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I’m okay stressed because of the riots. I have only slept an hour I have to be work now.
  Calaveras / -Akuma / 6d 2h 15m 58s
Actually I’m doing a lot better than I was the last two days. I don’t know what had me so damned out but I was just so down. I think I may have been just thinking way too much. How are you doing?
  .Fana. / -MoonRabbit / 6d 2h 42m 30s
I suppose that is true. How are you doing today? :)
  Calaveras / -Akuma / 6d 4h 59m 22s
Oh I see. It’ll be okay though. It’s just hair it’ll grow back ~ the enjoyment of watching it get long again.
  .Sword. / Nerium / 6d 7h 15m 5s
Oh he knows how I feel but it was bothering him. So now it’s gone.
  Calaveras / -Akuma / 7d 2h 56m 42s
Did you tell him so..? He may keep it long if you tell him you like it that way.
  .Sword. / Nerium / 7d 4h 21m 8s
Yeah... ugh I know this is going to sound awful but I don’t want Austin to shave his head. I like his hair. It’s fun to play with
  Calaveras / -Akuma / 7d 12h 28m 56s
Oh no that’s not good. Hopefully it’s nothing.
  .Sword. / Nerium / 8d 3h 26m 44s
It was kind of stressful. I think Charrolette is sick. She has a leaky butt.
  Calaveras / -Akuma / 8d 8h 53m 31s
I’m glad it got a little better wolfy. Hopefully today’s okay.
  .Sword. / Nerium / 8d 10h 52m 23s
It was okay it got a little better but that only because I slept and watched anime oh little lady napped with me
  Calaveras / -Akuma / 8d 11h 16m 1s
[center Took me a bit wolfy but I posted. Just let me know if anything needs fixed and I’ll fix it up for you ~

I hope your day got better and I hope works treating you well. I’m here if you need to talk.]
  .Sword. / Nerium / 8d 21h 6m 33s
Aww I’m so sorry to hear that wolfy. I wish it had gotten better. I’m sorry that it’s not so good right now.
  .Moon. / Nerium / 9d 5h 59m 18s
I wish it had gotten better too...I had a really good day... but today wasn't soo good... I cried as I wrote in my journal
  Calaveras / -Akuma / 9d 7h 40m 46s
Okay. Yeah I see work isn’t being very nice. I’m sorry to hear that I wish it would get better.
  .Moon. / Nerium / 9d 7h 43m 18s

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