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Oh no that’s not good. I hope everything’s okay and you get some rest.
  .Serpentine. / -MoonRabbit / 64d 20h 10m 22s
I’m honestly very stressed out right now but hopefully some sleep will help that.
  Wolf / -Akuma / 64d 22h 19m 27s
I haven’t seen you in here all day wolfy ~ If you take a look anytime soon let me know how you’re doing.

I was talking with him when he posted in here. He thought this was your thread when he requested access. Of course it’s mine ~
  .Serpentine. / -MoonRabbit / 65d 8h 51m 22s
[center [+red What's uuuup betches]]

[center [+red ]]
  Kirishima / ShieldHero- / 65d 19h 50m 57s
It actually needed replaced, but the new one still likes to give trouble sometimes. I bet!
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 65d 21h 20s
Oh no maybe the router needs reset. Or something. I’m super excited
  Animal / -Akuma / 65d 21h 38m 40s
Yeah it’s gotten a bit better but sometimes it still acts stupid.

Yeah I can’t wait ~
  .Contract. / Nerium / 66d 9h 48m 41s
Oh no that sucks.

Awww thank you I can’t wait for you to see it
  Animal / -Akuma / 66d 10h 2m 31s
Ah it just likes to act up really bad. It kinda sucks.

I’m so happy for you and proud too wolfy! That’s great!
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 66d 14h 35m 43s
Oh no did it break? Or get turn off? Is there a bunch of laundry piled up?

Okay so this place I am so exciting for you to visit is Austin and my house. WE GOT A HOUSE! I am sooo excited.
  Animal / -Akuma / 66d 18h 36m 42s
No. The internet pissed me off this morning as well as laundry and my room. I plan to fix it all though XD. I’m alright now.

Oh I’m so glad to hear that! Oh well I’m excited to hear it and excited to visit too!
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 67d 15h 20m 23s
I still feel bad. Oh no? Same reasoning I assume?

Ohh Envy I am great. I have a lot to tell you:D I'm so excited. I will have some where special for you visit!
  偽造 / -Akuma / 67d 18h 9m 0s
It’s okay wolfy. It’s not your fault. Man I’m really cranky today... Eh...

How are you?
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 67d 18h 49m 58s
That isn’t fair at all. I’m really sorry to hear that. You all should have time equally
  偽造 / -Akuma / 67d 19h 8m 41s
Yeah. It’s mostly dad taking up all her time. Even the boys barely get time with her unless it’s Zach. That’s because Zach is dads favorite.
  .Justice. / -MoonRabbit / 68d 9h 20m 53s

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