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That’s sad she should be able to talk to you about anything.
  偽造 / -Akuma / 12d 25m 8s
Yeah that’s very true ^^

Ah it’s okay. Don’t worry. I know sometimes it’s difficult for mom to talk to me about things sadly. Plus she’s got a lot to worry about.
  .Fana. / -MoonRabbit / 12d 57m 41s
Your welcome! It’s a good song! Even thought it’s sad, it meaningful

They stress me out I don’t even live there
  偽造 / -Akuma / 12d 4h 4m 55s
Yeah. I really like it ^^ thank you for showing it to me.

I don’t know what they were thinking honestly.
  .Fana. / -MoonRabbit / 12d 5h 51m 13s
Yes that is the Godsmack singer. ^^ I like the song too.

Wow are they just going to move and not tell you? Where are they going to go?
  偽造 / -Akuma / 12d 7h 20m 58s
Sully Erna right? That’s who it says is with him in the song. I really like the sound of it. For some reason it makes me happy even though the lyrics are kinda sad.

Just family talking about moving and making life harder. Nothing huge. It’s frustrated me is all. Mostly because they don’t talk to me about any of it.
  -MoonRabbit / 12d 7h 37m 29s
OH no what happen?

That the best one :D they sound really good together.
  偽造 / -Akuma / 12d 7h 43m 24s
I believe mine has him in it too.

I’m emotionally unhappy at the moment. I’ll be alright though. Just an overload of too much stuff.
  .King. / -MoonRabbit / 12d 7h 50m 35s
Oh I am glad. That sound is really good. I had the singer from Godsmack as guest singer.

How are you doing today?
  偽造 / -Akuma / 12d 8h 5m 11s
Oh I was able to find that song on Spotify. The hunted by Saint Asonia.
  .King. / -MoonRabbit / 12d 9h 29m 6s
Hmm that might make them hard to watch. :( if they are on Hulu I’ll check them out
  偽造 / -Akuma / 12d 11h 27m 6s
I don’t know if all of those can be found on Netflix or Hulu though.
  .King. / -MoonRabbit / 12d 19h 54m 40s
Ohhh all of those sound so great. I can't wait! :D I will eventually check them out.
  偽造 / -Akuma / 12d 22h 7m 10s
Okay. Another one would be the ancient magnus bride. There’s also tower of god. Gabe recommended one called code breaker.

  .King. / -MoonRabbit / 13d 4h 14s
Ohh I’ll check them out. Say “I love you “ is so cute so far btw!!! :)

Yeah it mean another poop monster. These guys poooo a lot .
  偽造 / -Akuma / 13d 10h 35m 38s

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