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The positions overlap enough in this kind of company that I figured they would best be handled by one person. Redacted name has been added and thank you kindly for the approval. My inbox is open should you need it Aserox.

That all sounds superb Kikido and I hope the experience goes well.

Chronic illnesses suck. That said may your good days be plentiful and your bad days be few Cognizance.
  Tesla / 154d 10h 43m 40s
I hope they figure out what's wrong!

I'm going to be posting later today, or tomorrow.
  Lucien / Demonskunk / 155d 4h 30m 14s
[b Oh man, at least you're doin alright-ish? But at least you're home now
  Neka / Kikido / 155d 4h 41m 27s
Sounds harsh, but I guess not much can be done if it's been ongoing for over a decade :<
Hope it doesn't give you too much trouble
  Aserox / 155d 5h 16m 0s
I have chronic migraines and some odd neurological... weird stuff? To make a long story short, I have to get wired up for in-office 'sleep studies' with neurologists and scans and such. x'D They watch my brain waves while I snooze. It weirded me out growing up but at this point I'm fine with it. Basically I pull all-nighters and crash in their office for a couple of hours per appointment, lol.
  HUNTER / Cognizance / 155d 6h 3m 48s
Eh, hospital? O.o

Feeling alright? No need to push if you feel like a lay down ^.^
  Chattin' / Aserox / 155d 6h 49m 23s
Hiya! I'm only just getting home from the hospital but I'll definitely try and post soon after I find something tasty to destroy. <3
  HUNTER / Cognizance / 155d 7h 8m 9s
Alright, no worries. Lets keep the ball rolling ^.^
  Chattin' / Aserox / 155d 7h 12m 23s
Posted. It's a bit short but the scene is pretty simple so it was bound to be short one lol
  Jayne Soto / SuzumebachiAngst / 155d 7h 34m 16s
I'll add in the good doctor to the list soon, just out and about atm, though we might begin PM'ing some of the details, unless people prefer general spoilery information be public for reference
  Chattin' / Aserox / 155d 12h 44m 23s
I'll get a post in tomorrow morning ! I've been keeping track of it, it'll just like like 3-4 business days until I get around to it.
  Jayne Soto / SuzumebachiAngst / 155d 16h 34m 25s
[b I got a few cosplays I'm workin on] XD [b I got a con Labor Day weekend that I'm gettin ready for so I'm finishin up my Princess Tutu cosplay then I gotta work on the pair cosplays for my fiance and I. We're doin StalkerXStalker and Kamisama Kiss. Both school uniforms and a kimono so shouldn't be too hard. Just this Princess Tutu is top priority since it's for the cosplay contest
  Neka / Kikido / 156d 4h 41m 4s
Indeed, cosplay is always good. What are you going as, Kiki?

CSO [i and] CTO eh? Seems they have their plate quite full with that one ;P

Though I'd at least insist on the existence of a first name, even if it's just [REDACTED]. I'll read over it when I get some time later tonight ^.^
  Chattin' / Aserox / 156d 11h 7m 54s
Gotcha. I wish you luck with the cosplay work Kikido.

Excellent. Thank you kindly. I'll have a skeleton ready before the end of my day then.

Edit: Name: Dr. Murasaki
Age: 48
Gender: Agender (They/Them)
Disposition: Callous, cautious, confident, and cunning.
Loyalty: 3
Ranking/Position: CSO, CTO, & Board Member
Short Bio: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=405981 Link]
  Tesla / 156d 11h 23m 59s
I mean, ultimately I don't mind employees of that level, with the understanding that you yourself would also then begin creating and driving the plot further with that character :P

I think the only position off-limits so to speak is CEO specifically. Board of directors is fine.
  Chattin' / Aserox / 156d 17h 55m 35s

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