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[size20 Stories] of old tell of a man who harnessed the wind. Though, not of his own abilities. His heroism, his bravery, won him the graces of a being that we are unable to see with our own eyes. These beings were called Fae. Magical creatures, invisible to man, who controlled the great mother earth's elements and powers. When an adventurer won their favor, these beings would bestow their power for man's uses. It was through what is known as a bond. A soul connection between Fae and Man.

"Aw, gramps, that can't be true. There sis no such thing as Fae or magic"

"[b Are you going to let me finish?]"


The man, by the name of Bastion, discovered these powerful beings and grew to understand them through his strong bond with the wind Fae. Discovering their powers and ability to help the village thrive, Bastion began praying, gaining their graces. Soon, the villages crops began to grow stronger, fertility and health were on the rise. The Fae, with dedication and prayer, offer their magics to the villagers in return. Thus, every year the village holds festivals, offerings, and prayer to the Fae for continuous prosperity, fertility, and crops.

"so, that's why we have the Fairy Festival?"

"[b Exactly.]"

"Sure. Whatever you say, gramps. Can we go now? We will be late."

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[center The Fairy Festival had been a long running tradition in the small village of Pran, so much so that others began to catch on. Soon, prayers and festivals popped up across the land. They built shrines and dedicated offering spots for the Fae.]

[center Though, as time went on, villagers began to pray less and less, offerings became smaller before vanishing, and the festival lost all true meaning. The Fae went back to what they once were - completely hidden and invisible. The Fae as a majority went back to their old ways, not bothered, while a some were unhappy. ]

[center Some Fae became angered, feeling entitled to the humans worship and offerings as if they were gods. Their anger festering at the lack of offerings, prayers, and celebration, their magic became dark and sinister. Preying on the darker magics of the world to harass unsuspecting humans that stumble onto their old shrines. ]

[center Due to the release of these dark magics and the devolving of these Fae, they became dark and imp like, the other Fae cast them out. Soon, the anger, festering dark magic, caused corruption to the land. Dying crops, discolored and swampy water sources, wild fired, and even new aggressive beasts to attack villages and people in them. ]

[center Due to the threat of these beats, to humans and Fae alike, the Fae decide to seek the help of the humans. Though invisible, they must now hand select adventurers they deem worth to bond with and fight against the imps and corruption. ]

[center That is where our story begins. ]

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[center I do have a direction for this story, I just didn't want to muddy up the description to much with information. Currently, we will be starting around the time that Fae are seeking help and bonds with the humans once again. This time, to fight back with the corruption.]

[center Your character is a the adventurer, doing odd end jobs, and working for the adventurers guild and you must tell me what they have done to win the favors of the Fae before accepting. We can work out the details once accepted.]

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[center Please fill out this skeleton of your character and send it with the title 'hero of Pran']

[center picture reference (illustrated)]
[center Name]
[center Age]
[center Height]
[center Weight]
[center Gender]
[center What weapons do they use? ]
[center How did they begin the life of an adventurer?]
[center Describe their deed to win the favors of the Fae ]

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[center Rules, kinda?]

[center 1. I don't care if the pairing is MxM, FxF, or MxF. I play both Male and Female. I will say, I would prefer to play the female role in a MxF pairing. Not to say I wont compromise.]
[center 2. This isn't necessarily 'mature', but I would prefer a partner that can handle mature content if it were to arise.]
[center I would like to see a post about once a week. I do get busy myself, so I understand if it goes past a week. I won't complain! I can post anywhere between 1500-3000 characters, really depends on how my partner would like it to be. No less than 1000, if possible.]

[center [size30 Thanks for reading! Hope to hear from you ~]]


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As he set out of the den, he was greeted by a soft breeze and a light drizzle. He followed the game-trails once more, his previously neutral expression replaced by one of staunch determination. As he walked, he entertained his own thoughts as though they were great wisdom.

There was an order of things, he eventually surmised, as the circle of life his fellow village-folk so often mentioned would suggest. He decided it was not a circle. Man might be capable of killing other predators, but unless in direct danger or in the face of starvation, it should be a sin to hunt another hunter, and therefore, Mederic would ensure this she-wolf and her young did not pass into the afterlife just yet.

He had been wandering for a good while before he found a fallow doe. A swift arrow found the animal's lungs and ended its suffering quickly. After retrieving the arrow, he hoisted the animal up over both of his shoulders with a grunt, betraying his strain. On his way back he moved with less tact and grace, lumbering through the brush while loudly singing a hunting song once taught to him by his father to alert the other inhabitants of the woods that this kill was his - only his - and should he be challenged, he would defend it.

It was a chore to squeeze into the den with the deer on his shoulders, but he managed. He deposited the deer haphazardly in front of the she-wolf before clomping to the entrance to the wolf's humble abode and seating himself, after, obviously, carefully placing his bow and quiver aside. He produced an apple and a hunting knife, using the latter to partition the former into several slices, which he ate in silence while staring at the mud and the treeline. Every so often, he'd cast a cautious glance at the wolf. A wounded predator is a desperate creature and will take every opportunity to secure a kill. Though confident that he could overpower her in her current state, he decided to leave. He crawled out, fetched his belongings, and set off on his long journey home.

All the while, he felt as though he was being watched, so he sang [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNL8zG0hsB0 his song], once more.
  Mederic / Coal / 148d 20h 9s
Elirie had turned to avoid watching the slaughter of wolf just feet from her. Only, she heard the call of another man towards, who she assumed, the poacher that was quickly followed by the sound of piercing skin and wet gargles.

The Fae turned quickly to see another man had come to the aid of the wolf, lodging an arrow into the poachers throat. It wasn't long before the man collapsed, blood soaking the ground around him.
Green eyes found their way to the other man. Rough, scarred, but kind as he removed the arrow and carefully took the frightened, injured wolf toward the nearby den. Elirie had an urge to follow the man and the wolf, maybe he...?

Elirie had a brief thought of bonding. It was to be withheld for only the most worthy of her abilities. The Fae had come to believe there weren't such a human to her, but his actions thus far ... She quickly followed suit into the den. Elirie had made the decision she'd keep an eye on the man. Mostly to keep watch over the wolf and her young litter, in case he chose to leave his graces at merely saving her from the poacher she could step in and assist with the wounds.

Soon, the den was filled with the sound of young pups, scurrying, and excited to see their mother returned. Although, hesitant toward the man who brought her in. She watched as he laid the poor girl down, cleared the wound, and applied a salved bandage over it. Elirie felt a pinch of impression as he cared for the wounds. She smiled as it seemed the young mothers wound was stable and she was comfortable with her pups running about.

The man had stood and left soon after, Elirie contemplated following, but she wanted to keep all eyes on the little wolf family before her. Would he come back? She had no real idea if he left for good, so, she sat near the wolf and gently ran her fingers through the rough, coarse hair, enticing her to be more relaxed. A stressed mother will stress her babies, and may not be very good for her wounds. Even if he didn't return, the den had Elirie there to watch over them until the mother was able to care for her young again and provide food.
  Elirie / -Chise- / 190d 21h 31m 51s
He had been hunting in the forest, rising at dawn to share the game-trails with wolves and bears, an arrow always resting on the string of his bow. With light steps and keen eyes he strode, feet finding footing where the undergrowth would not betray him, tiptoeing where possible. He had been following a track for a while now, deep indentations in the mud filled with the water of last night's rain. His hair and beard were heavy with the morning dew, catching and reflecting the few amber rays of the dawn's first light. Everything suggested this would be a good hunt.

Even with the poor olfactory senses of man he could smell the musk of the wet wolf nearby, so he raised his head and looked about. He could not see the tell-tale pugmarks in the nearby mud, but he spied a large rock which could serve well for a wolf-den. Nimbly, he clambered from boulder to boulder, until he reached the top. He could immediately hear the snarls, but before he could lay eyes on the wolf, he spied another man, haggard and hunched, bearing a crossbow. He heard the snap of the string and a pained yelp. The poacher turned about and hoisted his crossbow onto one shoulder - Mederic pulled his own bowstring taut, the nocked arrow ready to fly forth.

[b ''You, man.''] He called out. The grim poacher turned, an expression of confusion quickly supplanted by one of pain and horror as the ebonywood arrow slammed into his throat. He fell, groaning and gurgling, and Mederic descended the rock. He felt eyes upon him, but he could not see them. The Gods knew the poacher clutching at his own throat was too busy trying to remove the barbed arrow to look at the man who had just cut his career short. Though he approached the wounded wolf carefully, she snapped and kicked. Though it resulted in fangs sinking into his left forearm, he pushed her maw dawn into the mud, strong fingers keeping her jaws together while he yanked the arrow free. Carefully, he brought her into the den where he was suddenly lost in the yapping of young wolf-cubs. He laid the she-wolf down and, with what little provisions he had, he shore clear the area around her wound, binding it the way he would do to a man. The pungent scent of the salved bandage filled his nostrils.

He left here there and set out to shoot a deer. Someone would have to provide, lest the wolves died.
  Mederic / Coal / 193d 23h 14m 36s

Elirie perked up from her usual spot in her shrine, one that was placed in the middle of the forest.


Due to Elirie's deep rooted connection to the earth and her creatures, she can sense when one was injured or in any kind of trouble. Elirie was still, the pulse like feelings of distress, from what she could only assume was a beloved creature, waved over her body. Her skin prickled and a cold shiver creeped over her.

That was sign enough. Though, she can't always save the loved creatures. Such as life, there must be death, but these distress calls always burden her to come. Even if it leads her to sadly help mother earth's child pass.

The fae lifted herself to her feet and briskly made her way through the forest. She followed the pulse like feeling like a tracker, all in hopes of saving the poor creature. The pulses increased, becoming more panicked, quickening. Elirie picked up her pace, now in a sprint, her feet almost floating above the ground as she approached the ever growing distress.

It what felt like no time, the distress was like a tidal wave over her, almost as if the distress was her own feelings. Finally, the signal crashed into her, leaving her breathless, but she made it. Quickly, she saw that it was a poor wolf mother. She was injured, hunted, and clearly a new mother with a litter somewhere nearby. Elirie couldn't intervene as it seemed she was injured and being hunted by a human.

It was strictly prohibited to interact or intervene with any humans a Fae wasn't bonded with or deemed worthy, especially with the ever growing threat of the corruption among the Fae. They must keep themselves hidden from the eyes of those who aren't worthy, aren't passable to help combat the growing corruption.

The Fae turned her back, not wanting to watch the impending doom of the poor female wolf, she waited patiently for the distress to be smothered out.
  Elirie / -Chise- / 198d 12h 45m 49s

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