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Aww I’m sorry wolfy. I’m sure they’ll be okay. I understand you worrying though.

Yeah! I got the wolves made. Though I may change autumns.

Oh I’m glad! Um black clover. Yona of the dawn(?). Hmm. I sadly can’t remember them all.
  .Sword. / Nerium / 27d 7h 38m 11s
Yes that is true. I still worry tho. I feel bad for her. I can't have her in the bedroom with me.

Oh I am glad.

I finished Snow white with the red hair. I loved it! I know you had other but what were they again?
  哀れみ / -Akuma / 27d 7h 46m 56s
Okay. I was looking at pictures last night and will do so more today. Yeah I really liked it ^^

Oh that’s good at least. Most vets say to worry when they aren’t eating and drinking.
  .Sword. / Nerium / 27d 9h 16m 10s
That is correct. Was the first post okay?

I hope so too, I am worried tho but they are both acting fine. They are still eating and drinking water.
  哀れみ / -Akuma / 27d 9h 18m 17s
I hope they get better wolfy!

I added it to my list on this account but I will respond to it on my other account. So summer and fall will be the wolves I’m using right?
  .Fana. / -MoonRabbit / 27d 22h 23m 11s
[http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=154409 Link]

Here's the post to the other rp, I was telling you about a while ago. I hope you like I made my self cry XD So I really hope the post is okay.
  哀れみ / -Akuma / 28d 2h 40m 58s
I hope so I’m really worried about them both. I’ve been feeding them her food which is for sensitive stomach. It’s had to Keep them separated with our work schedule so I figured if they just have her food it wouldn’t hurt. It’s meant for sensitive stomach
  Taiyōkō / -Akuma / 28d 11h 9m 55s
Oh no that’s not good wolfy. Hopefully they get better soon.
  .Fana. / -MoonRabbit / 28d 19h 10m 35s
I’m glad to hear that ! Ugh I think Carl caught what ever Charlotte has because I’m pretty sure he has diarrhea
  Taiyōkō / -Akuma / 28d 20h 48m 46s
I’m both excited and nervous. I am hoping my nerves don’t drown out that excitement. That and I hope my doubts don’t get the best of me. I’ll miss you too! But I’ll always be in contact ~
  .Sword. / Nerium / 29d 1h 1m 29s
Oh I know! I bet you are excited! I can’t wait but I’m going to miss you
  Taiyōkō / -Akuma / 29d 3h 37m 29s
Yeah I’m running out of time though. Only a few months left.
  .Sword. / Nerium / 29d 6h 26m 15s
That is understandable. Hopefully he can soon I hope the same for you
  Taiyōkō / -Akuma / 29d 11h 13m 25s
Yeah. I don’t know what his plans are right now if he’s really even looking. He might be trying to drive before finding another job.

That’s too bad. I’m sorry wolfy.
  .Sword. / Nerium / 29d 22h 52m 38s
You did tell me that. He should try hyvee it is at least a little better.

I am okay. Tired but other than that fine. work has been stresses me out.
  Taiyōkō / -Akuma / 30d 4h 22m 51s

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