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Flying brick is a classic for a reason. I look forward to what you will do with it Suzume.

Great picture Kikido!

Regarding Molly's power it is as you say very versatile, but it is limited both by her perception of reality, and by her ability to develop the given ability in the first place. She can climb into a driver's seat and her intuitive aptitude will give her the skill level of someone who just passed their driving test, but she can't do that with the kamehameha because that isn't a skill she even knows how to attempt. Nor is there currently anyone who could teach it to her. Right now at least that means all of her supernatural tricks are just things humans can already do, or believes themselves able to do; ramped up to eleven.

Although I will also mention I don't think she could do anything of that type of RTS because that is more representative of playing a society than playing a character. The closest she would come to that example is item crafting, and hers would require being able to sit down at a work bench for a while.

Nice opening post Aserox.
  Tesla / 164d 21h 40m 37s
Many drinks were had and I kinda forgot. Awake now so I'll change it but I did mention it over PM's initially.

Ohai Cancer, long time no siege!

Also yay the first to put their skelly in the OOC. Naturally I must accept it ;D

Edit: I too originally had questions about quite how the game power works, but I'll leave that to Tesla to explain rather than just copy pasting messages lol
  Chattin' / Aserox / 165d 1h 5m 46s
Greetings all, consider this my application to join.

Name: Quint
ES Username: Cancer
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Disposition: Confident, arrogant, narcissistic
[b Pyrokinesis] - Quint possesses the ability to manipulate and control heat energy in the form of fire, although the full extent of this ability remains untested. Paired with his Internal Flame, he can cause it to expand, contract, and direct it with his will to devastating effect.
[b Internal Flame] - Quint characterizes his ability to conjure fires as this burning sensation within himself. The true source of this ability remains unknown, as no test has shown any difference in actual body temperatures. He's not burning inside on any metric measurable, it [i seems] to be a purely pyschological manifestation of his gifts. That said, no matter how cold or how hot the area is around him, his body maintains a steady 98 degrees Fahrenheit, making him impervious to extreme temperature changes.
LoV: 9 - Has accidentally lost control of his powers in the past which has resulted in the death of Biogen staff.
Short Bio: Upon completing gestation in the birthing chambers, consciousness was something that Quint took to with ease. Quick to learn, compliant with rules and regulations, it wasn't until his teen years that his personality really started deviating in contrast to what Biogen staff would have preferred. His routine's were a combination of classwork and field training, often taught through private instruction. He came to think for himself and only himself, which proved to be problematic later when he was forced to communicate with other subjects for purposes of social training and team building. At a young age, Quint developed a self-centered disposition, and even past his teen years he still struggled to extend empathy beyond himself.

As a teenager his powers truly began to manifest themselves, but this brought fear like he had never known into his life. The strength and inferno raging inside of him manifested itself as literally wreathing flame, a blaze of energy that he struggled to control. Quint was afraid of his gifts, afraid of what they could do to others, and for a long while he was terrified he'd injure himself. As it turned out, he was invulnerable to damage from heat, no matter how severe! All temperatures feel almost the exact same to him, whether it is below freezing or hundreds if not thousands of degrees. To Quint, it feels no different than his ambient body temperature. When trying to control his abilities he frequently lost control and would cause immense explosions of flame from around him, which resulted in several Biogen staff members to lose their lives.

Once he reached seventeen years of age his ability to control those inhuman gifts of his reached their most stable levels. No more episodes of spontaneous combustion, no fear of hurting others. Over the last few years he's been honing his abilities and making them more precise, preparing for his time to be of use to the Biogen staff members.
  Quint (Subject Q05) / Cancer / 165d 3h 27m 39s
Oh I told Aserox to change it but I'm guessing the request was forgotten...lol

SHE IS 21 haha it is confirmed
  Jayne Soto / SuzumebachiAngst / 165d 3h 33m 23s
Hey, Suzumebachi's age is outside of the parameters from the skeleton, I assume that's okay?
  Nemo - the God Eater / LordDalgros / 165d 4h 26m 18s
Totally not asking specifics because I'm playing a mimic >_> ... <_<
  Nemo - the God Eater / LordDalgros / 165d 5h 55m 40s
Hey, I was just curious before we get into the proper thread itself - a question specifically for Tesla: how encompassing is "video game abilities"? Your examples are like jumping and skill acquisition, but "video game abilities" is just a broad term - I'm not trying to throw shade at your character, I like the power idea, I was just curious because I immediately thought: "I Gordon Freeman crouch-Castlevania double jump dash-Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse shoot an energy blast-then finance my kingdom with abstract 'meat resources' via any RTS XD

Does it start and end with physical abilities?
  Nemo - the God Eater / LordDalgros / 165d 5h 55m 58s
[b Sweetness, can't wait to start this rp] Tail sways
  Neka / Kikido / 165d 6h 12m 42s
Cool beans, looks good.
I'll probably post after I wake up :D
  Chattin' / Aserox / 165d 6h 15m 24s
[b Yeys basic image of Neka! Gotta clean it up and figure out colors but I figured this would work for a placeholder for now
  Neka / Kikido / 165d 6h 52m 29s
I won’t have an issue consistently posting but I do work a day job in Central Daylight Time - so I may idly chat in the OOC during that time but I won’t be making any meaningful posts in the main thread until I’m off work.
  Nemo - the God Eater / LordDalgros / 165d 13h 32m 17s
I've already been thinking on flight and super strength so I'm guessing if you think having a sturdy brawler would help, I'll probably go along with that.
  SuzumebachiAngst / 165d 14h 24m 5s
Once a week sounds reasonable to me.

For powers surface running and ductility manipulation. Full speed regardless of what your running on and the ability to manipulate the strength of materials. Good maneuverability and a solid option for a sturdy brawler.
  Tesla / 165d 15h 14m 52s
I won't have issues posting weekly.
Also, I am indecisive on powers. Anybody want to make some suggestions?
  SuzumebachiAngst / 165d 15h 34m 51s
Guess we'll be kicking off within the next 24 hours or so, is there anyone that might have trouble posting at least weekly over the next month?
Given the chance I might even like to post a few times a week but have no clue about peoples schedules. Thoughts? Worries? Opinions?
  Chattin' / Aserox / 165d 16h 2m 8s

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