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Hopefully the drive back wasn’t too bad. I had a lot of fun yesterday.
  .Bunny. / -MoonRabbit / 26d 4h 2m 2s
I think it was just hungry. Now it’s got butterflies because I’m a little nervous. I’ll be driving up myself to se you today.
  TwoSidedFox / 27d 8h 37m 18s
You don’t have to apologize. I understand XD. I’m glad your tummy is feeling better now.
  .Bunny. / -MoonRabbit / 27d 18h 25m 7s
It’s okay. Sorry I was feeling so lazy XD my tummy was upset it’s better now with food
  Fox / TwoSidedFox / 27d 19h 14m 2s
That’s perfectly fine wolfy! Sorry I was playing the game with Gabe and had my phone charging so I forgot to check on here. You don’t have to apologize. You should get rest that’s most important ^^
  .Bunny. / -MoonRabbit / 27d 19h 43m 50s
I'm going to come and visit you tomorrow Envy. I just don't feel a 100% I am probably still sleepy. I'm sorry. Hopefully that is okay with you!
  Serendipity / Shippo / 27d 22h 38s
Alrighty. I am still being lazy. I worked last night but now I am off from my night job for a few days.
  Ricochet / Shippo / 28d 1h 4m 5s
Okay. I will try and keep a watch on both places. I have to leave my phone upstairs for a bit to charge but i will definitely keep a watch on it.
  .Bunny. / -MoonRabbit / 28d 1h 18m 17s
Thank you. I will! I am thinking I will probably have to come tomorrow. I will message here and I will text you as well.
  Fox / TwoSidedFox / 28d 1h 33m 57s
Oh I know I didn’t! I wanted to though ~

Okay I completely understand. You just have to keep me posted about it ~
  .Bunny. / -MoonRabbit / 28d 1h 50m 22s
Aw you didn't have to do that. If i can come to night it will be tomorrow afternoon. I am a bit nervous since I would be driving myself. I would probably leave before dark.
  Fox / TwoSidedFox / 28d 1h 52m 11s
Sure either time is completely fine. It’ll be nice to see you and I have things for you ~
  .Bunny. / -MoonRabbit / 28d 1h 54m 14s
It’s frustrating. I’ll try explaining more tomorrow or tonight. Is it okay if I visit you tomorrow or later I mean I’ll get with d but he is busy but he might be free tonight.
  Fox / TwoSidedFox / 28d 1h 55m 31s
I understand what you are saying wolfy. Not completely because I haven’t been in a work environment like that, but my home environment has practically turned into that.
  .Bunny. / -MoonRabbit / 28d 2h 25m 0s
It’s hard I just don’t know what to do. I had a better day today but there is always something....
  Fox / TwoSidedFox / 28d 19h 30m 57s

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