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Oh how exciting are you all going to watch it? Are you busy tomorrow
  Wolf / -Akuma / 46d 11h 26m 31s
Yeah. Mom and Grandma just bought it today. Hopefully they don’t regret it.
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 46d 14h 14m 20s
Yeah I think the man is still there tho because it flashes a seen behind the walls.
  Wolf / -Akuma / 47d 14h 22m 26s
I really liked the first one as well. Must have decided to do something more supernatural.
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 47d 15h 38m 55s
Yeah it does look scarier. I really did like first one
  Wolf / -Akuma / 47d 15h 46m 36s
That movie! It looks good. Though it seems to be a lot more on the horror side of things this time.
  .Moon. / Nerium / 48d 11h 1m 57s
Oh no.

Oh what you excited about :D

It really does.
  Wolf / -Akuma / 49d 20h 11m 3s
Yeah it was bad for her.

No I didn’t. Now I’m excited ~

Oh it looks good ^^
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 50d 10h 24m 58s
I noticed. I read your journal, I am sorry your mom birthday wasn't very good.

Did you know they made the boy 2 It came out on my birthday.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytxEldPKnyA]
  Aphrodite / -Akuma / 50d 11h 48m 24s
Aww that’s too bad. It’s too bad it wasn’t longer.

Ah I’m alright. Dealing with the same stuff as normal, but now Gabes getting involved.
  .Moon. / Nerium / 50d 12h 14m 30s
I’m okay kind of sad my vacation is over. I have to go back to work tomorrow. No more sleeping in bed with Austin. I mean I will still get to but not until mornings

How are you doing?
  Aphrodite / -Akuma / 50d 22h 40m 0s
You’re welcome! Yeah I’m glad you do. Sometimes it’s so hard to deal with. I’m sure mine is coming along and it’ll be hell. XD

So how are you today?
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 51d 16h 23m 8s
Thank you. I understand the over flow of emotions that time of the month just makes things worse
  Aphrodite / -Akuma / 51d 17h 28m 53s
You’re welcome!!! I’m glad it made you feel better I was really hoping that it would! Don’t worry mine does that to me too. I get all sorts of emotions that I don’t know how to handle and I hate it. It makes me really difficult to deal with.
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 51d 17h 38m 25s
Thank you Envy. What your wrote really did make me feel better. I am just very doubtful right now because it is my lady time. He has told me there isn't any one else.
  Aphrodite / -Akuma / 52d 13h 46m 52s

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