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Oh lmao XD. No I have to make sure he doesn’t drink the ink or the water XD he’s so naughty.
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 204d 2h 51m 15s
Oh goodness I am sorry to head that. I was asking about Dream actually. lol
That is to bad. :(
  Urami / Uramu / 204d 3h 26m 2s
No not really. We haven’t done that for over a year now I think. Actually we barely speak.
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 204d 5h 59m 17s
Awww cute. That sounds pretty. Your pen. Aw do you two write fun stories?
  Lost Wolf / Tigress / 204d 7h 31m 14s
Yeah. It’s fine though. It doesn’t really matter. He’s doing really good. He likes laying by me why I’m using that glass pen Jordan got me.
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 205d 1h 54m 23s
I wish you did too. Sorry to heard that. How’s is Dream doing.
  Lost Wolf / Tigress / 205d 2h 12m 28s
Yeah. It looks really clean but l... really wished I had more places to move things.
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 205d 3h 24m 29s
That sucks. At least you got a little rearranged. Omg Crazy kitten lol she like a little rocket.
  Urami / Uramu / 205d 8h 21m 50s
Yeah. I was that way yesterday. It kind of put my mind at ease. I couldn’t rearrange completely because I can’t move the damned tv.
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 206d 2h 29m 44s
Sometimes it is nice to rearrange. Especially if you want your room to look differently.
  Uramu / Uramu / 206d 5h 11m 0s
Oh! I bet that is exciting. I didn’t really have a reason for moving stuff. I just wanted to I guess.
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 206d 7h 14m 31s
I’m okay. I did the same kinda. I moved our shoe cubbies. I’m excited for our new couch
  Lost Wolf / Tigress / 206d 9h 2m 16s
I’m doing alright. I cleaned and moved some stuff around in my room. How are you?
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 207d 23m 54s
Oh no I’ll let her you know! I hate when that happens lol. How are you doing today?
  Lost Wolf / Tigress / 207d 2h 1m 40s
I have not posted in here because I didn’t know where it was on my list XD. I found it though ~

Had to put our accounts back let me know if I missed any XD and I’ll put it back. I accidentally wiped out all of them adding my Nerium account.
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 207d 2h 33m 19s

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