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  Tsurai / Tsurai / 124d 9h 29m 26s
[center Ciel didn't even notice the three that seemed to be watching her. Yuri on the hand did happen to see them. When Ciel has stood back up Yuri turn there direction, without Ciel noticing he let out a low growl, baring his sharpe fangs that glisten with saliva. Ciel had start walk she didn't notice that Yuri had stop. [#1475eb "Come on boy lets get back home! So I can bath you and siblings."] she said sweetly.

Yuri snarl softly as he took the lead. He pulled Ciel a long quickly. He could smell danger on those men. They need to get home and fast. At least at home, Ame and Yuuki could put up a barrier to keep those freaks from finding the place.

Ciel giggle sweetly [#1475eb "Slow down Yuri"] she said as she followed after him quickly. Once they had gotten back to their apartment, she unlocked the door and let Yuri inside. Who quickly greeted the cats. Ciel linger in the doorway looking at the clouded sky. It seemed like it was going rain soon.

Ciel step inside and smiled softly as she looked at her pets. They gathered around her, she smiled as she petted each of them. She walked to the bathroom to get the water ready for their bathes. She filled the tub with warm soap water. She was happy that she had a free day. It really didn't take her long to bath the cats and Yuri. After she did a little cleaning, long with taking a hot shower. She started to wonder what she was going to do with the rest of her day. Maybe she would go out tonight, get something to eat.
  Ciel / Tsurai / 166d 15h 50s
Flicking the cigarette butt out onto the road as Vincent walked, a yawn escaped his mouth while scratching the back of his head. There was a tingling sensation that lingered through the back of his neck through his spine after a harsh encounter with an escaped full blood that had nothing but horrible intentions towards him. Left him with acute nerve damage due to a hit he had taken a few years back.

As he made his way along town, he had noticed a shady character tracking behind him for a few blocks as he was making his way to his meet up with a few others. Letting out a sigh, Vincent stopped in his tracks while looking to the ground as the perpetrator made his way towards the demon in an almost nervous, yet confident way with a pocket knife. Vincents aura grew visual, snapping his head back to look at the man with a frown. "You know, I've had a very irritating night and day. I won't hesitate to snap your fucking addict neck if you don't find someone else to mug." He hissed. You could nearly see the flames in his red eyes. Needless to say, the guy ran off. "I wish you'd try." He scoffed lighting another cigarette and continued on his way.

That's when it came across him. The scent. He instantly brought his hand to his face, dragging it from his forehead to chin with a groan. [i "can this day be any more of a drag."] he thought, ready to go hysterical over all of the annoyances of the day. This is what it was like having a Succubus in presence. Emotionally and physically draining, mostly out of annoyance and stress from how corruptible they really are. He decided to wait it out and see if she'd show. So, he made himself comfortable once at his designated spot where two others lingered next to him. One other was full blooded, while the other only merely human. [b "So..What you're telling me is there's a Succubus just running around here? Unconstrained?"] Luke, the full blood asked Vincent. "As fuck." was all he replied, taking a drag out of the cancer stick he stayed reliant on. "Tig, you need to watch yourself. You'd be dead within 5 minutes of a touch." Vincent looked at his human friend blankly while watching the fear strike through him.

Within a few moments of being at this small community park, being located on a picnic bench that was heavily deteriorating, the scent of this girl became very strong. Vincent lifted his head toward the direction it was coming from and saw a very large dog sitting, and staring at him. The handler, she looked familiar, but wasn't the girl he saw the night previously. "oh?" he grinned. It was her, but her human form. "Here we have it, ladies." He chimed, putting a hand to his face while resting his elbow on his thigh. He watched contently to the dog, then back to the girl. She looked so innocent, pure. Even her eyes showed nothing but that. He knew exactly what he was dealing with now. This was going to be fun.
  Vincent / Quest / 167d 10h 35m 11s
[center Ciel was happy that is was Friday. When she got up and changed into a comfy dress. She was happy that she was day off today. She was going to spend some quality time with her pets. She need to walk Yuri, bath Ame and Yuuki. Those two hated it but with their long fur it was best she wash them, hell she even wash Yuri today if there was time. He was normally a good boy.

[#1475eb "Yuri, do you want to go on a walk today boy?"] she said with a sweet smile. The dark colored dog that stood almost the same height as her wagged his tail happily. Ciel smiled as she clipped the leash on to Yuri collar. She then head out the door after locking it. She took Yuri on a long walk, through the city. Ciel knew which part of the city to avoid. It wasn't like she step food near it anyway. After watching the news, reading all the stories online about all the drugs. Disgusting. She really needed to look into moving.

Part of her didn't want to move. Her family was still near by. Granted they didn't want anything to do with her. She knew she was different, it bother her family. She really couldn't remember anything about the night before. It didn't seem to bother her. Also how could she leave her job. She worked in a very cute cafe. She was baker and a cake decorator. It was so much fun.

Ciel sighed softly, she then seen Yuri turn towards her with his head tilted to the side. [#1475eb "Don't worry sweetie... I was just thinking..."] she said as she reach down to pet Yuri. His soft fur laced between her pale fingers. [#1475eb "Your suck a good boy Yuri"] she said with a smile.
  Ciel / Tsurai / 167d 11h 28m 13s
[center [i 'Lone, getting high on a Saturday night]]
[center [i I'm on the edge of a knife]]
[center [i Nobody cares if I'm dead or alive]]
[center [i Oh, what a wonderful life]]

The night went by normally after Vincents interaction with the 'new girl on the block'. He and his friend went about doing a handful of drug serves to the local junkies, got extra cash, smoked some weed and fell asleep at the early time of 5am. He did sleep a bit harder than he normally would, being shook awake around 2pm by a bang on his door with furious yelling.

Vincent groaned, peeling himself off of his couch while walking to his door in a groggy fashion. Proceeding to open the door while his meathead neighbor was still trying to hit the metal frame with the door open. "Can I help you?" He asked, irritably while staring straight faced at this muscle head. [b "Oh no can I help the fuck outta you?!"] he yelled back, instantly making Vincent hold his hands up with a glare. "Okay, look, I don't know who [i you] are besides a roid raging dick head that lives in this complex. Now I'm going to ask once more. Can. I. Help. You." He replied, changing his stance to more defensive. [b "I don't appreciate you staying up past 3am being loud motherfuckers while I'm trying to get sleep!"]

Vincent was taken back for a second, due to the noise being made at that hour wasn't him, in fact it was the bar that was located right next to the complex. He then let out a laugh and shrugged as he replied next "Oh I do apologize. Won't happen again, buddy." with a laugh, Vincent shut the door and went about his business to go on his daily errands. Dressing in another pair of socially acceptable joggers, sneakers, and a fashionable tank top with cardigan he headed out the door.

It seemed his apology was enough for his friendly neighbor for now, due to seeing him doing some kind of pull ups on the complex stairs. Vincent raised an eyebrow with a snicker as he lit up a cigarette and headed out into town. "That girls scent trail is still lingering.." He muttered to himself, feeling a level on annoyance creep in his chest. Something had to be done with her. She needed to learn a lesson for acting the way she did. His mind pondered off as his feet kept walking.
  Vincent / Quest / 167d 12h 45m 53s
[center Ciel just rolled her eyes, as she listen to the male speak. [#1475eb [i "You have no idea what you're dealing with."]] she thought to herself. Ciel just snickered as she vanish into thin air. She then reappear near her apartment. She was pretty much back to normal. The sun was gong to be rising soon. Ciel sighed softly, her demonic aura had completely disappeared.

It was like she vanished off the face of the earth. Soon she would have no memory of what happen the night before. Ciel unlocked the door to her apartment. As soon as she was inside. She was greeted by her beloved furry friends. She smiled softly as she petted each one of her animals. She had two cats and one dog. Her dog was very well trained. She smiled as she clip her dogs leash on then took him out side.

Yuri was a very sweet pup. She remember picking him out right way. His eyes were just beautiful. One was blue and the other was green. He was just a beautiful pup. Although he wasn't really a pup much more. She smiled softly as she slipped out side. Yuri did he business they return to their home.

She smiled softly as she got everyone their dinners. [#1475eb "Sorry I am late guys... I must of been held up at work."] she smiled softly as she rubbed the back of her neck. She locked the door then kicked off her shoes. She sighed softly as she let out a yawn. She was getting rather sleep. She need to shower first. She walk into her bedroom. She grabbed her night clothes, then headed to the bathroom. She took a long hot shower. She really couldn't recall why she had gotten home so late. Ciel was completely human now.
  Ciel / Tsurai / 167d 16h 29m 40s
Vincent let a low chuckle roll out of his throat as he watched this girl confidently walk towards her. Grinning as she was naturally seductive and doing it rather well. He allowed her to corner him, he was curious. He wanted to know what little bit she was capable of doing even to a full blood straight from the depths alone. He watched the emotion in her eyes, saw how happy she was to have thought he trapped him. He'll allow it.

"You wouldn't be the first, sweetheart." He spoke, holding his head up as she touched his cheek. It sent a small shiver down his spine due to lack of physical touch with anyone at that. His face had then went straight as she spoke seemingly higher than him. Almost made him irritable as he grabbed her wrist to stop her from leaving. He then pulled her against him, as a power move. He then put his face right by her right ear. "Watch yourself out here, lovely. You're speaking to death itself, let alone touching it. I don't want to see you stepping out of line and getting hurt, especially in [i my] domain." He scoffed, releasing her almost in a push.

He put both hands in his pockets as his aura grew larger, eyes glowing bright as the black covered him to where red was only available to be seen. "Ciao, you lovely little succubus." And with that, he was gone. He had vanished into thin air to go back into his home. He felt tired. Almost as if he's walked a few blocks. "Where the fuck did she come from." Vincent muttered, walking to his washroom. Standing at his sink, he washed his face of the feeling of her small hand gliding against it. "Fucking succubus's. Thinking they can just rule over everything as soon as they walk into my home." He spoke to himself while grabbing a towel to dry off. A friend of his that was over for a visit overheard his rantings, and popped his head into the washroom where Vincent stood. [b "Did I hear Succubus?"] Vincent then turned his head towards his friend due to his back facing the door and grinned. "You heard correct, my friend."
  Vincent / Quest / 168d 10h 27m 21s
[center Ciel eyes followed the male. Perhaps he was right. He might of been resilient. It wasn't like she couldn't break him down. [#1475eb "No need to apologize."] She said with a soft smile. She bit he bottom lip in a rather cute way. Her smiled then became a smirk.

[#1475eb "Me join you ? Sorry but I'd rather be alone... I don't really want to associate myself with any more demons...Thanks for the offer"] she said with a bittersweet tone. This man was starting to get on her nerves. He talked about finding trouble well it seemed like she had found it. Perhaps she would just have to teach this man a lesson. She smiled softly as she stepped closer to the male who had returned to his original spot.

[#1475eb "Clever boy... think you know all about me and my kind don't you? "] she said sweetly as she lean in closer to the demon. She pretty much had him pinned to the wall. Her face was rather close to his. She gentle reach up to touch his face. Absorbing even more of the males energy. Her pale hand gentle stroked the male's cheek, in a loving manner. [#1475eb "Vincent was is it? Mind if I call you Vinny"] She said with a small snicker. [#1475eb "I think it is time I take my leave...thanks for the snack."] she with a smile.

Ciel really wanted to strike but she decided against it. [#1475eb "I'm sure we cross path again...but for now Au revoir" ] she said as she back away from the man. It was time for her to leave. She was starting to feel uneasy, part of her was ready for a fight. It was getting late, surely she would see that man again. Perhaps the next time she really would make him suffer.
  Ciel / Tsurai / 168d 18h 5m 34s
"Name's Vincent. There's not to much to see around here, down the road is the market. 24 hours open. Across from that is the gas station, but you look barely old enough to drive." He laughed being well aware she's near his age. Or atleast close, him being 24 out of many hundred of years ahead of him.

Vincent inspected her from a distance, grinning in excitement. He pulled his right arm out of his pocket to lean his tricep against the building to re adjust, watching her movements and facial features. He noticed the flick of her pointed tail, it then set in with him. Eyebrows raising and mouth playing into a full smile. "I do apologize for the energy I'm sharing. I haven't seen such a lovely succubus since leaving home." As his tone grew dark. His energy levels grew, aura glowing black as if smoke was raising from his shoulders.

His eyes grew dark as he pushed himself from the building and began to circle her in a slow motion. "You know, you need to be more careful walking around full form like this sweetheart. I'm well aware of what you can do, but there are some bad people around here who are rather..[i resilient] to lovely beings like you." He spoke with a chuckle, making a stop back to his post. "I could use someone like you in my crew." He spoke almost cocky with the smile sticking on his features.

"I never got your name as well, hm? And I [i must] know. Where did you rise from?" He asked playfully, keeping track of each micro movement she made. She seemed unsure, almost as if she hadn't a clue of what she was doing or even who she really was. It was nearly screaming off of her at him. He loved it. She could become very useful to him, but that's if she complied.
  Vincent / Quest / 169d 5h 58m 49s
[center Ciel's sapphire eyes landed on them approaching male. He smelt like trouble. It cause a faint smile to cross her rose colored lips. Her pointed tail flickered as she listen to the male speak her. [#1475eb "Your right I am not familiar with this area...Maybe you can show me around?"] she said sweetly.

Ciel was happy, she was able to attract a mind pawn to fill her hunger. He might of been a demon. He had no idea what she was capable of. Even she didn't know, but surely it would come naturally right? She smiled softly as she crossed her arms. She watched the male closed as he inched closer and closer to her.

Her sapphire colored eyes didn't leave his. [#1475eb "Whats your name?"] she as she attempt to make small. Why? It wasn't like it was going to matter much longer. Once touch, or maybe two was all she need. She would absorb that man energy then take her leave. Her tail flickered behind softly tapping the ground. She was slightly nervous but she couldn't let these human emotions...feeling... She couldn't let them get in her way from her prize.

She smiled softly as she avert her eyes towards that sky. The moon truly was beautiful tonight. It was full and tint with a slight red haze, due to all the forest fire. Human truly were stupid at times. Sometime the fires would start naturally due to lighting. Ciel smiled as she looked back at the male that stood before her.
  Ciel / Tsurai / 169d 7h 40m 13s
"Oh-ho-oh well hello there~" A voice echoed from a dark corner between two apartment buildings. A little red/orange dot had appeared brighter, then dimmed as a drag was pulled from the cigarette in hand of this male that decided to speak up. "Now what do we have here?" He called again rather smoothly. Flicking the cancer stick he had in hand, the orange light dimmed as it faded away in a puff of smoke. A creak was heard as the buildings metal steps were rather noisy due to rust.

Vincent stepped into the partial lighting while still keeping in his domain, leaning against the old brick wall. His dark black hair, and red eyes glowed in the night while inspecting this new face. He smiled menacingly watching her walk in pure curiosity, seeming oblivious at the same time.

He placed his hands in the pockets of his baggy joggers, raising an eyebrow at this horned female- oh? She even has a tail. "I must assume you are a sub species, girl?" He called to her once better in sight. Vincent was a demon himself, pure and straight from the depths of hell, wanting to live more of a 'human' life as he could. Given that option of course. Of course he did chose a bad road along with it, getting involved with gangs, drugs, and whatever else he could get his hands on. He'd made a pretty decent living for himself, and the local police knew to not banter with him due to his capabilities. So he was rather free in a not so free world.

Tilting his head at the small, and rather adorable girl he grinned showing his sharp canines. "You're not very familiar with this area are you, sweetheart?"
  Vincent / Quest / 169d 11h 18m 30s
[center At birth Ciel was different, her parents knew that. They tried to ignore it but they just couldn't. Ciel parents were both human, some how Ciel wasn't. Ciel is only half human. Consider her parents work for the a church, had a very strong faith. They end up with her who just didn't belong.

Being good people and having strong faith, they decide to keep Ciel, in hopes of cleansing her tainted soul. They kept her hidden away. It was hard for them, when Ciel got older. She started to understand, why they always locked her away. At first it hurt, she eventually got use to being different.

When she was finally old enough to live on her own. She imminently moved out. Surely it brought some relief to her so called family. Ciel wasn't an only child. Her parents had try again and actually had a normal baby. Ciel was jealous of her little sister. Her sister was able to leave the house, go out do things, go to school. Ciel on the other hand was home schooled. Her mother was a great teach, but it just wasn't the same. There was whole world out there just waiting to be discovered.

Ciel was happy when he parents said she could leave. They made it clear that when she did she wouldn't have a home to return too. It hurt a little hearing, her parents say that. What life did she have there always being hidden away. Ciel easily got a decent paying job, she even got an apartment. For the first time in a long time Ciel was happy.

Then it happen, a night where things just got out of hand. She just couldn't seem to control herself, or her dark desires. She found herself seeking men. Being distracted by her, desire Ciel didn't seem to notice her horns and tail.

Normally she didn't seem to have much interest in the opposite sex. Nor did she have any interest to date anyone. Tonight things were different. She was hungry but it was a different kind of hunger. She smiled sweetly as her glowing sapphire eyes dance around the night sky. Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to find a male. She wonder around aimless looking, for no in particular.

Ciel smiled softly as he silvery hair shimmer in the moon light. Things were changing rapidly. Ciel barely noticed. All she could think about was to feed. To cause someone pain and maybe a little bit of pleasure. These feelings where strange to her.
  Ciel / Tsurai / 169d 12h 36m 43s

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