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I am sorry to hear that. I am a little nervous today. I'll explain why in a pm later if you not to busy...
  偽造 / -Akuma / 65d 1h 5m 31s
I bet.

I’ve been better. Honestly I got to say I’m kinda irritable. How are you?

Awww! I do too ~ <3
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 65d 18h 15m 38s
The stories are very interesting.

How are you doing today?

I understand. I love my fuzzy baby.
  偽造 / -Akuma / 65d 21h 14m 48s
I suppose that is true. XD I think I like my fuzzy children better then real ones XD

I’ll have to take a look at it.
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 65d 21h 35m 58s
Well you take such good care of your puppies. In away it is like a child. A furry child but a child. Omg found a new interesting channel.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpbZxsMDmrQ ]

She has some interesting story and her make up turns out so pretty.
  偽造 / -Akuma / 65d 21h 54m 51s
That’s true. I don’t know though. I think most of the time it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to be around kids. At least not my own.
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 65d 22h 23m 14s
Well adoption is always good too. Giving hope to someone who can't defend themselves. What not. I rather adopt then have my own kid. Mostly because it scares me... and possible of them have mental problems.
  偽造 / -Akuma / 66d 46m 10s
Aww that was really nice of him. I’m glad things are going better. I still have one. Though it may not be any good. Honestly they are more of a pain than anything else. Lol but thanks for the offer. I don’t think there is such a thing, but that’s okay ^^.
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 66d 49m 11s
Yes it did. He was very sweet he got gas in my car and washed it. :3 <3 I have been letting him drive my car since his is broken. The other one he has is smelling like gas.
Aww that is so sad. :( If I could give you my ovaries I would. But sadly I don't think there is suck thing as an over transplant. It probably be expensive or my ovaries might not be a match. I know there is a lot to organ transplants and what not.
  偽造 / -Akuma / 66d 52m 20s
I am glad that it got better. It’s always good to get your thoughts out. I’ve been a lot more reluctant writing mine.

Yeah. I’m not too worried about it just yet. I figure I’ll worry about it later. Besides if I can’t have them naturally I can always adopt. Though I don’t really know if it’ll come to any of that. My want for kids kind of disappeared after what happened with my ovaries.
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 66d 2h 2m 24s
Awww It is okay it did get better.


Well that is good. I hope that you be able to if that is what you want that is.
  偽造 / -Akuma / 66d 21h 34m 28s
You’re welcome ^^ it’s too bad your day wasn’t going so well though. I’ll be sure to take a look in your journal.

Oh goodness. That’s is good for her ~

Children don’t really scare me and I guess having them don’t really either, but... After everything with my ovaries I’m not sure I want any at the moment.
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 66d 22h 6s
Aww Envy thank you. ^^ Thank you for share that with me. I was having a pretty rough day I am about to go vent about it in our journal. The day has gotten better tho! Thank you for saying that. Your my best friend to Envy I love you dearly. I hope I can see you soon!

I guess she is pregnant too. I was shocked! Good for her though!

,> Children and baring children scare me tho! V_V'
  偽造 / -Akuma / 66d 22h 58m 46s
They are really neat.

It has been brought to my attention that I should tell you something. I haven’t said it in a long time and honestly I should because you are my best friend and we’ve been through a lot together.

I love you wolfy!

If you ever need something I’m always here and I know you’re always here for me too. I think you deserve to hear it from me at least sometimes.

You’re my best friend ~ like Joker and Ryuji. In the game and not the fans eyes XD.

No I don’t think I have. I’ll have to take a look at it later. I’m currently downstairs so I’m not exactly supposed to be on my phone <_<
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 66d 23h 17m 33s
Have you hear this song? It's not bad.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyKgYMQ-AlQ ]
  -Akuma / -Akuma / 66d 23h 37m 46s

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