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Oh goodness. I know been quiet a while for that one. Oh goodness did you tell him I’m sick need emotions support! This cold could be fatal!
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 20d 9h 0s
Lol I can practically post in here twice without getting irritated for having my account up there twice XD.

Thank you by the way. I worked the hardest on this profile ~

Oh my goodness XD that’s a long time.

I may move all our rps over to Kirai’s account. I’ll have to add the characters from this one to Kirai’s. Hmm. I may keep tea garden on this account though.
  .Rika. / -Rika / 20d 9h 7m 36s
Man I was texting you and dad got all upset because he thought I was texting someone else and then he didn’t believe that I was talking to you... I’m about done texting downstairs >_<
  |King| / -Kirai- / 20d 9h 42m 58s
I see that! They both look nice. I was thinking of cleaning up some of my other old profiles XD lol

Fox and Lady has haven’t been on L since I was 22 XD
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 20d 10h 2m 48s
Yeah I messed with my Kirai profile too. So it looks all nice now ~
  .Rika. / -Rika / 20d 10h 15m 22s
It’s alright. I will have to good look at it and peek :) I’m sure it looks lovely
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 20d 10h 26m 50s
Oh that’s not good at all!

Okay. Sorry it’s took me so long to reply I’ve been playing with my profile XD
  .Rika. / -Rika / 20d 12h 53m 0s
I know... -_-' I hope I can sleep peaceful I woke up coughing.

I think it sounds okay. I don't think he would be bothered by it. Shows how much you care for him.
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 20d 13h 18m 3s
Oh no that’s not good!

Thanks Wolfy. I was a bit worried about how it sounds. Hopefully it won’t hurt him or anything when he gets up and reads it.
  .Rika. / -Rika / 20d 13h 35m 32s
Oh I know. I have a really big day at work tomorrow too! :(

I read what you wrote. I think what you said is fine. It gets to the point, and explains what you are feeling. How you feel towards that third person. It makes sense to me.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDbVY3gCJgg]
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 20d 13h 51m 30s
Aww thank you. Oh my. I would hope that sleep would make you feel better! Hopefully you’ll start feeling better! It would be bad to get sick. Of course that seems to just happen at the worst times >_<
  .Rika. / -Rika / 20d 14h 6m 22s
Yes I will check it out, sorry I fell asleep. I woke feeling worse :(
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 20d 14h 7m 53s
I am feeling okay. Aww. I hope you aren’t sick. Hey Wolfy... I’m going to send you my journal entry that I just wrote... um can you tell me what you think... if I took it too far or... handled things badly?
  .Rika. / -Rika / 20d 15h 2m 34s
I can understand that. How are you doing today? I still feel off... mostly my throat is being gross...
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 20d 16h 3m 27s
Yeah it is. It took awhile for me to be able to just be able to listen to it. If I’m having a bad day though or I’m feeling down the song makes me cry and the video doesn’t help.
  .Rika. / -Rika / 20d 17h 19s

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