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Dr. Ragnar wasn’t an average doctor he was the best neurosurgeon in the country at only 27 years old he had threw children his oldest was ten little Evrin. The two youngest were five Efrin and Evlyn. After about 12 years of being together and 7 years of marriage Ragnar pulled his wife and best friend aside and told her that he loved her but it was more like a best friend love. He was gay and has been his whole life he never wanted to hurt her and he really did want to try to fall in love with her. She knew already they barely ever touched each other she told him that she was seeing someone else and that she would be taking the twins while he was allowed to have his oldest.

Ragnar now lived in a nice big house with his son taking care of him spoiling him. Would someone ever love him like he deserved. Would they accept that he has a ten year old son?

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[center Sora had eventually drifted off to sleep. When he waken to the sound of his alarm he rusted out the door. He was going to be late for class. Luckily he had fallen a sleep in his clothes last night. He reached into his pocket to pull out his phone.

He open the text that Ranger has last sent him. He smiled softly as he tried to think of a day that would best. Maybe tomorrow afternoon or Thursday. He didn't have many classes that day and often had free time when he wasn't doing home work that was.

Sora sigh softly he really didn't have time to text back. He was already running late since he had stayed up reading last night. Once he was in classroom he took his seat , in the back row. He sighed softly, the day really seem to be just dragging on. The lecture that his history teacher was covering was boring. There really wasn't much art to look at.

As the day past, Sora felt his phone go off again. He pulled his phone from the pocket he had shoved it in and looked to see another text from Ragner. He smiled softly as he read a text about meeting a diner.[#2636f2 [i "Sure I would love too.. I am alway a crossed campus so it might take me a while to get there...but I will defiantly be there! :)"]] he smiled softly as he hit the send button.

He quickly raced back to his door room. He changed his clothes and then raced out the door. He really hoped that Tsuki didn't notice him leaving. He really didn't feel like being question. He walked to the dinner and smiled softly. He gulped a little as he pulled the door open. He then step inside and looked around. It didn't take long to find Ragner, he was a little nervous to approach. He already agreed to come. He walked over to the two who where happily sitting at the table. It looked like they had enjoyed something yummy. He smiled softly as he pulled a chair out and sat down.
[#2636f2 "Hi"] he said sweetly.
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Ragnar ran to the room seeing a patients bleeding out on the table as he quickly washed his hands putting on scrubs while letting a nurse help him put on his latex free gloves. After a two hour surgery the male was going to make it even though he had lost a lot of blood to three gunshot wounds Ragnar was able to take out the bullets sew and patch the male up.

He went back to his office and wrote back to sora. [#FF1493 “What ever day and time you are free any day works for me.”] he sent the message before going back to working through the night and well into the afternoon when he was visited by the nanny who dropped of Ragnars son so they could eat lunch and spend time together while he had a little bit of free time. During the day he was on call for ICU and just did checks on those who came in.

Ragnar changed into clean clothes and lab coat before picking up his son and taking him to a local restaurant a little bit away from the hospital keeping his pager on him in case there was an emergency. He then pulled out his phone texting Sora. [#FF1493 “I know its out of the blue but if your free we are at this little local restaurant if you would like to join us, it doesn’t have to be a date and next time I can take you and I out with out the little one but right now we are at the little dinner bed head and all so feel free to stop by and join if you would like.”] he pressed send looking at his son.

[b “Your smiling Papa, I like that im happy Papa is smiling.”] he giggled as he was hugged by Ragnar. [b “Your squishing me papa.”] the boy played around before they had both ordered food. Ragnar had some time before he had to be back in his office.
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[center Sora was still a lone in the room when he had gotten another text. He had been up reading another good book. He look down at his phone and smiled softly as he read the text. He was nervous about this whole deal. Meeting his son after a first date? If that was what you would call it. It was nerve-recking but in a way it made sense Ragnar was a lot older then he looked.

He smiled softly as he texted back to Ragnar. [#2636f2 [i "It's a date then... when should we go? What day works best for you?"]] Sora smiled softly as he hit the send button. He figured Ragnar must of been busy with how scatter the texts were. It didn't bother him he was normally up late anyway studying, drawing or reading.

Tonight was probably one of those nights that he read until he fell a sleep. Happily waiting for another text for that hot guy. He was happy that Ragnar had told him a bit about himself. He would eventually have to share more about himself but for now he was happy with their growing relationship.

Sora smiled softly as he looked back down at his phone. He notice it was only at 30% it was defiantly time to plug it in before it died. Sora open the small nightstand by his bed and pulled out his phone charger. He plugged his phone in, he sighed softly as set his morning alarm it was going to be another boring day in class.
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Ragnar had finished his dessert and coffee feeling his body becoming happier from the intake of caffeine and sugar he felt like he could go on with his night shift as soon as the male had sat in his car his pager began to go off. He had about 20 minutes before his shift but they wanted him in sooner than that someone had come in with a severed arteries and needed Ragnar in the Trauma room.

Ragnar raced off to work feeling his phone go off he wanted to answer but he would have to wait until he had a break from work. The boy would soon loose interest in him, he had to since Ragnar was always at work rarely took vacation days since his son was always with him and when he did he took extravagant holidays.

Upon arrival at the hospital hep his keys in his pocket rushing to the Trauma room it took him three hours to fix the wound but it was successful the male had lost a lot of blood so he would be recovering for a few days but he was going to survive. The taller male walked to the sink washing the blood off his gloves before taking his stained lab coat off putting it in the wash area but not before grabbing his phone and keys.

Once in his office the doctor had sat down and pulled his phone looking at the message smirking a little bit. [#FF1493 “Don’t worry about him he will be just fine he likes meeting new people he never really leaves my side unless he stays home with the Nanny so he would love to get out and meet new people.”] he pressed send before looking at the time and put his hand to his face.

Ragnar hoped that he didn’t wake the male up since it was so late. He hoped that the male had his phone on silent. The doctor put his keys and phone on the desk before being paged over the 1MC [b “Dr.Ragnar to ICU3 Dr. Ragnar To ICU3.”] It was a start to a very long night.
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[center Sora smiled softly as he felt his phone go off in his pocket. He was eating supper with Tsuki. He was happy to be eating his favorite fast food. A nice juicy cheese burger, long with fries. It was delicious, and hitting the spot. Sora smiled softly as he looked at Tsuki who was eating on french fry at a time. He wonder what was bothering him.

He looked away and started to eat his cheese burger again. It was so good, it felt good having food in his belly. He was still feeling rather tired from yesterday. Hopefully after a good meal he could do something relaxing now that his stomach wasn't wanting to eat its-self. He then felt his phone go off again. He smiled softly to himself. He knew it was probably Ragnar texting him.

He really wanted to text back but the really didn't want to bother Tsuki. Tsuki had lectured him, as they had walked to the diner. He really didn't want to hear anymore about him being too reckless. He was glad that Tsuki cared, and was protective of him. He wanted to have some fun.

After dinner Tsuki had went to his boyfriends room. Sora went back to their room. He smiled brightly as he pulled out his phone. He read the two text that Ragnar had sent him. He smiled softly as he texted him back. [#2636f2 [i "Dinner sometime would be nice. I'm okay with meeting your son...but is he going to be okay meeting me?"]] Sora felt butterflies dancing around in his stomach as he pressed the send button.
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[center [font "Letter" Once his son was back to sleeping soundly the male had sluggishly went to his medicine cabinet taking out a couple ibprophan popping them in his mouth and rubbed his eyes. He finally looked at himself in the mirror and jumped a bit. His hair was a mess he had what you would call serious Bed head. He was glad that No one really saw him.

Ragnar had taken a nap due to having to go into work later that evening he had night trauma shift tonight and over time tomorrow so he wouldn’t really be able to see his son off and if the Nanny deemed him to sick she would take him to the hospital so he could sleep in Ragnars cot in his office that he kept there for his son.
As soon as he got up he sluggishly went to the bathroom starting the shower dropping his clothes in the basket he was sure the maid or nanny would do the laundry it was always done. He hated having to pay someone to take care of his home but by the time the doctor had arrived home he just wanted to spend time with his son and then go to bed.

He heard his phone go off making him jump his phone never went off unless it was work or the nanny. He let the water wash the soap out and his phone went off again reminding him that he had received a message. It didn’t click until he had dried himself off and put the towel around his waist. [I Could it be, no it probably isn’t who would want to text a man that was drugged right in front of him and had to be taken care of.] he thought to himself before looking down at his phone. The text was from an Unknown number when the Doctor had opened it his face turned red. It was from Sora he did text him.

Ragnar began to text back [#FF1493 “Its Fine im just waking up as well I have to go into work tonight lastnight was my only night off for a few more days. Have the late night shift at the Hospital.”] he pressed send and put his phone down as he got ready from work. On his way to his car he pulled his phone back out and text Sora again.

[#FF1493 “If you would like would you want to go to dinner with me? Im not trying to sound weird so you can say no. The only thing is I might have to bring my son if it is okay with you. He hasn’t been feeling well lately hes very unwell… ill just leave it at that. But again you are free to Decline I would understand.”] He pressed send before getting into his car.

He stopped by the Café wanting to have a coffee and dessert instead of taking it to go he sat in and ate. He had 45 minutes to work and he just wasn’t feeling well his body still felt sluggish due to the drug from last night. Maybe he would run some blood tests on himself to see what was in his system.
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[center Sora was in a deep sleep. He didn't even notice that the male had put him in his bed. Sora had slept in rather late that day. He had missed most of his school related actives. He was just happy that he didn't have to worry about classes. Only thing that was starting to get to him was his hunger, but sleep was more important.

Sora didn't up until his room make Tsuki had made him. He need to take his medicine for his heart. Sora sighed softly as he rubbed his eyes. He took the glass of water from Tsuki who was standing at his bed side. He smiled softly as reach into his night stand. He pulled out a small bottle. He opened then shook out a pill, he put the pill in his mouth then sallowed a long with the water. His eyes catch a small glance at the note that was left for him.

He picked the paper up and read it. He smiled softly as he rubbed his sleepy eyes. He slowly stood up after tucking the paper way in his night stand. It was time he took a shower and maybe got something to eat with Tsuki. [#2636f2 "Thanks Tsuki"] he said as wonder to the closet. He pulled out a clean pair of clothes along with his soaps.

He then wonder down the hallway. To the bathrooms, it was time for a nice hot shower. He place his stuff on small bench that sat in the stall. He then stripped out of his clothes and turn the hot water on. He was rather fortunate that no else was in the room. There were few stall but still it was rather nice and quiet. Sora washed his bright colored hair then the rest of himself. He sighed softly as he looked down at the soap water that spiral down the drain.

Once he was he made sure all the soap and conditioner was gone. He dried off then got dressed in his clean clothes. It felt nice having clean clothes on. He was sure he sweat when he was at the bar. Once he got back to his room, he spoke with Tsuki about getting something to eat. The male agreed went to see if his boyfriend wanted to go. While Tsuki was way he pulled the piece of paper out of the draw added the number to his phone.

[#2636f2 [i "Hey sorry for texting you so late... I slept in... You're totally welcome... I know I wouldn't want to be left at bar... I'm glad you are okay! :)"]] When Tsuki came back to the room he quickly shoved his phone in his pocket. Sora hadn't realize he slept most the day away. It was already after nine pm.
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Ragnar woke up his hand holding his head as he looked around the unfamiliar room. Jolting up he looked down at the male sleeping while laying his head in his arms. The Doctor didn’t remember how he got here but his clothes were on and nothing seemed to have happened but ending up in the males dorm room. He got up searching for his shoes and wrote a note placing it on the Nightstand, before putting the male into his bed trying not to wake him.

Ragnar looked at his phones seeing five missed calls from the nanny and walked out. He hoped that Sora would get his cute little note with a cute little smiley Emoji. [I Call or Text me thank you for saving me last night. Sorry I am in a rush my nanny needs me to go home to my boy. My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX :3]

Ragnar called a taxi riding it home to see his boy run out excitedly to him waving. [b “Papa! Where were you I missed you.”] he giggled as Ragnar bent down and hugged him.

[#00FFFF Papa Was just out with his friends last night. I see you are doing a little better lets keep you in bed one more day and papa will make you some more porridge and ice cream.”] he chuckled ruffling his sons hair the Nanny bowing to Ragnar before leaving.

The male nodded before taking his son back to his room laying him down and making him some food of course ice cream as well to make his little one feel better while waiting for a text from Sora if he would send him one.
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[center Sora listen to Ragnar and smiled softly. He smiled as he listen to him talk about his son. It was probably nice to have a family of his own. Sora had never really though that far head. All he knew he wanted to be happy and live a normal life. It was rather hard giving the situation he was in a few years back. Thing were finally looking up for him.

[#2636f2 "N-No I completely understand...all this alcohol is starting to get to me as well!"] he said as he held his stomach. It was starting to hurt. He could still hear his friend down on the floor down below. Which put Sora's mind at ease. He fidgeted nervously, [#2636f2 "Thank you... I got to the university not far from here... Like I said I am studying arts. Learning painting, draw... all sorts of things."] he said with a smile. It didn't take long for Sora to feel comfortable with Ragnar. The words just seemed to come out easier and easier.

Sora jump when he seen Ragner faint. [#2636f2 "Ragner?"] he said as he grabbed his shoulders softly. [#2636f2 "Hey! What going on!" ] he said as he started to panic. He notice that the male was still breathing which put his mind at ease. There must of been something in that water... Sora sighed as he bit his bottom lip. It didn't take long for him to get his friends up here.

Tsuki bluntly said why not just leave him. Sora insisted they take him back to their dorm room. With the three it wasn't hard to get Ragner back to their dorm. Sora had them put him on his small bed. He sighed softly as he covered the male up. Sora yawned as he laid his arms and head down at the end of the bed. It didn't take long him to fall asleep.
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Ragnar soon realized in the facial expressions on the males face showed slight discomfort and he let out a sigh. He didn’t really know how to handle the situation he just wanted to talk to someone like him but he was just making them uncomfortable. [b “Yeah I was pretty young and had fun my son was the best part of everything.”] he spoke before ordering two waters.

[b “I don’t mean to be a Party pooper but I think it is best that I start to drink water so I don’t have a hang over tomorrow. And same with you but then again your so young you might not get one.”] he tried to joke before taking one water handing it to the male and taking a sip of his own. [b “I just wanted to know what ever you want to tell me im not very picky this is the first time I have ever sat with anyone and talked like this of course besides my childs mother but that’s totally different from this don’t you think.”] he started to feel the alcohol hit him his eyes began to close he tried to stand but he couldn’t.

The Male tried to lift his hand but it wouldn’t move much. [b “It was just. W…Water.”] he spoke before everything went black and passed out. Apparently when the waiter had grabbed the water he grabbed one that a customer roofied for another patron of the bar. The glass slipped from ragnars hand to the floor as he slumped down in his chair.
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[center Tsuki sighed, as his opal colored eyes narrowed. He didn't like this man that stood before him. [i That's not what I meant... ] I have a boyfriend.... He pointed a crossed the table to a dark haired male that seemed to be spacing off. [i "You don't know Sora like we do..... We're just worried about him...."] he said with a sigh.

Sora jumped a little when he felt a hand on his back. He turned to face Ragnar. [#2636f2 "Oh hey!" ] he said with a smile. Sora felt a little uneasy when Ragnar invited him to go up stairs to the VIP lounge. He then heard Ragnar answer all of the questions that he had rambled about earlier. [#2636f2 "Wow you were young, sounds like you had a lot of fun despite all the drama."] he said with a small smile.

It must of been fun to be wreck-less, spend times with loved or at least love interest. Sora smiled softly as he grabbed a fruity drink from the bar. He followed Ragnar up the stair. He sat down on the sofa. It was rather comfy. He smiled softly as he closed his eye then open them again. The drinks were starting to make him sick but he try his hardest , stay in the game.

[#2636f2 "What would you like to know about me?"] he said as he looked at Ragnar. He was quiet curious to know, he was rather picky about sharing things about himself. There really wasn't much to share. Other than the fact that he spent most his life in the hospital after a really bad car accident. He really didn't like talking about, even thinking about it made him depressed. He took a big drink of his drink then looked back at Ragnar.
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[center [font "Letter" Ragnar clinked his glass with Sora’s and took it down his head was slightly spinning he had more than he should but it was okay his son was being taken care of by a nanny and he could just sleep in tomorrow. He was starting to enjoy himself he had ran into a beauty and he was even talking to Ragnar which made him feel accomplishment.

Ragnar couldn’t help but chuckle when the Fushia haired male told his friend to get the drinks he was becoming more adorable as he spoke. Maybe it was the Alcohol but Ragnar’s heart started to beat faster. He snapped back to when Sora had introduced himself telling him that he was 21 years old and loved art. Something that Ragnar appreciated but was completely useless at. It was at this time that he began to ask questions.

As the male went to begin to answer the questions one of sora’s friends intrupted by grabbing Sora’s shoulder. Ragnars eyes went to his face loosing his smile he pushed his glasses up. [#FF1493 “As you can tell I was perfectly fine with him asking me those questions. If I was in any way uncomfortable I would have politely asked him to stop. Its okay to ask questions to meet new people. Im a grown man and I don’t get out much. I thought I lost the chance to talk to this Beautiful specimen when I mentioned my son but you know what, he still talked to me invited me over here.”] Ragnar took a deep breath in before standing up his emerald eyes glaring down at the male. [#FF1493 “Or maybe its you trying to chase me away so you can have him. Just continue to have your drinks on me let me get to know the boy before you or any of your other fellow friends decide to intrupt me.”] he said with a smirk before heading back over to the bar

His slender hands slightly touched Sora’s back and whispered into his ear. [#FF1493 “After we grab you another drink lets go up into the VIP section so we can continue our conversation. I don’t mind you asking these questions and before the Alcohol comes back and makes me forget. I have 3 children The one that I have custody of is 10 years old then I have twins that live with their mother and they are five. We never really decided to have children I was 16 almost 17 when she became pregnant with my son. It was a fluke… you see I always knew I was gay but she asked me to take her virginity me and her were best friends and I wanted to see if I was gay and well. I am….”] he rubbed the back of the neck. [#FF1493 "we finally got married because everyone was getting mad at us on our honeymoon we both were drunk she wanted to do it of course she was my wife we did and bam…. The twins… we never touched eachother after that. I finally came out to her and she told me that she had been cheating on me. I couldn’t let her take my oldest and the twins she swears up and down their mine but ironically that’s when she said she started to cheat on me. Sorry for the sorry ass story, but if feels good to let it all out once in a while.”] he gently pressed his hand to his back before smiling.

[#FF1493 Come lets go to the VIP section we will have someone brink out our drinks.”] he slurred a little hiccupped motioning for the empty couch up the stairs guarded off by rope. [#FF1493 “I want to know more about you and you can ask me all the questions you would like.”]]]
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[center Sora smiled when the male came over to sit with them. His table grew quiet but only for a moment. It didn't take long for them to notice the tray of shots in his hand. When Ragnar place the tray of shots in front them they all began to cheer and smile. Sora was hand a shot. He smiled softly as he clinked his glass against Ragnar's [#2636f2 "Bottoms up...."] he said with a smile.

Sora down the opaque like it was water. It was no wonder he was already getting drunk so fast. Sora seen one of his friends get up. Of corse Mitch, he had to try make a move. He wasn't normally like this, it must of been all the alcohol he had consumed. Sora rolled his eyes, and placed his elbows on the table. He watch Mitch attempt to flirt with Ragnar. It was rather funny watching him fail. [#2636f2 "Go get the drinks bar wench!" ] he said in a rather taunting tone. Mitch just glare at Sora he just laughed.

Sora being rather intoxicated start to space off. He then heard Ragnar speak to him. [#2636f2 "My name is Sora..."] he said with a smile. Sora was rather short, most people seemed too toward over him. [#2636f2 "I'm 21...I...I just start taking college corse...I'm big into art but my parents were worried that I'd never get a job selling paintings. So now I'm currently studying all type of art....but why bother boring you with the back story. Please tell us more about yourself? You have a son? How old? How old where you when decided to have a child?"] Sora continue to ramble on with question on until he felt one of friends touch his shoulder. He was shaking his head. Sora sighed softly as his friendly-cheerful expression changed.

[#2636f2 "Sorry"] he said as his azure colored eyes wonder over to Tsuki concerned face. [i Sora why don't you go help Mitch with the drinks he taking forever."] he said with a faint smile. Sora nodded and then wonder off to the bar. [i Sorry about Sora, he not use to going out being around new people... He really doesn't know when to stop prying..."] he with a soft smile.
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[center [font “Letter” Ragnar took a sip of his drink hearing the Boy inviting him over to him and his drunk friends he was hesitant at first but then finished his drink his face flushed. The blonde ordered the same drinks that Sora had ordered before being dumped on them carrying them over to the group. He over heard the group saying that he hadn’t ordered them any.

[#FF1493 “Well you are in luck this wonderful friend of yours found me and will buy you drinks till you cant drink no more.”] he chuckled setting the tray down before picking up two handing the shot over to Sora. [#FF1493 “Your right a bunch of drunk college students and you have to catch up right.”] he smiled softly at the male.
[#FF1493 “How about a cheers to meeting new people.”] he spoke putting his shot glass between them hoping he would do a cheers. Ragnar then felt a Arm around his shoulder which made him grit his teeth and peeled the arm from him looking at the tall male.

[b “Hey Sora who is this Shorty? Should he even be allowed in here he looks a little to young to be here.”] he chuckled before touching Ragnars chin. [b “Beautiful eyes.”] Ragnar hissed before grabbing the males hand pressing on the pressure point before releasing his hand.

[#FF1493 “One I would appreciate it if you would not lay your hands all over me as you can see I was having a conversation with your friend here. Two im not that short I am Average height for my age. And three I am 27 years of age if I wouldn’t have been of age then I would not have passed the bouncer. Now go run along to the Bartender ask for a shot on Dr. Ragnar. Excuse me.”] he turned back towards the Fushia haired male.

[#FF1493 “This may have been a little rude of me I never introduced myself. My name Is Ragnar, Im 27 im a neurosurgeon and I am Gay. You already heard I have a child. What is your name if I may ask?”] He spoke pulling his glasses off to wipe them off on his shirt his Emerald seemed to bee even more of a deep color without his glasses. [I Maybe I should have worn Contacts today?] he thought to himself before putting them back on and put his glass back out to do a cheers. The male was beautiful and he was a college student. He looked really young he wondered how old if any one looked to young to be here it was the boy before him.]]
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[center Sora blushed softly as the male try to dry him off. He was all sticky now. It wasn't a very pleasant feeling. [#2636f2 "I'm okay"] he said as he watched the man. He smiled softly as his fingers lace between Ranger's. He stood up and brushed himself off. [#2636f2 "Y-You don't have to do that..."] he said as he looked at Ragnar.

[#2636f2 "You could say that...More like a good day..."] he said with a faint smile. Sora really didn't feel like explain why they were going out. It was finally his time to be dumb and reckless. He didn't need any one lecturing him.

Sora just laughed as the male continue to speak. Sora hadn't really notice that the man was blushing until he pointed it out. Sora listen to the male ramble on. So this man was a older than he looked. He had a good job and a child wow. Sora smiled softly as he stood there silently listening to the male speak. Sora was slightly envious of the man. He got to go out and do things. Sora on the other hand was stuck inside most his life.

He was normally alone but, he didn't seem to mind it. Anymore he was used to it. He then heard Ragnar tone change, it almost sounded sad and depressing. [#2636f2 "Thanks for the drinks..."] he said he started to walk away then turn back to look at Ragnar. [#2636f2 "If you don't mind joining a bunch of drunken college students, you can come sit with us..."] he said before walking back to the table.

His friends didn't even seem to notice, that he had been gone for at least 20 minutes. His friends snicker and made remarks about his soggy clothes. [i "gee didn't bother to bring us back any?"] Sora just laugh as his eyes wonder across the room. He wonder if Ragnar would come over and sit with them.
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