pick up two more cards, and then the building shakes . . . cards completely knocked over while Jayne is stupidly frozen with two cards pressed together in her hands, forming a triangle, above where she was just about to put them.

"[b Well that was nice.]" And the lights go off. Jayne gently puts the two cards down on the ground, still stacked on each other. Then, to her disbelief, the lights come back on and all of the doors to the cells in her hall [i opens.] She looks up in the corner of the wall at the security camera aimed at her. She has a good feeling that she wasn't being observed anymore.

Whoots and shouts are heard in the hallway, in addition to cries of fear from guards and muffled gunshots. Jayne watches the entrance as other subjects began to sprint past her opening, some of them sporting newly splashed scarlet on their white clothes.

Out of impulse, Jayne gets up too and bounds to the entrance but she falls to the floor in a shout when a gruesome jolt seizes her body like a brick. Thankfully she had peed twenty minutes ago.

"[b God FUCKING dammit!]" she shouts and wrangles at the cord, trying to rip it apart but it shocks her again, "[b That's just great. Some accident frees other subjects and opens everybody's doors but for [i some] reason this goddamned thing is still functional. My luck!]" Jayne mutters to herself.

She looks outside and sees more subjects running past, "[b Hey! Can I get some help here?]" Nobody stops for her. Jayne grits her teeth, "[b HEY. Can somebody fucking help me with this shit?!]" And nobody stops for her. She throws her head back, covers her face, and whines, "[b I don't wanna be the only one still here that's so lame . . .]"

Right before Jayne considers giving up, she looks at the machine built into the ground. Jayne gets up and takes a deep breath. She shakes herself, grabs a leg on her bronze bed and yoinks it off. [i Now if this were some regular day they'd shock me . . .] She walks back to the center of the room and jams the metal into the machine. It shorts for a bit and she smells smoke. Jayne grins and starts to yank her neck at the rope. No shock, but still 100% resistance. [i Godammit they really made this just for me]. Jayne tries more attempts to get out of it, break the collar off, tear the rope, to no avail. She digs the metal rod into the ground next to the machine and made a circle of holes around the machine. Then Jayne jams her fingers into the ground, and, [i et voila], yanks the entire thing out of the concrete.

"[b Yeet.]" She packs it under one arm and walks out into the hallway. At one end, she sees a corpse of a guard, his legs sticking out from around the corner. [i Nope]. Jayne walks down the other way. She would break through the walls if she could, but after her last rampage, the Biogen walls were now reinforced to counter the same amount of Newtons Jayne could exert on a good day. Plus she still feels tired from the drilling they'd been making her do and she wants to conserve her energy to fly away as far as possible.

Jayne slowly pads over down the hall, and is about to round a corner until she hears the noises of two guards running and cocking her guns . . . as well as a small voice,

""P-please, no! I don't want to die!'"

Jayne quickly rounds the corner and sees a guard aiming his gun at a younger girl on the ground. She smiles and charges at them, and sees to her surprise a [i cat??] lunge at the face of the guard that had the barrel of his rifle aimed at her. Before the second guard could react, Jayne gets close enough and lifts the machine over her head, and throws it at his head, shouting,

"[b [size24 NICE TO MEET YOUUU!]]"

She feels a tug forward on her neck when she throws the bulky object and fliess forward a little to prevent herself from yanking herself into the guard. The machine makes contact with the second guard's head and knocks him out cold. Jayne stands over the guard, "[b Shit dude, I hope you're not dead,]" and turns to look at the girl on the ground, who seems to have been reaching for a book, and a [i cat]! A [i real] cat!

Jayne puts her hand to her head in amazement, "[b Is that a cat?!]" she only knew what cats looked like from books and movies, "[b ITS SO CUTE.]" However her mood becomes serious again when she hears distant sounds of radio chatter, shouting, and the plop-plop of industrial boots coming in their direction.
  Jayne Soto / SuzumebachiAngst / 1y 15d 19h 53m 16s
Busy minds need work. Despite his confinement in the lowest pits of the Biogen facility, the scientists who oversaw the progress of Subject "Nemo" understood that complete isolation would cause mental health issues that would dwarf what the bouts of I.E.S had done to him. So to compensate, and to probe for what skills the child might have taken from others without their notice, he was afforded small hobbies. One such hobby was knitting.

Nemo was alone in his blindingly simple white cell, adding the finishing touches to a scarf that had been his project over the last few days, when the facility was shaken by a thunderous roar of energy and the lights, power, and security simultaneously failed.
[b "That's neat,"] Nemo spoke aloud in reflex at the red emergency lights flickered through the single small observation window of his cell, [b "Shame I can't bend steel..."]
As if the world wasn't about to tear itself asunder, Nemo simply turned back to his scarf and continued working.


This continued in a dead, horrifying silence, for another minute before a blood curdling scream pierced through the hallway outside; a sickening crunch of flesh and bone snapping and ripping followed just after! And finally the twisting whine of metal bending and buckling under immense force as a loose Solitary Confinement Subject plunged his way through the meat of a security guard and into, and subsequently through, the reinforced door of Nemo's cell!

[b "Holy crap!"] Nemo barked in surprise and pulled himself to his feet; watching the blood crazed Subject rip and tear into the security guard for just a brief moment before immediately recognizing that he needed to take the opportunity to flee and avoid being its next target. Now as the hallways lay bare to him; the sounds of violence and gunfire filled his ears in a never ending torrent of pure and unfiltered war.

With a grin on his face that was just discomforting enough to blend him in well with the psychotic subjects housed in the lower levels, Nemo walked through the maze of hallways with little trouble; as if he could remember them from coming to work in the twisted passages of the facility for all of an adult life,
[b "Just down the hall here, I think?"]

His escape was made simple by the sheer amount of focus that the security forces needed to direct toward the more dangerous and ravenous subjects; with a memory of the layout of the floors he could easily find his way past choke points in the hallways that lay 'in the thick of it' but it was obvious that as he grew closer to his destination he would need to think of something and think of it rather quickly!

The final bend toward his destination finally lay before him: a single hallway wide enough to fit four of the burly security guards abreast with two sets of steel grated walls and doorways acting as stop gates toward any progress. At the end of the hall: the primary computer systems room for the floor; when power restores to full functionality the security personnel and scientists taking refuge within will be able to activate a number of fail-safes that would put a permanent stop to almost anyone in these lower floors,
[b "Crap,"] Nemo spat out in a small rage under his breath as he peered around the corner to take stock of the hallways defenses, [b "They've had enough time to get the big guns out - the people unlucky enough to get caught out in the halls are taking their sweet time dying! I could use those psycho-freaks over here to bite my way in..."] plotting aloud, his gaze shifts from the hallways to the various nearby cells: from a quick observation it was obvious that fail safes meant to keep the doors locked in this area of the cells had, well, failed. Many doors were open but there were no signs of immediate activity nearby aside from the gated hallway leading to the computer room: no one was dumb enough to charge the defenses there head on so they were no doubt looking for alternate paths out. Nemo could've easily done this himself, however, his focus demanded he get into that room!

Lost in thought, trying to pick apart the pieces of the puzzle he had known and fill in the gaps that he needed, he quickly takes note of the fact that some of the cell doors remain closed; perhaps some subjects had decided the effort to attempt escape wasn't worth it? Or maybe some were just waiting for the right moment, like Nemo...
[b "Alright, alright, let's see what's behind door number..."] While speaking aloud to himself, barely audible amidst the gunfire and screams, his sight trailed across the cell doors of the immediate hallway,
[b "Door Q05! You're my guy! Let's see what we've got!"]
The cell door bearing a simple and uninteresting placard reading 'Q05' was just one of a dozen other unassuming cell doors; but Nemo was thrilled at the idea of hedging his bets and focusing in on finding someone who could get him into that computer room!

With fearless but measured caution, Nemo reached forward and pulled the door of the cell open and peaks his head in to find the Subject inside:
[b "Hey,"] his gaze meets that of Subject 'Q05's; [b "Wanna see a magic trick?"]

OOC: I don't believe there are any spelling errors or inconsistencies, but I am about to start a D&D game and I'll have to review the post again later!
  Nemo - the God Eater / LordDalgros / 1y 15d 21h 11m 14s
Neka was enjoying a good sleep when the room started to shake. She jumped out of her bed, fear in her eyes as she looked around, trying to find the source of the shaking. It wasn't until it stopped and the lights flickered out did she figure it was an earthquake. But here? As far as she knew there weren't any earthquakes here. Adriel had told her that after reading a book with him about the Earth.

She heard yells outside as the doors seemed to open on their own, slowly. The generator kicked in and some lights came back on, a little dim this time. She could see fine either way, but she was still frightened by what was going on. Neka hadn't changed out of her clothes, her long cloak still on as she peeked out to see if there were any guards. On this level there might be some, but not as many as for the ones that had a higher level of violence. She was level three, but only because she would argue and sometimes lash out if she wasn't in the mood for something. Still, she really wasn't that violent and neither were the ones on this block so seeing them now was a bit of shock to her. They were running around like mad men, fighting with each other, trying to get out of the block and into the staircase.

Neka pushed herself up against the far wall, sinking into her cat form while shaking with fear. Her clothes disappeared, leaving only a small black cat with dual colored eyes of yellow and blue, watching carefully. Where was Adriel? He was in the same block and knew how easily frightened she would become. So where was he? Did he leave her to make his own escape? Was he dead?

"Adriel..." She said softly, her voice trembling as she watched others run past her cell.

What could she do? If she stayed here and the guards regained control then she would be stuck here. Most likely without Adriel. But if she left, she might be able to find him. That or be caught and punished, if not killed. She didn't like her odds, not one bit. But Adriel might be out there.

[i 'I gotta find him.'] Neka thought, slowly pushing herself to the cell entrance again.

If she stayed in her cat form, she might be able to sneak past guards who didn't know better. Not many knew she could change into a cat, especially if they weren't normally on her cell block, or had to deal with her on a daily basis. They might just think a random cat wandered into the building. Cats were sneaky like that. And she hadn't used her cat form at all that day so she could be in this form as long as she wanted. Perfect for trying to find Adriel as well as finding a way out.

She bolted out of the cell and down the opposite way the others were going. She knew which cell Adriel was in and quickly made her way there. Once there, she looked in and saw that it was empty. There was a bookshelf, a desk with paper and pens, and a bed. She jumped up onto the bed and sniffed, feeling the warmth slowly fading off. Adriel had been here not too long ago. He probably had just left. But she hadn't seen him run past her cell. And he would've stopped at her cell too. So where was he?

"Adriel?" She called out, looking around the room. Nothing was out of place.

Neka quickly ran back out and down the path, trying to find Adriel. She didn't want to call out and give away that she wasn't an ordinary cat, but she didn't know how else to get his attention if he was further up ahead. For now, she would continue to run and hope she caught up to him. She would know him when she saw him. And then it would be the two of them again. She would feel safe again. She just had to find him.

Finding herself at the stairs, she still hadn't found him. He had to have gone to the entrance of the facility, or at least tried to find it. She had no idea where it was, but she knew it had to be upstairs. By now, guards had made their way into the block and started taking most of them down. Everyone was going down easy, not being particularly violent to begin with. Adriel wasn't scared like her, but she wasn't sure if he was violent enough to have to fight to get back into the cell. He was never violent around her, only fighting when he needed to in training.

She had a choice. Go downstairs where the more dangerous people were, or go upstairs where freedom would be. It was a no-brainer really. Upstairs was the way to go. Even Adriel wouldn't go downstairs so why would she even think twice of doing so. She turned to go up when she was stopped by a guard. He tilted his head a bit at the sight of the cat, wondering how it got in here. She slowly started to back away before running downstairs as the guard reached for her. She scrambled down, trying to get away. It was going well, until she saw someone else running up the stairs.

She stopped in a panic and the girl tripped and fell down. Not good. She was from the lower levels, but she wasn't sure which of the levels. For all she knew, this girl could've been from the 9th level block. Neka very well could've just signed her death certificate. She heard the girl speak in a scared tone. Neka slowly looked up to see she really was afraid. She was afraid of the guard aiming to shoot her. She had to do something. But what?

Without thinking, she jumped onto the guard's face, scratching at the helmet as he thrashed about, trying to get her off. She hissed and yelled until the guard fell back, hitting his head and was knocked out. Neka hoped he was knocked out at least. She didn't want to kill anyone. Looking back at the girl, she was still shaking from the adrenaline as she waited to see what to do. She looked up into the girl's eyes with her dual colored ones, scared out of her mind. Just like the girl.
  Neka / Kikido / 1y 16d 5h 1m 54s
The first tremor was accompanied with the lights flickering out for just a brief moment. It was the second tremor that seemed to disable the lights in the sparsely decorated room. However it did nothing to change the mood of the young woman on the bed who just turned up the brightness on her tablet to compensate for it. Even the shouts that could be heard through her now open door did nothing to draw her attention away from the screen that was in front of her.

Unlike most subjects Molly was treated rather well thanks to the efforts of her handler and her record of perfect behavior. She had a waist high bookshelf filled with game boxes, a desk with a nice computer, and even a lovely set of pink bed sheets. Despite the nice treatment though she did little to decorate her room as she was far more interested in functionality than form. That and whenever she was allowed to request something she always requested more games for her to play. It was one of those games that kept her occupied until a backpack landed next to her and a familiar voice spoke up to pull her out of it.

[b “Turn off your game and get dressed.”]

The source of the voice was her father figure and handler Gary Swift. A six foot tall muscular man that was currently dressed in riot gear, although he had more firearms covering his body than standard riot police. Despite his advanced age he had a youthful face that was so free of wrinkles it barely looked a day over thirty. Although Molly could not see it at the moment as he was faced away to give her unneeded privacy, and to keep a watch on the door.

Molly did as she was told without complaints and stuffed her tablet away in the backpack that he had provided her. A benefit of her talents was that she could almost always find room in a good bag. She then pulled out the clothes that he had prepared for her; a full suit of urban camo gear that would be well suited to their environment. They were a big enough size that they would be easy to put on over the t-shirt and shorts that she wore as pajamas in this place.

[b “Are you breaking me out sir?”]

[b “I was going to wait until you were a little older, but no time like the present. This riot should serve as a good cover. I've got a bit of cash and supplies stashed in a bus station just outside of town. We'll get out of here and they'll never find us.”]

Molly nodded as she finished buttoning up her shirt and turned her attention to her hair. Since she had not cut it in over a decade it would certainly get in the way of their escape attempt. She had plenty of experience over that decade though to allow her to rapidly braid it into an up do that would keep it out of her way.

[b “Ready sir.”]

Gary turned around and flashed her a warm smile before he placed a firm hand on her shoulder. [b “Before we go I need you to know that if anything happens you need to go on without me. Your bag has a list of instructions for once you're out of here, but I refuse to lose another daughter.”]

[b “Da-”]

[b “Do not talk back. Just promise me that you'll make it out of here no matter what.”]

[b “I promise. That we will make it out of here Dad.”]

Gary let out a sigh but nodded in apparent acceptance before he turned around to lead the way out. He knew the way around the building well enough that they would have the easiest route out of any of the subjects. The fact that he stood about a half foot taller than her and weighed a good fifty pounds more though also helped for her to make use of her stealth skill to go undetected behind him. This way he could draw the majority of the risk for their escape attempt.

Their journey took them past a number of grisly scenes, but the sights did nothing to slow the pair down. Gary had been through similar experiences thanks to his time in service and had numbed to it after everything he had witnessed. Molly on the other hand had been desensitized to the sights thanks to the games she played and the training that Biogen had put her through to prepare her as a soldier. While the sight did nothing to her; she did wrinkle up her nose at the putrid smell that permeated the scenery. It made her regret having put so much work into the development of her awareness skill.

Even after they made it past the first stairwell Gary had only had to use his carbine a couple of times to get people out of the way. A benefit of having brought his gun from home was that he had prepared a silent weapon just for this occasion. How he could have foreseen all of this was something Molly mentally noted to ask him after they made it out. That chance would not come though as they crossed paths with one of the level nine subjects.

Gary made a quick motion to keep Molly behind him, but even the full clip he unloaded into the raging brute in front of him as he did so did not save him from the merciless monster. Their fight was over in an instant as the beast ripped Gary's head clean off his body before he could attempt to switch to a higher caliber weapon. Even Molly's advanced reflexes were not fast enough to react to the event as she was left to stare at his headless corpse as it slumped to the ground.

[b “Dad.”]

Her soft cry was met with laughter from the monstrous murderer that stood in her way. Molly took one last look at her adoptive father's lifeless body before she turned a glare that could curdle milk on his killer. The subject just grinned at that as it flexed before its next fight. Her fierce look melted into one of confusion though as another subject stole her kill before she could take so much as a step towards them. Her normally quick reflexes having failed her once again.
  Biogen / Tesla / 1y 16d 10h 6m 25s
[h3 [center Prologue ] ]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/jEyVg7R.jpg]]

The loud thrum of helicopter engines surrounded the team of eight masked figures as they sat in near silence. All of them were resolved; They knew exactly what needed to be done, and the potential repercussions. Their weapons inaudibly rattled softly against their heavy body armour. They all could not help but glance at the reinforced case firmly secured against the cabin wall; Inside were enough explosives to level a small building. A voice sparked up from the first figure, shouting over the loud blades. [i [#9932CC "Landing at pad two in five. Keep it tight and follow me, the security systems will only be down for twelve or so minutes before they catch on, we'll only get one chance at this!"]] A series of nods responded in turn.

[center [b [#9932CC "We finally have a chance to make things right."]]]

[h3 [center Act One]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/limuex9.jpg]]

Amelia sat silently cross-legged on her plain Biogen issued bed. The room was completely bare aside for her bed, a small bathroom to one side, a book she had been permitted to keep and a flat metallic disk embedded in the ceiling. Bored half to tears she languidly flipped through the dry worn out pages for the hundredth time. The dampening disc above made sure to nullify any energy-constructs created in the room, and stunned Amelia for good measure every time she tried to manifest something. While she could absorb low levels of electricity, too much would quickly overwhelm her. Everything in her little cell was coloured white, the walls, the bed sheets, and even the metal pipes in the sink were whitened, probably, in her mind, a cruel joke by one of the staff. Amelia was the only thing that brought any colour to the room, and she was punished for keeping non-standard issue clothing; Her LoV put great a many restrictions on her, but was not so high as to completely deprive her of small mercies, like her now treasured book. Still, she felt like she would die without some colour around her.

The room suddenly shook violently around her and the lights in the facility dimmed briefly before switching over to a backup. Again the world around her shook and the lights began to flash. [i 'Whats going on?!'] she thought in half a panic, shooting up off her bed and scurrying over to her cell door, trying to peek through the thick and nearly opaque glass viewing slot. As the rumble of what she assumed to be an earthquake calmed down, her cell door groaned with the familiar sound of the hydraulic locks being released, unlocking her chamber. She stepped away as the door swung slowly open, shouts erupting from the hallway as nearby subjects fled their cells with a cheer. Peering through the door for only a moment, she hesitated and stepped away warily. [i "Something's definitely wrong. This isn't normal but . ."] - She edged slowly back towards the door and peered around the corner once more, watching a few subjects dash past. [i "Maybe I could get out of here, if the others cause enough trouble . . ?"] Again, hesitating and wringing her hands with indecision before a thought came to her; [i 'Anything's got to be better than this.'] She turned quickly and grabbed her book, her one precious possession.

Amelia plodded along slowly towards one of the stairwells, she knew the layout of the lower levels reasonably well as that is mainly where the training grounds were, though she had little idea about how the upper levels were organised. The occasional subject scampered past her, searching for a way out, most ignored her or shouted something incoherent as an alarm blared somewhere nearby. [#9932CC "C-12 . . ."] she mumbled, looking at the markings on the stairwell walls. Rounding the corner she stopped suddenly, staring at the blood drenched stairs as she briefly dry-heaved. It was likely some of the scientists or guards had tried to stop subjects escaping while on their rounds, and were killed on the spot by the more violent ones. Gore covered the railing and tattered clothing lay strewn around. [i 'What extreme violence. . . Will I have to kill to escape, as well?'] she thought, slowly and carefully making her way up, avoiding the spatter and gore as best she could. Amelia was not particularly violent, and though she had broken out of her original low-security cell in the past, she wasn't really considered malevolent.

There were shouts echoing down the stairs as she finally reached the top flight near one of the large halls; apparently the guards were able to hold off some of the subjects here and there were shrieks of protest as they were being shocked and subdued. The guards were focused entirely on the subjects they had captured. [i 'Good, I can maybe sneak past then.'] went through her mind. But as she made her move, she couldn't help but see how they kept shocking and relentlessly beating one of the boys they had captured. Again something squirmed inside her, remembering the shocks from that awful disc.

The guard's swing stopped mid air as he was launched off his feet, dropping his baton with a clatter as he collided with the wall behind him, hard. The other guards spun around to see Amelia, a lance of energy slowly retreating back towards her from the now bloodied guard. They raised their guns to fire at her but with a panicked yelp she quickly encased herself in a bright red bubble. The hallway flashed in-front of her and the bullets impact on the shield were deafening. [i 'Bad idea! You idiot! Never again!' ] She dashed towards the other three guards, who spread out and fired in short accurate bursts, taking cover as she closed in on them. [i 'All these guys are professionals.'] something seemed to say in the back of her mind. Bowling past the small squad, her bubble began to crack and break as if it were made of glass, Amelia gritting her teeth with strain as new layers formed around her, covering cracks where they appeared. She hoped that the brief moment of distraction was at least enough for those others to flee as well, but she couldn't look back now.

Two of the guards pursued her through the hall and, though it was dim here too, she could see other bodies strewn along the path. Once again her stomach turned, and now feeling light headed from the drain, she desperately sprinted as fast as her little legs could carry her, wheezing ragged breaths. Something landed at Amelia's feet before a wave of pain washed over her, sending her tumbling forward against a wall. Dizzy and confused, her mind first went to her book, pawing out to pick it back up before looking up to see a gun pointed directly at her face. A paralysing fear shot down her spine; [i [b [+red "P-please, no!"] ]]

[i [center 'I don't want to die!']]
  Aserox / 1y 16d 14h 16m 41s

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