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It is really nice catching up on sleep here and there. Oh good :)
  Wolfy / Tsurai / 171d 18h 30m 55s
That’s good! I’m glad you are off tonight. That has to be nice ~

I’m doing pretty good ~
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 171d 19h 42m 31s
It did help but I am getting sleepy again. At least I am off tonight tho! I think I will do some cleaning tomorrow mostly laundry

So how have you been, im sorry for asking you so late
  Wolfy / Tsurai / 171d 19h 50m 57s
That’s good. Hopefully the nap woke you up a bit so you weren’t as sleepy.
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 171d 20h 48m 42s
I ended up taking a nap! It felt nice. Lol I know the feeling
  Wolfy / Tsurai / 172d 54m 29s
Yeah I do have my kitties. They are a pain though lol XD

Aww that sucks.
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 172d 3h 13m 33s
Oh no. You got your kitties tho! They are cute! Ugh sleepy
  Wolfy / Tsurai / 172d 3h 31m 32s
It is, but honestly I don't mind. I do tend to get tired of being up there sometimes.
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 172d 3h 44m 27s
Awww... I understand. I bet that is a lonely feeling.
  Wolfy / Tsurai / 172d 3h 48m 51s
lol. I know XD

Aw that sucks. Don't worry I'm starting to feel like that around home as well. I spend most of my time in my room now as well.
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 172d 3h 58m 34s
Oh you are fine I told you before you can use it.

Sigh. I'm home now I feel so lonely. I'm happy to be home... I am just lonely.
  Wolfy / Tsurai / 172d 4h 31m 22s
Aww that’s too bad. I am going to use your bio skeleton Wolfy XD I may change things about it but I’m going to use it. I thought I would let you know before completely stealing it XD.
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 172d 5h 45m 53s
Yeah it’s been really nice. It’s coming to an end though.
  Wolfy / Tsurai / 172d 6h 25m 24s
I’m really glad you had fun! ^^ hopefully you’ve had a good day too!
  .Rika. / -Rika / 172d 6h 59m 52s
I’m too! He liked it a lot! Today has been really fun we went on a picnic and tried to go to the mall! Lol now it’s nap time. Then later movies and Dinner!
  Wolfy / Tsurai / 172d 22h 43m 15s

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