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[center [size10 You're in for a bit of a read, I'm afraid . .]]

BIOGEN had become renown for scientific research in the prevention and cure of disease. Though they operated strictly within the continental US, they quickly became a a home-brand name world wide for pharmaceuticals and boasted several billion dollar profits annually. Publicly, they were the ethical pinnacle for scientific research of both human advancement and medicine, but behind closed doors, BIOGEN had another agenda.

Deep below the minor city of Alberin, BIOGEN had constructed a secret medical research facility, away from the prying eyes of the world. The facility was only known only to the Board of Directors and the personnel themselves, all documentation was kept on-site and BIOGEN had dozens of well thought out cover-ups prepared for any government inquiry into the facility. The purpose of this facility was to create and genetically manipulate BIOGEN's own super-soldiers. BIOGEN scientists had already secretly mapped out a massive portion of the human genome, and had stumbled across something amazing.

When manipulated, the aptly dubbed [i 'God Gene'] would unlock something in the subject. All original test subjects began to show signs of super-natural abilities, all the way from telekenisis to mind reading, shortly before dying horrifically. It seemed that subjects needed to have been 'born' with this gene already manipulated, or it would degrade their DNA and cause mass trauma to their bodies. A new project was initiated by BIOGEN to grow their own army. Several dozen chambers were created to grow these new subjects, who would however, age and mature at the same rate as any other human. It was BIOGEN's long term plan now, in two decades BIOGEN would be a world super-power. It was decided that subjects would be grown in 'batches' each year, until all tanks were used, this would give them varying ages and 'control' subjects.

Years passed, and each subject was only released from the growth chamber at the age of three to ensure gene stability, who were then put into an in-facility care center before beginning orientation and training. It seemed that all the different subjects had different abilities, likely something to do with the mixing of other genes between different 'parents' [i [Different peoples genes used for different subjects]]. Some subjects grew up without incident to personnel, while others became violent, uncontrollable. Over time, BIOGEN managed to adapt cells to suit each individual subjects power, able to effectively contain them with not a single major breakout in the facilities history. All subjects were being forcibly trained and educated in the use of their powers.

Years came and went, and in the year 2040, BIOGEN would experience it's first major catastrophe. The subjects were brought back to their cells to be confined for the 'night'; [i though they were underground they still simulated a day/night cycle] Some time around 1 AM, the facility was shaken by a relatively large earthquake. Though not disastrous, the quake had damaged the facilities power distribution, with only emergency lights kicking in, the entire facility darkened. The subjects cell doors hissed as their locks de-pressurised, opening wide.

Within minutes there was a super-powered riot. The more violent of the subjects began tearing their way through the facility to the higher levels, hoping to escape, followed closely by many of the others. The guards however, are well equipped, trained, and have access to shocking and power dampening technology.

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[b This is a semi-literate to literate RP] - Mistakes happen, but make it the exception, not the rule
[b Violence] is expected
[b Swearing] is allowed, try not to be excessive
[b No Cyber], Romance is fine. Take mature content off-site or timeskip.
[b Do Not Kill Other Characters]; If it comes down to it, both parties must discuss it and agree to it.
[b You may RP either as a subject or facility personnel], keep in mind you may have less opportunities to RP while a BIOGEN employee. You can be a usual human on the outside world by special request.
[b No God Mode], though obviously powers give you advantages against those without, try your best not to overdo it.
[b Please try to post regularly.] Our aim will be once a week, but depending on who is here we may need to adjust that. If the situation calls for it, it may be monthly.
[b Illustrated/Anime Pictures Preferred], but try to keep it relevant to your character. i.e. Biogen personnel would not look 16 years old, and subjects would not look 40 years old.
[b There is a minimum 800 characters to each post], [i this is not a lot.] If possible, 1500 or more is highly desirable.
[b Keep power play as low as possible]

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[center [b Rules Regarding Powers Explained]; ]

You have a very wide variety to choose from here, you do not have to stick to the norm.
However, keep in mind that these powers cannot be [i all powerful]. For example; even if you are telekinetic, for whatever reason powers are less effective against other subjects, so trying to fling them aside would not necessarily work. Also, you would not simply RP that you flung them aside, either that you attempted it or initiated it.
You cannot choose powers which would give you godly abilities, i.e. immortality, instant-death, but you can choose super-humanly powers, supreme strength, intelligence etc.
Understandably, reading someone's mind might not be as useful as super-human-speed in the middle of a fight, but do what you can.
[i Limit Two Per Customer]; Essentially, each character will only be allowed to have up to two powers.
Also, each character [i must] have different powers to any other character, this should keep things interesting and diverse powers wise. So, we would not have more than one who can fly, but could have something similar like levitation, [i though that's cheating :P].
[b Also:] [i There will be no foolish wand waving, or silly incantations, in this class.]

[b [i Note:]]
For all Biogen Employees & Subjects, Biogen has small devices which emanate a power-nullifying field, though they have a relatively low range and the effects will start to wear off after a short period of exposure. However, this does not grant subjects immunity to the device forever, think of it as 'getting used to a hot bath', once you get out of the bath, if you come back to another hot bath later, it once again would be a process of getting used to it. The same concept applies to the nullifier, when you leave the field, your body will then again need to take time to adjust to the field when it comes in contact again.

Biogen also has collapsible stunning weapons, but use live ammunition when necessary. The pistol stun-guns may not completely subdue a subject with one shot, while larger variants would pack quite a kick.

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[center [size18 [b Current Story/Events]]]

The subjects make their escape! A few already are outside the facility, with others still trying to find a way out. Close on their heels are the Biogen retrieval specialists.


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Lucian dives forward, shifting into the beast mid-leap and bounds on all fours to keep up with Molly as she breaks into an impressive sprint. She can hear the sound of his claws digging into the tile floor as he turns sharply to slip into the doorway after her. he leaps the railing and lands with a heavy whumph beside her, panting with effort.

The beast looks up at her curiously as she pokes at a blank wall, squinting and cocking his head to the side. [b “Arou?”] he grunts questioningly before tensing up in surprise as a doorway hisses open. The beast watches as Molly pulls out her flashlight and slips into the small opening, cramming himself inside after her.

Were molly to look behind her, she would be treated to a ridiculous sight. A werewolf, rippling with muscle and standing taller than a grown man, eyes glowing in the piercing darkness, smushed into the tight hallway. Through some ungodly amount of effort he manages to fumble his immense claws into the door mechanism, closing it with a hiss before his razor sharp claws ruin the mechanism, causing a sputter of sparks to spill out around his hand.

After trying to proceed down the maintenance hall and only managing to deform some of the pipes, he lets the beast fall away, still feeling rather cramped inside, but at least managing to follow behind her.

[b “Ah… I’m sorry for your loss.] Lucien apologizes softly, unsure of how far his voice would carry in the tight tunnels. [b “We should be careful once we reach the exit. The main entrance to the lower facility will likely be barred. They may even have sealed the blast doors to keep the Niners in, knowing how dangerous many of us are.”] Lucien grimaces. [b “I can rip right through those doors, but I’ll be vulnerable while I’m trying to pry them open… Do you think you could keep the guards busy?”] He muses as they walk.

When he’s asked about how he was designated as a Level Nine he tenses up. “I… Didn’t always have such strong control over my abilities. When I changed for the first time I was confused and scared. The beast doesn’t [i think], it acts on instinct. So when the guards freaked out and started shooting… I defended myself.” He sighs. “They… found me in a broom closet a few hours later, curled up and passed out.” He laughs a sad laugh.

“Beyond that, there was a time The Good Doktor wished to test my capabilities in live combat. He had a squad of guards sent into the training course without my knowledge. They were armed with live ammunition. They… didn’t stand a chance.” He says almost too casually as he follows behind her.
  Lucien / Demonskunk / 165d 20h 59m 54s
[b "Look, Hot Hands,"] He quipped, [b "My power is that I know things, and I'm awesome, okay?"] He couldn't hide the wicked smile on his face well, but he avoided facing Quint until it faded.

The two now stood before the first of two reinforced doors in the main hallway leading to the computer room; this side of the door was soaked in death and cold silence, and the sound of their steps in pools of blood echoed ominously.
[b "Here's the first door, Q-bert."] Nemo began, [b "Just uh, you know, melt the door open or something - I don't think you know what Star Wars is but trust me it'll be cool and quick. Once we get through this door there is one more a dozen more feet down the hall... I don't think there will be anyone in between this door and that one, I'd like to imagine they ALL fled to the computer room, but we should be ready just in case!"] As he talks he reverts from the more serious tactical approach back into his usually animated gestures; flexing a hand open and closed to express the use of Quints power, [b "We get through the second door and all that's in the way is some nerds and security guards - obviously I don't know how many but we should be able to shout them down, maybe shoot a few in the leg?"] Continuing to gesture, he taps one of his own thighs at the word 'leg', [b "We get into the computer room and you give me like two minutes and I'll make sure they can't kill box anywhere on our escape path!"] Of course this wasn't the full scope of his plan, but he had no intention of telling the rest to the fire-starter.

[b "I can handle myself in a fight, don't sweat that small stuff - I just can't deal with reinforced steel doors, yeah? That's where my main man Q-Bert comes in, dig?"] He cracks another smile, holding out a free hand in a fist, waiting for a return bump from Quint, [b "Let's rock it."]
  Nemo - the God Eater / LordDalgros / 182d 6h 15m 59s
Quint gathered himself at Nemo’s words and watched the younger male pick-up a handgun and strike a pose. At this, he merely raised an eyebrow and turned to look towards the security door. Beyond were surely some technicians and security forces working to get power back online, and perhaps worse. [i ‘Would it be possible to take them out without killing them?’] he thought, and then flashed an impatient look at the boy.

[b “I asked you what your gift is, what can you do? You say it’s not as loud or powerful but, surely you have something that we can work with here,”] he asked, and double checked the magazine of the rifle, flicked the safety on and then off again, and looked back to the door. Despite his confidence, Quint didn’t like the idea of storming the room entirely on his own, especially without protection. Even if Nemo’s power was mundane, there was always the possibility that they could put their heads together and use it constructively. In addition, there was the matter of what Nemo seemed to know, and that unsettled the fire-starter.

Quint slowly followed the boy, the end of his gun aimed upwards and the body held close to his chest. As they neared the computer room, he resigned himself to listen and to make judgements later. For now, he would watch as Nemo took the tactical lead and plotted their escape because clearly the young boy had put some serious thought into it or was talking out his ass. [i ‘Maybe he can read minds,’] he thought and purposefully started thinking about brick walls as they drew closer to their objective. Beyond that door was a way out, presumably, although it was unlikely a direct route. [b “Okay, what’s the next step in your master plan?”] he asked, genuinely curious as to what the male had planned to do next.
  Quint (Subject Q05) / Cancer / 182d 12h 27m 13s
Molly froze at the mention of designation, but lucky for her their trains of thought were both interrupted before there was a chance to be pressed about it. She turned up to look at the ceiling with a small glare as the sound of boot steps grew closer. [b “Right.”] She gave an affirmative nod and broke into a dead sprint toward the stairs opposite the sound of boots. After what she had seen she trusted Lucien to be able to keep up without instruction. Luckily they were coming from the same direction she and Gary had, and not the direction of the best escape route she knew. Backtracking would cost them precious time they might not be able to afford.

Once inside the stairwell Molly hopped the railing and did a combat roll to a floor without any doors. She sprung up from the roll and quickly tapped at an ordinary looking wall at a few indistinct points. It only took a few taps at it before the sound of a pressure release came and the wall slid to one side revealing a dimly lit tunnel. Just a few feet wide and only about six and a half feet high, but without any sign of the chaos that filled the rest of the facility to dirty the rubber mats on its floor. They would have to march through it single file, but they could follow that path to freedom.

Molly paused just long enough to put her hands in her backpack and pull out a flashlight in one and a handgun in the other. While there were no signs of the chaos she was still going in prepared. Better lighting and a weapon in hand she led the way for Lucien, but motioned for him to hit the panel that would close the door once they were both inside. [b “Just tap the triangles pointing to each other. I doubt they think to follow us down, but can't be too careful.”]

Once they were safely inside and making their way through the access tunnel Molly decided to spill everything. [b “Swift isn't my designation, um, it's my surname. My handler was more like a father to me. Gary was his name and he was the one who came up with this plan for us to escape from this place. This tunnel is used for maintenance and lets out in a fake cell just by the main exit so it should be safe for us to use. Gary thought that it would be the best route at least.”]

[b “We should be able to use his car once we get out of here since he said he did some work to prepare for this opportunity. You're right about them being able to track those kinds of things though, and so we'll just need to change vehicles before that happens. I've got lots of experience with stuff like that. Only in simulations of course, but that has to count for something, right?”]

Molly let out a small laugh at that, but kept her focus about her. Despite the horror show that she had been put through since the tremors happened her movements were still steady. A possible advantage provided to her by her power, or just by her unusual world view. Whatever it was she was thankful for the ability to carry on and did her best to keep her spirits up along with those of her companion.

[b “My actual designation was K47 if that means anything. Gary always just called me Molly.”] She paused for a split second before she continued. [b “We don't have much farther to go. Before we get there how about you tell me how such a nice guy like you got designated as a level nine?”]
[h3 [center Dr. Murasaki's Team]]Justine grumbled as incessant beeping broke the tranquility of her luxurious room, and forced her to rejoin the waking world. A quickly spoken code caused the beeping to cease, but caused her room to steadily brighten with artificial light. Light that revealed the annoyed expression on her surprisingly youthful face; along with the silver hair that was the only sign of her age.

Once the room was fully lit she finally sat up as a a monitor lit up opposite of her king size bed. What appeared on the monitor was a face that looked to be made from a digital clock display. [b “Good morning Miss Coriander.”] The words it spoke were in a chipper British accent, but just served to draw a lethal glare from Justine.

[b “Explain Mycroft.”]

[b “Certainly. Our systems have lost contact with the Alberin facility, and given this is one of Dr. Murasaki's resting hours the alarm was redirected to you.”]

Justine just grumbled as she fell back into her pillow. The Steranko Security System that Dr. Murasaki had designed for Eden was connected to the black site they used to store the God Gene Subjects. While the black site did not use the system proper; it was developed enough to send an alert when they were no longer in contact. Of course the one time this happens just has to be during the ten hours a day when her boss is explicitly unavailable.

A sigh escaped her lips as she slowly crawled out of bed and walked over to her dresser. [b “Confirm that Walter is handling the local emergency crews and the news. If he's abdicated that then send out messages to get ahead of it, but keep things nondescript for the time being. Dr. Murasaki can get specific after we know more about what happened. Make sure Harry is going to be on scene; I get along well with him.”]

[b “Prepare a flight and a few squads of security forces. Let them know that we'll be leaving as soon as I've had a shower, and tell them to get anything they might need from the armory. See to it that my go bag is also collected during that process.”]

[b “Wake Sasha up an hour early and let her know that she is going to get the opportunity to take care of Dr. Murasaki without my oversight. Remind her though that you have access to all my notes if she needs to refresh. You should also warn her that they'll be in a sour mood given this whole affair. Do not tell her what happened, but she at least deserves to know why the boss might be nastier than usual.”]

Mycroft read back the instructions once while Justine got undressed for her morning shower. After everything was confirmed for accuracy Mycroft followed the instructions and left Miss Coriander to her preparation process. Thanks to her experience they would be ready to leave within the hour and be on site before daybreak.
  Biogen / Tesla / 184d 5h 18m 16s
Amelia stepped as gingerly as her body and the surrounding mess allowed. She'd have been more sickened by the mess left by the predator, but at the moment she was a little more focused on getting her book back. Each step was now a conscious effort, and her hands felt painfully hot. As she started wiping her clammy hands against her already stained pants, a small creature bounded up to her side and nestled briefly against her leg. It took a moment to register in her mind - [#008080 "Kitty? You came back?"] [i 'Maybe this was one of the scientists cats?'] she pondered, turning back to pick up the book as the Iron Lady landed nearby, thanking her. Vaguely aware of something happening next to her, Amelia turned to see [i something] going on, a shadowy wrap expanding up around the cat. Too exhausted to jump in fright Amelia just watched, wide-eyed.

Amelia blinked a few times and started staring closely and intently at this cat-turned-person, she needed to make sure she wasn't hallucinating. She plodded forward a few steps before reaching out to prod this cat-person with her slender finger. Satisfied she wasn't seeing things, Amelia's brain connected the dots and realisation seemed to visibly dawn on her. [#008080 "U-uh. Hello Miss Kitty."] She also suddenly realised this cat-person had asked something, but missed it entirely. Just nodding briefly with a half hearted smile, Amelia sent a sidelong glance at the predator, trying to make sure he wasn't creeping somewhere behind her.

[#008080 "Give me a moment."] she slurred while stepping over to one of the mostly intact guards. She knelt down next to him and took off his belt as quickly as she could before strapping it around her waist; She then squeezed her book into the cleaner side of her clothes, under the belt. Slowly, she discarded the baton and fumbled with the holster before discarding it too. Finally, she took off the flashlight and smashed the end off against a bench. Grumbling to herself in disappointment, she took one of the all too small AA batteries and put it in her mouth like a cigarette, pocketing three others. [#008080 "We need . . get out . . here. Clothes, hide, somewhere."] Already breathless and starting to lose track she plodded towards the street. Distant sirens could be heard, but Amelia just looked up for a moment. [#008080 [i "Pretty]. But . . so few?"] Amelia had expected a sky full of stars, not knowing about the light pollution from the city.

A brief moment of clarity came back to her as she discarded the first battery, replacing it with another. [#008080 "Leave, clothes, hide. Yes? Miss Kitty, Miss Iron Lady . . Erm, Mister Predator?"] She looked back at the others, pointing down the street away from the sound of sirens.
  Amelia (Subject P82) / Aserox / 183d 20h 24m 16s
Lucien is caught off guard, and stiffens up as Molly suddenly wraps her arms around him. After a moment he relaxes and wraps his arms gently around the girl.

[b "Oh- I, Uh. Good!"] His brain short circuits at that gesture, the Good Doktor had never been so affectionate with him.

When she releases the hug he looks a bit sheepish, his cheeks slightly flush. [b "Yeah, I'm sure you can tell, I'm from level 9."] He chuckles, tugging on his shit to highlight the 9.

Lucien slowly walks around her in a wide circle as she quickly and carefully collects Gary's things observing her carefully. She isn't dressed like the other subjects - camo and combat gear isn't something the subjects would be allowed to have in their rooms. Had she looted it off of other security staff? No, they wear bright primary colors, this isn't their gear.

He notes the subtleties in her body language, the moistening of her eyes, and the way she carefully removes his dog tags. [b "He must have been special to you."] He blurts without really thinking, then again, social tact wasn't something they were trained for. [b "I'm sorry I didn't act sooner...]

As Molly goes to grab one of the doors, Lucien moves to help, and is quite surprised when she lifts it by herself, and with little trouble at that.

[b "Y-yeah, no kidding."] Lucien chuckles, watching her show off that strength. [b "I could probably outrun a car, but I wouldn't turn down a ride. I've never ridden in a car before."] He muses. [b "But a car leaving might draw more attention. Don't they track those, or something?"] He asks, not entirely sure.

Lucien watches carefully again as the girl settles the door on top of Gary's body, wondering what her gifts are. As she kneels over his body and says a prayer, Lucien mutters his own in german.

When she stands up and asks him if they'd like to work together he smiles. [b "I was going to ask you the same thing. I don't know if this is a drill or something, but I'm not going to pass up this chance."] He listens carefully, tilting his head slightly as she mentions a secret passage out. [b "I don't think that's a good idea. If it's a passage that goes outside, it's probably patrolled... Or at very least blocked off. They wouldn't risk a Niner getting out that easily. There's a hospital on top of the facility - I've heard staff talking about it when they think they're out of earshot. I think if we get in there, we can steal clothes and walk out like patients."] He suggests, honestly unsure of which option would work out better in the long run.

Lucien takes a step back as she suddenly snaps her eyes wide open and introduces herself. [b "Oh, hah, I forgot too. I'm Lucien. Uh. Lucien... Thirteen? Is Swift your designation?"] He cocks his head in the other direction, squeezing her hand and shaking it gently.

His train of thought is cut off as the sound of boots on tile swiftly approach. His body tenses and his pupils narrow to slits [b "Actually, tell me later. We need to go. You lead."] He takes a step back and keeps an eye in the direction of the footsteps while he waits for Molly to get moving.
  Lucien / Demonskunk / 189d 17h 21m 36s
She saw her field of vision surround with a red tinge and realized that the girl behind her seemed to be creating some sort of shield--and just in time too as the shots in the direction of the helicopter began to richochet off of her body. Jayne felt the world go in slow motion as she looked behind her to see the creepy subject tear through the other guards coming out from the entrance. She, with her machine tied to her neck dangling behind her, flew to the nearest car and picked up the bumper.

"Fall back! Fall back!"

Jayne barely heard one of the guards shouting and they all started to run back into the chopper. The chopper began to lift from the ground. She pulled harder and accidentally just yanked the bumper off of the car.

"[b GODDAMMIT!]" Jayne threw the bumper into the ground out of anger and then flew straight to the chopper, shots continuing to ricochet off her body. She took hold of the landing skids and made eye contact with one of the men staring down at her with the barrel of his rifle at her face. His eyes were full of both fear and awe.

She grunted, "[b Sorry . . . can't let you . .]" and, with great effort, pulled the chopped closer to the building, consistently fighting with the strength of the flying machine. When she got close enough, she shouted, "[b Watch out!!]" to the fellow subject below her and threw the chopper into the building, blades first. While it didn't get thrown fast, the pilot was not able to regain control of the chopper quickly enough to avoid crashing into the front wall of the building and getting stuck there. The shooting stopped.

Jayne flew back down to the subject who shielded her, and put her hand on her shoulder, and watches her dry-heave on the ground. [i Yeesh.]

"Y-you okay, Miss Iron Lady? How's Kitty? Did it run away?"

"[b Yeah I'm fine. Thanks for the shield. As for the kitty . . .]" Jayne looks down and sees the little cat standing next to the girl and speak in a small voice. Her eyes widened,

"[b What the?!]"
  Jayne Soto / SuzumebachiAngst / 191d 1h 56m 12s
Her stare down with the subject that killed her father was interrupted by the timely arrival of a ravenous beast. The dark mass of fur and muscle connected with the beast and dug into it in the blink of an eye. Its claws ripped through the bulletproof flesh like it was just paper. It took just a bit of thrashing about before the beast finished the job by ripping out the subject's throat with a single strong chomp.

Molly's eyes traced up and down the new monstrous entity that stood before her. Her heartbeat quickened as she scanned over every inch of the seemingly humanoid canine that had saved her from the other subject. After having scanned over it twice her eyes fell on the undamaged red nine on their otherwise torn jumpsuit. It was bad luck to have run into two niners so soon, but this one seemed better than the first. She at least had virtual experience at killing things like this.

Despite her oddly calm state of mind she raised her hands in half formed fists in front of her chest to prepare to defend herself. They did not stay there long though as the beast in front of her seemed to melt off their wolfish features. She could only tell they were the same by the blood that coated the young man and their torn suit. All the blood did nothing to dissuade her from her next course of action though.

She ignored his outstretched hand and instead wrapped her arms around him, and gave him as as tight a hug as he would allow her. [b “I'm better now. Thank you.”]

She held the hug for a moment more before she broke it off with a smile. [b “You're a fellow escapee right? My fa- … handler told me to break out of here with him. I need to see to him before I do anything else, but after that we could work together to get out of here if you'd like.”]

Molly gave them no time to answer before going to Gary's corpse and she was quick to collect what she would need from him. Looting corpses was something that she was quite used to from her virtual experiences, although this one made her eyes water more than they ever had before. Even so she made sure to put his guns away in her backpack. She also took the extra time to dig out the dog tags from his time in service as something to remember him by. It was what characters did in these kinds of situations as far as she had learned, and it made her feel a bit better about the whole situation.

[b “I'm more useful than I might look after that fight,”] Molly said as she continued to work by hoisting up one of the damaged doors. [b “That and my … handler gave me a set of instructions on what to do once I made it out of the facility. You're probably pretty fast, but getting a car ride out of here has to sound pretty appealing, right?”]

She crouched down once she was next to the corpse and placed the damaged door over Gary's corpse as a makeshift burial shroud. It was far from ideal, but it was enough for her given the circumstances. Molly whispered a few words of thanks and of prayer before she got back up and dusted herself off. The act did little to help given the blood splatter that covered the urban camouflage uniform she wore, but it did give her a moment to compose herself before she turned her attention back to her rescuer.

Even with red eyes and wet cheeks Molly had a wide smile on her face as she continued her spiel. [b “Do you want to work together to get out of this place? I know how to get into a secret access tunnel that will let us out right by the main entrance. It shouldn't take us long at all to get there.”]

Molly let the offer stand for a second before her eyes snapped wide. [b “Oh! I should probably introduce myself! I'm, um, Molly, Molly Swift.”] She complemented it with an extension of her left hand for him to shake.
  Biogen / Tesla / 192d 14h 53m 2s
Nemo watches the scene unfold: Subject Q05, now named Quint, commits to a short battle with a grouping of security!

[b “Did they teach you how to use one of this during your training?”]

Nemo scoffs at the question, quickly closing the distance to stand beside Quint and the unconscious security guards as the two of them commit to arming themselves,
[b "Of course I do."] Nemo lies, reaching down and taking a rifle from the hands of one of the guards, touching the unconscious mans hand in the process. [b "I..."] Nemo stops for a moment, thinking over his newfound knowledge, [b "I probably will just break an arm using this thing,"] he continues to mumble aloud, reaching instead for the security guards secondary firearm, a handgun, and checks the weapon for combat readiness like a professional!

Thankfully for Nemo when it came to unconsciousness, where a person neither dreams nor feels any immediately overwhelming emotions, sifting through the skills and experiences of a person and taking what he needed was like letting a kid loose in a candy store! He could take what he needed without worry of the IES backlash.

[b "Well I grabbed you cause my powers obviously ain't as loud and powerful as yours,"] He gives a nodding gesture to the unconscious guards, [b "You don't gotta worry about me, I know what I'm doing."] In a series of movements that no doubt cause question to his immediate claim, Nemo strikes a few 'cool' poses with the handgun in preparation to move out.

[b "But hey, Quint,"] He continues after a moment, [b "I wasn't bullshitting you when I said that the security room down the hall. I have no idea why the backup generators aren't kicking in, but when the boys in that room get any sort of power back they've got kill-switches set up to deal with all us sideshows in the lowest levels! Going for the regular exists is a gamble; I'm sure some of us from the lower levels here are skilled or menacing enough to make it all the way to the surface, but if you'd rather go about this the SMART way, instead of risking your freedom, we gotta make sure that that computer room isn't going to be operational. Ya dig?"] As he speaks, Nemo shifts his body into a series of more trained and professionally gun-toting mannerism; keeping the handgun close to his chest and ready for quick aiming, while moving up toward the turn in the hallway leading toward the computer room; clearly displaying a level of competence surely only years of training could produce.

[b "And cause I love proving I'm right,"] He stops for just a moment to break his focus on the proper and dangerous situation at hand, [b "We hurt a dozen or so, maybe kill one or two every now and again... Won't make families happy but you can write those off as workplace accidents. People on THIS scale dying? With THIS much chaos? You can bet if Biogen doesn't gun us all down then suits with some other corporate name tag WILL. So then, Q-bert, you with me?"] Getting a bit full of himself now, Nemo unintentionally displays the scope of his collected knowledge of the outside world, for better or worse. If Quint didn't just assume that the boy was blowing hot air and nonsense, it was obvious to tell that Nemo knew a lot more than he let on.
  Nemo - the God Eater / LordDalgros / 193d 38m 58s
The cat jumped as she heard someone yell out to them. Looking up, she saw a rather hyper woman, holding something in her hand that she threw at another guard. Hearing the thunk the thing made with the guard, she looked back, hoping he wasn't dead. Seemed the woman was hoping the same thing, voicing what Neka was thinking.

She looked back up as the woman exclaimed how there was a cat here. She let out a mew, not wanting to speak at the moment and give away that she was possibly one of them. For now, she would be a normal cat and only turn back when she had to. Since she had just recently changed into this form she could stay like this for the rest of the night. She wasn't going to change back until she knew it was safe to. And that wasn't right now.

Neka stopped as she heard a male voice talk of her. Guess she should've expected many pointing out there was a cat here. None of them had ever seen one and when she first changed into a cat she was quite shocked. Still, the way this guy said it sent a chill up her spine. She didn't quite like the way he looked at her, something about him seeming murderous. Perhaps it was his eyes that said it all, her own clearly showing she was afraid. She pushed herself up against he wall, trying to be small, as she looked at him.

She felt herself relax a bit as the girl she saved spoke, telling them of how to possibly get out of here. Good to know at least one of them knew the way out. Neka was just going to keep going up the stairs until she found the end and then try to find the right door that lead out. While she could probably get away staying in her cat form, the rest wouldn't have that luxury, and she didn't want to leave the two girls she met behind. Something about them made her feel safe, even the hyper one that seemed more than excited to be out. She could share some of the excitement, having wanted out for a long time, but not like this girl.

Hearing the woman again, she looked up to see her looking back at her. She tilted her head a bit as the woman seemed to be trying to figure something out. Neka didn't have much time to try to figure it out before being picked up by her scruff. Oh did she hate the feeling of being picked up this way. Her body went limp, despite wanting to scratch the girl's arm. She had been told it's what happens when someone picks up a cat like that, but that didn't make it any more enjoyable. But she guessed it would work better if she was being carried than trying to run along with them. Still, did she have to be picked up like this?

The woman followed the instructions of the girl up until they made it to the entrance. It was a huge door, one that if it were closed now, they would have no hope of opening. She spotted the guards at the entrance and didn't like what was about to happen.

[b "Look out!"] She yelled, without thinking. Thankfully, her yell was drowned out by the woman yelling about having a cat. Really? that was her defense?

Once outside, she could feel the cool air on her fur. It felt nice. It felt like heaven to her. Looking up at the night sky, she could see shiny dots. Adriel had told her they were stars. Is this what they really looked like? Were these stars? She wished Adriel were here to see the stars. Had he escaped? No, it didn't look like any others had gotten out. So where was he? Where was Adriel?

She didn't have much time to think, the girl stopping suddenly. Looking around, she saw gunmen. A lot of gunmen. This wasn't good. The woman didn't know what to do, and she certainly had no idea. She could probably change back and use her other ability, but she knew she couldn't use it to fight all of these men. She also wasn't a great fighter, so she was bound to die here if she tried. But what could she do? She couldn't let the others fight and possibly die too. But she didn't want to die here. Not after seeing the stars for the first time.

Hearing a gunshot, she looked back and was terrified by what she saw. The male they had met up with was killing the guards. He had a gun, but that wasn't the only way he was killing them. Ripping them apart, biting into them. What the hell was this guy? He was a monster...Her attention was all on him, not being able to pull away, despite the fight that was going on in front of them. She hadn't noticed the shield being thrown up around her. The girl practically defeating all the guards in front of them on her own. She had no idea any of that had taken place until it was over, the male finished with his carnage. At least for now...

Finally able to pull her look away, she looked back at the girl, seeing her on the verge of falling over. She seemed to have used a lot of her energy and was not looking good at the moment. Neka struggled to get free, finally falling to the ground onto her feet. She rushed over to the girl as she went to pick up her book, rubbing her head on her leg. Should she change back now? Were they safe to do so? There weren't any guards here. They all seemed to be focused in the facility itself. Most probably didn't even know they made an escape. She also figured the ones that could have said something had already died and didn't get a chance to call it in. So perhaps it was safe. She would take the risk.

Slowly, her form started to change, her shadow engulfing her. The shadows around her shifted, pulling up until it reached her usual height of 5'2". After a few seconds, the shadows melted away, revealing her human form of a small girl. A cloak she wore covered most of her body, hiding the bottom of her face and only revealing her lower legs. She looked at the girl with slightly frightened eyes, her tail twitching along with one of her ears. The ears and tail would go away on their own, but for now they were there.

She spoke in a small voice, almost squeaking as she was still scared. "Are...are you okay?"
  Neka / Kikido / 193d 48m 1s
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/limuex9.jpg]]
Amelia could feel a distinctly unpleasant pair of eyes on her as she ran, adding yet more to her nervousness. The world was still muffled but she could hear some kind of plan by the Iron Lady, noticing that she too seemed anxious about the predator. [i 'At any moment, I need to be ready for him to-'] Her inner dialogue was interrupted by someone grabbing at her. [#008080 "Eek!"] [+red [b ~ ZAP ~]] Half jumping on the spot like a startled rabbit she instinctively lashed out before realising it was the Iron Lady trying to give her a lift. Before Amelia could blurt out an apology it seemed that the Iron Lady was already up and off, having yanked the cat off its furry little feet by the scruff of its neck. [i 'Flight . . and some kind of enhancement. Maybe she literally is an Iron woman?'] Amelia pondered momentarily before the overwhelming anxiety flared up again just as the Predator spoke.

A moment to focus herself was good, she was glad at least in part for the run up and out of the facility despite the circumstances. The dozens of bodies riddled with bullets and the damage to the building surrounding them faded into the background as they made their way out into some other facility, this one more nicely decorated. Amelia, for a brief moment, forgot the beast behind her as she glanced around, soaking up what little she saw. It wasn't long before they stumbled upon a large flat area with asphalt in all directions, a few vehicles scattered across its surface and a team of guards [i in front] of them. These must have been at that checkpoint, or perhaps were part of the surface facility. They had clearly chased the Iron Lady and were taking aim at her outside.

It took a half moment for Amelia's brain to kick in to overdrive, dropping her book and measuring both visually and from memory the Iron Lady, making guesstimations on her general size and proportions. She grit her teeth and flung up her hands, as if manipulating a small invisible doll. In a brief flash a red coat of energy covered the Iron Lady and her new pet, hexagonal plates with joints placed as accurately as Amelia could guess on the lady, a simple hamster ball around the cat. [i [#008080 "Move! Fight! Not long!"]] she shrieked through the gunfire, now noticing the Predator going to town on the nearby guards. It seemed that Predator was making short work of the ones inside, so Amelia turned her attention to the few guards she could actually see outside. Again manipulating something in the air in front of her, thin monofilament wires flickered out through the air before settling over two of these armoured juggernauts of men. Strange bars appeared just beneath their throats, drawing quickly into a strange mechanism building itself over their heads out of the same red energy.

There was a brief moment of panic before a loud [i [+red crunch]]. The powerful forcing back and upwards of their helmets was clearly visible as the locks forced themselves into place with the manipulation of a thick gear. Amelia's forehead was already beading with sweat as she started to wheeze, her vision blurring briefly as her headlocks faded on the collapsed men. She dashed forward to get a better view of the other guards. As long as she could see the Iron Woman, she could probably maintain her armour, but it had all too quickly become akin to holding a rather large weight that was far too heavy for you. Just how much firepower had they leveled at her?

[h3 [center Meanwhile ]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/ScrV7Q4.jpg]]

An out of breath voice over a radio broke the pilots otherwise quiet contemplations; [#9932CC "This is Whiskey Actual. We're on our way out. There has been a complication. Gamma is on clean up until the fireworks."] Gunshots could be heard in the background before he confirmed their return. He hurriedly began to start up the chopper, hearing its usual comforting thrum come to life as he kept his eyes glued to that parking lot door. A squad of heavily armed men came barrelling out minutes later, suitcases in tow. Marching up to the open doors they quickly and efficiently stacked the cases before two of the men jumped in, the other men piling slowly into a second helicopter on a nearby pad. [#9932CC "Take off."] the man barked, the pilot nodding his reply before pulling on the collective, the chopper quickly rising away with its precious cargo.

Laughing to themselves, the two men began taking off their helmets with a sigh of relief when they got a sudden call. [+red "Whiskey Two, Whiskey Two, one confirmed escapee holding some kind of . . hairball. We're just about to take off, standing by."] The two mens smiles disappeared. Though not entirely unexpected, given the nature of the facility, they had hoped to contain any break outs. [#9932CC "Whiskey Actual, terminate the target and get out of there."] He sighed again. One shouldn't be a problem for that team, even if it was one of the nastier subjects, those men were well trained and were armed with top of the line weaponry, not to mention their heavy duty armor.

Back on the ground, heavy boots thudded out onto the helicopter pad as several men took aim, spreading quickly out as they began firing at this floating figure. A brief moment of pause fell across them as she appeared to suddenly be encased in some kind of shell. [i A bad sign.] There was also a commotion from the facility as suddenly two of them were trapped by some kind of energy contraption. One of the men signalled for the others to pull back before a crunch could be heard over the comms, the others starting to flee into the chopper once more while firing short accurate bursts at the flying subject.

Back in the air, all that could be heard over comms were the brief shouts of pain as the men were quickly taken down by whatever monster that came across them. At least the damage was minimal. They, if not Biogen, could take care of one escapee.

[h3 [center After the fight ]]
Amelia poured with sweat as she dry heaved on the asphalt, she wasn't sure how many bullets she'd managed to deflect or block with that shield but she only hoped it had been enough by the time she gave out. Her knees wobbled as she tried to steady herself; She'd need a meal after this, though she would settle for a large enough battery. Either way she was running on fumes. Without looking up she called out to her would-be companion and saviour; [#008080 "Y-you okay, Miss Iron Lady? How's Kitty? Did it run away?"] She had completely forgotten about the cut on her head now, dragging her feet back over towards the door to pick up her book again. She'd hoped at least, that there was no blood on it. She wiped at her mouth as her eyes fell on the Predator once more.
  Aserox / 193d 22h 56m 2s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/a20VFax.png]]
[size11 Hunter felt eyes upon him, and dared to meet them.

Hers were as red as his were, albeit softer. They didn't glitter and shine with killing intent, and he could all but [i taste] her unease as it increased with each passing second. Her instincts were good, he would give her as much. He shot her a brilliant, unmarred ivory half-grin. Her response was refreshing, if nothing else. Neither these two girls nor the cat had scurried away or begun to shake where they stood after he'd made himself known. This on its own put the Biogen staff to shame, who were geared to the teeth but still somehow incapable of keeping subjects like Hunter from killing them in their many dozens.

Of course, Hunter knew it was hardly the fault of the staff that they were so weak and imperfect, with or without gear. He was well aware that [i he] and the others were the abominations, the oddities. Through books, Hunter had learned that Man was a social creature, a family creature. Man found love in the free world, bore children, and lived together in family units to raise children and to grow old with a chosen mate. It sounded soft, it sounded sweet. It sounded like something he would never know or understand, and so, Hunter chose to think of it as a bushel of freshly picked lies.

The blood on book-girl's forehead did draw his attention, though it was less because of his love for blood and carnage and more out of curiosity. Not that he was in any position to ask folks how they'd received their injuries at a time like this, but Hunter had only ever been able to speak to staff before the facility's systems went to shit.

His attention shifted to the more rambunctious of the two girls, who had attempted to take up the other young lady's hand, only to pull her own hand back after being injured... seemingly reflexively. [i Fascinating]. Hunter hadn't seen whatever it was, and imagined it must be energy related if it was transferred through touch, though to what extent and through what medium he hadn't the slightest idea.

It seemed the chatty girl would try to offer him her hand next, and yes, he [i did] consider biting it off to amuse himself, but luckily, he debated the idea for too long, and she'd already retracted it of her own accord.

[b "Uhh maybe you can help yourself. I can uhh tell you'd be great at covering our backs!""]

Having their backs? Hunter blinked. Was this... was this the famed 'friendship' he had read and heard of for so long? Was it this easy? He watched closer, and was certain he had it wrong. No, these two had little trust for him, which was comforting. It meant they weren't [i stupid], if nothing else.

With a chuckle, he agreed, and meant it. [#F50E0E "Your backs it is, then."]

Hunter deigned to tag along, greatly entertained by the following ruckus stirred up by the louder girl as she toted the cat and scurried headlong into the scent of numerous Biogen staff. All the while, he was well aware of the young woman with white hair as she shot mistrustful glances over her shoulder. [i Precious]. He quite liked this one.

Hunter was not going to warn her otherwise. Why would he? Then they'd miss out on all the [b fun]. He was grinning the entire time he followed the interesting trio, right up until they ran out into the parking lot.

He could smell fresh air for the first time and was elated to be so close to the end... but he was not going to run out into the gunfight with nothing to save himself but his pearly white smile. No, Hunter hung back, watching from afar for a moment as the girls and the feline in question were met by gunmen from the helicopter in front and entrapped by staff at the rear, as well.

Hunter had never seen a more spectacularly [i appetizing] sight than this buffet of challengers, but would have to curb the leisure snacking for now. With the last two bullets from The Doctor's pistol, he took out one of the men in the rear, unaware of his presence at first. As the body of the first victim slumped, the subject had already buried his teeth around the collarbone of another, crushing everything that lay between his horrible jaws. Another bite, this time to the lower shoulder, tore the second man's arm free of his body entirely, giving Hunter both a limb and the gun attached to it. Shots rang out again, and his teeth gnashed over and over, each time tearing into someone or something new. Precise and always with added momentum and killing intent, tearing and shredding but never out of control. They fumbled, they swore, they tried to aim, but their instincts were not as certain as his were. They were simply too slow to keep up.

The rear was secured fairly easily after these awful slaughterings continued, as today was not the first day that Hunter had gotten his hands on a firearm.

There was a reason his guards were no longer allowed to carry them into his cell.

There was another reason Hunter took up the rear, though. He wanted to see their powers, these two girls. So far, he had seen one fly, which was amazing in and of itself. What else could she do?

Oh, and would the cat be alright? He did shoot a hopeful look toward the she-cat as she practically dangled from the loud chick's iron grip. He'd hate to see the cat get cut down! Would they need more of his help, or would they show him something [i fun] and let those powers out?

He patted his mouth with the sleeve of one of the detached arms before he let it hit the pavement, fretting again over the cat. He hadn't gotten to chat with her yet...
  Cognizance / 194d 15h 50m 13s
"I thought I smelled a cat. How nice to meet one in person."

Jayne had figured she'd run into some of the worse subjects in the lab, but coming face-to-face with this man was giving her the heebie-jeebies, "[b Uhh . . . yeah. I've never seen a cat before either??]" It helped when the other girl also seems to be uncomfortable around this subject, who happens to smell like blood. Jayne wasn't so sure if she should try to kill it like a bad spider or avoid it like the creepy friend in your high school friend group. She obviously wasn't sure what to do because she had no preference for murder, nor went to high school.

The footsteps grew closer and Jayne wonders if she should book it immediately with her new friends who are escaping too.

"I'm pretty sure it's this way but, the main entrance should have some kind of reinforced blast door. I can't get through that, not without a lot of time. There will probably be a few more guards posted in a checkpoint there too." the other girl begins to stumble along the corridor at an agonizing slowness.

"[b Come on, I think I can get through it]," she says, "[b No time to figure it out now!]" Jayne then pulls the girl to her by the arm but yanks her arm back when she feels a strong static jolt up her limb, "[b Youch! Goddamn OK. Sorry!]" Then Jayne turns around and reaches for the newly-arrived Niner instead but shrinks her hand away when she sees his unsettling grin,

"[b Uhh maybe you can help yourself. I can uhh tell you'd be great at covering our backs!]" Jayne looks down at the cat, "[b How about you??]" she reaches down and hesitates again, "[b Uhh how do you . . . ?]" and then just grabs the scruff of the cat with an iron grip and whips around and then speeds down the hallway, flying rather than running. Before long, the blast doors come into view--as well as a group of armored men with guns--and Jayne bursts through them with kitty in tow right before they open fire, "[b MOVE I HAVE A CAT!!]" she screams at them.

Jayne reaches the parking lot and, in her combined wonder at seeing such an openness for the first time in her life as well as an terrible anxiety to escape, is about to fly as far away as possible when she sees a helicopter to her right, with guards jumping out and aiming their guns at her.

"[b Get on the ground!]"

She freezes, afraid that they'll shoot and hit her if she moves, and afraid to submit after making it so far. Behind them, the guards from the inside also run out into the parking lot. Gunshots.
  Jayne Soto / SuzumebachiAngst / 195d 1h 13m 48s
The raven haired young man sits quietly in his room on Level 9, one leg crossed over the other, leaning back into the plush reading chair he had been gifted by the Good Doktor for his good performance. He idly flips the page in The Art of War, humming softly to himself along to the music of a phonograph playing in the corner.

Lucien had been treated abnormally well for a "Niner", and any of the other subjects on his level could easily tell that he was receiving special treatment. Instead of the hard cot most other subjects had, Lucien had a four poster bed brought in. Instead of cold white walls, Lucien had fine german art adorning his room. Instead of a cold tile floor, Lucien had a plush rug.

When the paintings rattle and the phonograph skips, Lucien doesn't even look up. Minor tremors this low were nothing new. When the shaking grows more intense and the room lighting suddenly shifts from a warm incandescent to angry red he lowers his book. When the door suddenly opens with a soft hiss of air he closes his book and looks to the conspicuously open doorway.

"...Doktor?" He asks to no one in particular, suspecting that this may be some sort of test. He stands up and gently places the book onto his bookshelf with the others before quickly and quietly retrieving a disused coat and scarf from the coat rack nearby and folding it into a sling bag "I see..." He says quietly.

[i "If this is a test, I won't be getting a second chance."] The thoughts race through the young man's mind behind a sly smile and a chuckle. He slips out into the hall with a burst of movement, bare feet gripping on the slick tile as he surveys the empty hall, taking note of all of the doors opening as sounds of carnage and gunfire echo down the hall. Seeing movement in both directions, Lucien looks around quickly for an avenue of escape, not wanting to take his chances with either the guard staff or the other niners. His eyes settle onto an air vent and his body moves without thought.

He runs two steps up onto a wall and leaps across with arms extended. Fur and claws extend from his hands as he takes a deep breath and digs those claws into the grating. He braces his legs against the wall as they visibly strain with effort as he rips the bolts straight out of the concrete. With a groan of protest, the vent cover drops and he skillfully flips up into it, pulling it closed behind him as the sound of boots and slapping feet fills the hallway.

[i "These should snake along the facility. I hope there aren't too many fans..."] he thinks as he crawls through the facility, leaving a few stray hairs as his hands returning to normal. He moves as quickly and quietly as he can manage as sounds of panic and chaos filter in from every vent opening. His crawl is stopped as he reaches a large fan whirling quickly right in his path. He rolls his eyes and turns toward one of the grates as he hears voices. He cautiously crawls to the vent opening and gazes down at two lone figures, one in guard uniform, Gary, and the other clearly a subject, Molly, as the guard holds the trigger down and dumps ammunition into [i something]

Lucien starts to turn away before the target of so many rounds comes into view - a lumbering hulk of a creatures with stone-like skin and beady little eyes charging with a bellow of fury. He watches as it tears the head off of the guard and his instincts take over.

The covering of the grate is thrown against the far wall as a dark mass erupts from it, rippling with muscular growth and filling the hallway with a bestial snarl. It bounds across the floor, leaps onto the wall and kicks off of it in one smooth motion before pouncing. The monstrous Niner's laughter is cut off abruptly as the beast crashes into its body, sharp claws rending into its rocky flesh like a hot knife through butter as the subject thrashes in a panic.

It's all over in an instant as the beast's jaws come down onto the Niner's neck and tears out its throat. Panting, the creature - identifiable now as some sort of bipedal wolf - climbs to its feet, blood dripping from its muzzle and claws, and turns to the girl staring. The wolf's body is wrapped tightly in a bloodstained white jumpsuit with a brilliant red 9 glaring right into her face.

It takes a couple of steps toward her, heavy breathing starting to slow as it raises its hand in her direction and all at once the beast's body seems to recede, leaving a fair skinned young man with dark hair standing with bloody hand outstretched. He wipes his mouth with the arm of his other sleeve. "Are you... Ok?" he asks with a surprisingly sunny tone, wrongly assuming the girl to be a defenseless bystander.
  Lucien / Demonskunk / 195d 19h 56m 31s
Quint had indeed felt the vibrations of the facility shaking, although he had no reason to doubt that such occurrences were outside the abilities of the Biogen facility staff. As far as he was concerned, this all could have been a test and the amber-eye’d blonde was not too keen to fail. He retracted his arm before Nemo could touch him, he’d learned that many subjects could harm you with just the faintest of touches, himself included, but said nothing immediately. Quint looked, listened, and glanced warily at Nemo.

[b “You’re telling me that the staff and security team are sweeping through this place, executing the subjects that they have been perfecting for years, all because some have escaped? Staff have died at our hands before, and that didn’t warrant our heads being blown off,”] he contested reasonably. Even if power was out, and even if other subjects were attempting to flee, Quint found it highly implausible that they were merely gunning down subjects for such an instinctive drive. Granted, he wasn’t quite like the others. He was better than them, after all. The man did give pause to the thought of the outside world, to experience freedom. In all honesty, the concept frightened him. He’d never known freedom before, maybe little allowances, but never freedom. He had a hard time wrapping his mind around that, to go where he wanted to go whenever he wanted to. Where did he want to go?

Quint furrowed his brow, [b “The name is Quint. I’ve seen you before, but I forgot your name,”] he said coldly and started to walk out into the hall. If anything, he’d get the staff alerted to Nemo trying to escape and earn himself some brownie points, and rounded the corner where guards stood vigil. [b “What’s going on? Subjects are trying to escape,”] he yelled down at them. Immediately they turned on him, and Quint felt the blood drain from his face. It looked like Nemo had been right after all. It was almost in slow motion as the guns started to rise towards him, and even if their settings were put to stun him his instincts and training kicked in. None of this would have been necessary if the two subjects had tried to simply sneak their way past.

As the men fired premature rounds, Quint dropped prone and extended an arm. It almost looked like he were leaping to catch a baseball. Instead of catching a ball, flames leapt from his palm and exploded into the hall. The shockwave was enough to send the guards off their feet before being consumed in intense heat. Their clothing burned off faces and arms, the glass of their goggles cracked and burst, and they smashed with great force against the wall behind them, falling unconscious. Just as quickly as the flames had appeared, they were gone. [b “Goddamnit,”] he cursed and got to his feet, brushing himself off. Cautiously he approached and checked their weapons first. They hadn’t been set to stun. He cursed under his breath and picked up one of the rifles, then placed two fingers to their necks. [b “Still breathing, unconscious, second-degree burns. They will live,”] he muttered and grabbed the other rifle. He eye’d Nemo for a moment, thinking. [b “Did they teach you how to use one of this during your training?”] he asked. The boy looked young, but many of the subjects had been through much and more in their time at the facility. [b “It might be safer if we avoid using our gifts. I’ve had combat training, but I don’t know what everyone else is experienced in. What are your powers, by the way?”]
  Quint (Subject Q05) / Cancer / 196d 14h 41m 35s

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