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Lol okay! I’ll have to take a look when you have them up ~
  .Angel. / -Rika / 4m 44s
Ah that make since! Awww I understand! I’m excited for my to new characters! I hope to get a story up for them not. If you are interested also one of them jade! So he back!
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 16m 55s
I understand! And thank you ~

Not really busy lol just sometimes I’m constantly on the phone XD which I don’t mind but usually why I’m talking away I’m playing the game XD
  .Angel. / -Rika / 1h 12m 58s
:D I know but I just wanted to you know I'm here for you too!

How have you been? You seemed rather busy!
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 3h 11m 6s
Of course! I haven’t had much to talk about though.
  .Angel. / -Rika / 6h 23m 34s
I hope you know I’d do the same for you! Always here to listen or if you need someone to talk too. I do worry too.
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 21h 37m 15s
Well of course! You don’t have to thank me for that ~

  .Angel. / -Rika / 21h 44m 19s
Aww thank you for caring about me! Oh no everything okay now hopefully!!!

That’s good! I know the feeling
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 22h 20m 45s
Awww I’m so glad!! I was really worried yesterday about you and someone else. I’m glad you are doing better.

I’m am doing good actually. Some frustrating things at home but that’s normal for me.
  .Angel. / -Rika / 1d 59m 53s
That’s true, it’s normal to fight! He said more sweet things to me! Which just made my heart flutter! I hope he liked the flowers! He was a little confused but I think he liked them! He told me he was going to return the favor someday!

How are you doing today ?
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 1d 5h 15s
Aww!!! I’m so glad things got better! I can understand that he got mad that’s normal. Can’t always be happy with one another, but it’s good you guys apologized and everything is okay ~ awww that’s so sweet ~~
  .Angel. / -Rika / 1d 6h 38s
It did! We went out on a date.
He told me I made him really mad tho... he got over it... well actually he said hanging out with each other just made things better. It's hard to explain! It was odd he actually apologized to me... when it was me who was one who needed too. I did tell him I was sorry... Also I forgot to tell you but I bought him flowers! That hopefully his cat didn't eat!
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 1d 10h 1m 49s
Of course you are welcome. I hope things get better for you.
  .Angel. / -Rika / 1d 18h 41m 0s
Thank you for listening to me Rika. I was thinking I would show him.... I just haven't yet.... He still don't have a phone. I really need to sit down and have a long talk with him...Thank you for just listening to me..... Sorry I am so bitchy.... My coworker think I am crazy when I talk about another job.... Sigh.

I don't mean to get this unwelcome...unwanted feeling but I do when every they tell me I should look for another job....
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 2d 9m 11s
I understand. I read everything you said. You really are having a lot of bad days. I get that way. Where I snap at the wrong people. It’ll be okay. I understand you need to be careful. I am sure he would understand if he knew everything that was wrong.

I know it’s personal. I know it’s hard but.. Have you thought about showing him the journal post so he can see what’s on your mind. I tend to try and hide away my nastier side but sometimes it’s better if it is seen... Or maybe just writing everything to him would make it easier on you. Sorry I wasn’t touching on any actual solutions for the other stuff probably should, but I don’t really know what to do.

I can listen and always try to help. The raise wasn’t too bad but I understand you needing and wanting a bigger one. You are ready to leave home and that’s fine. Honestly I can completely understand that. Not to the fullest of what goes on with you, because I don’t feel unwanted unless I piss someone off, but I can still understand. Houses are so expensive and a different job or a second job is really needed I suppose... I mean you can get a deal on houses if they need fixed up. That’s what we did. That’s why mom was kind of able to afford this house...
  .Angel. / -Rika / 2d 3h 33m 29s

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