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Oh I can understand why you would be grossed out. Thank you for talking with me today wolfy. Sorry it had to be bad news though.
  .Musician. / -Rika / 38d 16h 36m 0s
Well my fingers are cracked so I kept get grossed out
  Fox / TwoSidedFox / 39d 3h 10m 50s
Aww that’s too bad, but at least it was okay! It can be pretty difficult to mix.
  .Musician. / -Rika / 39d 12h 58m 18s
It turn out okay. I think I will need to try a little harder to mix all the ingredients. But my fingers are cracked again to it was difficult.
  Fox / TwoSidedFox / 39d 18h 36m 39s
Aww. I think that’s normal though.

I hope dinner turned out well for you last night ~
  .Musician. / -Rika / 39d 20h 13s
Yes I am bad about making the bed tho all the blankets we sleep with get all jumbled up
  Fox / TwoSidedFox / 40d 3h 6m 58s
Oh that kind of sucks but at least one area stays spotless for you.
  .Musician. / -Rika / 40d 13h 56m 16s
Well between all the crumbs and cat litter that gets track the bedroom really the only place that stay spotless.
  Fox / TwoSidedFox / 40d 18h 18m 29s
My goodness you were doing a lot of stuff. I bet that Place is spotless
  .Musician. / -Rika / 40d 19h 3m 7s
Yes I swept I did laundry today and yesterday. I changed the cat water, cleaned his place mat. I will be cooking later too
  Fox / TwoSidedFox / 41d 16h 59m 4s
Yeah I know. Way too many >_<. Sadly I’m sure they aren’t safe either. Oh goodness. Lots of cleaning huh? You don’t have to worry about being slow. That’s good that they are mostly gone.
  .Musician. / -Rika / 41d 17h 52m 10s
I noticed lol. Sorry if I am a little bit slow. The cleaning seems to never end. V_V I been doing it like crazy since kitty has fleas but I think they are pretty much gone.
  Fox / TwoSidedFox / 41d 18h 3m 31s
Okay that would work out nicely ^^. I have like three journals on this account from other accounts <_<. Ultimate luck is a journal and so is Himitsu no kingyo. >_<
  .Musician. / -Rika / 41d 18h 17m 38s
Nope. ^^ I will peek around and see if I can find an account I want to clean up. I might still allow this Profile in there.
  Fox / TwoSidedFox / 41d 18h 41m 39s
Oh that wouldn’t be a bad idea! At least than I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone knowing who I was talking to!
  .Musician. / -Rika / 41d 18h 47m 36s

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