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Well they did send me some of there short stories they did seem well written.


I’m excited we’ll if you need a place to go if things didn’t work out you be welcome to stay with us I mean I’d have to tell Austin of corse
  -Akuma / -Akuma / 186d 21h 55m 15s
Awww that’s awesome ~

Hmm. That’s kind of up to you. If it makes you uncomfortable I would say no, but if it doesn’t matter to you then that should be alright.
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 186d 21h 59m 41s
I understand. It can be quiet scary. Me and Austin are looking at houses. <3

Hm.... I have someone who wants to join my rp but there are only 16 I mean the story won't leave the site....
  -Akuma / -Akuma / 186d 22h 6m 4s
Most likely, but little does he know that’s not going to be how it is. I’m just worried about before I leave. I don’t know how things will go.
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 186d 22h 27m 58s
Oh good that is kind of ridiculous. What does he think you guy are going to stay there forever!
  -Akuma / -Akuma / 187d 55m 22s
Yeah he does. I’m still not aloud to have my phone downstairs. Honestly it frustrates me a lot. Most of the time he just acts like I’m already gone though.
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 187d 23h 22m 24s
Aww. Well it's too bad your dad took it. Does he really get that jealous?
  -Akuma / -Akuma / 188d 2h 1m 24s
No. I was irritated because I hadn’t expected it to happen. I had even told her not to buy the mouse.
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 188d 2h 30m 58s
Oh my :( That isn't good. Especially if she had gotten it for you. :(
  -Akuma / -Akuma / 188d 2h 42m 32s
Yeah I had one hooked up for a bit and grandma even got a mouse for it, but dad threw one of his normal fits and I had to unplug it >_< and take it out. For some reason I didn’t see that this had been posted in >_<.
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 189d 23m 40s
Aww you might be interest but let see if I can get the story line out. Lol You will have to let me know. I understand. It hard for you to get on the computer.
  -Akuma / -Akuma / 189d 1h 58m 40s
I don’t mind when you ask me to join. I just take forever to post XD
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 189d 2h 6m 34s
Okay I ^^ I am excited. I am also excited that I might have an idea for an rp. But don't worry I wont force you to join. Sadly I am still working on the story line.
  -Akuma / -Akuma / 189d 2h 31m 45s
Oh yeah I do too! I fell in love with it. There’s another I’ll post for you by just Miku that I kinda like.
  .Kiss. / -MoonRabbit / 189d 2h 44m 53s
OH I love the song btw. Miku and Rin are soooo cute :D I love the glitter!
  -Akuma / -Akuma / 189d 3h 12m 47s

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