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[center [font "Letter" Ragnar’s eyes glanced over at the male beside him he seemed pale, maybe it was his Fuchsia hair that male him look lighter than he was. To Ragnar he was beautiful and young. The doctor shook his head to himself watching the boy slur his words taking a sip of his newly ordered tequila Sunrise. [I Must be the boys birthday being this drunk this early in the night.] he thought to himself watching the bartender bat eyes at the boy.

Ragnar let his attention go to a male behind him whom seemed to be loud and obnoxious going around grabbing mens asses as he passed them getting the crowd going. [#FF1493 “Why do I even come to the bar there is always the one that kills the mood.”] he spoke to himself before downing his drink. The bartender came over winking to him taking his order this time three more shots. The Strawberry blonde didn’t take kindly to the bartender flirting he seemed to be flirting with all his customers probably just wanting extra tips.

Ragnars emerald eyes went back to Sora who looked happy when he got his shots taking down his own feeling the alcohol slightly before the wetness on his back. Quickly getting up the males gaze went to the loud obnoxious male putting the blame on sora who was on the floor. [#FF1493 “Get out of here, someone order this fool a taxi. Hes going to ruin everyone’s fun.”] he spoke grabbing a towel from the bartender and knelt down to Sora patting his chest down.

[#FF1493 “Are you okay?”] he asked the male that had pushed Sora now being escorted out and the Fuchsia haired male trying to apologize and offer to pay for a drink. It was quiet adorable Ragnar thought before helping him up. [#FF1493 “No, no let me buy you a drink. Ill replace all your friends drinks that you bought too. I have more than enough money.”] he looked up towards the males friends.

[#FF1493 “Seems like you are all in celebration is it someone’s birthday or something if so let me pay for your parties drinks for the night.”] Out of habit Ragnar began to check to make sure that Sora was not injured anywhere half way through examining he pulled away blushing the alcohol now hitting him. [#FF1493 “Sorry about that, im not a pervert I swear. I just was checking you out of habit you see, I have a son also I am a Doctor so…Aah shit there I go again…. Look ill pay for your parties drinks all night till closing and wont bug you guys sorry I talked to much. Have a nice night kid.”] He walked back over to the bartender ordering himself a few shots again taking them down.

[#FF1493 “Put there drinks on my tab.”] he sighed he had done it he mentioned he had a son. Every conversation he always mentioned his son. Evrin was his pride and joy but he would never get someone who wanted to sleep with an old man with children. Out of frustration Ragnar continued to drink ordering another Tequila sunrise looking back to see if Sora was with his friends and if he scared him off.]]
  Dr. Ragnar / BelialPrinceLust / 338d 4h 53m 6s
[center Being sickly as a child, meant a lot of things. Lots of doctor visits, not be able to have a careless night of fun. Sora being the grand old age of 21. Finally was able to do as he pleased. To an extent. Tonight none of that really matter. All he knew was he was going out drinking with his friends.

Sitting in booth surround by his closest friends sat a fuchsia haired male. Sora who was already starting to get drunk off his ass. Chuckled as he heard his friend speak. [#2636f2 "I-I-I'll get us more shots"] he said he slowly stood up trying his hardest to keep his balance. He walked to the bar and stood next to a sitting male. Who just down three shots, like it was nothing.

Sora snickered softly finding it amusing, to watch other people drink. Perhaps he had already too much alcohol. This was fun, he didn't want it to end on his behalf. [#2636f2 "Can I get four Kamikazes please?"] he said as he tried his hardest not to slur his words. Sora smiled softly at the bar tender took his card. After a few minutes the man came back with four shots. The opaque liquid looked heavenly. Sora carefully picked up the four shots glasses. He slowly venture back towards the table.

Before he could make it he was shoved back by someone who was also drunk. Being slightly drunk himself it cause him to fall on his ass. He spilt most of the shots on himself, some of it happen to splash down the back of Ragnar. [#2636f2 "H-Hey..."] he said as he stood up. His pink hair that was mostly hidden by his hat was now a mess and slipping out from under.

Sora azure colored eyes then averted over to the male he spilt alcohol on.[#2636f2 "S-Sorry about that..."] he said as he rubbed the back of his neck his neck nervously. Sora smiled awkwardly standing there in silence as his brain search for words. Finally it came to him. [#2636f2 "Let me make it up to and I'll buy you a drink..."] he said with smile. Sora hoped that male would take him up on his jester rather than turn around swinging at him.
  Sora / Tsurai / 338d 5h 32m 38s
[center [font "Letter" It was warm the day stood at a stop the you 27 year old doctor just finished celebrating his birthday and his oldest son had come to the doctors office with him do to a high fever. He laid on the couch in the Doctors office. People began to fill the hospital someone had set off an explosive at a near by fleamarket

[#FF1493 What kind of drugs are these people on today. I haven’t seen this many people in our hospital since the bombing the four years ago.”]
he spoke the nurses rushing around.

[#FF1493 “ Tag them with Green Yellow and Red Tags, red tags get them into an OR room immediately anyone yellow tags get them patched up and green put them into the waiting areas.”]

The doctor began to check out the flood of people tagging them red seeing a few Black tags which ment they couldn’t save them so they were dosed with morphine to ease their pain. Ragnar sighed and whipped his forehead before heading to the OR washing his hands putting his gown on and letting someone else put his gloves on.

After the long intensive day doing surgery on a dozen patients Dr. Ragnar went to his office to see his son was still asleep he went to his sink cleaning his hands taking off his bloody clothes putting on fresh ones before walking over to his son. [#FF1493 “ Evrin, Little one its time to go home papa will make you some porridge when we get home to make you feel better. Or how about we go to your favorite Café and get you some sweets.”] Ragnar spoke and his sons head immediately perked up and he smiled hugging his father.

[b “I want a cake papa. A cake I want sweets it will make me feel better.”] The boy spoke yawning and stretching grabbing his fathers hand as they walked out to the car. About a fifteen minute drive Ragnar had parked his car taking his son into the Arcade café where he ordered a large Oreo cookie Milkshake and his son a Strawberry cheesecake.

Ragnar looked around at all the couples and sighed he would never have the time to go find someone to love yet he really hasn’t even came out to any one besides his ex-wife and oldest son Evrin. After their outing Ragnar took Evrin home tucking him in his bed calling the babysitter.

Ragnar needed some time to himself he was finally going to have a day off after the bloody mess at work so he was going to take it to his advantage by going to the local Bar. He wore a tight black t-shirt a pair of tight dark blue skinny jeans as well as a pair of black shoes. He left his hair a mess there was nothing he could really do to make himself attractive so he thought and put his glasses on.

Once at the bar he immediately went to the bar ordering himself three shots taking them one after another searching the crowd and by no surprise everyone seemed like they had someone and the male wanted to give up yet again

  Dr. Ragnar / BelialPrinceLust / 338d 7h 48m 6s

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