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Aww well when ever you get the chance I’m all ears.
  Fox / TwoSidedFox / 197d 12h 10m 56s
I will most definitely text you about it because it’s a lot of really big things.
  .Uncontrollable. / -MoonRabbit / 198d 9h 51m 32s
Oh? Hmm? can I ask what it is about? You can always text me :D
  Tora / Tigress / 198d 10h 49m 1s
No sadly I wish it was. It’s something a little more difficult to deal with now. More delicate I should say, but it’s a step in the right direction.
  .Uncontrollable. / -MoonRabbit / 198d 11h 6m 56s
Oh no what happen? Is it more about the gaming conflict?
  Tora / Tigress / 198d 11h 14m 43s
That’s good I’m glad you had fun ^^

I’m doing alright. A lot has gone on, but I’m good.
  .Uncontrollable. / -MoonRabbit / 198d 12h 5m 24s
Lol I meant to put movie. It was fun! I’m sad it’s over. How are you doing?
  Fox / TwoSidedFox / 198d 14h 47m 54s
Oh that must have been so much fun! Awww ~

Hopefully it was enjoyable ~
  .Uncontrollable. / -MoonRabbit / 199d 6h 5m 53s
Most of it. Yesterday I went on a date. We went to a late dinner
  Fox / TwoSidedFox / 199d 7h 16m 58s
Oh I bet. Yours is from work though. For me it was because I’m up late. I could sleep but I choose to just talk to my puppy as much as I can. My sleep schedule is all fucked up XD
  .Uncontrollable. / -MoonRabbit / 199d 12h 56m 23s
I'm glad you are doing a little better. I'm getting tired too.
  Tora / Tigress / 200d 31m 38s
I am doing better actually. I’m tired, but that’s okay.
  .Uncontrollable. / -MoonRabbit / 200d 6h 20m 32s
I’m glad it’s not just you! How are you doing today? Hopefully A little better.
  Fox / TwoSidedFox / 200d 8h 46s
It applies to everyone I believe. It seems to anyone.
  .Musician. / -MoonRabbit / 201d 5h 46m 55s
So does this rule apply to everyone or just you?
It sucks
  Fox / TwoSidedFox / 201d 6h 10m 24s

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