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[http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=152363 I'll shamelessly plug this RP here] if anyone's interested in that kind of thing.
  Chattin' / Aserox / 23d 6h 46m 1s
[b I need to finish season 1. I've been watchin some other animu but not lately cuz of projects. I have started watchin Dr. Stone and Fire Force. Already workin on a Fire Force cosplay] XD
  Neka / Kikido / 24d 28m 6s
MHA is pretty popular, I'd be surprised if someone here hadn't at least [i heard] of it. I dunno if I have one favourite, lots of interesting characters and great moments. The animation is superb too, for the most part anyway.

[i United states of smash!]

Edit: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YghQG0poG9M Probably one of my favourite moments though.]
  Chattin' / Aserox / 24d 19h 34m 34s
I’ve been watching “My Hero Academia” lately so I’ve been really eager to see where this narrative ends up! For those that have seen the show, Todoroki is probably my favorite.
  Quint (Subject Q05) / Cancer / 24d 19h 53m 17s
I've been checking in regularly haha just in case it's my turn
  Jayne Soto / SuzumebachiAngst / 25d 23h 2m 28s
[b sorry was dealing with stuff and didn't notice ya'll had posted
  Neka / Kikido / 26d 5h 33m 19s
Remember folks, it's fine to take things slow or to even bow out if you have to but, please be sure to keep us posted ^.^
  Chattin' / Aserox / 26d 6h 15m 59s
No worries, good to see, Cancer. Not that I can comment on delays to be fair!

Looking fine so far Tesla ^.^
  Amelia (Subject P82) / Aserox / 31d 18h 17m 25s
I apologize for the delay, I'll put something together momentarily.
  Quint (Subject Q05) / Cancer / 31d 22h 7m 24s
I dig that color scheme Kikido! Good job.

No need to apologize for taking proper care of yourself Aserox.

Post is up and includes Dr. Murasaki's team, but does not contain anything of immediate concern. If anything needs fixing just let me know and I will be happy to edit them. Otherwise I will be off to work on some other fiction for the time being.

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone.
  Tesla / 33d 14h 30m 6s
I'll try to bug Cancer to post within the next day or two
  Nemo - the God Eater / LordDalgros / 34d 15h 34m 51s
Sorry to delay it yet further but I'm kind of dead on my feet, I'm free most of tomorrow so I'll post just after I get up
  Chattin' / Aserox / 35d 5h 44m 54s
Looking good. Didnt want to leave anyone behind but will post within the next 24 hrs as its been a week since my last post.
  Chattin' / Aserox / 36d 4h 58m 56s
[b Sweetness! Also, I have base colors for Neka! Just gotta shade it now and she'll be done] ^^
  Neka / Kikido / 36d 21h 6m 19s
Rest assured I'm still about. Posts will be incoming ^.^
  Chattin' / Aserox / 37d 6h 23m 0s

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