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Like many shows recently, DiTF started strong and then went nowhere good. Kiznaiver is another example.

Cool beans, D&D 5e specifically or an alternative? 4e /pathfinder / shadowrun / l5r etc

And no worries kiki, in the meantime do you mind if one of us grabs you by the scruff and drags you along?
  Chattin' / Aserox / 48d 23h 54m 43s
If I missed any mentions in the end of my post I'm very sorry and I'll make edits! I know it's long, you don't have to read the first half if you don't wanna QvQ;; It was not intended to be so long but that's how it came about x'D
  HUNTER / Cognizance / 49d 16m 31s
[b Oh my, that's some hatred. I know the feel though. I feel the same about the anime Sprial. Had a pretty good plot and I wanted the answers and then it just ends with "We don't got the answers as to why these kids have an extra rib thus meaning they have to be killed. We don't know what happened to the main character's brother. We don't know why the kids with the extra rib want to kill the main character. Have a good life!"
  Kikido / 49d 1h 9m 47s
I purged Darling from my mind because it was one of my favorite anime like ever up until the end fell apart shittier than the mass effect trilogy- now I can’t talk about the anime without getting legitimately angry
  Nemo - the God Eater / LordDalgros / 49d 2h 11m 51s
...that sounds fantastic!!! But then, I'm guilty of having favorite MC bois and making them gay for various reasons. Sometimes the female love interest makes me wanna jump off a cliff and sometimes they have no canon love interests at all. Gotta make sure they feel the love, hey? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I'll have a post up today! Sorry about the wait, I was house sitting and there was no internet at her house, she doesn't believe in cable or internet service. ='D
Trying to write a post on 3G service in the foresty woodlands is [b n0t] possible. But I'm home now~
  Ch@t / Cognizance / 49d 2h 39m 31s
Thanks! He is without a doubt a major cutie pie. He's gay in my headcanon though, bi at least.
  Quint (Subject Q05) / Cancer / 49d 2h 48m 52s
So I just wanna say, @Cancer, I [i love] Darling in the Franxx, and more specifically, Goro. <3
He is a beautiful bean. You have great taste in images~
  Ch@t / Cognizance / 49d 4h 55m 26s
[b I will say, my posts will most likely be once a week only, at least until September. I got like three massive projects I'm workin on until then
  Kikido / 49d 6h 57m 53s
Demonskunk and I have a tabletop game on Mondays so I don’t know if he’ll post soon but I’ll bug him to post at the very least when we’re done with our game.
  Nemo - the God Eater / LordDalgros / 49d 7h 19m 0s
Just waitin' on Demon and Cogniziance now, shouldn't be too crazy long I imagine.
  Chattin' / Aserox / 49d 8h 1m 36s
Chuckles [b Yea this place is kinda quiet lately but sometimes you can still find a good rp
  Neka / Kikido / 49d 11h 52m 17s
[center [pic http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_loagkyJY9e1qj3a3d.jpg]]
[b [i [center [size10 / Deflating sounds]]]]

Finally, I can sit down to actually read the posts. Was glancing at them on my phone but, work.

Also, nice Cancer, been a while, I'd hoped people would jump on board but honestly thought it was unlikely. Turns out Angrad . . (?) Dalgros . . (?) . .
[i Angros] was my savior when it came to recruiting some of you folk :D
  Aserox / 49d 17h 34m 53s
I literally haven't used this site in years. But Angrad asked if I'd be interested in giving this RP a shot after all this time and agreed! Nice to know you are still in the game, Suzume.
  Quint (Subject Q05) / Cancer / 49d 21h 17m 35s
Cancer it's also very good to see you! :)

I decided to be unconventional and chose a harmless flying brick . This should be fun
  Jayne Soto / SuzumebachiAngst / 50d 1h 6m 19s
I’ll be able to post in about... 7 hours! I’m excited to get going
  Nemo - the God Eater / LordDalgros / 50d 10h 36m 33s

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