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Oh goodness that’s not good. I was going to say bitter / suck up but maybe prickly is good too
  Lost Wolf / Tigress / 202d 9h 53m 48s
Yep recently.

No it’s fine ~

It is. He’s become quite an asshole. He’s gotten worse now that he’s gotten a job.
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 203d 1h 1m 4s
Oh really? Recently?

Sorry I am being noisy.

That is just rude. He could of said hey I want the room but no pressure. Your brother seems different. Ever since he lost all that weight he seems a little?.... I don't want to step on thin ice. So I'll stop right there...
  Urami / Uramu / 203d 1h 59m 44s
Yeah. Shelly would make sure he was taken care of too. It was Gabe who stepped up right away and decided he wanted my room. No one else got a chance. To be honest I would have given it to Shelly and her ladies or grandma and grandpa if they wanted it. Gabe called it though. He reminds me almost everyday that he’s going to take it when I’m gone too. I don’t know about how things would be if one of them moved. Zach I don’t think will ever move and Gabe has talked about moving into an apartment with a friend of his.
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 203d 2h 15m 22s
Well I am glad they will be taking care of him. I got a little worried. Wow that was sudden to decide who got your room. What is going to happen if Zack or Gabe wants to move? Will it be the same for them?
  Urami / Uramu / 203d 2h 22m 18s
Yeah he can be a bit difficult sometimes. He’s gotten better about the biting and clawing though. Now he just enjoys tearing up my room ^^; which makes me want to kill him.

Mom is going to be watching him though Gabe is the one who will be in the room with him.
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 203d 4h 26m 6s
Aww that would be sweet but I know he can be a bit bite. If you don't mind me asking who will take care of him after you leave?
  Urami / Uramu / 203d 5h 7m 41s
I wish he was sometimes. He does rub against my hands and arms a lot though. He doesn’t mind being petted either at least for a bit.
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 203d 5h 53m 13s
Aww to bad he isn’t a cuddler. He so cute I love his little face. He looks like Petey
  Lost Wolf / Tigress / 203d 6h 29m 17s
Oh yes. He’s just gorgeous. I love his long fur ~
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 203d 23h 20m 45s
That would be pretty cool. She is so cute. So is Carl.
  Urami / Uramu / 204d 35m 54s
Oh! Maybe they might stay both ~ that would be nice and pretty too ^^
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 204d 1h 15m 42s
Awwwww cute. I can't tell if kitten is going to have yellow or green eyes. They are a mixture of both.
  Urami / Uramu / 204d 2h 37m 39s
He is very pretty. He was sitting in the sun earlier and his eyes looked so pretty.
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 204d 3h 13m 15s
Oh goodness. Sounds like it but he such a pretty boy.
  Urami / Uramu / 204d 3h 25m 21s

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