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[center So apparently my best friend of eight years dumped me because I support the LBGT Community. That apparently because I support it I am taking away freedom from everyone else. She said I also belittled her for pointing out that it was big capitalists that were hoarding the money and not some poor sap on welfare who barely makes enough to survive each month.
Honestly if that's how she really feels I'm glad she's out of my life for good. Because as far as I can see, she hates poor people and the lgbt. Byee
  Starling- / 10d 9h 53m 5s
[center I'm not going to let you sit there and blame me for the past, I worked hard to get where I am now. I worked hard to change and be better. My past is not my future, and its not my present. It is not my fault you chose not to say anything then. Its not my fault that you were "too nice of a person" to say anything. That was YOUR choice. Not mine.
Hold me accountable for what I did, fine. But your resentment is your own, and I wont take responsibility for your choices.
  Starling- / 15d 9h 40m 11s
Im in a really bad place mentally and physically, honestly i have been trying not puke all day and im so drained I cant deal with this shit anymore
  Starling- / 43d 9h 40m 25s
[youtube https://youtu.be/ljRAR8LXo1k]
[+white whenshdbshshs
  SailorScout- / 141d 14h 7m 49s
[youtube https://youtu.be/u6SprU1FMKU]
[+white jdjshdhahskakan
  SailorScout- / 145d 14h 33m 56s

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