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Awww that gif is sooo cute!

Oh no what happen? You know you can text me if you need me. Although I might pass out XD I am tired.
  Foxtrot / TwoSidedFox / 69d 20h 10m 3s
I know Wolfy. I understand. It’s been a rather frustrating here this morning.
  .Rika. / -Rika / 69d 20h 13m 15s
I know it just so frustrating. Because I honestly don’t know what to do
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 69d 20h 28m 59s
Jeez. I don’t even know what to say to that to be honest... it’s just not a good idea... not with the job you already have.
  .Rika. / -Rika / 70d 5h 29m 47s
Yeah I am tired of it. Sigh. So I talked to my boss. It sounds like it be a long time before I make I would need to live on my own... She even thinks it would be good for me to get second job...
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 70d 20h 50m 54s
Geez. That’s just crazy. I would get very frustrated with that happening. Which I know that you do.
  .Rika. / -Rika / 71d 8h 47m 59s
Oh goodness that isn’t good

Yeah if I don’t get up right away ty pee or like. This morning I’ll let him out then he shit in the house
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 71d 12h 31m 2s
My goodness that would really make me mad >_< dream has been caught peeing on the floor once.
  .Rika. / -Rika / 71d 12h 47m 52s
Oh goodness, that would suck, Ty pees or poops in the house at least twice a day :/
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 71d 14h 44m 54s
Oh that’s not good. I can understand being worried about it. I get that way with dream
  .Rika. / -Rika / 71d 14h 50m 7s
Oh I bet... Ugh Ty is being very antsy. I really don't want him in my room but he keeps pushing the door open and coming in. His claws are loud on the wood floor and I don't trust him. My rug is rather big it can't be washed in the washer anymore.
  Foxtrot / TwoSidedFox / 71d 15h 9m 27s
Don’t worry I understand a little bit. I am ready to be up stairs though.
  .Rika. / -Rika / 71d 15h 13m 40s
Its has just been long it was only 9 am. I suppose it’s okay I’ve been sleeping
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 71d 16h 4m 19s
Oh goodness. I’m sorry to hear that. I read what happened. I hope the day gets better.
  .Rika. / -Rika / 71d 16h 54m 43s
Oh no. That sucks.... I have only been home ten minutes and I am already pissed off.
  Foxtrot / TwoSidedFox / 71d 20h 33m 11s

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